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Is kurapika a girl ?

is Kurapika a girl
It is one of the most mysterious main characters, the biggest mystery is that we do not know his gender. Is kurapika a girl ? even after arriving at the near certainty we still doubt! Here are the proofs of her femininity or masculinity!

Before reading!

After many comments about the proofs, I want to say that the only reliable proofs are the ones from the manga and not translated if possible because in Japanese we don’t give gender or number, and in the sentences when talking about someone we rarely say “he” or “she”. To make it more fun and to fill the file, I put all the proofs (and crazy hypothesis :p) like the anime, the cds etc… I could still put that the Seiyuu of Kurapika is a woman, but since it’s women who mainly do the dubbing of children and teenagers, it would be useless because it wouldn’t be a proof. I want to tell you to pay attention to the French version, because as in all translations, well there are changes, moreover in the French-speaking countries the animes are particularly badly translated. (i.e: Fullmetal Alchemist) when Mustang is asked why he wants to be a generalissimo (or Commander), he answers in the english version that it’s because it’s his goal and that nobody will stop him. While in the vo, he says so that women in the army can wear miniskirts -we see miniskirts behind).

Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy?

Kurapika, a boy, has a feminine appearance. Togashi, I believe, makes Kurapika look feminine. This is because in Japanese culture, girls prefer the cute and kind type to the more masculine. Many viewers assumed that he was a girl because of his voice. Kurapika can be described as a male gender. It’s been confirmed by the entire team Hunter x Hunter And by the voice actor Noriko Hidaka. She will take care of herself. We can see that Kurapika is still a young boy if we pay attention to his look.
Kurapika appareance
There are some animated characters. They were made to appear almost exactly like the opposite gender. But Kurapika isn’t really. This is how he looks. His body proportions and features are similar to a male. He doesn’t have boobs. His face is more like a boy.
is Kurapika a girl
It is obvious, however. Is Kurapika a girl or a boy? You can also see the interactions between the characters (Kurapika behaves like a girl. He doesn’t like to flirt with girls or have affairs with men), and the way they act in general (Kurapika acts like a man or at least he Doesn’t act like a girl often), how they dress (he doesn’t use skirts or dresses as an example).
is Kurapika a boy
Two main reasons he looks like a female are why he is not male.
  • Togashi Yoshihiro stated, “I have made the character appearance in accordance with the desire of every Japanese girls, as they prefer cute, feminine and non-masculine boys with a little aggression, and so cold assassin’s looks that are difficult to get.”
  • Kurapika, who is a man, should be sung by a man. The makers did not voice Kurapika by an actress. This is all that portrays him as a female.
Three female voices, Erica Harlacher and Miyuki Sawashiro are able to voice Kurapika. Surprisingly, Kurapika This is not the first mangaka YoshihiroTogashi created a character.

Kurapika a boy evidence:

  • He says “I am the only survivor of the Kuruta clan”, in volume 1, p.51.
  • Léolio says to him: “If it is him who answers and (… <= this part is white) has everything wrong…”, tome 1, p.71.
  • The old lady of the thrilling quiz thinks: “It looks like the cat-eyed kid got it”, volume 1, p74.
  • In the rest of the story, the other characters treat him like a boy (e.g. “The guy with the chain”).
  • In the song “Tobira: Kurapika and Léolio’s song”, Kurapika has the voice of a guy when he sings alone, but when he sings at the same time as Léolio, he has the voice of a girl.
  • In the song “Gontte yatsu wa”, no comment…it can be the voice of a girl as well as a boy.
  • Kuroro says “I had no idea that the one we were looking for was a woman” and Kurapika replies “I don’t remember telling you I was a woman. You shouldn’t trust appearances.”
  • In the japanese version anime, Kurapika has the voice of a guy (but it’s a girl who doubles him -like Gon and Kirua).
  • In the cover of volume 14, Kurapika is shirtless and we can’t see anything (however when we look at the drawing inside the black&white book, Kurapika is wearing a tank top…). (- I read in an English site that Kurapika was sitting at one point with her legs spread, like the boys! But well, some girls also sit like that, but looking better, in volume 16 p.45 (always the precision!) Asuta is sitting like that… That’s why it’s in brackets).
  • In the anime, when Kurapika learns the nen and he is naked, he is imprisoned by the chains and we see his torso and…there is NOTHING!
  • In the french version, the woman who is in the building where Kurapika goes to look for a job says to him “Too bad you were handsome” > I want to specify that the vf are very badly translated (and then it’s only the anime)
  • In all the other versions (except jap), Kurapika has the voice of a man.

