Doctor Strange 2 Ending Explained

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange found Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange in serious trouble after he travelled across the cosmos in search of answers to his home. It turned out that was actually Wanda Maximoff who became the grieving Scarlet Witch of Earth-616 (aka mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe Earth). She wanted to harness America Chavez’s ability to open portals across the multiverse so that she could be with her sons. These ambitions led to a bloody rivalry with a desperate Strange pulling a Hail Mary in a dramatic, mind-bending end that was full of consequences.

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Wanda Unlocked Darker Powers In Doctor Strange 2

Wanda wanted to capture an Earth-838 fleeing America, but Strange and the girl were too scared to go there. Wanda Dreamwalked and took Wanda-838 with her to run amok through the Baxter Foundation. Wanda killed the Illuminati, before following Strange, Christine-838, and America to a mysterious pocket where the Book of Ashanti was.

Wanda-838, however, burned the book and kidnapped America before the heroes could make use of its light and power. She then tossed Strange and Christine through an portal. Wanda-838 then sent America to Scarlet Witch, before returning to her boys. Scarlet Witch began to use the Darkhold’s spells on Mount Wundagore in order to begin the extraction process. She knew she was very close to her dream life.

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Strange Takes a Scary Supernatural Shot in Doctor Strange 2

Strange and Christine found themselves trapped in a world that was populated by realities, which decimated it because of incursions there. Strange went to the Sanctum Sanctorum in an attempt to find a version of him that could help. But this one used the Darkhold, which is akin Wanda. Evil Strange was determined to find a place where he could be with Christine. However, it ended in his Earth being destroyed. This fiend was inspired by Christine-838 to fight Strange-616 to take control of the scientist.

Strange defeated him and realized that the Darkhold offered one more chance to fight Wanda. Strange couldn’t teleport home but he could Dream Walk. Strange didn’t have any living vessels (aka another Strange) to return home, but he did take the body of the Defender Strange variant America brought over. The Zombie Strange then was able to summon the souls from the dead to reach Mount Wundagore in order to fight Wanda.

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Wanda realised she was the monster in Doctor Strange 2.

Wong eventually helped Zombie Strange defeat the golems, but Wanda was too strong. However, Zombie Strange was able find America at the ritual table. Unfortunately, she gave her permission for him to kill her as Defender Strange had originally planned. The Avenger was clear that he believed in Wanda and that she could trust herself.

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America, motivated by her multiversal energy, fought with Wanda-616 to win before she was physically taken to Earth-838. After seeing their mother’s chaos, Tommy and Billy cried at the sight, as did Tommy. Wanda accepted that she was a monster. Her 838-counterpart also admitted that the boys were safe if Wanda was present. Scarlet Witch, out of remorse, returned to America and brought down the mountain.

Strange had a happy and terrifying ending in Doctor Strange 2

America later brought Strange home leaving Christine-838. They both acknowledged that they loved one another no matter what the Earth was, but they knew it wasn’t possible to be together. America started training as Kamar Taj was rebuilt with new mages. Surprisingly, Strange was yelling in pain on the streets after he recovered and left his Sanctum looking as sharp as ever.

Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness ended there, confirming that Strange was corrupted by using the Darkhold. Although it is not clear what or who might have possessed Strange, Evil Strange also had a third eye and tried to find Christine. This could make Strange-616 a villain. The Darkhold also poisoned Wanda and buried her humanity in a mental project of Sokovian debris. Strange could now be a prisoner. Fans were left wondering if the sinister Strange might later roam the MCU and cause trouble.

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Here’s what happened in Doctor Strange 2 for starters

Do we want to skip the fun part? Nope. It’s not. After No Way Home, the mind-bending Marvel film picks back up. Doctor Strange, who is supposed to return to normal life (whatever this means), is assigned to fix a multiverse problem. The problem is that his spell has caused it to be broken. America Chavez (XochitlGomez), a new MCU member, is joining him. She has the ability to create portals in star-shaped shapes and travel through the multiverse. Strange meets Young Chavez in New York, and she is in danger. Strange asks Wanda for assistance, thinking that a powerful witch would be his best chance. But guess who sent those horrible monsters after the girl? It’s Wanda.

Now, the Scarlet Witch is fully transformed, and she seeks America’s multiverse-hopping capabilities to fulfill her greatest desire: her twin boys Tommy and Billy. The events of WandaVision reveal that she has the Darkhold, or perhaps it is her. Wanda dreamswalks, breaks rules and people, and shreds many of her favorite Marvel characters. She won’t stop until she gets what it wants. Yes, she wants America’s power even if it means her death. Strange, our Strange from Earth 616 (not to be confused for the other ‘Stranges” in the movie), isn’t on board with the idea of sacrificing a child.

