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History Of Trunks Movie

Dragon Ball Z: The History of TrunksThe second TV special was based on Dragon Ball Z anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on February 24, 1994. Funimation transliterated it into English. October 25, 2000. The special was re-released with an edited version, which was sold together🐲 Dragon Ball Z: Bardock-Goku’s FatherIn May 2008 Funimation released a standalone edited version in May 2008.

“You know that you cannot win!” It is impossible to destroy me in reality. Even if you can dismantle my body, I will be replaced by someone stronger! There will not be a single death ignored.
The Future Gohan

The History of TrunksIt tells the story of Future Trunks, and his life during the time that the androids put the entire world under siege. It is unique among the others. Dragon Ball FilmsSpecials in that it’s referenced in a chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, called “Trunks The Story- The Lone Warrior. The special changes make it more dramatic (e.g. Trunks could be made into a movie). a Super Saiyan before Future Gohan’s demise).


The film begins with the tragic loss of Future GokuFrom a heart virus and, except for Future GohanThe death of the entire Dragon Team by Androids 17 and 18 six months later, May 12th Year 767. Unfortunately, Team DragonPiccolo’s suicide also meant that the Dragon Balls were permanently ineligible for use. Cami’s death. Super SaiyanGohan takes on Android 17.👾

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History Of Trunks Movie
The TV Special shows the events thirteen years later, in Year 780, where we meet a fourteen-year-old Trunks and a twenty-three-year-old Gohan. Gohan is the only person who can defeat the Androids. He became Super Saiyan after witnessing and assisting in the deaths. Team Dragon. Gohan trains Trunks to fight and increases his power. The latter is also very close to becoming Super Saiyan. The Androids will attack Super World Park one day. Gohan and Trunks are there to confront them. Android 17Fights💪 GohanAndroid 18 monitors them. GohanSuper Saiyan is transformed and, despite some hits by the android, quickly gains control. Android 18 joins them in battle, and the two take control. Trunks, although not at the level Androids, joins in the battle to help Gohan. TrunksShe fights her for just a few minutes before succumbing to her. However, Gohan saves him when they hide in the park’s rubble. They are unable to find them so the droids bombard the park to make them appear. Gohan and Trunks survive, but Gohan’s left arm is broken. Gohan tries giving Trunks his arm. a Senzu beanHe is saved from his death by the Kapsoul Society. Trunks returns to Kapsoul Society to receive his mentor. He is able to recover and continue to train. Trunks.

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Due to an android attack, the training is cut short. Pepper City. Trunks begs Gohan to fight him, but Gohan stuns Trunks with a blow to his back to stop him from joining in the fight. Android 17 is attacked by the one-armed Super Saiyan, and despite his disability, he wins a long, painful battle with the droids. He is defeated by the droids who attack him in the rain, knocking him to the floor. They use The Accel Dance techniqueThe fallen warrior is killed. Trunks awakens as his mentor’s energie disappears. Trunks searches the city and finds Gohan’s death was a tragedyTranks’ body is weak and his training appears to be failing. Tranks finally releases the anger in him and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Super SaiyanTraining without the encouragement of his mentor. Bulma and trunks are the foundation of the Time Machine.

The story continues three more years later. Year 783. Trunks enters the room as Bulma is building the Time Machine. He tells Bulma that he doesn’t need anyone from his past to defeat them since he’s a Super Saiyan. She reminds him of Gohan. a Super SaiyanHowever, that was not enough. Bulma pleads for Trunks to confront the droids in Bridgetown. A radio broadcast informs them of their attack and Trunks decides to confront them. He discovers the droids and starts to investigate. Fighting them. Future Trunks travels back into time.

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History Of Trunks Movie
However, The droids 👾 are completely outmatched by the young Super Saiyan who barely fights them. Trunks is able to take hits from the droids that are just playing with him, and narrowly survives. You are a powerful source of energyFrom Android 18. Trunks is able to regain consciousness at his home, with Bulma his mother. After a brief conversation, Trunks is able to regain consciousness in his home with Bulma by his side. TrunksHe decides to go into the time machine when he’s ready (after six months to one year) to give The Heart DrugTo Goku. Bulma is hopeful that all will go well when Tranks enters time machine Travel back in time.

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