Hobgoblin 5e D&D Guide: Everything You Need To Know
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Hobgoblin 5e D&D Guide: Everything You Need To Know


I’m a huge lover of goblins. I’m always thrilled when I get to write about them as well as any other related race types. This is exactly what I intend on writing about with this article for DnD Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblins belong to the iconic Monsters in every fantasy novel demands. Hobgoblins have been a common part within the Dungeons and Dragons monster guide for more than 50 years. They first appeared in 1974.

By Davvy Chappy

They’re definitely worthy of a reference point on how to fight them, as well as some suggestions on how to transform them into a race that can be played.

I love throwing these monsters at my athletes. They usually are combined with goblins to aid.

Players should be aware of the strength of these beasts. If you’re not ready take on these kinds of people together and don’t have the right tools for the possibility of getting in danger.

The guide below I’ll explain the details regarding the definition of Hobgoblins comprise, as well as how to defeat them. I will also discuss how to defeat Hobgoblins.

The guides I design are written from the DM viewpoint. I’ve been an experienced Dungeon Master for quite a while, which means that I’ve seen a lot in my Hobgoblins killed, however they also claimed the lives of a few dangerous adventurers in the process.

Let’s find out what we need to know about Hobgoblins.

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Hobgoblin’s stats and capabilities

Hobgoblin's stats and capabilities

We’ll begin by looking at the technical side of DnD and then we will move into the things these monsters are capable of to throw our way, in terms of skill-wise as well as stat-wise.

  • class of armor Hobgoblins possess decent AC. They’re outfitted with armored chain mail and a shields to protect themselves from attack , they’re able to be struck once or twice. Their Armor Class they have is 18. This makes them one of the most formidable enemies you’ll face at the start the match.
  • Hit Points The Hit Points feature my opinion that they are a weakness. Since they only have 11 , a group of three or four players should be able to take out one of these human beings in the event of one person.
  • speed:Their speeds are in between and not something to worry about. With just thirty feet of speed, you could be able to get easily if you plan your route well and don’t get slowed down with traps and the power of magic.
  • ST: A.K.A. The Hobgoblins are the most powerful of the Hobgoblins and their strengths. It’s 13, (+1). Even though it’s not very effective, they are able to be a bit damaging with their actions, even if you’ve had a lower Armor Class. Additionally, they may gain a bonus of 2 on their STR, which could aid the player.
  • DEX: The second most important statistic will be DEX. They are a 12 (+1). That allows them to evade attacks and creates a strong and potentially dangerous, because they are more durable today. With their higher Armor Class This is their strength, according to me.
  • CON Twelve CON (+1) equals their DEX. This gives them some hit points however, they don’t constitute threat. If you’re able engage them from a distance , you’re capable of inflicting severe injuries.
  • Intelligence The HTML0’s intelligence. It’s not anything special but when you’re 10 years old, it’s enjoyable and isn’t necessarily a problem.
  • WIS The same thing applies to WIS. Similar to their INT it’s not something that you have to worry about.
  • CH:This is the Hobgoblin’s main flaw. Along with having their CHA only an 8 they also have an advantage of 1.
  • senses: They possess some amazing sensitivities that the DM utilizes. They have a vision dark of about 60 to 70 feet which is a great as well as active sight sense. Their perception is 10. In the case of a Dungeon Master I suggest that you play with Hobgoblins when in the forest or in tunnels in the night. Hobgoblins are an excellent creature to be marvelled at by adventurers who aren’t experienced. They are awe-inspiring to those who have never been there. DEX statistic is also useful in situations where you need to think a little clever to gain an additional bonus effect. This also offers the benefit from an advantage roll.

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Actions and Feats

Actions and Feats
  • Martial Advantage The most deadly weapon the Hobgoblin has is called Martial Advantage. In the event that you’re just in a tiny area, or even by yourself it can be extremely hazardous. Every cycle, the hobgoblin can be able to take another either 7 or six damage to creatures equipped with weapons, as long as it’s located within five feet of any of its hobgoblin’s allies, and isn’t disarmed. Hobgoblins can be extremely dangerous when they’re part groups. Hobgoblins are each equipped with this ability. For example, when confronted by three hobgoblins, they’ll attack six times, instead of only 3 times.
  • Longsword: The first weapon the Hobgoblin is equipped with is the longsword. It’s a weapon with a bonus of 3 to strike and is able to reach five feet. If the hobgoblin is using only one hand, it’ll hit either one of the numbers 5 or 1d8+1. If both hands are used it’ll score an 8 or 1d10 plus 1.
  • Longbow: If you’re an angry DM who’s a nuisance and he’ll offer every Hobgoblin the chance to play the longbow. It will help them overcome their weaknesses of being slow and prone to injuries from long range due to their speed. Because of their senses they are prone to becoming dangerous shooters. Longbows are a good choice because they offer having a hit bonus of 3 and their range is between 150 and 600 feet. They’re not as destructive. They hit 5 or a 1d8 +1.

Hobgoblin Appearance and Behavior

blin Appearance and Behavior


The Hobgoblin is similar to its less powerful cousin. It has skin color. The most common color is lighter orange or red-orange.

The eyes of hobgoblins are yellow or brown, and their faces look round and rough. Male hobgoblins could have blue or red noses.

