Naruto Characters : Our Top 100+ Of All Time

Naruto Characters

The Naruto franchise won’t be going away soon. Particularly considering the popularity of Boruto which features some sakuga scenes as well as wholesome moments that can be found in online forums. Naruto is a manga that has been in existence since 1997. This means that fans have plenty of material to list And Talk about Many Naruto Characters.

Now, let’s get to the point. These are the most powerful, clever, and easily recognizable characters in Naruto.

List 100+ Naruto Characters Of All Time

100. Zetsu


Zetsu is one the Akatsuki spies. He is actually a qualitative person, even though it looks like a Venus flytrap.

He has contributed to Akatsuki’s actions from the side, which has led him to be overshadowed and forgotten by the rest of the group.

But that doesn’t make him less qualified. This makes him the standout silent character on the show.

He also played a significant role in something that was too important for the show, but I won’t reveal it to you.

Just wait for him.

99. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Our next man gets mixed reviews about himself. He was, for starters. One of the reasons Naruto didn’t have a better upbringing.

He could have offered it, but he did not. He is the third Hokage, and has contributed a lot to the village.

Although he isn’t a bad guy or anything, people mock him in the anime community because he doesn’t show politeness to Naruto.

If you see it from a positive perspective, however, it means that Naruto was an elite warrior because of him.

If you ask me, that’s a win.

98. Yuuhi Kurenai

Yuuhi Kurenai

She was one of the first jounin to be introduced in anime. She is a great capturing teacher, in addition to being hot.

Red is a prominent color in her overall appearance. Let’s face it, you once thought she was an Uchiha.

Yes, that’s what I thought too. The show quickly dispels all of our myths, and bam!

We were left with nothing but disappointment. She didn’t even try to play with Uchiha, right?

Oh, wait!

97. Darui


Naruto, the beloved anime series, doesn’t have many Black characters. The ones that they do have are amazing.

Darui is a supporting character in the series. He hails from Kumogakure village, and uses storm release to power his Kekkai Genkai.

He is a quiet gentleman, and it is obvious. That’s when we catch our attention.

His overall appearance is a mix of black and white. He is a notable character because of his black hair and uniform attire.

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96. Danzou Shimura

Danzou Shimura

This man is a bad guy for many. Naruto fans, I understand your frustrations.

Let’s just say, however, that this man is not only good but also bad. Let me explain.

I believe a character is well-written when everyone who sees him hates him.

Danzou Shimura is an example of such a being. Like Shou Tucker of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Danzou Shimura is also hated.

This is why this man should be so high up on the list. You hate him because he was great.

95. Pakkun


Don’t you dare? You shouldn’t dismiss this dog simply because it is a dog.

My friend, this is because you’ll be doing injustice. Kakashi has Pakkun as a dog to summon Jutsu.

Kakashi may have a lot of dogs, but Pakkun is the most important because of his importance to the story.

His contributions are made from the side, and while it might seem sloppy at first glance, soon enough you’ll realize that he’s just as remarkable as any character you can imagine.

He is there because of that.

94. Utakata


Weebs is another great character. You wouldn’t believe it, he’s also quite handsome.

Utakata is one the Kirigakure’s missing ninjas. If you stop to think about it, the fact that Utakata is a missing Ninja can be quite illuminating.

However, another characteristic of this man is that he is also the Jinchuriki for the six-tails, Saiken.

Unfortunately, Akatsuki sealed his beast down. It was a terrible turn.

It’s not something I will mention right now, but it will be on the show soon. Keep an eye out for him.

It is almost time for something to happen.

93. Izuna Uchiha

Izuna Uchiha

Madara is the brother of Madara. You are more remarkable when you are Madara’s brother.

These statements are true for Izuna Uchiha, our boy. Izuna Uchiha, one of the side characters on the show.

As I mentioned, he is Madara’s brother. This is not the only noteworthy trait of this man.

He was instead regarded as the strongest duo of his time, with Madara.

This is why he deserves to be on the list.

92. Guren


This character might be unfamiliar to many of you. However, I don’t blame you guys. Her role was not very important in the series.

Her impact was significant, however. Guren, one of the show’s female stars, looks amazing.

Blue hair is a plus. Apart from her appearance, she was also a Otogakure kunoichi and the leader of a group.

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Orochimaru was the one who handled this group. This is what gives Guren these memorable moments.

91. Indra Otsutsuki

Indra Otsutsuki

Indra. The man responsible for everything that happened on the show. I don’t know what this man did or who his real identity is.

But I do know one thing. His presence is what made the show what is it today.

He is the main reason the world these characters live and work in is what it is.

This man has amazing character development. He would make you all respect him more.

That’s why Indra is on our list. He will be a little higher next time.

90. Gamatatsu


Gamatatsu, like Gamabunta is also one the toads of Myoboku. Gamabunta is a serious guy, but Gamatatsu isn’t.

Gamatatsu, despite being his son is quite different from Gamabunta in personality and looks.

