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Dragon Ball Filler

FillersAll scenes and entire episodes are added to the episode. The 🐲 Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z animeThese fillers are not included in the Dragon Ball manga. Fillers can be used to create new stories, but not in a way that is detrimental to the status quo. Sometimes, scenes are enhanced with flashbacks and evidence. The mangaAs well as Gotenks fightSuper Buu in Kami’s Watchtower is against, where Piccolo refers the Garlic Jr. saga. Many filler can be found in Dragon Ball ZAs the manga and anime were originally created in parallel, the slugger was added to the list. The example of the Garlic Jr.Because the Trunks Saga had not been published in manga at its conclusion, it was only introduced in anime The Freezer SagaIn the anime

In Dragon Ball Z KaiAs much filler as possible was eliminated, but some couldn’t be removed because they were too late in the series.

Dragon Ball

Pilaf Saga

  1. In “The Secret of the Dragon SpherePilaf and his minions locate a star sphere within a dungeon.
  2. Goku escapes from a Sabretooth Tiger in “The Secret of the Dragon Ball”.
  3. Goku examines Bulma’s tail during “The Secret of the Dragon Sphere”.
  4. Goku is shown Godzilla in “The Emperor’s Quest”.
  5. “The Emperor’s Quest”: Goku goes night hunting and meets Pilaf’s henchmen as well as some wolves.
  6. Pilaf discovers in “Roshi’s Golden Cloud” that Pilaf is carrying a dragon sphere. He sends his henchmen out to search for it.
  7. In “Watch the Dragon Sphere,” Mai and Shu place a bomb in the vehicle that Goku, Bulma, and Oolong are travelling in.
  8. “Ox-Satan at Fire Mountain”: Ox-Satan is seen fighting Goku, before he sees the flying cloud.
  9. In “Fire Mountain: Ox-Satan“Mai and Shu are taken to Pilaf’s palace, where they are tortured.
  10. Pilaf and Mai fix the dragon’s radar in “The Dragon Spheres Have been Stolen”.💪
  11. In “The Dragon has Been Summoned,” Goku, his friends escape from a giant ball while Pilaf uses his piano to set traps.
  12. A Wish to the Dragon God“Goku and his friends escape from the room they were trapped in and Mai and Shu trap Yamcha.
  13. Pilaf, his minions and Goku are responsible for making Goku transform into Ozaru and then jumping on his tail.
  14. Yamcha tries to cut Goku’s tail with a sword made of stones in “The Metamorphosis of Goku”.
  15. In “The Metamorphosis in GokuAfter he returns to his normal form, Pilaf orders Mai to kill Goku with Shu and his friends.
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Martial Arts Tournament 21

  1. Lunch is seen participating in a train robbery as well as a bar fight.
  2. In “The Milk Deliverers“, Krilin cheating and Roshi or Goku zig-zagging.
  3. Yamcha training in a forest, and saving Bulma’s life.
  4. Giran is seen drinking milk at a bar while fighting with Krilin’s former comrades.
  5. Lunch with Krilin and Goku at breakfast, then they go to eat at a place to eat.
  6. Bulma, Goku and the other players meet before the tournament. They meet in the manga after they have passed their preliminaries.
  7. BulmaPuar and Ulong watching the preliminaries.
  8. The fight between Goku and Guilan takes place on the same day. However, due to rain, it is postponed and will take place the next day.
  9. Red Ribbon Saga
  10. Roshi explains how the Dragon Spheres came to be.
  11. Nam helps Goku uncover the river in his village which was blocked from Giran’s buddies.
  12. Goku and a group monkeys in the jungle.
  13. A Boy steals Goku’s stuff and sells it to a Forger, who then sells the Dragon Radar Fake 🐲 Dragon SpherePilaf.
  14. Colonel Silver practicing boxing.
  15. Colonel Silver is confronted by Pilaf and Ox King
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Dragon Ball Filler

