How to watch order Trigun ?

Trigun is an original Japanese manga created by Yasuhiro Nachtow in 1995. It was originally collected in three tankobonvolumes published by Tokuma Shoten between 1996 and 1999. Shonen Captain closed in 1997. This made the manga unfinished. The continuation of the original series, which began in January 1998 and ended on March 30, 2007, was published as Trigun Maximum in 1998. It was turned into an anime television series by Madhouse studio in 1998. The series consisted of 26 episodes. It was broadcast at home on the Tokyo TV Network. A film called Trigun – Badlands Rumble, an anime film, was made. A new anime adaptation, Trigun Stampede, was announced for a 2022 premiere.

This article will focus on Trigun adaptations. We’ll also show you the correct chronological order to watch them.

Trigun at a Glance

Trigun at a Glance

There are three animated works that relate to the Trigunseries. Original anime adaptation. This movie was released in 2010. The new adaptation will be available in 2023. Here’s a quick overview of the series:

  1. Trigun (anime, 1998)
  2. Trigun: Badlands Rumble (movie, 2010)
  3. Trigun Stampede (anime, 2023-TBD)

The list is arranged by release date. We will provide a chronological guide for the entire series and the relationship of the movies and the anime episodes.

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Trigun explained in chronological order

Trigun Episodes 1-10 (1998)

Trigun Episodes 1-10 (1998)

Humans settled Gunsmoke, a desert planet, in scattered settlements similar to America’s Wild West. Settlements were built around old technologies and factories that are still in use but not fully understood. Vash the Stampede also known as Humanoid Typhoon has a $60 billion bounty (double-dollar) on its head.

He is blamed on the destruction of July. He causes chaos and unrest wherever he goes, but it is also because of the bounty on his forehead. His pursuers and their defense often do the most damage. Two insurance agents, Millie Thompson (and Meryl Stryfe) are dispatched to stop further claims after the government declares it a natural catastrophe.

Vash is a tough, but clumsy man when they finally find him. He is an incredible shooter but he insists that he has never killed anyone. Vash now has two female companions, who are determined to stop further destruction, despite his protestations. Vash is constantly interrupted on her adventure by bounty hunters who hunt Vash or criminal gangs that, despite Vash’s best efforts to stop them, continue to wreck havoc.

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Trigun Episodes 1-10 (1998)

The two meet Nicolas D. Wolfwood who is an itinerant priest and marksman. He also has a large arsenal, including a huge cross-shaped weapon. They meet up on many occasions and Wolfwood is Vash’s comrade in arms.

Now, he is the target of the Gung Ho Guns, an assassin group led by LegatoBluesummers. Vash’s weapon arm that was used to kill July is now used against his will during these fights. Another city was also destroyed.

Trigun – Badlands Rumble (2010) You can watch any episode between 9 and 12

Trigun - Badlands Rumble (2010) You can watch any episode between 9 and 12

It is told in a flashback what happened 20 years ago. After the robbery has been completed, Gasback, an unscrupulous and corpulent outlaw, is betrayed and betrayed by Mechio and Dorino, his accomplices. He is about to be murdered by his men when Vash the Stampede saves him. Vash, as usual, wants to stop anyone from losing their lives, even the most ruthless criminals.

Gasback becomes the victim of many more victims after his rescue. Gasback is now 20 years old and his head hangs at a large size. This compensation is attractive to bounty hunters including Amelia, a cowgirl, and skilled gunslinger. Amelia, who is traveling on a ship through the desert, is saved from two humanoid typhoon assailants. Vash attempts to keep close to Amelia once he arrives in Macca City. But she refuses.

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They meet in a club where Vash is greeted by Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, both representatives of insurance companies.

Trigun - Badlands Rumble (2010) You can watch any episode between 9 and 12

Gasback accidentally meets Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who was thirsty in the desert. Wolfwood temporarily becomes the criminal’s bodyguard in order to pay the debt. Gasback, along with his gang, attacks Mechio’s factory and steals a cargo for a hovercraft.

Just as Amelia, Meryl Stryfe, and Milly Thompson are about to leave town Gasback arrives. He breaks through the town gates and makes his way towards Caine’s home. These are Gasback’s former accomplices, who betrayed him in his past. Caine, gripped with fear, shoots two of his accomplices and points them out as the culprits.

Gasback is about killing Caine, but Vash, Amelia and Amelia rush into the room. Even though Gasback may escape, the humanoid Typhoon does all it can to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. The criminal also plans to steal the Plant that supports the city. This rolls downstream and damages the Caine insured statue.

Trigun - Badlands Rumble (2010) You can watch any episode between 9 and 12

Many chase down criminals as he runs with his gang. Vash is trying to stop Amelia getting her revenge against Gasback, but is struck by a gunshot from one of the criminals. He is presumed to be dead after falling into quicksand, but Meryl, Milly and others, who are passing by, discover Vash unharmed.

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Amelia and Reverend Wolfwood attempt to rescue the Plant. Vash arrives at the clash with Gasback after Vash has defeated the gang. Vash manages to injure Gasback in the shoulder and leg, but Amelia is able to stop him with a glove that Gasback made and gave to Amelia’s mom 20 years ago.

The criminal discovers that Amelia is his child and has surrendered to the police. Gasback agrees to surrender and the bounty proceeds are donated to the city. Amelia is there to follow him as he’s taken away and handcuffed with the rest by the police. We learn from the last dialogue between Vash, Wolfwood that Amelia is 19 years old. Without Vash’s help Gasback would have died 20 years ago.

Trigun, Episodes 11-26 (1998)

Trigun, Episodes 11-26 (1998)

Knives on Vash unleashed the Gung-Ho Guns, an old rival to Vash. Their shared history is linked to the colonization and is being revealed. Twins Vash & Knives were raised on a spaceship, which was part of a fleet of ships that had the mission of transporting settlers from Earth to new habitats.

They grew up so fast that some people were afraid for their safety. Rem, a young woman, raised the pair and made sure they were humanistic and peaceful people. Knives, however, refused to kill the crew and crashed the fleet onto a desert planet. He is determined to eliminate all lower-beings.

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Vash loves Rem and he is able stop all the people from dying in the fleet before Rem dies. This allows the planet to be settled. Vash is determined to take revenge on Rem, but he doesn’t want Rem to betrayed for her pacifist beliefs. Vash’s attacks on the gung-ho guns draw in everyone around him, particularly Meryl, Millie and Wolfwood.

Trigun, Episodes 11-26 (1998)

Vash prefers to travel alone, but the women aren’t keen on leaving him alone. Wolfwood, who turns out to belong to the Gung-Ho Guns but doesn’t want Vash to betray him, dies at the showdown. Legato confronts Vash after defeating the other players. He holds Meryl and Millie captive, forcing Vash into a gunfight.

Knives planned this outcome to cause Vash the most pain possible, as he violated Rem’s promise and killed a person. The siblings finally meet, and there is a fight. Both of their weapon arms are used. Vash manages to use the weapon’s effects to defeat Knives, but not to kill him.

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Trigun Stampede (2023)

Trigun, Episodes 11-26 (1998)

Although we have placed the anime adaptation here, we do not know exactly where it will be set up in the chronology Trigun Stampede. It is a “new adaptation”, so they will probably start from chapter 1. However, we will have to wait to see what happens to confirm the final chronology.

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