He is a distinct individual because of that. He is also Gamakichi’s brother.

To be exact, younger brother. This is why this toad has so much attention.

Character who works from the side and gets no credit.

89. Omoi


Weebs is another great black character that we have spotted on our list. He’s not surprising, however.

Omoi is one side character in the anime. He used to be the fifth Raikage’s supporter in anime.

You can therefore rest assured that he’s a man of value and quality. His only strength was also his weakness.

He can think through any problem that he is faced with. He spends much of his time thinking, not acting.

This is also where his plot comes in to play.

88. Shiranui Genma

Shiranui Genma

This man was not a Jounin, but he had strength similar to one.

That’s why he was so special. Gemma Shiranui, a jonin-level Shinobi from Konohagakure.

He was also a bodyguard. In addition, he was not your average bodyguard, my friend.

Also, he was once a bodyguard for the Hokage, and was an elite one.

You can therefore be sure that this man is full of quality and value.

That’s why I believe he is on our list.

Ladies and gentlemen, value and quality

87. Gekkou Hayate

Gekkou Hayate

There’s a good chance you’ll know Genma if you know Genma.

It’s not hard to believe that they are almost always together. He is one the Jonins of the anime, and also happens to be a girl, weebs.

That being Yugao Uzuki. Man, I will not lie, I wanted him to achieve all he wanted in his life. However, things didn’t go his way and we soon discovered something unexpected.

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You may be wondering what that means. You will need to see the show to discover it, ladies and gentlemen.

86. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

This is the name that made this reality. Another character that influenced every event in the show.

Let’s just say he’s the dad in the anime. I don’t know who he is or what he did.

To help you with something more qualitative, I will say this. Remember that the story will be turned upside down if the man’s name is mentioned at any point in the anime.

It’s not just for a few episodes, but for life. Hagoromo is on this list because of that.

A man who can alter reality. Or, rather, a man who can change reality.

85. Shikaku Nara

Shikaku Nara

We have Shikaku, who came from the intelligent Nara family. He is the father of Shikamaru, and I love Shikaku, in case you didn’t know!

Why? Because he was the one that never stopped Shikamaru being humane with Naruto.

That is an incredible trait, if you ask my friends. Many regarded Shikaku as a man of high quality and one of the most intelligent Shinobi ever to exist.

That’s a trait I believe many people would love to possess in their lives.

Shikaku Nara is therefore on our list. Ladies and gentlemen, he deserves more attention.

84. A


You think you’re fast, right? You won’t be any faster than A., regardless of how fast you might be.

This is just a sidenote, but whenever I call his number, A, he immediately reminds me of L from Death Note.

You probably know the reason why. Let’s get to the point.

He is known as the fourth raikage, and the fastest Shinobi ever to exist.

Tobirama and Minato were the only anime that could compare to his level. Soon, however, another guy appears in the anime.

A, however, is a speed monster.

83. Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto Uchiha

Two warriors were born to this beautiful woman. These warriors changed anime for ever.

We can all agree that Mikoto is an important character on the show.

He is one the Jonin-level characters of the show. She was also the mother of Itachi, Sasuke, and Sasuke.

Did you remember when I said that she gave birth two warriors. These are the two.

That’s not all she was. Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto’s mother, was her best friend.

We can all agree that she knew some amazing people.

82. Chiyo


Our list has seen a lot of intimidating, fearsome and dominant characters.

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But, I believe it’s high time to slow down and see the humble people in the show.

Chiyo, a side character in the show, was formerly a Sunagakure counselor.

She was also a medical-nin, and she happened to be calm and independent.

This is a rare quality in the Naruto franchise, and it deserves more appreciation and recognition.

81. Duy Might

Duy Might

Another man who lit a fire under the hearts and minds of many anime fans.

Duy Might is the dad of the Chad. Duy Might is Gai’s father! Who would have thought? Duy, a remarkable individual, defeated a group lethal ninjas on his own.

He was the one to eliminate a group that is considered the most dangerous and dangerous Ninjas ever to exist.

Duy is deserving of more love from the community. His willpower and sheer determination are unmatched, and his skills are unparalleled.

80. TonTon


What is a pig? Yes, it’s a pig! This character is just a Pig, for those who haven’t seen the anime.

This anime is about a man who wants to eat Ramen and cause havoc, but it’s not for everyone who spent a lot of time staring at the screen.

TonTon is one the most interesting characters in anime. Why? Because she is a pet.

Naruto doesn’t have many pets. We have Akamaru, and possibly a few others.

TonTon would therefore be a fitting addition to this list.

It would be even more fitting to have the pet of the fifth Hokage.

It adds even more value, I have to say!

79. Suigetsu Hozuki

Suigetsu Hozuki

We have Suigetsu, who comes in from the Hidden Mist. He is one side character in the show, who wanted to collect the Seven Ninja Swordsmansman of the Mist.

As you all know, the mist can be scary. If you’re not accompanied by someone strong, death is almost certain in the mist.

