How To Get Auto-Life in FFX (And Is It Worth It?) : Everything You Need To Know


Auto-Life is an White Magic spell that, when applied to a member of the party can revive them immediately in case they are defeated. The spell will return them with only 25% maximum HP, so make sure you are prepared to heal them!

Auto-Life is located in Yuna’s part of the normal Grid. Grid and is hidden in the shadow of an locked at level 4, along with three locks at level 2.

Couch Party

In the Expert Grid, it’s not locked however it’s right to the end of her adventure.

In other words, Whichever Sphere Grid you choose, you’ll need be patient until significant portion of her pilgrimage completed before you can use the spell.

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Auto-Life and Auto-Phoenix: What Is the better choice?

Auto-Life and Auto-Phoenix: What Is the better choice?

It is important to remember that both appear like they are similar, however Auto-Life can be described as a spell and Auto-Phoenix has an ability to autopilot.

I’m sure this will be initially confusing Let’s simplify it:

Auto-Phoenix is an armor capability which lets a player make use of the Phoenix Down to provide an instant response when a member is killed.

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The process occurs in a way and will continue for as long for as long as you have an active party member along with Phoenix Downs in your inventory.

Auto-Life is a spell you must perform before it can be effective (so that it isn’t “automatic” until you cast it and isn’t repeatable). This means that you have to learn this spell. However, be required be able to shell out 97 MP each cast. It must be manually applied after it is utilized.

Each of Auto-life and Auto-Phoenix each have their strengths, but in the end Auto-Phoenix is the best choice for use in the daytime.

It’s possible to customize any armor by putting x20 Mega Phoenixes and lasts until you’ve got Phoenix Downs. This is something you won’t need to think about, because it takes care of the majority of the work for you.

Auto-Life is a program that requires MP and continuous Recasting, and it must be learned in the beginning.

Admittedly this spell has some niche uses that aren’t very well known, so you’re not going to be able to recover from that (there’s no one in the area after this attack to use an ogre down). Yuna casting Auto-Life on Tidus

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Then, is Auto-Life worth it?

For regular playthroughs I’m sure you’ll be fine to Auto-Phoenix.

However it is still recommended to move through the Grid Grid and get familiar with Auto-life.It’s still an amazing time, even if it’s not as effective in practical value, except for specific situations

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