How Strong is Wanda ? : Is She The Strongest ?


Wanda is Wanda’s story of creating the perfect life with her perfect family. The Hex brought down the Hex and Wanda’s family, which she had created with her powers, and her beloved Vision and her children died. Wanda discovered a way to bring her family back after studying the Darkhold. She would discover another Earth that her twins existed on. This created problems that could have a huge impact on the multiverse.


First, Wanda dream walked. It was a dangerous and forbidden trick, but it showed how much her power had grown. The second problem was that she would steal America Chavez’s abilities to enter the multiverse. America would die in the process. 

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Although it was fatal for the young hero of the story, it isn’t the most tragic part. This could have serious repercussions across the multiverse. Wanda didn’t care. Wanda wanted her family back. Wanda’s goal was achieved despite the fact that there was nothing anyone could do.

By Key Issues

wanda Ability and power

Wanda is the MCU’s most powerful mutant. Wanda is a Chaos Magic expert. Wanda’s power is capable of destroying the entire cosmos and transforming reality. According to S.H.I.E.L.D Wanda’s Comparative Mutagenic Power (or 9.3) Wanda is also an Omega level mutant and a class 5 mutant as per Iron Man.

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Ability and power WANDA


Known powers Wanda is a mutant with these powers:

Chaos Magic Reality Warping Scarlet Witch was born with the superhuman power to manipulate chaos magic. This ability was given to her by the demon Chthon (captured in Wundagore Mountain). By extension, her hexes were indirect manifestations of this magic that destabilized probabilities and inducing chaos. Her very life force energy is also connected to the Scarlet Witch’s abilities, which significantly increased her capabilities. They are still not under her control, and they continue to affect her even after Dr. Strange’s Eye of Agamotto temporarily shut down her mind. These effects were not blocked by even the combined efforts Earth’s most powerful psychic mind and the Sorcerer Supreme. Wanda could even generate armies out of nowhere and bring back Wonder Man from another dimension. Morgan le Fay, Camelot’s mistress in the mystic arts sought her powers to bridge the gap between le Fay and Asgardian Twilightsword’s faerie magics. She also had the ability to restructure reality according the conniving witches’s twisted vision.

House of M seems to have no limitations to her power. She was able to change the Earth-616 reality at will and also permanently alters the future of Marvel. However, some of her victims claim to be able distinguish between reality and her spells. Wanda also demonstrated her ability to wipe out and revive any illusionary reality she created from existence with just a thought. The first two used her children (if not accidentally) as power conduits. Maximoff was capable of causing 98% of mutants to die and the deletion the Mutant Genome, which was created by the nearly-omnipotent Celestials. Her powers were barely blocked by the Sorcerer Supreme, the strongest psychic mind on Earth and Veranke, Clint Barton, and Nuke. Beast was also told by Doctor Strange that Wanda’s single spell is so complex and powerful that it has become part of reality and the worlds of magic. He also stated that he could not reverse the spell because it affects alternate realities as well, strongly suggesting that she had the power to change the Multiverse, which is almost unheard of even by cosmic entities.

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WANDA Powers

In a reality that is different from the House of M’s closing events, “What If Scarlet Witch Ended House of M by saying No More Powers?” Wanda Maximoff shows that she has the ability to depower all Skrulls and Inhumans on Earth, and even Black Bolt on Earth. Wanda Maximoff is capable of healing Charles Xavier’s severely injured legs, despite all of his Earth and alien allies’s efforts (including giving Xavier a brand new body).

Wanda Maximoff, the main reality, is actually the “nexus” of Earth-616. She serves as the embodiment of the realm’s character, as well as serving as the anchor or focal point of that reality. Uatu describes a nexus as “a rare individual entity with the power to influence probabilities-and so the future”.

Because the spell that caused Decimation only affected mutants-based powers and not mystic ones in all logic Wanda is still capable of using magic even though her mutant hexapowers have been removed. A normal person would still be able to use some magical abilities.

