Catboy Anime : Our Top 15+ that You Need To Know in 2021

catboy anime

If you’re a lover of anime, then you will be able to spot the kind of character referred to as catboy.

Catboy or Neko is a person who demonstrates the characteristics of felines.

Cat-like characteristics include ears, tails and a few feline-like behaviors.

For all the catboys on the planet!

This is your most anticipated day because you will get familiar by the Best Cat Boy characters in anime!

They’re incredibly rare in anime that is real, but there are a few characters that stand out from all the rest.

We will explain the places where you can discover their story, who they are, what their name is, and how we are so in love with them!

15. Yoko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho

Yoko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho

In the course of a brutal fight in which he is a victim, the Yoko transforms into an S-class Yoko and quickly uses his super-speed to stay clear of Shigure However, he is able to transform back to his normal self, declaring that he is not going to using this power.

It is a demon with powerful demonic power over Kurama it is also an upper-S-Rank demon (a class so strong that even the weaker S-Class demons are claimed to be strong enough to beat an entire group of five hundred Upper-A-Class demons easily) and is, paradoxically, strong enough to one-shot to even beat an S-Class monster.

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14. Souma Kyou from Fruits Basket

Souma Kyou from Fruits Basket

Honda Tohru’s seemingly normal life gets turned around when she discovers her in a home in a house with Souma, Yuki, together with his uncle Shigure and his cousin Kyou. Every day has been an adventure for her, but especially when she uncovers the truth of the make-up. A few family members in the Souma family and Kyou, with Kyou having a unique circumstance that is cursed with the ability to change into the zodiac spirit whenever they’re weak emotional or encounter someone of the opposite gender. It’s now up to Tohru to be able to comprehend each of them and assist them in breaking the curse.

As mentioned earlier, Kyou’s story is unique because he’s affected by the ghost of the cat that was entangled in the tricks of the rat. In addition he was not able to become among the creatures that are included as zodiac animals in 12 sign. Kyou’s abrasive and fiery character was born from within to defend himself. However Kyou hides his more gentle aspect from people who can observe it. As cat-loving and has mannerisms that are very similar to those of a cat. He loves the flavor of fish and milk as well as being easily startled. enjoys heights and hates being confined. In addition, he’s agile and quick. As cat-like, he is unable to quit hating Yuki and Yuki, who are rats, and thus an unnatural enemy of his.

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13. Tsuburaya Norio from Sex Pistols

Tsuburaya Norio from sex Pistols

Humans are classified as two distinct species. The most widespread species that comprises 70 percent of the population is called Kakuen or the ape-man. Like their name, they originate from monkeys. They are unable to control the appearance of their souls and neither are able to see other souls manifestation. However those remaining 30 percent are referred to as Madararui or zoo-man that are able to observe the manifestation of the souls of others and determine their own body shape. Our protagonist Norio who was the subject of unwelcome attention, he must have been stunned when he realized that he was now part of the 30 percent.

Norio used to think of himself as an average person, until it was after an accident that brought out the Madararui side. Norio is an ape-man and zooman hybrid. it falls into the category of nekomata. The soul’s representation is one of a brown feline sporting white fur that wraps around his face and up to his stomach. Norio is not afraid to let his emotions take over his character, however, this attitude of his is what makes him enjoyable and appealing.

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12. Aion and Rom From Show by Rock! !

Aion From Show by Rock!
Rom From Show by Rock!

Aion is the lion guitar of the gathering , and the other is Rom which is the drummer panther for the entire group in this series.

Also, Aion is among the characters that tend to stop abruptly.

He looks at himself with respect and is grateful for any respect which is extended to him.

While at the same time, Rom is the most aware and usually convincing of the group.

Although it isn’t his position to lead the crowd by name, he jogs about as if he’s the head of the group.

However, regardless of his hands that are clenched to talk and share his thoughts, Rom is generally the one who brings his bandmates together when they go off.

11. Rokumon From Circle of Reincarnation

Rokumon From Circle of Reincarnation

Rokumon is the cat who framed his agreement Rinne to be his guide as well as his support.

Initially, his only expert was Rinne’s grandmother, Tomoko who has just fired his employment.

Luckily, due to Rokumon’s power and reliability, he can figure out how to come to an agreement with his new specialist and at the expense of addressing his own expenses.

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Affectionate and charming The perfect partner for Rinne.

He shows three different structures that are extremely beneficial for Rinne and him.

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10. Hiroshi Inaba From Cutical Tantei Inaba

Hiroshi is famous for his gorgeous, dull, red hair, which is spiky. He has a massive hair strand in the middle, and two hair strands that fall across the sides of his head, defining his face.

The rest portion of his hair remains uncut.