  1. Ninja Murasaki throws a fish in the artificial lake to show the piranhas.
  2. Appearances SunnoConcerned about Goku and Village Chief, who are currently in prison.
  3. Goku and Android 8 are trapped behind a gate controlled only by General White
  4. Goku was already done with the Muscle Tower when the Murasaki Ninja chased him.
  5. Yamcha’s fans in the window The Capsule Corporation.
  6. This is all about Hasky, the ride through the city, and the amusement park.
  7. Usureros lunch attacking grocery sellers
  8. The fake chests found in the pirates’ cave.
  9. There are several differences in General Blue’s chase from Treasure Cave to Penguin Village. He does not tie up Roshi and Krilin inside the house. Many Penguin Village scenes include the police trying to defeat the red patrol, or Arale scaring him.
  10. A man tries to kill Tao Pai PaiWith a Rifle.
  11. Goku presenting some water pots to his friends in Karin’s Tower.
  12. Tao Pai Pai climbing Karin’s Tower.
  13. Colonel Violet searching for the dragon sphere.
  14. The scout boat in a snowy region and Yamcha’s plane escaping from an …. missile
  15. BulmaYamcha was annoyed on the ship.
  16. Colonel Violet steals the Red Ribbon’s treasure.
  17. Uranaibaba leading Goku in a trap
  18. Goku has been held captive by the Mummy with long-lasting bandages.
  19. Second lightning bolt by Akkuman
  20. Yamcha asks Master Roshi to train alongside him. (He does, but the filler wants him to train).
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Martial Arts Tournament 22

  1. The Chapters and Characters Previous to Martial Arts Tournament N 22 are all fillers (Gold and Silver, Ten Long, InoShikaCho, Konkichi).Filler11.jpg
  2. Goku caught by some apes
  3. Goku swims to the end of the tournament.
  4. The fights take place on the same day as almost all scenes from Relleno.
  5. Pamputt’s Story.
  6. Chaoz uses his head to hit Krilin.
  7. Master Tsuru Shennin attempting to assassinate Goku.
  8. Master Tsuru Senin’s encounters in Bulma, Lunch, or with the others.
  9. Master Roshi shopping.
  10. Tsuru Shennin teaches Chaoz mathematics.
  11. Goku and Krilin show their skills to group of women.
  12. Pamputt RepresentativesYou are trying to trick Goku.
  13. The pre-fight scenes are almost all about Tenshinhan trying to uncover Jackie Chun’s identity.
  14. Bulma and other observers were commenting on the fight among Krilins and Goku.
  15. Tenshinhan Levitating at the Hotel
  16. Master Tsuru communicates with Master Roshi via telepathy.
  17. Yamcha listens to the Tournament Radio(This is actually what happens, but in the filler. It’s shown before Tenshinhan or Goku fall).
  18. The spectators left the tournament at the spot where Tenshinhan or Goku were.🐲
  19. Differences between Krilin’s death at Tambourine’s hand and that of the anime GokuKrilin arrives at the restaurant with the other diners, and Goku and Goku arrive later. In the manga Goku is not there as Krilin has gone earlier. They hear Krilin’s screaming and don’t believe it’s a premonition. Goku.
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Piccolo Daimaoh Saga

  1. Master Roshi’s Story of Piccolo Daimaō’s Sons.
  2. The majority of the chapters of Roshi and Tenshinhan are searching for the spheres.
  3. Tamborine kills more fighters that the manga depicts.
  4. Giran attacks two pandas, and then the smaller one attempts to thank Tambourine.
  5. Tambourine available at Kame House.
  6. The King’s Festival
  7. Piano controlling the chefs over Piccolo Daimaō’s banquet.
  8. In the city, prisoners are causing havoc
  9. Kame House: A group of criminals.
  10. Robbery at Kame House
  11. Kame House robbery by the Goggle-wearing Alligator
  12. Android 8 confronts a group of Piccolo Daimaō’s admirers.
  13. Suno pointing a rifle at Piccolo Daimaō.
  14. Goku and Yajirobe battle Darkness inside the Cave of Darkness, to obtain Ultra Divine Water. Karin is the one who has the water.
  15. Martial Arts Tournament 23
  16. Goku trains in Kami’s palace.
  17. Piccolo enjoying a fish from the river.
  18. Piccolo gives a balloon to a street boy.
  19. Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, Krilin and YamchaLooking for Karin’s Tower.Relleno10💪
  20. Wedding of Chi-Chi & Goku Mount Frypan.

