Hulk VS Juggernaut : Who Would Win?


Juggernaut and the Hulk are set to face off again. An another HULK VS JUGGERNAUT will born. However, previous Marvel battles between these powerhouses had some unexpected results.

Juggernaut will defend Krakoa, the mutant paradise, from the impending doom of The Immortal Hulk. Juggernaut  will be hosted by Fabian Nicieza, Ron Garney and feature Charles Xavier, the unstoppable stepbrother, and green goliath. However, it’s not the first time these titans have come to blows.

The Hulk looks like an easy bet to beat the Juggernaut from the outside. His strength grows as he becomes angrier. The Hulk could easily beat the Avengers if he can do it with ease. The Hulk and the Juggernaut are closer than they seem, as their battle history shows.

Strength of The Hulk

hulk angry

It’s clear that the Hulk is almost limitless in his power. He becomes more powerful and more angry, effectively becoming unstoppable. This was evident in the World War Hulk , when the Hulk transformed through the entire Planet Hulk storyline. He unleashed his untold power on the Marvel Universe and radiated an endless stream of energy that caused destruction to everything.

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Hulk, due to his resistance to psychic and physical attacks, is in some ways more dangerous than the Juggernaut. The psychic attacks on Juggernaut often make Juggernaut weaker and more vulnerable. Professor X can’t make the Hulk withstand his psychic attacks, as was shown during the World War Hulk saga. Hulk has many personalities in his brain, making it difficult to control. Hulk may have near-unlimited power but not unstoppable cosmic power.

The Unstoppable Juggernaut

The Unstoppable Juggernaut

It is difficult to quantify the Juggernaut’s incredible strength. It’s difficult to measure, much like the Hulk. He can lift anything and his Hulk-like punches cause earthquakes or tectonic plates shifts. The Juggernaut, however, is more vulnerable than the Hulk to psychic attacks. These include those from Charles Xavier or any other psychics of the X-Men.

The Juggernaut is not a mutant, which makes him even more dangerous. He is a human avatar chosen by Cyttorak. Cyttorak decides how strong his avatar should be. Cyttorak will decide if the Juggernaut is worthy of his full power. The Juggernaut’s capabilities will increase to near-cosmic powers. His strength, while still extremely powerful, is not as impressive if Cyttorak does not agree. Juggernaut was at full power and nearly killed Thor during 1999’s Thor by Glenn Herdling & Gregg Schigiel.

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Although the Juggernaut is physically strong and indestructible, his greatest strength is his inexorable ability to move. The Juggernaut can move once he starts to move. Spider-Man and other heroes have been unable to stop the Juggernaut’s momentum from building. However, once he gains momentum, even Spider-Man’s incredible strength cannot stop him.

Juggernaut can be harmed by physical damage when he is enriched with the mystical field that Cyttorak grants avatars. The field can fade at Cyttorak’s discretion, but no physical damage can be done to the Juggernaut if he has the full power of Cyttorak avatar. This makes Cyttorak’s strength non-factor.

Juggernaut vs. World War Hulk

Juggernaut vs. World War Hulk

Hulk attacked Professor X during the World War Hulk storyline. Although many super-strong X-Men, such as Colossus, were broken by the Hulk, the Juggernaut fought through it all and was never defeated by the Green Goliath #3 by Christos Gage, Andrea DiVito. His strength was not enough to rival World War Hulk’s, so he gave himself fully to Cyttorak and became his pure avatar.

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The fight became more balanced once that was done. Juggernaut and the World-Breaker Hulk traded blows and neither side gave ground. The strategy worked and the Hulk won. The Hulk let the Juggernaut gain momentum and then let the bruiser keep going past him. This victory was more about the Hulk running with his life than beating the Juggernaut.

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The Hulk can stop the Juggernaut even at his most powerful level. This fight shows that even if the Hulk were to fight at its peak, the Juggernaut might be able stop him.

Juggernaut Nearly Killed the Hulk

Jan Duursema and Peter David’s Incredible Hulk show the Juggernaut nearly beating the Hulk. The issue features the Hulk versus Juggernaut trading blows over and over, with the Hulk not seeming to be able to shake his opponent for long before he keeps pounding him down. Juggernaut beats the Hulk to unconsciousness using his naked fists.

Red Skull, who had hired Juggernaut, intervened and the Hulk could have been crushed under the Juggernaut’s fists. Red Skull eventually manages to transform the Hulk into an instrument that works with Juggernaut in order to take down the Avengers. He makes the Hulk view Juggernaut like his abusive father. Juggernaut can only be defeated when he is friendly to Hulk. Juggernaut isn’t defeated as much as he’s contained and taken by surprise. This isn’t really a case in which the Hulk outsmarted the Juggernaut, but rather where he sucker-punched him.

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