Rem And Ram : Their Main Difference And Their success formula
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Rem And Ram : Their Main Difference And Their success formula

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Rem and Ram Re:zero

Rem and Ram came out of the Re:Zero series as the most memorable characters that spawned fans, memes and many doujinshi.

Their fame is due in large part because of their character’s arcs from Re:Zero However, their fame goes far beyond that. The precise designing of their characters by Shinichirou Otsuka turned the twins into the cult characters they were.

It’s no surprise that costumes for maids in anime are very popular.

The reasoning behind this could be complex as in an Mozart score.

The uniforms are a symbol of dedication and obedience to the highest degree often up to supporting dark concepts of adorable slave girls who were destined to fulfill fantasies about sexuality.

Which is the more likable character Which one is better – Rem or Ram?

Which is the more likable character Which one is better - Rem or Ram?

No matter what you think whatever you want to say, I’m not here today to discuss Rem against Ram. Well, at least not today.

I’d like to know the things that distinguishesthe twins from one another.

What is it that is what makes them distinct without being too alike. In addition, they’re twins.

Two is more valuable than just one!

Two is more valuable than just one!

Many people are fascinated by twins that often make the characters in supporting roles more significant. It’s a feature of stories we’ve previously seen with similar characters such as “Ram and Rom” from Hyperdimension Neptunia However, the plot is the most important factor to the significance of an individual.

This is the reason why Ram as well as Rom are different between Rem or Ram. The reason why Rem as well as Ram so beloved is the fact that they are able to function as a unit despite their different personalities. Whatever your preference is, either of them alone without their yin-yang personalities could be a bit more mundane.

Why are innocent, unsuspecting characters so effective?

Why are innocent, unsuspecting characters so effective?

The world of video gaming and anime is vast, people are intrigued by the small characters that appear weak, however, they are physically strong, which makes their appearance unique.

The funny thing is that it’s used so frequently in manga, video games and anime that it’s normal, but it’s still intriguing to the viewers. Even shows including One Punch Man explicitly mock the concept as their main comedy plot.

The decision to focus on the potential of the most calm and innocent character of the series, such as Rem is a great use of the popularity of this wildly successful but easy plot twisting tool.

The appearance is everything.

The appearance is everything.

While the industry has been moving toward natural hair colors such as the ones in Yuri on IceAttack on Titan and Kill La Kill the characters sporting bright hair color are still popular and are usually tied to their character to a certain extent.

The hair color of anime usually is based on a standard that has been established by thousands of characters before.

Pink and blue appear to be carefully selected to complement one another’s characteristics and complement the formal style of the uniforms for maids.

Rem who is perhaps the fan favorite, is a hair with light blue eyes which is typically seen in calm people who possess an undiscovered talent and an acute awareness of the moods of those in their lives.

The blue-haired characters aren’t often noticed because they are usually in a quiet way, but in the same way they can have a significant influence on the plot as they often force others to speak up and open up about their emotions.

Ram with her pretty hair reflects her fiery and youthful, but also orderly, behaviour, while also showing a generous side with her master and sister.

But, the design of Ram’s character features zito eyes (Jito) meaning”to “stare.” Her eyes appear half-open, which is a characteristic often seen in characters who are sarcastic and is a common stereotype. This is evident in Ram’s character.

This is the thing that separates Natsuki Subaru and Ram in the story , and ultimately , her character, which reduces her appeal to viewers.

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What is it that makes Rem distinct?

1. Flaws and insecurities

What is it that makes Rem distinct?

We’re not talking about weaknesses in the sense of strength, power or any other such thing.

I’m talking about Rem’s flaws as a character and fears as the character.

Of both maid sisters Rem is the the mostinsecure. She lacks confidence and self-esteem in her.

A great example is the time Subaru provided her with the “speech” after Rem belittles herself. Then she told Subaru that she was “useless” she is compared to her sister.

This is one aspect that is unique to Rem which makes her more appealing than Ram as an actor. That’s probably the reason the majority offans are drawn to Rem over Ram for ReZero.

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2. Innocence Rem

2. Innocence Rem

Rem is the older sibling of Ram. It’s possible that’s why she’s a bit less “innocent” than Ram in the eyes of others.

However, not actually.