WANDA Powers

The demonic sorcerer Chthon gave Wanda the ability to channel and use magical energy. The ghostly specter Chthon visited Wanda on the day Wanda was born and “blessed” Wanda to allow Wanda to channel the Chaos Magic, which was the foundation of Chthon’s unholy power. Chthon wanted to build a vessel that he could own one day when Wanda was fully grown, but his plans were foiled by the Avengers.

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Because of Chthon’s “blessing”, Wanda can have all her powers disabled if Chthon ever interrupts. Wanda was left powerless during dangerous battles against super-villains. Wanda’s powers were also disabled periodically as pages from Chthon’s sacred tome, The Darkhold, were scattered around the world. Several pages of the missing book were eventually restored. This particular plot thread was originally stated by Agatha Harkness, who was revived by Wanda. It is up to you to decide how true or false it is.

  • The Scarlet Witch was initially able to manipulate probability through her “hexes”. These hexes often manifested as “hex balls” or “hex spheres.” These hexes have a limited range and can only be seen from her line of sight. Casting a Hex requires concentration and gestures, but the gestures are mostly a focus for her concentration. Her hexes started out unconscious and would automatically trigger when she made a gesture. These hexes only had “bad luck” results. Later, she was able to control her powers so that they only work when she wants them. Her hexes can be used to light flammable items, contain or remove air from a volume, deflect objects and stop the momentum projectiles. They also allow her to open doors, explode objects and create force fields. While her powers were beginning to reveal a higher potential, she was able to prevail against Dormammu’s mystically-mastered ones in his Dark Dimension. This was when she and the Avengers fought for Avalon’s Evil Eye power-object. Her magical training under Agatha Harkness has given her an affinity for natural elements and phenomena. She has been trained to use her hexes to redirect projectiles, cause enemies to stumble, or suffer from the “bad luck” effect. The Witch cannot control the hexes, but she can exert considerable concentration and effort to change the nature of their effects. She is one of few Avengers Ultron fears. His adamantium shell can’t repel magic. She can cancel Longshot’s and Domino’s probabilities, and she has even turned Longshot into an animal.
  • Teleportation – Wanda is able to teleport herself and others over vast distances. This power has no limit.
  • Telekinesis Wanda is able to levitate and manipulate matter and objects with her mind. This power has no limit.
  • Flight: Wanda recently demonstrated the ability to fly. However, this ability was evident even before her mental collapse. It is not known how much this ability extends.
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Expert Knowledge in Sorcery: Wanda received witchcraft training from Agatha Harkness. Although her sorceress training did not give her any new powers, it has helped her to maintain control over her abilities. However, she has a special affinity to the natural elements and materials witches use in their spells, including the four alchemical elements, organic substances, and wood.

Expert Combatant: Wanda was also trained in hand-tohand combat by Hawkeye and Captain America.

Expert Tactician The experience and leadership skills gained from years of active service as an Avenger give you the ability to be a leader.

Strength level

WANDA Strength level

The Scarlet Witch has the human strength of a normal woman her age, height, and build. She also exercises moderately regularly.


Mental Illness Wanda seems to be sane at the moment, but her mental stability remains a question. After the Skrull Secret Invasion she appears quite sane even though she is powerless and has lost her memories. It is not known if she has any physical weaknesses at this time.

  • Previously
WANDA Previously

Perception Range Her ability to hex-cast was restricted by her line of vision. She couldn’t see a live broadcast on television and cause a Hex-phenomenon at its source.

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Physical Condition Hexes were unpredictable. Scarlet Witch was able to cast many hex-spheres at once and achieve desired results for nearly an hour if she was well rested and in good health.

Extensive: Although her hexes are more precise, they were still not guaranteed to work. This is especially true if she was straining herself or overusing her powers. Her hexes can backfire if she is too ambitious. This could make it more likely that her hexes will work against her wishes, or even reverse previous ones.


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