Isagi Vs Rin Blue Lock : Who Would Win ?

Isagi Vs Rin Blue Lock

Blue Lock is overflowing with Blue Lock fans who compare and contrast various characters from the manga. Blue Lock is a sport game so it’s only natural that people do this. I will be discussing Isagi against Rin in this post.

Is Isagi a great player but is he as good or as good as Rin. If you don’t know, Rin is the best player in Blue Lock. This makes it even more interesting to compare Rin and Isagi.

Is Rin really a great player?

Is Rin really a great player?

Rin is not like Isagi who wants to be the best striker in the world. Rin has very little interest in being the best striker in the world.

Why is he making such a valiant effort to win? He harbors deep resentment towards his older brother Sei. Sei, a soccer prodigy, has been playing since he could walk. Sei introduced Rin to soccer.

While his older brother went to play soccer in another country for four years, he put in a lot.

Is Rin Itoshi really a great player?

Their sibling relationship was strained and their circumstances changed. Rin refused to accept the Sei “changed”, who had returned home from four years of intense training, competition and preparation.

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Rin promised his brother that he would kill him. He worked harder than ever before and was able to beat the entire squad by himself.

Rin is a natural goal-getter, but he does have his limits. You can see Rin trying to score against his brother (a prodigy) in the above image. Everyone was shocked to see Rin in this state of tension!

Rin was developing a relationship with Isagi, but Sei, his older brother, has made Rin likely to harbor a grudge about Isagi. And, if you ask me, it’s even worse now.

Is Rin Itoshi really a great player?

This has made Rin a great or even good player. While he might be able survive a normal match by himself, if there is an exceptionally well-trained player present, Rin will lose. Barou had to face the same dilemma and learn from it!

In summary, Rin is a great player with tremendous talent. However, Rin lacks team support.

Isagi excels at teamwork, however

Isagi Vs Rin

Isagi Vs Rin

This is the time to answer the burning question! Rin vs. Isagi
You probably already know what Rin is missing. He’s missing the necessary teamwork. He needs the support of his teammates to get his best strike.

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They are therefore diametrically opposite! I explained why Bachira was superior to Isagi, and how Isagi is more adept at timing his shots during the Isagi-vs. Bachira debate. Rin’s kicks aren’t as simple as Isagi’s and even Bachira.

Isagi Yoichi Vs Rin Itoshi

His kicks are precise and accurate in timing. They are also strong and hard to understand. It’s impossible to predict the ball’s trajectory. Rin can provide an in-depth analysis of the problem and swift conclusions.

The goalkeeper will struggle to keep up if all these skills are combined.

It’s funny that Isagi has defeated Rin already once. He didn’t take Rin’s chance to score in a one on one situation, but he did. The above image shows the moment Isagi scored the game-winning goal.

Can Isagi Surpass Rin in the Future?

Can Isagi Surpass Rin in the Future?

Isagi is an excellent learner and can adapt to any situation. His imagination is limitless. If he continues to do this, I believe Isagi can match Rin’s performance in a matter of chapters.

Rin will also grow rapidly, especially since his older brother complimented Isagi over him. This is why I am eager to see how the two rivals progress in the next chapters. The mangaka, for whatever reason, is determined to subdue Isagi.

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I hope that he stops doing this for too much! !

Conclusion & FAQ

Conclusion & FAQ

Both of them are great. Rin is, however, always two steps ahead. Rin is a far superior opponent to his older brother. I believe Rin will now be focusing on Sei, his older brother Sei, and not just defeating Isagi in any way imaginable.

Can Isagi beat Rin?

Isagi can’t beat Rin at the moment. He is working hard, and sometimes he outperforms Rin.

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