So, Suigetsu is having a difficult and interesting time trying to get the anime he wants.

It is entertaining and captures the essence of his time, however.

His purple outfit and white hair are also noteworthy.

78. Kakuzu


Ladies and gentlemen, another wreak of Akatsuki! Wow! He is the missing S-rank ninja from Takigakure.

He also joined Akatsuki, and was designated to be Hidan’s partner. For those who don’t know the Takigakure village, it is the Village Hidden in the Waterfall.

A little trivia. But, back to Kakuzu. This man has committed many crimes, including mass murder and mutilation.

If you see a man wearing a mask over his face, don’t call him Kakashi.

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He could be Kakuzu. All the best!

77. Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi

This guy was a wreak of havoc, and I’m not lying. It’s not something I take at face value.

It’s true, he was. Kabuto was one of Orochimaru’s assistants at the beginning.

As the show progressed, however, he began to commit some of the most horrifying acts of all-time.

He is known for doing some of the most ridiculous things in his domain, and that’s why people used to admire him so much.

His actions led to some of the most bizarre storylines in the series. He was a character of high quality.

He might be vilified for his actions. You can’t deny the fact that his actions shaped things for ever.

76. Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi

This sensei is not to be missed. Because he was the one who led to the birth and development of a warrior. Asuma Sarutobi is one the Chunin exam teachers.

He was also the one who was chosen to lead Shikamaru’s group. He was able to manage the team well and became one of their most influential members.

That’s how amazing he is as an actor. Asuma is therefore a man of high quality.

As the show progresses, something crazy happens. It’s not something I will spoil, but you can just wait.

It will shock.

75. Yamato


Yamato was also a teacher in the series. Also, Yamato was not in the anime.

He showed up late, and his influence was significant in the show. Kakashi was replaced by him as Team 7’s teacher.

It’s true, Team 7 was transformed with Kakashi and Sasuke going and Yamato and Sai coming in.

Also, Yamato was a significant figure in anime. In addition, even after Kakashi’s death, Yamato continued to help the main crew.

He is standing here, ladies and gentlemen.

74. Iruka Umino

Iruka Umino

Iruka was the first teacher. Yes, he was our very first teacher at the beginning of the series.

As the series progresses, he becomes more important for the anime. He was the one who first taught Naruto, and at first glance you might think he’s not special.

He may seem like another person who doesn’t like Naruto. But, he will reveal his backstory and you’ll see that he is very much like Naruto.

He cared for him more than anyone. Iruka is a great teacher.

73. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi

This man is another one who is greatly appreciated by the community, especially since the release of Boruto.

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Konohamaru is Hiruzen Srutobi’s grandson. This kid was the grandchild of the third Hokage.

This was until Naruto met them. His life was filled with struggles and hardships.

Soon enough, his life began to feel full of happiness and joy. Both mentally as ….

We won’t talk about the other Pleasure. It was those moments that he shared with the camera that made him so good at what he does.

72. Akamaru


Akamaru would be a wonderful dog for all of us. Yes, that was what I had in mind.

It was clear to me that he was coming from a distance. He is a supporting character to Kiba Inuzuka, and you wouldn’t know it, he’s quite an important one.

He was one the most important strengths of Kiba. Without Akamaru Kiba wouldn’t have been able to stand out.

He wasn’t shown enough screen time, so many people don’t feel a strong emotional attachment to him.

But, viewers remember and value his contributions to the show.

71. Kaguya Otsutsuki

It was her. She was the reason that everything changed.

We were able to get such a great story because of her. Kaguya Oksutsuki was the key reason that everything in the show happened.

A collection of episodes was made that focused on Kaguya’s life and the time she arrived.

Seeing those episodes will make everything clearer. You will see everything in the Naruto world clearly.

This is how valuable she is as a character, ladies & gentlemen.

70. Rin Nohara

Rin Nohara

Isn’t she a beloved name? Rin Nohara is one the most important characters of the series’ narrative.

You might not know Naruto if you’re just starting with her.

You will soon discover the worth of this girl. She is going to be a great addition to the show, let me tell you that without spoiling anything.

You can interpret what “gem” here. You now know that there is something more.

She may appear quite straightforward from the outside, but she is complex inside. Her actions will open up a whole new world.

That’s what I said!

69. Chouji Akimichi

Chouji Akimichi

Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning to feel quite strong again. We have half way there and found a remarkable man.

Talk to him, but keep your tongue in check. If you call him Fat, your game is over.

Choji Akimichi is one side character in the series. He is simply captivating.

This man was part of Team 10, and he stood beside Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara. Since childhood, he has been Shikamaru’s friend. As the show progresses his friendship with Shikamaru grows stronger.

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His dedication and healthy eating habits have paid off in the anime. That’s why Choji is so popular.

68. Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi

Another beautiful sensei who captured all eyes when she first appeared.

Anko, one of the anime teachers, first appeared during the Chunin exams.

