Payback Vs The Seven : Who Would Win?

payback vs seven

Payback vs seven. Season 3 of The Boys gave us more insight into Payback, which used to be the best team in all of The Boys. Grace Mallory flashbacks showed us this group. We know that The Seven is the current top supe team for The Boys. Which of the two supes teams in The Seven’s universe is stronger, Payback or The Seven?

Who Are The Seven?

the seven

It would seem that superheroes with their team name The Seven would have good guys as members. It would be wrong to believe that. The Seven, named after seven superpowered humans, are the antagonists in the series.

They are a way to describe how evil these men are in a television show that blurs the line between good and bad. The Seven, which are controlled, managed and owned by Vought International, an American conglomerate worth multi-billion dollars, are just as corrupt, immoral and evil as Vought. Their every move is to increase the stock price and make Vought’s public image better.

This is the complete list of The Seven’s members, with some members now deceased or retired.

1. Homelander: Current


Homelander, the leader of The Seven and the main antagonist of The Seven is without a doubt the strongest. He raped Becca Butcher (the wife of Billy Butcher), and is now the motivation behind the formation of The Boys. They seek to eliminate all supes. He is a supersonic fighter, with super speed, super strength and super vision.

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2. Starlight : Current


She, born Annie January, is one of The Seven’s newest members and one of few supes who care about protecting people. Starlight is shocked at the corruption of the corporation and team that she joined The Seven. She works with The Boys to take down Vought.

3. Queen Maeve: Current

queen maeve

Queen Maeve, born Margaret Shaw, is one of The Seven’s strongest members. However, after making so many sacrifices to be what Vought expected her to be, she became corrupt and immoral until Starlight joined them. Starlight reminded her of who and what she once wished she could become.

4. Black Noir: Current

black noir

Black Noir, the team’s ninja is mysteriously super-skilled in martial arts. He also has heightened senses as well as super strength. The sly ninja is always depicted in a black mask and costume. Little else is known about him except that he is frightening and nearly impossible to kill. He is a supe who has shown concern for innocents despite being brutally shown.

5. A-Train: Reappointed


A-Train, born Reggie Franklin is the speedster on the team and archenemy to protagonist Hughie Campbell. Robin Ward, Hughie’s girlfriend, was accidentally killed by him while speeding through her on Compound V. After being convinced by Billy Butcher, Hughie decided to take revenge and join The Boys.

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6. The Deep is Reappointed


Kevin Moskowitz was born The Deep. His ability to communicate underwater with sea creatures and breathe underwater is what makes him the Lord of Seven Seas. Starlight is sexually assaulted by him after he joins The Seven. Vought was forced to remove him from the team when Starlight revealed this information. Homelander supports him and he later returns to the team.

7. Translucent for the Dead


Translucent, the first supe to die on the show was an invisible supe that possessed a carbon metamaterial skin. This made him almost bulletproof and virtually indestructible. The Boys team kidnaps him and then they find a way to kill him. After trying to escape, Hughie explodes the bomb that was placed in his body, instantly killing him.

Who are the Paybacks?


The greatest superhero team before The Seven was Payback. This group of supes, owned by Vought International (Vought American at the time), existed in the 1980s. The team’s incompetence led to a failed mission in Nicaragua and the deaths of several members. The team was eventually disbanded.

Payback’s members were:

1. Soldier Boy

solder boy

Soldier Boy, one of the main characters in the third series, was initially presumed dead when he disappeared during the Nicaragua mission. However, he was actually captured by Russia’s army. After The Boys find him in a Russian military base, he is found to be alive.

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2. Crimson Countess

Crimson Countess

Crimson Countess, Soldier Boy’s ex-love, is one of the survivors of Payback and is introduced in the third series as a supe at a Vought Theme Park.

3. Gunpowder


Gunpowder, a retired superhero, was Soldier Boy’s sidekick. He was an expert marksman and was extremely proficient with firearms. He is first questioned by Billy Butcher about Soldier Boy, and then he is killed by a super-powered Butcher.

4. Black Noir

black noir

Black Noir, before he joined The Seven, was a member Payback. He was badly scarred by the botched Nicaragua mission that left his face.

5. Mindstorm


Although it isn’t known if Mindstorm is still alive or dead, he is identified as one of the Payback members and, like his name and the ability to telepathy, can fly using a jetpack.

6. Swatto


Swatto, who could spawn wings from his back like an insect, was one of the most prominent members of Payback. After being shot down by the Russian army using a rocket launcher, he was killed in Nicaragua.

7. The TNT Twins

tnt twins

Tommy and Tessa were fraternal twins. They were Payback members, but very little is known about them. Their names suggest that they might have explosive abilities.

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Payback Vs. The Seven

homeland & soldier boy

Payback is unable to win this fight due to Homelander. Homelander has abilities that are similar to Superman, but no weaknesses. Payback members, except Soldier Boy and Black Noir do not have any extraordinary abilities. Payback would easily lose if they had to fight with all of their members.

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