Immortal Anime Characters : Our Top 30 +

Some characters in anime are impossible to eradicate because they are immortal. Many antagonists and protagonists can either regenerate or never die, regardless of what means are used.

tOP Immortal Anime Characters

tOP Immortal Anime Characters

This Immortal Anime Characters is based on the popularity of the characters, their contributions to the story and also on my personal opinion. You might not agree with the list

33. Sasori


Sasori was obsessed with immortality. To achieve this, he even transformed his body into a puppet.

It was however not a complete transformation from puppet to human. His heart still beat. He complimented Kankuro’s Sasori puppet after reincarnating. He was the one he had always wanted to be. Immortal Anime Characters

Kankuro relieves Sasori from the reincarnation Jutsu and tells Sasori that his puppets are what immortalized him.

32. Firo Prochainezo

Firo Prochainezo

A specific liquid was given to him that gave him healing powers and immortality. He can also survive without food, drink, or breathing. He can absorb immortals with his right hand. This power allows him to consume not only the person but also their intelligence, wisdom, and strength. It is impossible for him to have both immortality and fighting skills.

32. Nana


Nana isn’t like the immortals. As their caregiver and mother figure, she is a true friend of the parasites. Nana looks after the children with Hachi and protects them. Immortal Anime Characters

She provided them with guidance, comfort, and affection when other adults couldn’t. Even as they grew up, immortals Nana & Hachi continued to care for humanity together. It is a wonderful use of an unending life.

31. Wen


You wouldn’t think this little boy would be as immortal as he seems at first glance.

After an astral gate accident, Wen was trapped in the body of a 12-year-old. Even though he is unkillable under certain conditions, the little immortal still requires an adult wherever he goes.

With his extended life, Wen decided to learn the harmonica.

…Eh, I suppose if you are forever twelve, then you can’t do much in the Bebop universe.

30. Kabane


Another child, who is practically immortal, enters the battlefield This kid will not be killed by decapitation. He uses this trick in combat. As with many immortals before him, the only way to stop him is to seal his mouth. Secure a bag around his neck and you’re done. It was a blessing that he had friends who could help him through those difficult situations. Immortal Anime Characters

29. Vivy


Vivy has a variety of occupations. Combatist, Idol, and savior for the world from AI gone mad–I’m betting those martial arts will be helpful on her next resume.

Diva, her alternate name, is an android that was created to be an idol but has to save humanity from the AI uprising. She has survived hundreds of years and several timelines. Our technology seems to outlast us all in the end.

28. Beatrice


Do not be deceived by her looks. Although she may appear to be 12 years old, she is actually over 400 years old. It’s obvious that she is not human, despite the fact that she appears to be a little girl.

Beatrice is an artificial spirit that is powerful. Even after Subaru’s death, she won’t die naturally for a long while. In truth, I wish that Subaru’s death does not leave anyone behind. Immortal Anime Characters

27. Orochimaru


We can’t forget Orochimaru on this list of immortals. His entire spiel and quest for immortality is his long-term goal. Orochimaru isn’t content with one form.

To stay alive, he must move his soul from one place to the next. Orochimaru, however, is a strong shinobi and can defend himself against many threats for a long.

He will eventually find true immortality if he does not get into trouble.

26. Father


Alchemy refers to the power of God. However, mortals have limitations to this power; the most well-known being the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

This homunculus then sacrificed a entire civilization in order to attain immortality and Hohenheim. Father decided that immortality was not enough so he devised a plan four hundred years old to become God. Father’s plan was successful, and we don’t know what else he would have sacrificed to gain knowledge and power.

Ironically, Father’s son Greed stopped his thirst for power. It was God Himself who transported Father to another realm via the Gates of Truth. He was finally caught by all the destruction and conceit.

It could also be considered an Equivalent Exchange.

25. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji

If you haven’t seen the anime, then beware . There are spoilers ahead . Muzan is the strongest and most powerful demon that exists.

All who drink his blood receive immortality and unimaginable power. Muzan is only vulnerable to one weakness. The Sun.

Even if the blades of Nichirin are imbued in the power and sun, they won’t hurt him.

Muzan has amassed a wealth of knowledge, strength and the ability to rule over Japan over the course of a millennium. He did so much to be able live in the sun. It’s a great way to spend your time.

24. Hidan


Hidan is an original character that has never been seen in Naruto. He was a formidable opponent to Asuma and Shikamaru because of his immortality, which he received from Jashin, the evil god.

Hidan will not die no matter what you do to him. He didn’t even die after Shikamaru threw Asuma’s lighter into Hidan’s pit.