The interesting thing about her is that Orochimaru was her school. She had an interesting relationship with him especially after she graduated.

Anko is a master at combat and was an amazing character at one time in the series.

She deserves a little more love, I have to say!

67. Teuchi


Ladies and gentlemen, It’s time! It’s time to show respect for the GOAT.

The one who has changed our lives for the better. The one who is worthy of all the love in this world.

Teuchi from the Ichiraku noodles shop is the one who gave rise to a hero. This man is a legend, and it’s because of his amazing noodles that Naruto did not become an absolute monster.

He saved the entire world and made the world a hero. Also, he is a master of his heart and is generous. and blows our minds. It’s clear that Teuchi deserves our love, admiration and gratitude.

66. Yahiko


Yes, he looks quite a lot like Pain. That’s what makes him stand apart.

Yahiko was one of Akatsuki’s three founders. He was also orphaned by the second war in the rain forest.

Yahiko, however, is not a pain, but an optimist who sees the world with a positive outlook.

Also, he has an extraordinary appearance, which matches the appearance of Naruto or Pain. In addition, He is a native of the Amegakure village, which makes him unique.

Finally, He is overall a wonderful character and contributed greatly to the story.

65. Karin


Weebs, the red-haired beauty of Uzumaki clan’s Uzumaki clan has arrived. I hope you’re not already simping.

Karin is one the supporting characters on the show, and oh my! She’s very attractive.

Her design is her most notable feature. Karin is a popular female character in the series, with her red hair and glasses.

As I mentioned, she is an Uzumaki, so her Chakra reserves are more worthy of recognition as a weapon.

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64. Hanabi Hyuuga

Hanabi Hyuuga

Hanabi Hyuuga is the sister of Hinata. This is trivia.

Did you know Hanabi in Japanese means Fireworks? That’s the likely etymology for Hanabi Hyuuga.

Her name is special because of that. But, if you think about her, she’s a cheerful, impressive girl who can instantly lift your spirits.

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She can bring out the best in you with her joy and enthusiasm.

This is why the Hyuuga is available.

63. Terumi Mei

Terumi Mei

No! Do not start simping! Let me tell you more about her. You are probably bursting with nostalgia as you look back at her, but please wait before you simp!

Terumi Mei is one side character in the anime. This is for people who have not seen the anime.

Are you able to guess who she could possibly be? What is her status? She is, let me tell you.

Yup, she was in fact the fifth queen of her village. You can be sure that she is strong and a woman of high quality.

62. Gamabunta


You might get wet from this smug thug. He is actually as soft inside as cotton candy, no matter how smug he looks.

Gamabunta is a popular toad in the show. He speaks in the voice and manner of a Mafia.

He seems to not care about the needs of others. In reality, he is very focused on Naruto, and wants to do everything he can to help him.

His strength and viability are a matter of honor and respect. Gamabunta, our boy, is on this list.

It’s quite a contribution to being a toad.

61. Tayuya


We have Tayuya, who comes in from the sound four. Tayuya, I’m not going to lie, is a beautiful girl.

She is so kind and considerate to people, even though she destroys them with her insults.

As the series progresses she achieves more. She is part of the Orochimaru group and appears to be the only one in that group who displays some morality.

She criticizes and disapproves of Shikamura, Shikamura’s character in anime.

This sense of realistism, even when critical, is a huge advantage for her.

60. Zetsu


Zetsu is one the Akatsuki spies. He is actually a qualitative person, even though it looks like a Venus flytrap.

He has contributed to Akatsuki’s actions from the side, which has led him to be overshadowed and forgotten by the rest of the group.

But that doesn’t make him less qualified. This makes him the standout silent character on the show.

He also played a significant role in the show’s success, but I won’t reveal what it was.

Just wait for him.

59. Fuu


Ladies and gentlemen, there’s another dark-skinned female character. This time, it’s a female character.

Fuu is one the Jinchuriki from the anime. Let’s take a closer look at her.

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If you ask me, she looks a lot like Naruto. She has orange eyes and green hair, which I think is very distinctive.

But her cheerful, loud-mouthed and happy personality makes her even more beloved and charming.

Fuu deserves to be included on this list. Fu deserves to be given more recognition for her light-hearted nature.

58. Shizune


Many Naruto fans recognize Shizune as a well-known name. I can’t fault those who love her.

She is a very beautiful woman. In addition,  She is another Jonin-level ninja in anime.

Also, She is the attendant to the Fifth Hokage, and thus belongs to the Konohagakure area.

Shizune, a woman who was extremely helpful to Tsunade as well as those around her, deserves more attention.

TonTon was also taken care of by her, which is not surprising. She is qualitative, after all.

57. Sakon


Weebs, this is a very interesting character. You might want to focus your attention on this one for a while.

This man isn’t a single person. Oh no! He has two distinct personalities that are very strong in anime.

In addition, He was the antagonist of the four sound effects and is considered one of the strongest characters of anime.