Dragon Ball Filler

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

  1. Gohan chased by a TigerYou can also fall into a river.
  2. Raditz’s story concerning the saiyajins.
  3. Yamcha in a baseball team.
  4. All of Lunch’s scenes with Tenshinhan.
  5. Vegeta and Nappa make an arrest on the planet Arlian before destroying it.
  6. Gohan spent most of his training in solitude.
  7. Tenshinhan. Krilin. Yamcha. ChaozTime traveling to the Sayajin Planet and being killed by them
  8. Goku with Princess Snake
  9. Uranaibaba in a Bar of the Beyond
  10. Piccolo raisingA PyramidAnd causing an earthquake.
  11. Piccolo fighting with another double.
  12. Gohan helping some orphans.
  13. Goku falls off the Snake Path.🐲
  14. Goku during his stay in Hell.
  15. Gregory on North Kaio’s planet.
  16. North Kaio’s Story Planet Vegeta.
  17. Gohan transformed into Ozaru using a moon that created a ship that brought Goku to life. Earth.
  18. Gohan, Krilin & Pikoro defeat the Saibaiman, before Yamcha Chaos and Tenshinhan arrive.
  19. Pikoro saves Gohan against the Saibaiman’s Acid.
  20. Krilin takes Yamcha’s vitals before vaporizing Saibaiman.
  21. Interview with Yajirobe by a group of journalists, a police dog and his lecture at a restaurant.
  22. Journalists are being killed by Nappa A Naval fleet.
  23. Yajirobe retreated from Vegeta and Goku while they were fighting.
  24. All the scenes in the Kame House as the Z Warriors fight Nappa & Vegeta.
  25. Drinking in bars: Drunken lunch Tenshinhan’s death.
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Freezer Saga

