How Strong Is Planet Eater Moro ?

How Strong Is Planet Eater Moro .Planet Eater MORO evolved after DRAGON BALL SUPER. Moro DBS is a nostalgia-inducing concept that gives its viewers a great feeling. Both the storyline and character’s powers are amazing. The writers have clearly presented the villain character in a way which is more powerful and has more power than any previous version. MORO’s is a game-changer. The fan assumed that the one who fights the villain would be more powerful, but MORO’s is a disadvantage. It will be interesting for MORO to learn from Vagita and Gokomoro the techniques they used before.


Because Dragon ball Super MORO’s character was designed in this way, the whole scenario seems real. The MORO’s trouble list and the story of the worst eater are just a few examples. Bulma called Vegeta, Goku and their gravity chamber training. Bulma called them to inform them that a mysterious gang was trying to kidnap Buu. They both attempt to rescue Buu, but Merus, the leader of the gang, makes them both unconscious by cleverly using a stunt gun. They are both kidnapped, but when they open their eyes, Jaco appears. Merus was able to apologize, but he stated that Buu must be kidnapped. He had no time to explain to both of them. They told them the shocking news that a powerful villain had escaped galactic prison.


They need Great grand Kai’s help to accomplish this. This story is now 10 million years old, and the villain takes over the world. Grand and South supreme Kai tried to fight an unknown energy. Surprise, it is Moro. He makes use of the energy and power of comets and Meteoroids. Kai’s try to protect them from this energy. South Supreme Kai tries to tell them that more meteoroids are coming and one meteoroid has already hit him. It seems like the Kai is totally destroyed, but Grand supreme Kai uses all of his power and pushes it upward. Both Kais feel exhausted and angry after this fight.


They can see that Moro has stretched his arms out and utilized every part of his energy by looking up. He has concentrated all of his energy on one unknown planet. This power has such a destructive effect that it would be impossible to sustain life. Moro turns all that energy into a tiny sphere that can be easily carried in his hands. Moro controls the energy ball and becomes stronger than ever before. He releases enormous amounts of energy as a result of this massive power increase. It destroys everything around it, and the moon they are fighting on is also destroyed. Both Kai and his father believe he is stronger than them, but they can’t defeat it.

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Planet Eater Moro’s End

That instant, Moro landed on the moon where both Kai’s were already. This Grand supreme Kai tells me that to deal with him, I must use my Godly powers to secure his power. Grand supreme Kai Montro says “Kai Kai Montro”, and this is enough to secure his power. He is now in Galactic prison. Moro received a death sentence but he is so powerful no one can kill him. He is thus sentenced to a life imprisonment. He was, however, regaining his powers at the time. He is so old. Vegeta, Goku and others aren’t sure how Buu is connected to this. MajinBoo was able to absorb Grand Kai after 5 million years in Moro’s prison.

Dragon ball super Moro compared


Kai could be extracted. Vegeta and Goku are presented to the galactic king, and they are included in the galactic patrol group. They could assist in the search for MajinBuu.

  • Dragon Ball Super’s strongest villain is Planet Eater Moro
  • Highly skilled and capable to beat Vegeta and Goku even at their 1,000% power levels
  • Despite not being fully powered, able to defeat all four Saiyans.
  • His physical prowess makes him a more formidable opponent than any other villains in this franchise.
  • Moro can share power with his minions
  • Moro was able transform low-class fighters in to formidable foes who could compete with the most powerful warriors on Earth.
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