You’ll be able to recall the luscious feline ears that rise to the top of his head.

He’s the result of hereditarily altered combined characteristics of both wolves and humans and wolf, which is the reason he is an Neko Boy!

Apart from his appearance in reality, he’s an investigator. He gathers evidence and data from his investigations by analyzing and tasting people’s hair and, indeed due to these abilities, he has created the obsession of hair.

9. Boris Airay From Wonderful Wonder World

Dependent upon that of Cheshire Cat, Boris is a catboy living within the Amusement Park along with Mary Gowland. He’s often present alongside the two twins’ Dee as well as Dum.

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He isn’t able to instantly be an ally to anyone, which includes Alice.

Anything he finds interesting is a subject he plays with, while anything that he doesn’t find fascinating, is ignored.

He has yellow eyes . He wears a dark jacket with zippers as well as a dark skirt feline heads and zippers. Below the he is wearing dark shorts.

8. Aoyagi From Loveless

He’s 12 years old age, and is the main character of this story. The character’s “actual name” is Loveless.

Two years earlier to that, he noticed a sudden alteration in his personality and transformed into something completely different from his former self.

In the past the student was famous understudy of normal grade and currently, he does not share a space with his classmates and yet, he has astounding scores.

Alongside the alteration of his character He also suffered from a deficiency of all his memories.

The cause of these unusual changes is not known although he’s been through regular therapy sessions to figure out the reason.

7. Loki From Fairy Tail

He is also known for his role as the Lion He is also the leader of the divine 12 keys.

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The story began as he was under the guidance of a celestial soul mage called Lilica, Karen.

His previous specialist has been a victim to his friend Aries and he wished to stay on earth and made Karen unfit to speak to other gods.

Leo declared that he’ll simply return and open the door with the status of Karen not abide by his agreement. Aries that Karen quickly refused.

Additionally, he is charming and loves to take every occasion to try to get on Lucy!

6. Cheshire Cat From Pandora Hearts

A chain that exists in the measurement of Alice’s memories.

He resembles a human kind of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Cheshire was actually Alice’s pet cat that lived for 100 years before.

The chime on his neck represents’reality dating back 100 years The chime was later adopted by Break.

There’s no better way to say it than this: Cheshire cat is an original chain because he doesn’t have to have to worry about a project manager to get out of his home in the Abyss (since it’s not located in the Abyss in any event).

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At first, he was believed as an intense participant in his Intention of the Abyss. It turns out later that he’s trying to safeguard Alice’s memories of what she left, to protect her from suffering pain as she revisits them.

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5. Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

Born with the curse that is the Cat Zodiac, Kyo has repeatedly dealt with challenging issues from that point onward when she was a kid.

He grew up extremely critical of others, himself as well as the daily routine the man is currently experiencing.

Because he is cat-loving .Also, he exhibits peculiarities that closely resemble those of cats and loves the taste of fish and milk and, despite being a bit scared, enjoys high places and hates being restricted.

Additionally, he’s lite and swift. As a feline, he will not stop loathing Yuki as rodent-like and as such an infamous opponent of his.

4. Schrodinger From Hellsing

Schrodinger is a major adversary in the Hellsing manga/anime series.

He is an individual of the Millennium Organization serving straightforwardly under the command from the General.

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3. Kai and Riku From Show by Rocks! !

Riku as well as Kai are twins who are essential to the group Trichonika together with their vocalist, ShuZo.

Two twins are myuumons from a the unknown species that have pink-colored noses.

Riku is blue with green eyes, and has blue hair. Kai is a dull indigo color to match his blue spiked locks and tail.

The hair of Riku is longer that of his twin brother, Kai.

The twins share a similar respect for their vocals Shu Zo, and they are fervently having a resemblance to him at some point in the future.

Furthermore, since they are in the same band with Kai. They have their own roles that require Riku is in charge of the bass, as the bassist and Kai plays drums and is the drummer for the group.

2. Kuro From Servamps

Sleepy Ash also known as Sloth or, more often. Also, referred to as Kuro throughout the entire series is the deuteragonist from SERVAMP.

Kuro is given his name by his Eve Mahiru Shirota is the Servamp of Sloth.

He is the eldest one of Servamps. When the Servamp is exposed to sunlight the cat transforms to a dark cat.

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1. Tsukiyomi Ikuto From Shugo Chara!

The main character in the show, Ikuto is confounding, difficult to reach, shy and a little sloppy like a cat that has wandered away.

He is also gentle and sweet. He likes to push people around and is particularly fond of Amu as well as Tadase.

Ikuto is generous and defensive. Also, He will take himself away from the people who he believes are trying to protect them and stop them from becoming into his personal problems.

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