FFXIV Adventurer in Need: What It Is & How It Works Everything You Need To Know

FFXIV Adventurer in Need

FFXIV Adventurer in Need. Adventurer in need” is a function of the FFXIV’s Duty Roulette that lets players know which of the three roles (Tank Healer, Tank, and DPS) are missing in each queue.

Making a reservation in the role of an Adventurer in Need will award you more experience points and gil.


You can determine which role you will receive by the “Adventurer in Need” bonus by opening the duty Finder menu and examining every item of the Duty Roulette section.

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This bonus is decided independently per roulette.

FFXIV Adventurer in Need What exactly is Duty Roulette?

What exactly is Duty Roulette?

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Above: duty roulette rewards screen, with”Adventurer In Need,” the “Adventurer in Need” role as a healer.

With the variety of types of dungeons and raids available in FFXIV It can be difficult to locate an uninvolved group of players looking to play the same game like you.

Duty Roulette can help reduce the waiting time for adventurous players who are more experienced players to wait in line for the chance to play a random game.

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There are a variety of roulettes with each offering a specific set of games that you can participate in (such as trials or raids).

For instance for example, you can play the Alliance Raids roulette will place you in line for one of the 12 24-man raids of the alliance.

The Trials Roulette will require you to participate in any of the eight-man matches with the exception of the extremely difficult versions.

Below is a brief description of the various types of roulettes that you can play:

  • Leveling
  • Trials
  • Main Scenario
  • Level 50/60/70/80/80
  • Expert
  • Guildhests
  • Alliance Raids
  • Normal Raids
  • Mentor
  • Daily Challenge Frontline

The first roulettes that you can unlock are guildhests as well as levels.

The guildhest roulette can be unlocked by finishing two guildhests and the roulette for leveling is unlocked upon completion of another level of the dungeon “Tam-Tara Deepcroft”, which is completed at level 16. Main Scenario Quest “Fire in the Gloom”.

The rewards for playing the roulette game are a combination of points of experience, gil, Grand Company seals, and tomestones. The amount of each is different for each.

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The bonuses are available daily, and they’re reset each day at 10AM EST.

Additional Reward Additional Rewards “Adventurer in Need”

Additional Reward Additional Rewards "Adventurer in Need"

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The rewards for becoming an Adventurer in Need are awarded in addition to the benefits from playing this Duty Roulette.

Although the bonus on duty roulette are only available each day However, you can earn these Adventurer in Need rewards any amount of times, so long as you meet the criteria.

You can also avail the benefits from becoming an Adventurer in Need by waiting in line for the required role. an occupation that is the level of 80 and over particularly for Leveling and Alliance Raid roulettes.

This will provide you with two benefits:

  • x1 cracked antihocluster
  • x2 cracked dendroclusters

The clusters can be exchanged for materials from specific NPCs.

Anthoclusters are exchangeable for Anthoclusters can be exchanged for Tier X material, and dendroclusters are able to be exchanged for Tier IX.

For NPC locations, dendroclusters as well as ancholusters are exchangeable with either Aucyn, or the Khuzhal (coordinates in the following table):

  • Khuzhal from Radz-at Han (X:11.3, Y:8.6)
  • Aucyn is in Old Sharlayan (X:12.7, Y:10.1)
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