How To Unlock Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) in FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know

The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) It is not available through the quest at level 50 “Not Easy Being Green”.

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It can be obtained from Bloezoeng at Revenant’s toll (X:22.0, Y:8.0) after satisfying a couple of requirements (listed further below).

This is a dungeon of level 50 that is home to Tonberries. The harder version of this dungeon has diverse enemies, loot as well as boss-related mechanics.

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide


  1. Reach the 50th level of quest “Trauma Queen”
  2. End the Dungeon “Wanderer’s Palace”
  3. Complete the 50th level of the Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”
  4. Get an item “Not Simple being Green” from Bloezoeng in Revenant’s Toll (X:22.0, Y:8.0)
  5. Talk to and locate that Blundering Treasure Hunter in Camp Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea (X:30.0, Y:22.9)
  6. Find & talk to Abazi Charazi in Upper La Noscea (X:25.0, Y:23.0)
  7. Enter the Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) by using the Duty Finder.

NOTE: Completing Wanderer’s Palace is not necessary to complete your task “Trauma Queen”. However, the dungeon’s completion can be one of the conditions to unlock the Hard version.

Detailed Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough
Camp Bronze Lake

Camp Bronze Lake

After you’ve completed the standard variant of the Wanderer’s Palace and then look for Bloezoeng within The Seventh Heaven in Revenant’s Toll (X:22.0, Y:8.0). If you’ve completed the main scenario at level 50 quest “The Ultimate Weapon”, Bloezoeng will have a quest to you titled “Not Easy Being Green”.

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Bloezoeng will inform you Bloezoeng that there is an acquaintance with a treasure hunter who is seeking you.

This particular friend is referred to by the name of “Blundering Treasure Hunter” and is located at Upper La Noscea (X:30.0, Y:22.9) Just one step to the north from Camp Bronze Lake. Camp Bronze Lake aetheryte.

The treasure hunter informs you about how The Wanderer’s Palace is being sacked with Mamool Ja mercenaries, killing or locking up any tonberries they can find. The treasure hunter as well as his faithful companions invite you to enter the palace once more to get rid of the Mamool Ja invaders.

Go towards the entrance of the Wanderer’s Palace located within Upper La Noscea (X:25.0, Y:23.0) located to the west to the west of the Camp Bronze Lake aetheryte.

There’s Abazi Charazi and a lalafell that you’ll need to talk to in order to enter Wanderer’s Palace once more.

Detailed Walkthrough
Abazi Charazi

Now you can select”Wanderer’s Palace” (Hard) within the Duty Locator.

Notification: The Blundering Treasure Hunter and his Steadfast Companion can only be located within Camp Bronze Lake while “Not Easy Being Green” is in active.

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Why Run The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)

Why Run The Wanderer's Palace (Hard)

Frumious Koheel Ja

Apart from being a part of another storyline that expands an entire world in FFXIV A solitary adventurer may have different reasons to manage in the “Wolver’s Palace (Hard).

Let’s take a look at what this dungeon can give you.

Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette screen

To unlock the level 50/60/70/80 Roulette it is necessary to have at minimum two Dungeons on its list that are that are unlocked. Completed both versions of Wanderer’s Palace is enough to satisfy this requirement.

This is an possibility to unlock the 50/60/70/80/80 levels of Roulette immediately after completing the main scenario to play A Realm Reborn.

Gear Sets

The coffers in The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) will be filled with equipment with the level 100 for items. This is quite sufficient to complete post-ARR content like The Crystal Tower, the Coils of Bahamut or other dungeons with a level 50.

The other gear you’ll discover in the set are Varlet, Bogatyr, and Picaroon armor sets.

Other Items

Tonberry Triple Triad Card

The treasure coffer left from Manxome Molaa Ja Ja. Ja Ja is the dungeon’s ultimate boss, might contain additional items that aren’t considered gear.

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They could be:

  • The Manxome Molaa Ja Ja Card
  • The Tonberry Card
  • Or the Tricksome Orchestrion Roll

These two cards can be added to the Triple Triad collection or sold for MGP at the Golden Saucer.

You can make use of Orchestrion Roll to add Orchestrion Roll feature to include Tricksome the song that plays throughout the Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) to the Orchestrion library.

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