Also, He was already a bad guy and was not popular enough to be a hero. However, his episodes were a success.

That was enough to get him on our list. We need to be more appreciative of him.

56. Yagura


This man is a monster. This boy is a monster, sorry.

He doesn’t want to be one. He was cursed to be one.

Yagura is one Jinchuriki, and this time it’s the three tails. Yagura, you wouldn’t believe it, is a complete mess.

He had an experience similar to Naruto’s and he is now the leader of his village.

You can be sure, ladies and gentlemen that this boy isn’t as normal or simple as you think.

Some even claim that he was stronger than Naruto at one time.

55. Gamakichi


Gamabunta was the topic. Gamatatsu was also discussed. It’s now time to talk about Gamatatsu.

Let’s look at his relationships with the other toads that helped Naruto during his training.

He is Gamatatsu’s brother and Gamabunta’s son. He looks just like them.

But, I have to say this. He is undoubtedly the most attractive of all the members.

Although it’s not an extraordinary feature, it is something you should have to be able to do against others who have the same thing.

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Gamakichi is a very notable character.

54. Son Goku

Son Goku

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the one you think he is. You are wrong to assume that he is this one.

Son Goku is the beast. Not Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Son Goku is the four-tailed monster in the anime.

He is indeed a frightening beast. His design is, I’m not going to lie, the most frightening of all the tailed beasts.

Son Goku, with his red color scheme & monkey-like appearance is a Monster that is still loved by all who see him, despite being a deadly creature.

It is a remarkable feature.

53. Dosu Kinuta

Dosu Kinuta

You might be familiar with this man if you are just starting in Naruto. He’s from.

The sound village. The fearsome beast that caused some of the most amazing accidents in the series.

He is a minor antagonist and caused havoc during the Chunin exams.

He seemed to be the worst news of all during that time.

Dosu is regarded by the community as an extraordinary individual who should be given more credit for being in the villain business.

He does do some amazing damage to the show. Sakura’s hair is a classic example.

52. Samui


Remember Omoi? Yeah. He had a team. That team also had a leader. Guess who the leader was?

Let me save you some time and tell you. It was Samui. Samui is one the ninjas of Kumogakure village.

Oh boy, she is hot. It seems she is blonde-haired, with an amazing physical appearance and fine skill portrayed in anime.

These are remarkable qualities for a woman her age. She was also the leader of a team full of fine people, which adds credibility.

51. Juugo


Juugo. This man may look like Yahiko’s father. The reality is quite different. He was from an unknown clan in the anime.

Unknown clan, which doesn’t have any anime records whatsoever. His first appearance was during Orochimaru’s northern hideout.

That’s when he was noticed by others. His appearance is very intimidating. He appeared to have been working with Killer Bee at one time, which I find remarkable.

Juugo is definitely worthy of this place, ladies and gentlemen.

50. Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake

The man is now! Ladies and gentlemen, All your respect and admiration for this man should be shown.

He deserves it. Sakumo Hatake is one the Konohagakure ninjas. He was a formidable figure.

It is way too frightening. You don’t have to talk about him yet. Why? Because he was one the most powerful Shinobis ever.

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Who said that? If you’re remarked to have more strength than Sanin, it would be fair to say that he’s incredibly strong.

He is also the father of Kakashi Hatake, as you might guess. Indeed! A man of skill and quality.


49. Yugito Nii

Yugito Nii

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s another Jinchuriki. This time it’s a woman. It’s quite remarkable already.

Yugito Nii, the two-tailed beast of Kumo, is Yugito Nii. Kumo isn’t exactly a prominent location in anime.

Nevertheless, she is a notable figure. What can you expect from Jinchuriki? She is definitely interesting.

She is also proud to be a member of her team. And did you know that Orange is her Chakra color?

Yes, it’s trivial. It is nevertheless noteworthy, if you ask my friends.

This is a great honor and recognition.

48. Kotetsu Hagane

Kotetsu Hagane

You may have seen him before. Kotetsu is a well-known member of the Naruto community.

Yeah, no joke. He is literally a meme in the community. Because his name was not remembered by the fandom,

The fandom is not to be blamed. He allowed us to make fun of him.

Why should we then forgive him? We won’t forgive him for that, which is why he’s such a memorable character.

Although no one knows his name, they do know who it is.

47. Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku Uchiha

This man is a beast. You might be asking why? He is the head Uchiha clan!

You are correct, ladies and gentlemen. He is the leader of the Uchiha clan. He is truly remarkable, oh my goodness!

His actions were the catalyst for many of the events that took place in the show.

Fugaku is therefore one of the most significant characters in the series. This is not because Fugaku was the leader the Uchiha clan.

It was also because he was stronger than Minato or Itachi. This argument is why Fugaku Uchiha has been so highly regarded.

46. Ebisu


This character might be referred to as a sensei. You might be wondering who is the sensei? He is the Sensei for Konohamaru.

Ebisu was assigned to a very important team. He is a man of high quality.

