Heaven Official Blessing Characters : 10 Ranked & Skills Explained

Heaven Official Blessing Characters

Heaven Official’s blessing is a Chinese webnovel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. Haoliners Animation League adapted the series. The series was already very popular prior to the anime adaptation. However, the fans fell in love with it even more after seeing the characters from the novel talk and move.

This series is an action-packed historical drama. The story is character-driven and without the loveable characters, it wouldn’t have been as successful. Today we began the difficult task of ranking these characters in a list. These are the top 10 Heaven Official Blessing characters.

List of the Top 10 Heaven Official Blessing Characters

1. Cheng Hua

Cheng Hua

Hua Cheng, who is the main character of the novel, occupies the 1st spot on the list. As one of the Four Great Calamities, he is the most powerful and dangerous of the three Devastation Demons. He is both charming and intelligent, but also laid back. Hua Cheng doesn’t care about the opinions of others and acts in his best interest. However, he is very kind to Xie Lian and treats him with the utmost respect and care. He also provides him with everything he needs.

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2. Lian Xie

Lian Xie

Xie Lian, a prince with all he desired, was well-liked by the whole kingdom. He was not a normal person, and he didn’t care about politics or money. However, he believed he could help the common people. He was a student of cultivation at the Taoist Huang Ji Temple from an early age. Mu Qing, one his future generals was among those he met at the temple.

3. Qingxuan Shi

Qingxuan Shi

Shi Qingxuan, a vibrant man, is caring, kind, and compassionate. He is mischievous, enjoys making others laugh and causing them trouble, but not maliciously. He can become insane under duress. He overcomes his fears and completes the task when required by his friends.

4. Wen Ling

Wen Ling Heaven Official Blessing Characters

Ling Wen, a Civil God, is well-known for her unparalleled competence and effectiveness in her work. She is known for being professional and unaffected when speaking. Despite her ability to remain cool and polite in all situations, Ling Wen is a charming, sarcastic comedian who shines best when she is with Xie Lian, Pei Ming, and Shi Wudu, two of her closest friends. She can be quite savage in front of these two, but she is able to laugh at their small tragedies and still show care and concern.

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5. Qing Mu

Qing Mu Heaven Official Blessing Characters

The top five are rounded out by Mu Qing also known as General Xuan Zhen. He is a well-known Martial God, who rules over the southwest with more than 7,000 temples dedicated. Eight hundred years ago, he was Xie Lian’s personal attendant and was responsible for cleaning and dressing him.

Mu Qing is an obstinate, conceited man. He is often sarcastic and cold. He eventually comes out to be a thoughtful and compassionate person. However, because of his icy, sneering exterior, people tend to assume the worst about him when he attempts to do good.

6. Ming Pei

Pei Ming (also known as General Ming Guang) is the protector god, Martial God of North and home to nine thousand temples.

He is well-known for his flirting and womanizer skills among the three realms. Pei Ming, on the contrary, dislikes assertive and strong-willed women like Xuan Jin. Pei Ming can be quite polarizing when it comes ladies. He loves them, and shows that he cares for them with tender and protective love, never giving them false hopes, nor playing with their emotions. However, he has traditional expectations of women such as cooking skills, which is arguably the mainstream attitude at the time.

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7. Xiu Pei

Pei Xiu, a Middle Court Heavenly Official is Pei Ming’s assistant. He is a calm, collected, self-assured young man. He takes his role as Martial God very seriously, and doesn’t seem to be emotionally charged. As the story progresses, however, his veneer starts to fall apart and his childish sideshows begin to show, especially after Xie Lian poisons him. Despite not being able to speak due to the food poisoning, he is determined to fight.

8. Feng Nan

Nan Feng, a Middle Court Heavenly Official is Feng Xin’s assistant. Fu Yao and Nan Feng were often accompanied by Xie Lian during his operations in the mortal realm.

9. Yi Ming

Ming Yi (also known as Earth Master Yi) is one of five Elemental Masters from the Heavenly Court. The mortal realm prays to Ming Yi before any major construction project and asks for labor work.

10. Yao Fu

Fu Yao, Mu Qing’s subordinate, is a Heavenly Official from the Middle Court. He often joined Nan Feng on his mortal world missions.

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