Hancock Vs Homelander: Who Would Win ?

Hancock Vs Homelander: Who Would Win ?

Homelander is The Boys main antagonist. He is the leader of the Seven and the most powerful Supe. Hancock is a powerful superhero who has a problem with alcohol and his methods are often not considered adequate. Both of these men have their own problems, but they are very powerful. Hancock Vs Homelander: Who would win?

Hancock vs Homelander
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Hancock would lose to Homelander. Hancock is a formidable opponent, but Homelander is a completely different animal. Homelander is a superhero with all the same powers as Hancock. He also has heat vision. Hancock could put on a good fight but Homelander would win.

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Their unique charisma is what makes them so special. Hancock is an alcoholic who has trouble getting along with others, while Homelander is the most hated Supe. He is a sociopath who does what he likes and doesn’t care about others. Let’s find out how powerful each one is.

Hancock Vs Homelander Powers Comparison

Powers Hancock Vs Homelander

Hancock is able to fly and has no other superpowers. Homelander on the other hand is extremely strong and durable. He also has the ability to fire heat blasts through the eyes that are so powerful they can destroy any object they are targeting. Superhearing allows him to hear the heartbeats of others even though they may be far away.

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Hancock’s skills are superior in that he can fly with extremely heavy objects while Homelander does not seem to have that ability. Homelander’s heat sight gives him an advantage in battle, as it is his main weapon against enemies. Hancock would struggle to deal with this. Homelander is also extremely fast.


Weaknesses Hancock Vs Homelander

Hancock is believed to be indestructible and immortal. However, this is only true when Hancock is not with Mary. Mary and he were the last of their species, and they were lovers for thousands. They become more vulnerable and mortal if they spend too much time together. They can recover and regain their powers if they separate from one another. In a sense, Mary is Hancock’s kryptonite. Homelander, on the other hand, doesn’t have any weaknesses and The Boys’ main task is to solve this problem.

Combat skills

Combat skills Hancock Vs Homelander

Hancock spent thousands of years fighting wars and all kinds of enemies. He saved many lives, but he lived in a world without any opponents that were strong enough or powerful enough to match his abilities. Homelander, however, is a fighter in serious battles who faces threats to his life almost every day. He was able to win almost all of the most difficult battles and nearly always came out on top.

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Durability and strength

Durability and strength

Hancock has all the classic superhero abilities. Hancock is almost indestructible, has super strength, and can fly. The drunken superhero can lift a stranded whale by one hand and toss it back into the ocean. He can also lift cars and place them on top of buildings. He can withstand shots fired from close range at him and the full speed of trains.

Homelander vs Hancock – (The Boys vs ….) Death Battle Concept

Homelander, a parody of Superman, is an homage character. He has all the traditional Superman abilities so you can imagine how powerful he is. Homelander can punch through some of the strongest Supes, such as Black Noir, and can lift heavy objects. He is extremely durable and can withstand both gunfire and extremely powerful nuclear blasts.

Homelander can fight the most powerful Supes simultaneously and not lose. Homelander wins.

Hancock vs Homelander – ConclusIon

Hancock vs. Homelander - ConclusIon

Homelander would win. He is on an entirely different level to Hancock and has proven himself almost invincible. Hancock is a powerful superhero, but Homelander has all the powers plus heat vision. Hancock could put up a fight but Homelander will win. Hancock might use Homelander’s advantage by throwing heavy objects at him, but that wouldn’t be enough to bring him down.

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3 months ago

Okay first of you’re incredibly wrong, Hancock flew from the moon and back in milliseconds painting it with a heart over 1/3 of its surface. Secondly the force it would take for him to fly faster than the speed of light and do so makes him insurmountable, as well as him throwing whales with one hand almost into orbit. He sliced a terrorists hands off before he could look left or right which our eye pick things up what seems almost instantaneously. He is literally an Angel he has no weakness cannot die has lived for millennia. His partner is his only weakness because god didn’t want the angels to fellowship in that way.