He is an entertaining person, and I can’t deny that he has the best life. His overall appearance is quite remarkable.

His glasses capture the essence of his personality and are very enticing.

This man can be said to add another level of enjoyment to anime.

45. Izumi Uchiha

Izumi Uchiha

Izumi. Our sweetheart. Her life was terrible, I’m sorry. She was one the Konohagakure ninjas.

Itachi is her friend, which makes her even more special.

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She was actually in love with the man. That’s why I said her life was horrible.

She wanted and deserved so many more, but fate chose another for her. Her mother was Uchiha, but her father wasn’t. This is another remarkable aspect about her.

That’s why she was more troubled as the series progressed.

44. Izumo Kamizuki

Izumo Kamizuki

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true! The second of “the two Naruto guys” is now here.

Izumo is one the two characters in the show, and you wouldn’t know it, he is quite the mess.

Memes are the best. He has long hair.

He is also a fun character on the show and, wouldn’t it be so, he is memorable.

Like his friend, he’s also notable for being part of memes.

This is why our boy should be on our list.

43. Mirai Sarutobi

Mirai Sarutobi

She is a charming character, and I can’t help but smile. She is the daughter a couple.

We won’t reveal the couple’s names for obvious reasons, but let’s just say she is very notable.

You might recognize her as a charming character.

That’s all! I won’t give any more clues. It’s now up to you to find her parents.

You will be able to see how beautiful she is as a person, and how amazing she would be as Shinobi.

42. Muu


Many of you may remember him from a fight. To be completely honest, that fight is not one I would call a fight.

It would be more accurate to call it a Massacre. The massacre of the Shinobi alliance. He was the one who made it happen.

Muu was one of the characters that were responsible for the spectacular fight in the series. And wouldn’t it surprise you, he is very important.

Let’s first say that this man looks a lot like an Egyptian mummy. But that’s all part of his design.

His strength, aside from his design, is his ability to be a sensory-type warrior. He can sense Chakra even from far away.

That’s why he is so famous.

41. Shukaku


You might recognize him quite a bit. He is the most recognisable character among the 30 entries.

Shikaku is one the most powerful anime beasts. Guess who his Jinchuriki is?

Yup, Gaara, the man himself. He was the cause of Gaara’s dark past, and his bright future.

His strength allowed him to become as powerful as he was, and Shukaku made an indirect contribution to the show.

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He is the One Tail Beast in the series, and so, he stands apart for being the first.

This monster is more reason to be aware of it.

40. Yashamaru

Finally, we have reached the bottom of the list. This was quite a adventure.

To cap it all, the lovely Yashamaru is here, ladies & gentlemen. She is one the most skilled Shinobis of all time.

He is known as the right-hand person of the Fourth Kazekage. She was a major character in the story, and I’m not lying.

Wait for her story to unfold. She was also a member at Anbu, which added credibility to her and earned her a spot on this list.

Weebs, that’s it. These are the 100 most popular Naruto characters that you just read.

I hope this list was enjoyable and you were able to feel the nostalgia more than Rock Lee’s pushups.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time Sayo

39. Sai


Ladies and gentlemen, the artist is here. My boy, make way. Sai is the main character in the anime, and isn’t it fantastic?

He treated Sakura as an absolute Savage, and that’s when the whole fandom began to respect him.

Also, he appeared in the anime as Sasuke’s replacement, but he managed to earn more respect for himself than being a replacement.

He is unique in his looks, his style, and his presence.

38. Tsunade


You’re serious! Everybody knows who this beauty really is! If you don’t know who this beauty is, I would love to meet you!

Tsunade is one the three famous Sanins in the series. Oh boy, she’s hot.

Seriously, please name one hotter character than her. I’m still waiting.

However, aside from her appearance, she is also an avid gambler, which I find interesting.

However, her luck is not as interesting as you might expect.

We get to see her extraordinary personality as we dig deeper into it. These were her special episodes.

37. Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha

He didn’t get the screen time and love he deserved. Also, He did get enough recognition, however.

He is one the Uchihas of the show and is well-known for his sacrifices in the narrative.

You may be asking yourself, what is this sacrifice? That’s why you need to see the show.

He changed the storyline so well that people began to appreciate him more.

A man who deserves a better lifestyle. Shisui is a boy who deserves a better life.

36. Hidan


Another fan favorite was Hidan, who captivated every fan during his short screen time. Hidan is our guest from Akatsuki.

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Hidan is most well-known for his brutal behavior and the many murders he has committed.

His most memorable fight was with Shikamaru. This fight was as thrilling as it gets.

Even though the fight was not intense, the combination intelligence-emotions made it just as enjoyable.

This is how Hidan becomes a memorable character. This is a character that deserves our attention

35. Temari


Shikamaru is not the only character that made a significant impact on Shikamaru. Temari is another character who made a significant contribution to Shikamaru’s life.

She is one of three competitors from Sand village, and she is also the sister of Gaara.

