How Strong is Black Bolt

black bolt
by ivaN The UnStoppable

Doctor Strange 2 has many heroes, but one character is a strong performer.

We will introduce you to Black Bolt and discuss his powers. Finally, we’ll reveal how powerful the Inhuman is.


black bolt

Blackagar Boltagon is more commonly known by his common name Black Bolt. He is the leader and ruler of Attilan’s Inhuman Royal Family. His first appearance was in 1965’s Fantastic Four #45.

Black Bolt’s primary weapon was his voice. He trained himself to be completely silent even while he was sleeping and communicates using sign language.

Anson Mount reprises his role as Black Bolt in Doctor Strange2 after he played the character on the cancelled Inhumans television series.


black bolt

Doctor Strange 2 highlighted Black Bolt’s strength and ability to defeat the strongest Inhumans. He was used as The Illuminati’s greatest weapon. According to Marvel Comics, he was unable to defeat Thanos or the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange2.

Black Bolt is able to harness and manipulate electrons, which can be combined with his speech centre to create a terrifying phenomenon known as hypersonic screaming.

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Telepathy is also an option. He can also fly, as well as possessing superhuman strength, speed and endurance.

What is Black Bolt’s Weakness and How Can It Be Avoided?

black bolt

First, losing your most powerful power can be a weakness. This is what Black Bolt experienced with his quasi-sonic voice. Blackagar had lost his voice several times and was able to regain it again, but eventually, he lost his voice completely in Death of Inhumans #5.

He’s still very powerful even without it, and is strong enough to withstand the punches of The Thing. What is Black Bolt’s greatest weakness?

Black Bolt’s greatest strength, but also his biggest weakness, is his ability to use his powers. He finds creating, manipulating and harnessing electron interaction field very draining, especially when he has to use the Master Blow.

Black Bolt becomes very vulnerable for a brief time after delivering the Master Blow. Black Bolt needs to rest and regain his strength before he can fight again.

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Black Bolt can get tired even if he uses the Master Blow less often but exerts his interaction-field-creating powers longer. Black Bolt can easily see why this might be problematic when he has to face guys like Thor, Thanos and the Hulk who never get tired.

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Blackagar’s inability to control his emotions is another weakness. Black Bolt is known for his anger and tendency to let emotions get the better of him. This can lead to unnecessary destruction. He was the one responsible for the deaths of his parents.

Black Bolt is more powerful than other Marvel Heroes.

black bolt

We don’t yet know the version of Black Bolt that will be appearing in MCU’s Doctor Strange 2. However, there are several facts. Anson Mount will reprise the role of Black Bolt after he was cast in Inhumans, an ABC series that ended in 2018.

His Black Bold was able to flip over cars with just a sigh and had a quasi-sonic voice. It was also noted that Doctor Strange 2 Black Bolt might be a variant. If he does, however, it will put him higher up the power list for MCU heroes.

If he does have it, he can easily be on the top strength-wise and capable of fighting the Hulk, Thor, or other MCU powerhouses. He can scream and level entire cities.

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He’s not there without it though. Black Bolt’s physical strength can be increased to 75-100 tons, but it is still not the same as Thor, Hulk or Thanos. He was still able to make his voice heard in comics, but only half-powered. But The Mad Titan destroyed him one by one.

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Black Bolt is not able to match America Chavez (who will also be in the movie), unless he’s at his full power and strength. If not, she’d beat him 9/10 times. Doctor Strange is no different. Black Bolt may be powerful, but I doubt that he can take on the Sorcerer Supreme without being his best self.

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