Isagi Vs Bachira : Who Would Win?

Isagi Vs Bachira

Blue Lock’s protagonist is Isagi, while Bachira is his best friend. It’s sports so there has to be someone better. Hence, today I’ll discuss Bachira vs Isagi.

Bachira is Isagi’s first friend in Blue Lock. Two are more than just friends. They are fierce rivals. This gave fans the opportunity to debate who was better.

What’s your view?

Which do you think is more superior? Is it Isagi, or Bachira?

The Difference Between Isagi and Bachira

The Difference Between Isagi and Bachira

I was interested in what the community thought about Bachira. And how they responded to these two being compared. Bachira was, as expected, the favorite player of Isagi.

That is what I believe too. Here’s what readers/fans often overlook. Isagi has been deliberately underestimated by the mangaka. He wants to tell a story that is very similar to Haikyuu. The protagonist isn’t a prodigy; he works hard to be the best.

You’ll also find a close relationship if you read all chapters. It seems that Isagi is a superhuman player who plays with his friends and teammates. He is just a lame person.

The Difference Between Isagi and Bachira

Bachira’s dribble skills are extraordinary for someone his age. He was a formidable competitor for the Japanese professional players. Bachira also has scored in matches without any assistance…

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What has Isagi done for you? Nothing! He only awakens when things get out of control. That’s it!

The Difference Between Isagi and Bachira

Does that mean he has nothing to fight? But he must work hard to master it.
Like his rival, Isagi is skilled at “adaptation.” It may sound confusing, but can adapt to any situation in minutes, if not seconds, and make space for goal.

This is the main difference between Isagi & Bachira. The one is extremely artistic with their dribble and the other is still learning how to master their instinct for “smelling the goal strong>

Bachira vs Isagi: Who will win?

Bachira vs Isagi: Who will win?

Let’s now imagine that these two players play by themselves without any help. Which one will win?

Bachira would be clear in this case over his rival. But there’s more! Isagi isn’t the kind of person who would give up. He will fight for a draw or better.

As you can see, Isagi is a master at adaptation. You probably get where I am going with this. Isagi could counter Bachira’s dribble skills with regular play.

I believe that Bachira may win against Isagi in the end. But not by a large margin. Bachira may win, but the goal difference is 1-2.

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Who is a better striker?

Who is a better striker?

Isagi is stronger than his opponent in “leg strength”. Isagi’s strength alone is enough to defeat Rin.

We can now say that Isagi is better than Bachira, in Striker, position at least for the moment.

The mangaka is about to enter a critical phase. I am certain that the mangaka will surprise and delight our protagonist.

Isagi could either get more skilled (I doubt it) or the mangaka might take a step ahead and make him more weak and lame than he is now.


Conclusion Abour Isagi & Bachira

Truthfully, though, I am not very interested in manga about sports, but I gave it a try. It was a good decision that I didn’t regret!

Both of these guys are great at different aspects of soccer. Bachira excels in dribble technique, but Isagi is a brute Striker!

Although you might yell at my statement, I believe these two are similar to Ying-Yang if played for the same team. These two are able to win matches by themselves, thanks to their quick dribble and Isagi’s incredible leg strength.

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