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What Happened in the Ending of Doctor Strange 2?

The finale battle culminates all the twisty events, infused with jumpscares. Wanda defeats several sorcerers from Kamar-Taj as well as Illuminati members. After her bloody adventures, America is granted access to Scarlet Witch’s throne at Wundagore Mountain. She will sacrifice the child and harness her powers. Wong (Benedict Wong), the Sorcerer Superior, is still unconscious on the mountainside as this happens. Strange and Christine (Rachel McAdams), find themselves in an alternate universe, where an alternate Doctor Strange lives the life of a recluse. Strange believes he knows the location of the Book of Vishanti.

Alternate Strange has other plans. He has been stealing the dreams of Strange versions and even sneaking into their nightmares. The Darkhold is also owned by this Strange, who has a third eye on the forehead. They engage in a fierce battle. It ends in our Strange being declared the winner. Strange is about to use Darkhold to aid America when Christine meets Strange. The dreamwalking begins and he assigns Christine the task of protecting his body. He dreams of walking to the body of Defender Strange, whom he meets earlier in the film. Then he transforms into Zombie Strange, who arrives at Wundagore just in the right time to confront Scarlet Witch.

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Scarlet Witch and Zombie Strange have an epic battle that nearly ends in America’s death. America discovers her inner strength and lands a few punches. Then, her opponent is forced to confront an alternate Wanda from another universe. Tommy and Billy become terrified when they see the Scarlet Witch and start to scream. Wanda is shocked at their reactions and begins to wonder what Wanda has become. The other Wanda assures Wanda that her twins will be loved. Our Wanda then returns to Wundagore, along with America.

She then, in a shocking act, destroys the Darkhold in all universes. In the process, she also destroys both the throne as well as herself. Strange and Christine reunite with America and Wong, who regain consciousness just in time for the final battle. They part ways after a brief exchange in which Strange claims that he loves Christine in all universes. Things seem to be back to normal by the end of this film. America travels to Kamar-Taj under Wong’s guidance. Strange is in reflective mood as Strange repairs the watch Christine gave him as a gift.

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Doctor Strange 2: Wanda is dead?

Strange dreamswalks into his Defender Strange body using the Darkhold and then uses that body to travel to Wundagore in order to free Wanda. (Wong, who didn’t actually die, has climbed the mountain to assist).

Because he knows Scarlet Witch is not a threat to his zombified body and he cannot defeat her, Strange tells America that she can use her power to beat her.

America realizes that Scarlet Witch is too strong and she must lose. America ends up visiting Wanda-838, the woman she had hoped to meet. This Wanda-838 version of her mother freaks out Wanda-838’s boys, but she sweetly reminds Scarlet Witch that they are loved.

Scarlet Witch realizes her mistake and brings Mount Wundagore to her. She also destroys every copy of the Darkhold in the universe. We don’t know if this kills Wanda, and we won’t see her corpse after the mountain has been destroyed.

We are certain that Marvel will reveal Wanda’s future plans if they have any. Perhaps she was trying to prevent her from causing more harm than she did. If she was actually dead, it would be a bit of a poor MCU ending.

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You might be hoping Olsen will have the answer, but she doesn’t. It’s strange that I expect to return, but no one has told me that I’m doing anything. She explained her future MCU.

“I don’t know how much, but I do hope that I’m back. I hope that there is more joy in doing something else. Where are we going? It feels like we have done so much together. It’s been a wild few years.

Michael Waldron, the movie’s director, won’t draw on if Wanda is still alive . He said that it was “up for interpretation”.

“She performed some type of sacrificial act which destroyed the Darkhold in all universes, which protects Wanda from being seduced and manipulated by the Darkhold. He noted that it remains to be determined if she is dead or alive.

The sequel does not reveal Wanda’s fate but offers other options for the future.

America is back at Kamar-Taj and America is training under Wong. Stephen returns to New York City to find that he has a third sight. This may be due to the Darkhold being used in the movie’s final.

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The cliffhanger is quickly overtaken by the scene in the middle of the credits, which shows him walking down the street. This scene introduces Doctor Strange and gives us something to be excited about. But can also be found.

Instead, let’s just think about the different ways Wanda could have survived and fought another day.

Doctor Strange is now available in cinemas.

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