Kurapika girl evidence:

Kurapika girl evidence
  • The daughter of the fox-rat couple says “The scholar Miss Kurapika…”, in volume1, p102.
  • Kurapika says “I was sure…” volume 1.
  • When the navigator brings Gon, Kurapika and Léolio to the place of the first test, the waitress says “In the back room, Gentlemen, Ladies” volume 1, p.109.
  • Kurapika says “I am sure not” volume 1, p.153.
  • In the manga, Léolio speaks to Kurapika “You are ready to sell your soul and lose your dignity…?” volume 1, p.155 [In the previous proofs, the translator was hesitating at this moment (in volume 1) about the gender of Kurapika].
  • In this image what do we see? Something that guys don’t have!!! :p (this is not a REAL proof : it’s the drawing that is like that !)
  • There are some drawings where Kurapika looks more like a girl than a boy
  • In the song “Tobira: Kurapika and Léolio’s song”, Kurapika has the voice of a guy when he sings alone, but when he sings at the same time as Léolio he has the voice of a girl.
  • In the song “Gontte yatsu wa”, no comment…it can be the voice of a girl as well as a boy.
  • In the song “Inori”, Kurapika has the voice of a girl !
  • Kurapika speaks in a strong japanese language (it’s the women who speak like that).
  • In the anime, when Kurapika and Léolio share the room, Léolio comes out of the shower naked, Kurapika sees him and gives him a punch in the face. Why should Kurapika feel embarrassed, if he is a guy?
  • In the anime always, Léolio wants to go in a room (on the airship) and he is accompanied by Kurapika, he knocks at the door and Menchi who took his shower goes out in annoyance and she pursues them both, then we see Léolio who is banged up and who joins Kurapika and this one has nothing, Léolio asks why (kind of Why you also did not take blows) and Kurapika answers something like “It is perhaps because of my appearance?
  • Kurapika has earrings, which we only see a few times because they are hidden by her hair. Well men wear them, but yet these look like women’s (the kind of stone that hangs XD).

Counter evidence:

For Kurapika is a boy – I read in an English site that Kurapika sat at one point with his legs spread, like boys! But well, girls also stand like that, but looking closer, in volume 16 p.45 (always precision!) Asuta is sitting like that…

Other Hypothesis :

  • Kurapika would normally be a girl but would become a boy when her pupils turn scarlet, see cover of volume 14. (a little too much looked at ranma 1/2 ?)
  • Kurapika could also want to pretend to be a boy when she’s a girl! That would explain why she wears those clothes and doesn’t answer when she is called a he. And also to fool the ghost brigade (again and again) disguises herself as a girl while she shows she is a boy (which is not true) and then claims she is a boy when she is a girl!
Kurapika and Chrollo
  • Kurapika would be a girl. The crucial proof would be the discussion between Kurapika and Kuroro. Kuroro is a person who is rarely wrong and he should not have made the remark about Kurapika because of her disguise but because he thinks that she is a girl (intuition?). Kuroro would have guessed the real nature of Kurapika ? Moreover when Kurapika answers it’s with “I don’t remember telling you that I’m a woman”, it’s a roundabout way of answering and there Kurapika doesn’t lie, he just tells the truth. Imagine Kurapika telling Kuroro that he is a woman… this kind of discussion never happened, do you follow me? Moreover in the volume 1, it is said that Kura doesn’t like lying, which would explain this roundabout way of answering not to tell the truth.


Kurapika is a boy for those who don’t break their head on the subject (not like me :p), but there is more evidence that Kurapika is a guy than a girl, so we deduce for now that he is a boy. Kana says that they have some difficulties to determine Kurapika’s gender definitively, because he speaks in a strong language (in Japanese) and it’s the women who speak like that, but they think that Kurapika is indeed a boy. However the last hypothesis is a good argument to show that we can still hesitate. Or is it all just a game of Togashi to push us to the limit in thinking? He never mentioned anything about it! My personal opinion: I would go for Kurapika is a boy but we don’t know that definitively, so there is still some doubt. I would like Kurapika to be a girl. Otherwise, it doesn’t stop Kurapika chains from being one of the most dangerous nen styles in hunter x hunter

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