You can rest assured that you will die if you try to mess with her. Not because of Gaara, but Temari herself.

She is one the most powerful female characters on the show and is able to compete with all the others she faces.

She is a significant contributor in major battles, and that’s why she’s so remarkable.

34. Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka. Another guy introduced in the anime was Kiba Inuzuka. He managed to stand out until the very end.

Kiba’s performances in various battles are what make him stand out. These battles are what make Kiba stand out.

His fighting style was unique, and he was the strongest Konoha villager during the genin registration.

He is a true boy who became a man because of his hard work and confidence.

We also like the fact that his personality changes.

33. Konan


When one of the famous Akatsuki women is involved, you know that they are exceptional.

Konan is the Akatsuki’s only female member. You can be sure that Konan is different because of her build.

You can also take that sentence at face price, considering her strength is paper.

Yeah, paper. You think paper is weak? Do you recall the last time you had to cut paper?

Yeah! You now know how dangerous paper can be. You also now know the dangers of Konan.

Be aware of her.

32. Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki. Isn’t it a lovely name? Name of the woman who gave birth.

She was one of the Shinobi from Konoha that belonged to the Uzumaki clan. Her signature look factor is her red hair.

When she’s angry, her red hairs turn into super Saiyan mode. It was her quality as a woman that was the best thing about her.

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She was courageous, strong, and could give her all for the people she loved.

Kushina is a worthy addition to our list. She is simply outstanding.

31. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka

Weebs, the blonde beauty from Konoha also is here. Man, it’s hard to believe that anyone has ever watched Naruto without having a crush on Ino.

From the beginning, she was a high-quality female. She gets better and better with each show.

Ino’s personality changes a lot when she interacts with other dangers and meets new people.

Soon, we will see an intelligent and mature Ino who is able to perform on a different level.

That’s Ino, who earned all our respect.

30. Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi

This is the first villain of the series. Like the first “Villain’ villain.

He is also so extraordinary because of that. Zabuza was one of the villains on the show, and he was a threat.

The series gave us an incredible beast like him right away. When he met Kakashi, we were completely changed about anime.

He was able fight the Copy Ninja, and he had a touching backstory that explained all of his acts.

This is why people still looked at him with respect, even after his arc was finished.

29. Kurama


This beast doesn’t need any introduction. We have Kurama, literally coming in from the insides Naruto.

Kurama, also known by the Nine-tailed Fox, is the greatest curse and blessing Naruto has ever received.

He is the reason people used to be afraid of Naruto in his childhood. In addition, He is however the reason Naruto became a hero as an adult.

He is a fox of thought. Yes, that is what I mean. Kurama comes to terms with Naruto when he assists him every day. That’s why he’s so captivating as a character.

Boruto-lovers know what they are doing.

28. Haku


He is She. Let’s read that again. Haku was for many of us our first introduction to “Traps”.

You don’t even know what Traps are. They are characters that appear to belong to one gender, but they are actually of the other.

Haku, initially a beautiful female, is in fact a certified male. Yeah.

So that’s why I said she was he. He attracted the attention of the audience immediately.

As his story progresses, however, he delivers some of the most bizarre fights and backstories that fans have ever seen.

That is why people began to love him.

27. Kisame Hishigaki

Kisame Hishigaki

You might call him Kisame. You might also call him the shark guy.

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No matter what your address to him is, one thing is certain. You should respect his individuality.

He is a member of Akatsuki and a very strong one. His design makes him even more intimidating, making him the villain in the show.

He can also make his enemies be wary of him with his huge weapon. That’s a remarkable quality for a warrior.

26. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju

Ladies and gentlemen, the God of Shinobi is now here! I hope that you are already wearing your hats.

Hashirama, the creator of Konohagakure, is also known as the “God of Shinobi”.

His creation aspect is not the only reason he is called that.

My friend, it’s terrible. He is also extraordinarily strong and is known to be one of the most powerful Shinobis ever.

That title alone is enough to make tons of enemies run and shiver.

Hashirama is indeed a man of high quality.

25. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama is a boiler! Yes, the man representing water is a lot hotter than you might imagine.

He is both the second Hokage, and Hashirama’s brother. Two attributes make him so special.

His hatred for Uchiha is the first. His speed is second. He is the fastest character in the franchise, so you won’t want to go head-on against him.

He is also someone who despises Uchiha. If the opponent is one, you will know who is winning.

24. Killer Bee

Killer Bee

Yo, yo, yo! Bee, it’s your boy! He is available to entertain you. Bee, who is a supporting character in the series, happens to be able to hold a Jinchuriki like Gaara or Naruto.

His life was positive. My man didn’t have a traumatizing past like the others. He used to feel his inherent power.

Also, He was a popular choice because of this. He is entertaining to watch, with his bars and raps.

Finally, He is, I will not lie, one of my favorite characters in terms uniqueness.

23. TenTen


Another fan of Naruto. You can call me a liar, but I know many of you also gave your hearts to TenTen.

