Who is kakashi mom ? : Everything You Need To Know

Who is kakashi's mom

What happened to Kakashi’s parents? Who was Kakashi’s father? And what did he do to him?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions then you’ve come the Right Place.

Kakashi Hatake Is Shinobi from Hidden Leaf Village.
He is among the best Ninjas (Shinobis) in the world. He is also one of the one of the most important characters from Naruto and the Shippuden Series. Naruto as well as the Naruto Shippuden Series.

Who is kakashi's mom

He is a teacher of the importance of teamwork to his students, to help them master the ninja skills and make decisions more effectively in a short amount of time.
For him, teamwork is more important than any other asset in Shinobi’s life.

Note this image is Fan inspired and not an official image.

We saw Kakashi without his father and Mother throughout the entire Series But is it possible to ask where they went?

This is what we’ll talk about in this article.

Let’s have a look at Kakashi’s father and then talk about his mother.

Kakashi’s father

Kakashi's father

In the case of Kakashi’s father. the name he was given was Sakumo Hatake.
He was an Jonin Level ninja from Konohagakure. He was always a fan of his teammates and friends over his work.

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He was also known by the name of the White Fang Leaf.
He also was very good in kenjutsu. His fame of being “Konoha’s White Fang” was due to his amazing utilization of the White Light Chakra Sabre that released an emitted white chakra when it was swung.

Despite his great reputation due to the White Chakra Sabre, he was rejected by his own team and by other Ninjas.
This is because of an event that he witnessed.

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The Brief Story of Kakashi’s Father

The Brief Story of Kakashi's Father

One time, Sakumo and his colleagues embarked on a mission. The team members of Sakumo were snatched by shinobis from the enemy.

Sakumo was determined to protect his colleagues instead of completing his mission that he was able to accomplish. However, that’s not the only thing to it.

The Brief Story of Kakashi's Father

When he returned back to Hidden Leaf, his Teammates and fellow Ninjas did not like his presence and made him appear like a slouch because he rescued his teammates instead of completing their Mission as his obligation.

Even his friends resisted him, which drove Sakumo to enter a great situation that was depression.

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Then he took his own life due to the trauma of this incident.

The same thing happened to Kakashi’s father who turned out to be the Great Hero, despite the Villagers who turned their backs on Kakashi.

Let’s find out what happened to Kakashi’s Mother.

Kakashi’s Mother

Kakashi's Mother

We didn’t get to meet Kakashi with his mother. The reason for this is that she was already gone.
We’ve never heard any official explanation for the manner in which she died, and never will because Shippuden has already ended without divulging any information about this subject.

When Kakashi was dying, partially, in the realm of Life & Death, Kakashi conversed with his father.
After Kakashi having forgiven his Father for his Suicide his soul was returned to the Shinobi Universe.

Kakashi's Mother

At that point, Sakumo said “Thank you Kakashi. I finally get to meet my mother.”

This means that Kakashi’s mother passed away long back.

There are many theories surrounding Kakashi’s mom’s demise, and I’ll go over here.

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How did Kakashi’s mom?

How did Kakashi's mom?

These are possible scenarios about the fate of Kakashi’s mother.

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When Minato talked to Obito and Obito, he didn’t refer to his maternal grandmother. This also suggests that Kakashi’s Mother was likely to have died quite a while ago.

These are only possible theories and not factual because we have never been discussed.

Death as a result of labor

The woman passed away in labor. This could be one reason why had she not thrown the bucket shortly after the birth of Kakashi Kakashi was likely to have suffered the same trauma was his father’s passing away. This is one possible explanation!

Kakashi’s mother is not involved in Kakashi’s story (in the background) as well as when Sakumo takes her own life at the age of five Kakashi is five years old, Kakashi is seen as a single person in charge of everything himself. He’s an orphan at this point. We don’t know for sure whether she’s a kunoichi, or a civilian, which is probably the reason for her death was due to childbirth.

Death During 2nd Ninja War

Death During 2nd Ninja War

She was just a normal ninja who died in the second Great Ninja War, as her name suggests. Sakumo Hatake’s love interest.
In the event that she had a role as a Kunoichi it’s okay to believe that she died during battle, since Kakashi was born during the Third Great Ninja War.

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Death Resulting From Chronic Disease

Death Resulting From Chronic Disease

His mom was suffering from a severe chronic illness that brought her to the afterlife!

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