Rem isn’t playing games when she seems innocent and honest. It’s aspect of her personality.

One of the most effective examples is the moment when Rem begins crying after Subaru has helped her.

Rem’s personality and emotions are pure. There’s an “innocence” about her that’s difficult to dislike.

At least, you’re notin the demon-form.

3. Loyalty

3. Loyalty

Rem is a faithful character overall. However, when it comes down to giving her time to someone, Rem’s loyalty is unquestionable.

She is a fan of Subaru Natsuki. Not simply because she tells her “I love you”. However, because she shows it by her actions and conduct.

True love is what it is.

Loyalty isn’t something you talk about it’s something you practice. And Rem is an excellent illustration of what loyalty is.

She demonstrates loyalty isn’t something you do because it’s practical it’s becausethat’s what you’re about as an individual.

4. Emotional

ram and rem re zero 4. Emotional

Ram She is an elder sister who is strong in the public eye. She’s the kind of girl who hides her emotions under the surface.

Remis unique in this regard. It could appearlike that she’s not the typical but Rem is a more emotionally driven personality than Ram.

It is possible to say that this is the reason the woman was killed Subaru in secret, while no one was watching.

In general, this is a reason that the majority of ReZero fans are awestruck by Rem as the character. Why wouldn’t they?

  • Rem is relatable due to her vulnerability.
  • The more emotionally oriented characters are and the more relatable they will be to others.

The emotions cause you to feelsomething about the story of the character and its circumstances.

That’s why people connect with Rem to such a deep degree in ReZero.

5. Kindness


This is back to my original point about Rem’s innocence.

  • She’s very kind.
  • Rem’s gentle.
  • She’s soft-hearted.
  • She’s fragile and jovial.

This happens typicallywhen we talk about Rem’s friendship to Subaru Natsuki.

And even it is

  • If you take a look at Rem’s early years (despite her difficulties).
  • The way she interacts with strangers.

It’s the case. However, her generosity is evident when it’s directed towards Subaru Natsuki.

What differentiates RAM from Rem ?

1. Maturity

What differentiates RAM from Rem ?

Ram makes it appear of being independent as well as responsiblecompared with Rem.

In a way, it’s real.

Ram is a bit older and more involved than her sister. Most of the time, she approaches things from a mature angle of view, which is similar to the way Saber behaves in Fate Stay Night.

If you dig into the past of Ram, it makes sense, because she was the only one who:

  • Making sure everyone is taken care of prior to getting rid of the demon’s horn.
  • Protecting Rem.
  • Completely completing all chores and chores in her home and village.
  • Everyone was praising Ram continuously. This is logical (she had many things to be proud of).

2. Straightforward


Ram is able to express her thoughts without hesitation or concern. She doesn’t even give an A.

It’s evident when she provides Subaru an insight into her thoughts about various occasions.

Rem is, on the other hand, is just too sweet to express her opinions without hesitation and worrying over what others consider.

This is among my top features about Ram as an actor.

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3. Level-headed


Rem can be too emotional to her good.

She is like she’s actingon intuition and chooses to notto consider things. Even when she knows she’s making a mistake by choosing to make.

This is why Rem can be more emotionally character.

RAM in comparison is logical as well as logical and calm.

She can think through an issue without panicking or becoming lost during the process. If it’s absolutely necessary.

This is among the most significantdifferences between the two ReZero characters.

4. Pride


Ram prides herself as a maid and a character.

It isn’t an issue it’s notas strong as Rem having lost her demon hair. She’s satisfied with her achievements as well as of what she’s become.

It’s not that she’s not a victim of insecurities (who wouldn’t?) but it’s obvious who’s the most proud of Rem as well as Ram.

5. Self-acceptance

5. Self-acceptance

Just like I said earlier – Ram also has fears as Rem.

The difference is that Ram can accepther imperfections and flaws.

The biggest difference is that exists between Rem and Ram regarding confidence and self-esteem are concerned.

Ram can admit her shortcomings without shaming herself or becoming depressed. This is because she’s more comfortable with her own persona and her mistakes.

It’s subtle, but it’s a significant enough to be noted.

What are the differences you’ve observed in Rem as well as Ram?

If you have something to add, do share it via social media or leave a comment below.

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