It is one of the most sought-after treats. It’s a symbol for power and strength. They have the same life span as humans in the event that they can endure the brutality of fighting to an amount that is minimal.


The Hobgoblin is one who fights to take on. They aren’t craftsmen or peaceful farmers but warriors. To survive and gain the necessary tools to fight, they launch attacks and capture prisoners. Also Read: Shocking Grasp 5e D&D Guide

These people are cruel, and narcissistic. They constantly strive to become stronger, regardless of the cost to other people.

There is only one possibility of an exception to this. In battle they turn into powerful machines. They can let go of any conflicts they might have and become excellent soldiers.

The society they live in is one where only the powerful are thought as serious. A leader has to show they can fight and also be skilled in fighting.

If you’re seeking to rise within Hobgoblin society, it’s done by force. If you want to remain at the top of the heap, you’ll need to achieve it by force.

While they look like creatures, they’re skilled with a range of weapons, and have mastered the art of creating assault weapons as well as armor. The tribes of tribal origin are situated in the middle of every hobgoblin group.

Using Hobgoblins as a Dungeon Master

I often see younger Dungeon Masters making use of Hobgoblins wrongly. They present them as chaotic chaos, fighting front-to-front in the form of an entire group.

This isn’t the reality. The tactics of a whole group of Hobgoblins can outdo the uninitiated group of novice adventurers.

It’s hard to devise an idea that will surprise Hobgoblins. They typically have scouts on hand to ensure that they won’t be amazed.

They build traps for their enemies and ensure they have terrain appropriate for their purposes. They fight in the dark and make use of their knowledge with the sword and bow.

The Hobgoblin is the most effective in the darkness, and can also be a target with their longbow.

This is why I suggest you focus your players with Hobgoblins as well as smaller goblins to help out in the dark or when the light is dim. Be sure to put them in a spot which is close to forests.

Playing as a Hobgoblin in Dungeons and Dragons

I’m not certain if I’ve seen many people play the role of Hobgoblins. While they’re not as strong as or as strong and powerful Elf or as powerful as a lizardman, they are an enjoyable experience.

They’re very powerful and make great warriors. I am a huge fan when players decide to create an non-human-based group or there’s a background for the army and a plot to tell the story.

  • Age Is your Hobgoblin required to be measured? The answer is just like humans, meaning their age should be between 16 and 50.
  • Scores for abilities: A warrior’s ability score, as well as being extremely intelligent during battle, provides the players a boost in their ability scores. They’ll get a bonus in CON, ST and INT.
  • Speed, size, and senses Web has already covered this but if you’ve failed to grasp it, Hobgoblins are medium-sized creatures. Their speed is approximately 30 feet. They have excellent Darkvision. They can see dimly up to 60 feet, as if it were bright light. In dark they’re capable of seeing as if it were dim lighting. It means that you see gray shades and there isn’t a hue of shade.
  • Hobgoblin Combat Training The program gives the opportunity to develop an ability of mastering the art of light armor and 2 weapons you have chosen. It is a great alternative if you decide to use additional range weapons and also as the melee weapon. Hobgoblin’s DEX for Hobgoblin is very impressive, but you don’t be able to gain an advantage.
  • Martial expert: It’s quite simple You can reap the benefits of being a proficient martial artist and enhance your skills in combat weapons and other weapons that are related to martial arts.
  • The military genius I love this track. Hobgoblins are exceptionally smart when they must fight. If you miss in an attack roll with your weapon of choice, you’ll be given another chance due to the experience you’ve gained from fighting. You will receive a bonus on your roll equivalent to the modifier INT which is a minimum value of 1 which means you have a chance to make a hit. It is only possible to play this once and you’ll need to have a short or long break if you want to repeat the process. Also Read: Mage Hand: D&D 5e Spell Guide

FAQ About Hobgoblins

Are Hobgoblins honorable?

Answer: The Hobgoblin is considered to be a legal evil creature. The extent of their honor depends on the circumstances where you’re connected to Hobgoblin. If they are their adversaries and you’re fighting against their foes and they’ll destroy them regardless of cost.

If you’re among their allies and fighting with them side-by-side they’ll be punctual and honest. They’ll do everything they can to make sure you’re secure and winning is theirs and not yours.

In what languages does Hobgoblins use?

Answer: Hobgoblins are generally proficient in the language of common usage. However, they are also proficient at the Goblin dialect.

The language commonly referred to as Ghukliak is utilized by Bugbears Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobgoblins. They can also write, however their writing language is a highly complex graphic.

What do Hobgoblins scared of?

Answer to the question Answer Hobgoblin isn’t the only person who is afraid. They are scared of not being strong enough, physically and mentally. Cowardice can be the single most damaging characteristic of a Hobgoblin.

In a world where honour and fighting are among the most important aspects and honor is the most important thing, there is no room for cowards.

Hobgoblins fear being perceived as weak and smug. Whatever their position or role, whether it’s as a commander or simply ordinary soldiers, they desire to be strong.

Final Words

If you’re a player and has planned an event where you’ll play as non-humans.

You could be in a position to put your boss off guard while playing Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin.

They’re very powerful and have an excellent armor class, making them nearly impossible to detect by shock.

In the event that you’re Dungeon Master and you’re a Dungeon Master Hobgoblins are an effective weapon if you make use of them in the right way.

They’re most effective when they have an alliance of allies, and are able to fight their enemies.


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