  1. Bulma trying reach Mr PopoIn Yunzabit they travel straight to the ship’s location in manga.
  2. Bulma uses her voice to make Kamisama’s spaceship fly.
  3. KrilinGohan’s mental training
  4. Bulma, Krilin, Gohan crash into an invisble spaceship with orphans from an attacked planet Cui.
  5. Kuwi’s destruction and Freezer’s soldiers are the story.
  6. Fake Namek
  7. Goku was still at the hospital when he started training on the rock and was constantly protesting against the injections.
  8. Dodoria kills Karago(Dende’s friend), in manga Freezer kills him.
  9. Vegeta is more violently exterminated than Manga, a village of Namekians.
  10. Goku’s training in the Spaceship, and repairing itFill3 a large part.
  11. Guldo’s memory of an argument with Vegeta.
  12. Guldo hurling rocks at Gohan & Krilin is the bulk of the fight against Gurdo
  13. Vegeta throws an energy beam at GurdoHe kills him with a blow to his neck in the manga.
  14. Butter and Jeice use the Attack of the comets.
  15. Freezer’s soldiers burrow the dragon balls; in the manga, Jeice buries them.
  16. Namekians that show up to protect Grand PatriarchFreezer’s attack.
  17. Vegeta’s story on the Super Saiyan legend
  18. Bulma is imagining Vegeta asking questions about the Dragon Spheres.
  19. Bulma is looking for a pearl in the Namek River and runs into Freezer’s soldiers.
  20. The majority of scenes depict Tenshinhan and Piccolo, Yamcha, Chaoz, and Yamcha training on Kaio’s Planet.
  21. Chi-Chi attempts to fly to NamekFull
  22. Training with Captain Ginyu Freezer’s soldiers.💪
  23. The anime has a more violent scene in which Freezer rips Nail’s arm.
  24. Bulma is on the lookout for dragon spheres, and she meets Gohan (and Krilin), but in the manga she never emerges from her hiding place.
  25. Goku is afraid of injections
  26. Vegeta kills large numbers of Soldiers on Freezer’s Ship.
  27. Gohan laughs at Ginyu becoming a Frog, and being chased down by a pink 
  28. Tenshinhan Yamcha, Chaoz and Chaoz argue about who will be revived in Porunga.
  29. Vegeta is able to sleep inside the ship when Porunga calls.
  30. Freezer’s story about how he defeated King Vegeta.
  31. First form of the fight against Freezer: FreezerGohan and Krilin respond to Ki attacks with a kamehameha, and they are saved by Vegeta. Vegeta and Manga Freezer then engage in a power fight, and in the Manga Freezer charges its power and immediately takes aim at Vegeta.
  32. Bulma is pursued by a stampede dinosaurs.
  33. Freezer’s Toreada To Krilin anime is more violent.
  34. Before attacking, Vegeta displays his power to Freezer.
  35. The anime has a longer version of the fight against Freezer, which includes both Piccolo, Gohan, Krilin, and Vegeta.
  36. Vegeta is subject to more severe torture in the freezer than in manga
  37. Captain GinyuHe changes his body to Bulma and then wants it to Piccolo.
  38. Before firing the Ki blasts at Freezer, Vegeta launched the Galick Ho at him.
  39. Freezer takes a chunk of rock out of his hand and throws it at Goku.
  40. Ginyu Special Forces North Kaio.
  41. Goku is reminded by all his acquaintances that Freezer choked Goku.
  42. Vegeta King Vegeta and Bardock ask Goku to kill Freezer.
  43. Bulma’s story of Goku’s strength to GinyuFrog.
  44. Scenes of Chi Chi wanting to visit Namek to search for Gohan.
  45. Gohan in confrontation Freezer 100%
  46. Vegeta is going to where Goku Super Saiyan, Freezer 100% Power and Freezer 100% are fighting.
  47. The extended fight between Freezer & Goku.
  48. Milk, Puar and Master Roshi are on board a ship heading for Namek.
  49. Freezer’s Soldier dies when Freezer is excited about his defeat. Freezer’s army also dies from the power waves.
  50. Vegeta laughed at Freezer’s demise, recalling how Raditz and Nappa were treated like slaves
  51. Vegeta beating Gohan for Goku’s deathon Earth and going.
  52. The Capsule Corporation headquarters is home to the Namekians.
  53. They make their wish to Porunga.
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Dragon Ball Filler

