How Strong is Asta Demon Form ? Everything you need to know 

Asta demon form

Asta demon form. Asta (アスタ, Asuta) is a young orphan turned mage-knight in the company of the black bull. He dreams of becoming the Emperor-Mage. Black Clover’s Asta may not be able to wield magic, but that didn’t stop him from unlocking his devastating demon form.

Asta’s TRUE POWER REVEALED – No One Can Defeat Asta – How Strong is Asta’s Mastered Devil Union?

When Asta needs more power, he comes face to face with a demon who wants Asta to give his body back to him. Fans are wondering what strength level this demon gives Asta ?

How Strong is Asta Demon Form ? Asta :

Best 5 ASTA ‘demon form’ moments| BLACK CLOVER by GOATED anime

What are Asta’s Abilities and Skills ?

Asta demon form.


Asta Magic
  • Anti Magic : Asta has four Anti Magic blades. This power allows Asta to cancel any other forms of magic. Asta was able to direct and direct Anti-Magic faster and in a condensed form after the Witch Queen heals him. This allowed him to undergo a partial demonic transformation.


Asta Abilities
  • Expert Swordsman: Asta is able to use a sword to strike his opponent, even though he can’t aim it. But, Asta’s swordsmanship skills increased when he acquired a second sword with different powers and when Fanzell Krager trained him.
  • Great Strength: Asta is a regular runner and has a greater physical strength than most people. He can use large swords in combat, even one-handed, and does not have any magic. He can do hundreds of one-hand elevated push-ups.
  • Great Speed: Asta can move at an extremely high speed. William Vangeance believed he was using acceleration magic.
  • High Reactivity Asta has high reactivity. For example, he was able subconsciously to move his body to defend himself.
  • Great Resistance: Asta is extremely resilient and can withstand many attacks without falling down.
  • Ki – A sixth sense Asta will develop with the help Yami. It will enable him to see invisible objects and people.
  • Demonic Union Asta is now able to merge with Liebe after a deal was made with them.
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Demonic Union with Dispelda Demonic Union With Pourfenda


  • Grimoire: Asta has a grimoire that contains a five-leaf clover. He receives it during his fight against Revchi Slik. The grimoire is damaged and covered with earth. it barely shows the five-leaf clover.
  • Many people, including Asta, believe that the grimoire is capable of performing strange magic. However, it is a regular grimoire. Asta can summon a sword out of his grimoire which he uses to perform anti-magic.

His grimoire is special. Indeed, this grimoire was created when Licht fell into despair. At that point, his grimoire with 4 leaves clover turned into a grimoire featuring a 5 leaf clover

  • Dispella – Asta’s original sword, which allows him to cut through spells using its edge and then deflect them with his flat blade. This sword belonged to Licht in time.
  • : Asta’s second weapon that allows him to break through spells using its edge. It also allows him borrow magic from his allies to increase his strength and range of attacks. This sword can only be used by Asta, as he does not have any Mana. In fact, other mages would absorb their mana if they came in contact with this sword. It belonged in the past to Licht.
  • Annihilda: Asta’s third blade has an ability called Causality Break that allows him to create Anti Magic tendrils that absorb and remove the effects of spells. It can cancel Reincarnation Magic.
  • Pourfenda – Asta’s fourth sword was the katana that Yami gave him during his fight against Dante. The anti-magic force Asta charged into the katana makes it able to cut through magic, spells and even release anti-magic blasts in to the air.
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How Strong is Asta Demon Form ? asta’s demon power

 asta's demon power

Right from the beginning of Asta’s Devil’s (Liebe) introduction, there has been always rumors and discussion regarding how strong is Asta’s Devil?

Some discussion says that Asta’s Devil is the strongest and his strength is sealed due to unknown reasons (Anime Cliche), on the other hand many think that Asta’s Devil is the weakest and can really do nothing (Anime Cliche).

This post will try to explain and deduce whether Asta’s Devil is the strongest or the weakest? If he is weak, can he become strongest?

Liebe, is Asta’s demon the strongest?

Liebe, is Asta's demon the strongest?

No! Love is weak when it comes down to physical strength. Liebe’s Antimagic ability can be used best as a decoy. We saw Liebe being possessed by Lucifero while he was with Licita. Then we witnessed what happened. It is evident that Liebe cannot control Lucifero when he is strong and evil.

This is how a beautiful story takes shape. Asta’s character growth would only be affected if Asta had a demon even stronger than Lucifero from the start.Black Clover is a series that focuses on Asta’s growth and development as a hard-working character. He has built his position through hard work.

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Devil of Asta (Liebe) combined with Asta’s skills:

Devil of Asta (Liebe) combined with Asta's skills:

Asta demon form. You should now know the dark past of Liebe and his origin story if you’re a regular Black Clover manga reader.

Liebe is a German word that means “Love”. This is how Licita understood the love he felt for Liebe, and the reason he is constantly angry at the devils, particularly Lucifero who killed Licita.

Although Liebe is weak compared to other Devils he has a terrifying power that renders him invincible.

We have seen many Anime and Manga series where the main character has power that is different from other characters. Anti Magic is one example.

Anti Magic is a powerful power but it takes a lot of technique and tactic to use. Asta will be left with only brute strength and no magical power if he fights alone. Liebe, on the other hand, has no fighting experience and Anti Magic.

Liebe alone won’t be much help. Worse, a group of knights could defeat him. However, if Asta’s unmatched strength is combined with his power, it becomes deadly. You could say it like a Ying/Yang combination.

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