His death was caused by lack of nutrition, it was later revealed. It seems that the blood Jashin gave him to quench his thirst didn’t satisfy his hunger.

23. Izanami


There are only a few ways for a god in Noragami to die. An infection can cause a god to be eroded if a shinki sins. This could eventually lead to the death of the god.

Yato desperately wants to avoid the fact that this is the most common way for gods to die. In the case of Izanami, however, she can’t die. She is the ruler of the Underworld and bears no shinki.

Izanami will always be immortal as long as there is a continuous cycle of death and life.

22. Jibril


Jibril is part a nearly invincible race called The Flugel. They resemble angel-like winged beings. They are, in fact, weapons of mass destruction.

Flugels are also immortal, which is on top of their cataclysmic powers. They are immune to illness, invulnerable against all attacks and never age. Who thought it was possible to create such a powerful race?

21. Manji


It’s not a blessing, but a curse. You will eventually yearn to die after living longer than you should. Manji is on an adventure to find his death.

To make amends for his crime of murdering 100 innocents, he must kill 1000 evil men. The worms that give him immortality will continue to live in him until he finishes his mission. Blade of the Immortal is indeed hardcore.

20. Fushi


The entire anime is meant to help Fushi grow as a character. His immortality is only an instrument for that growth. He has built relationships with people throughout his life. These relationships are strengthened when he is able to transform into the form of their loved ones after they die. It sounds quite morbid to me.

Fushi still learns how to be human by meeting new people with different backstories and dreams. He learns new things from them all, and in return Fushi prolongs their deaths as long as possible.

This anime is darksweet, evocative, and solemn. To Your Eternity is a study of the human condition and what it means for us to be immortal. If you are interested in that idea, this is a must-see.

19. Kyubey


He’s cute, fluffy, and will ruin your life for a mere contract. Kyubey is part of the Incubator Race and his sole purpose is to find energy that will help stop the destruction of all things. How do you go about doing this? The Incubators can trick naive young girls into believing they are magical girls. They then fall into despair and become witches. This creates a lot of emotional energy. This is a difficult job that requires a strong frame. Kyubey may appear harmless but he cannot be killed. He’ll appear at random and make his corpse into a midnight snack if you cut him.

18. All for One

All for One

All For One was alive from the dawn of quirks. This is more than a century ago. One might wonder how he managed to stay alive for so long.

All For One has a quirk which allows him to extend his life expectancy. Doctor Garaki, who also shares the same quirk, provided it. There must be an immortality quirk. Let’s hope All For One doesn’t discover it before he is defeated once and forever.

17. Sukuna


Ok, I’m sorry, he died. But, if his consciousness remains, then technically he is still technically alive. Isn’t it possible to immortalize your mind by uploading it onto the internet? Exactly.

Although Sukuna’s curse or spirit is no longer alive, his fingers still contain the ability to summon it. His fingers are also indestructible, even though Sukuna is gone.

It is strange, but it is true that his fingers were the only ones to survive. However, if they are eaten by anyone other than Yuuji Iadori, the King of Curses will regain his form and terrorize the world once again. Immortal Anime Characters

16. Ryuk


Ever wonder why someone suddenly dies? This was most likely due to the efforts of a Shinigami.

Death gods like Ryuk can’t die unless it’s under certain conditions. They can also forget to write down the names of human beings to prolong their lives. They can also kill an unrelated human to save their life.

Shinigami will not die if you aren’t too involved in humans (unlike Rem). Ryuk has actually given the Death Note twice to humans. He is a Shinigami and doesn’t allow the humans to get to him.

15. Celty Scurluson

Celty Scurluson

She is missing one head and is still the most dangerous thing to be found in this mad city. Celty, who is constantly on the lookout for her stolen cranium discovers that she is a mythical creature known as a Dullahan and can kill anyone who crosses her path. This headless hunter, whose skills as a rider and shadow manipulation are combined with her mastery of riding horses, can easily sever any underworld offering – human or not. It’s amazing to think that such an ancient being fell for a nerd named Shinra. We still have hope, lads.

14. Viral


Viral, a Beastman who was just a Beastman, was a vengeful fighter capable of killing his prey from either his own hands or the cockpit of a giant mecha. In exchange for his cooperation Lordgenome made Viral an immortal and he was soon an unkillable, vengeful fighter! He would eventually cooperate with Simon and Team Dai-Gurren. However, his newfound imperishability was a great asset when he was launched into war against the Anti-Spiral.