Garlic Jr Saga

  1. The entire saga of Garlic Jr.🐲

Cell Saga

  1. How Freezer was discovered Rebuilt.
  2. Mecha Freezer traumatized remembering Goku in Supersaiyan.
  3. Trunks catching Supernova thrown from Mecha Freezer
  4. Goku’s memory about how he learned teleportation.
  5. Before the arrival and training of the Androids, the Z Warriors were trained.
  6. Piccolo and Goku getting their driver’s licenses.
  7. Goku dreams of Androids.
  8. Supersaiyan Vegeta Android 18Fight over a car
  9. Androids get annoyed by bikers.
  10. Imperfect Cell throws a Makankosappo to Piccolo.
  11. Imperfect Cell killed a team American soccer players.
  12. Tenshinhan uses the Neo Kikoho against Tenshinhan a lot of times. Semi-Flawless Cell.
  13. Trunks’ training memories in the Room of Time.
  14. Semi-Perfect Cell throwing the Galick Ho at Super Vegeta
  15. The Resistance for Cell is not yet at his ideal form of Android 18, Trunks, and Krilin.
  16. Nearly all of Goku’s Time Room training scenes are in Gohan.
  17. The Perfect Cell Transformation is more impressive when Anime takes it all the the way to Namek and his Ki.
  18. Krilin launches the Kienzan against Perfect Cell
  19. Perfect Cell flying beside a Train
  20. The majority of the events that took place before the Cell Game.Relleno7.jpg
  21. All appearances of Tao Pai Pai.
  22. Most of the Kapitel 171
  23. Piccolo training at the Room of Time
  24. The followers of Mr.Satan.
  25. Cell using the Double Kienzan technique and Tenshinhan’s Body Multiplication technique to defeat Goku.
  26. The Fight against the Cell Jr. Vegeta performing the Final Flash, or the Cell Jr attacking Gohan Supersaiyan 2. Using techniques such as the Kienzan Kikoho Kamehameha, Makankosappo and Makankosappo.
  27. Two cells are thrown at one another KienzanGohan.
  28. Cell throwing a Makankosappo in Gohan.
  29. The battle between Imperfect Cells and Gohan.
  30. Gohan is given assistance by the Z Warriors (Except Vegeta), during the Kamehameha battle against Cell.
  31. The whole Otherworld Martial Arts Tournament ArcIt is filler.
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Majin Buu Saga

  1. Nearly the whole sub-saga about the Great Saiyaman has filler. Videl identifies it in the manga immediately.
  2. A high school classmateGohan is trying to constantly take pictures of the Great Saiyaman.
  3. The majority of the training is for flying.
  4. The Cell Games Movie during the 25th Martial Arts Tournament.
  5. Yakon eats two Babidi soldiers.
  6. Dabra in a meditation device to increase his Ki.
  7. The fight between Majin Vegeta and Goku Super Saiyan 2 is more extensive in the Anime.
  8. Gohan killing some Babidi Soldiers.
  9. Bulma, Master Roshi Number 18, Yamcha and Videl are on the hunt for the Dragon Spheres.
  10. Goten and Trunks SSJ fight Mr. Popo.
  11. Kami’s Watchtower: Goten and Trunks Phase 3 – Goku
  12. Gotenks against Fat Majin Buu; in the manga, you don’t even see the fight.💪
  13. Goku’s Phase 3 transformation is even more impressive in the Anime.
  14. Bad Buu and Fat Buu in a Kamehameha fight.
  15. Goku SSJ 3 fighting Super Buu Gotenks.
  16. Vegeta Goku SSJ 2 fighting against Super Buu Gohan.
  17. All the fight between Vegetto Base and Super Buu Gohan.
  18. Super Buu Gohan getting inside Vegetto’s Body.
  19. Dabra in Paradise helps Milk, Videl, and Bulma to look for Gohan.
  20. Tenshinhan Kikoho against Super Buu Gotenks.
  21. Krilin, Yamcha and Kaio of the North with the Planet of the Great Kaio
  22. Super Buu Gohan 2nd Super Super Attack: Kamikaze Phantom Super Attack by controlling some Kamehameha then throwing some Masenko at the them.
  23. The Tour of Vegeta, Goku and Gotenks SSJ3 fighting with the Memories of Buu Gohan and Piccolo.
  24. Super Buu is followed by Mr. Satan and Dende at the touring bakeries.
  25. The History of Shin tells the story of Little Buu’s killing of all the North’s most powerful Kaio.
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Dragon Ball Filler

  1. Little Buu, after destroying the earth, teleports directly towards the Supreme Planet in manga. It doesn’t destroy multiple planets trying to find Goku and Vegeta.
  2. Villains like Freezer, King ColdCell cheering Little BuuFrom Hell.
  3. Vegeta urges Mr. Satan to request more energy for the Genkidama, Kaio of North and stop him.
  4. The chapters that followed Little Buu’s defeat and Dragon Ball Z’s conclusion (Mr Buu is in the city eating ice cream, catching robbers, Goku arrives late to Bulma’s party to rescue an innocent). Egg).

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