13. C.C


After unwittingly becoming immortal, a girl who was once innocent became a witch. C.C. cannot die, no matter what the execution method. She must give her undying state to another person. This is very useful when you are a collaborator of the revolutionary Zero and you are going to war against an empire. C.C was granted the power of Lelouch’s Geass, making her his most important agent. Her immortal body allowed her to defeat any Britannian forces she encountered.

12. Elder Toguro

Elder Toguro

He is an immortal being who will not die easily. He has a similar ability to shapeshift and an extraordinary ability to regenerate.

11. Naraku


Naraku achieved incredible immortality when he created his own body and dislocated his heart. The Infant was Naraku’s new body. He was able regenerate regardless of the damage to his body since his life force wasn’t within his body. He was almost impossible to kill due to his new form of regeneration.

10. Kaido


Although we don’t know much about him, his inexplicable immortality is astounding. His body is unaffected by anything. He fell from 10,000m with such intense force that he created a hole in the concrete ground that took the form of his body. Then he casually said “I’m still living” as if nothing was beyond his imagination. It is true that he was repeatedly executed with a knife and strangled with iron chain, but it did nothing more than shatter the blades and break the chains.

09. Zeref


He was cursed by God of death and life, who gave him immortality. He can’t age and is impossible to approach due to the cursed power which takes any living being away.

08. Zamasu


This guy is a giant ass-hat, no matter what time it was. Zamasu, a man of immense ego and hatred for all humanity, made it his mission to destroy all humankind and establish himself as the supreme being of justice. After achieving this as Goku Black in an alternate future, a younger version of Zamasu decided to raise the stakes and make sure all humankind die by using the Super Dragon Balls to become immortal. It did not stop Goku from digging him another hole, but it did him a lot of good against Zeno.

07. Kars


Let’s face it, Kars was a formidable villain. He could not be killed. This vampire would not be killed by sunlight or hamon. He’s technically still alive, even though he is older than 100,000 years.

Joseph had to expel him into space, where his body was frozen solid and his mind was dead. Who knows what could happen if he does ever return to Earth from the frozen depths?

06. Ban


The way Ban became immortal will be a memory that I will never forget. Elaine, who was in flames and suffering from a fatal injury, drank water from the Fountain of Youth. She then kissed Ban to heal his wounds.

The Fountain of Youth gave Ban immortality, immunity against all poisons and agelessness. His blood also has regenerative properties, which can quickly heal wounds.

It was also used for the Fairy King’s Forest’s growth – Ban even escaped prison to water it. He voluntarily allowed himself to be captured, because he wanted pain. While immortality can bring you eternal life, it can also give you endless boredom.

05. Aizen


He is a formidable antagonist. Because of his interaction with Hogyoku (which was made by Urahara Kishuke), this guy is immortal. This guy is so simple that I don’t feel the need to explain it.

04. Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim

FMA made Hohenheim immortal like Father. Hohenheim and the Homunculus used thousands of lives simultaneously to prolong their lives. Hohenheim participated in this unknowingly and used his life to rectify what The Dwarf In the Flask had done.

Van Hohenheim spoke to each soul individually to bring them down, so that his mind could rest at peace. He was determined to find a way to end his life with his family, so that he would never see them fade away.

Even though his wife died before him, he was still at peace when the philosopher’s stone reached its limit. He could not live with his family. But he did stop Father and he did. Two out of three isn’t bad.

03. Alucard


Alucard appears to be immortal, with millions of souls or blood as his energy source. This makes him able to withstand any death and destruction. His immortality is also due to his ultimate regeneration. No matter how many times Alucard has been shot, sliced or incapacitated, he still looks like a shadow of an entity. He can reform back to his original condition at an amazing rate and is as persistent and ruthless as anyone. He is unstoppable because of his superhuman speed, strength and agility.

02. Zombieman


Personaly, Zombieman is my favorite of all heroes. It’s easy, and it tells what his power is.

He is undead which means that he will not die even if he is killed. Imagine that you made a hole in his skull. In a blink of an eye, he can regenerate it and kill anyone who made it.

Zombieman won’t get tired, just like a zombie. He was known for his heroic efforts to defeat a monster over 140 hours. A zombie man can do everything a zombieman can.

He won’t eat you brain, but don’t be alarmed. He won’t, at least not if I’m right. Immortal Anime Characters

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01. Kei Nagai

Kei Nagai

Ajin‘s main character is Kei Negai. Kei Negai, an Ajin (person with supernatural powers and regenerative capabilities), is immortal and can never die.

Kei has proven that he can survive even the most difficult situations throughout the series. After a car accident, he discovered that he was an Ajin. Kei is immortal and can paralyze others with his screams.

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