She was part Neji’s and Rock Lee’s team. Her strengths include her ability to summon weapons from thin air.

Woah! She is manipulating space time here, ladies and gentleman. In addition, She deserves my appreciation.

She is not only an amazing athlete, but she is also a sweet girl who thanks to her crewmates grows up to be strong.

TenTen is able to accomplish what she could not have without the support of Neji and Rock Lee.

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22. Kankurou


When he first appeared, this guy used to terrorize me. Now, the situation is completely different.

He is one of Gaara’s siblings and was part his team during the Chunin examinations.

His contributions to the series are notable. Even in the Chunin exams, his cheating methods were impressive.

It was disappointing to see him act initially as a villain. But, he will soon be back on the right track and working alongside our boys.

After that, our appreciation of him is at the same level as before.

21. Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame

Shino is another character that used to freak out a lot fans with his creepiness.

Also, Shino is known for his love of insects. Even though bugs and insects are part of nature, Shino doesn’t find them very cute when they sucking your life away.

Shino was a formidable opponent back then. You’d be surprised to know that his bugs were a special kind called Kikaichu.

He became more terrifying. This man would have caused countless nightmares for countless people.

He deserves to be here.

20. Kimimaro


You might not know this name. Nevertheless, you might be able to identify this beast.

He is one of the supporting cast in the show, and boy is he horrible.

We were most intimidated by his design, with all the fangs sticking out of his body.

His most memorable fight was with Rock Lee, the man himself. The fight was great fun, and Kimimaro tried to do a lot made it even more entertaining.

You don’t have to watch the fight yet if you do not know what you should do.

19. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Yes. This should not be surprising to anyone! He is the literal name of the anime.

He is the best. Also, He is unique because everyone who has seen Naruto loves Naruto.

He is an inspiration to many.  In addition, He was an inspiration who brought light into our lives at the lowest points.

Although you might think it’s exaggerated, it was actually quite satisfying to see him transform his miserable lifestyle.

Although Naruto may seem simple from the outside, the man’s impact on his viewers has been remarkable.

Our boy is the best. This list, and the hearts of all you guys.

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18. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

His appearance was not even for 10% of the franchise. His impact was far greater than 10000%.

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Itachi Uchiha deserves respect and love in his life. Because what he did is something that takes courage and strength.

You know what he’s been through. You are aware of how elite a Shinobi he was.

It’s impossible to go through his backstory and not feel respect for him.

Itachi is the second spot boy. He is a man of pure bravery.

17. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

There are many teachers in the anime industry. Kakashi is the only one who can stand on the same podium.

He made this show great.

This guy made us feel more emotions than any other person with one eye.

He has experienced a lot of loss. He has lost everyone and everything he had in his life of pain and suffering.

The man, despite having lost everything, still manages smiles on his face.

This is not strong. This is beyond strong.

16. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha

Many would have initially compared him to Vegeta. Sasuke soon proves to be a unique deuteragonist.

Although the acts he performed may seem strange at first, they are not out of place. You will soon realize that this man is a savior if you dig deep enough to see his thoughts and learn about the terrible life he may have lived.

Things change as the series progresses. Our boy learns so much. We are all so moved to see him improve after all he has been through.

Sasuke Uchiha is a name you should remember.

15. Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara

There are very few characters in Naruto that you don’t like.

Shikamaru is the most prominent. He’s not the main character, and works mostly from the side.

You can tell entertainment is coming when he appears onscreen. He is a pure genius whose intelligence amazes everyone who sees him.

His laziness can be a source of guilt-hiding, which is something many of us find quite distressing. We all love his attitude towards Naruto.

He was the first to treat him as a human being. He deserves our respect.

True quality in a man.

14. Jiraiya


Jiraiya. This is a name that Naruto fans will never forget. This is more than a name.

This alphabetical arrangement contains a lot of emotions. This is why our Sensei is at this spot.

He is a pervert. It’s obvious. He is, however, the most perverse person in the world and is respected and loved by everyone.

Another man not blessed with any extraordinary talents. He works hard and tries to improve as the show progresses.

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He learns and makes his own way, eventually becoming the GOAT that he is today. Jiraiya will never be the same.


13. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

Daddy! Not just Naruto’s daddy, but all Naruto fans’ dads. Minato, another character from the series, is a role model to fans.

He is kind, humble and strong. Rarely do you see a man like him in real life.

That’s what makes him so remarkable. We also get to see his past, which is a blessing in our hearts.

Many fans wanted Minato to have a spin-off. It doesn’t look like we will have one right now.

Trust me, that Minato spin-off would be a great idea. It would be amazing to see what this man has accomplished in his life.

12. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

The girl who is worthy of him. The girl who got him. Hinata Hyuga is a motivation.

It is a reminder that there is always a woman waiting for us. You are the one who is worthy of someone like you.

She is also the most beloved Waifu on the show. In addition, She isn’t just a female “Waifu” character.

She is strong, capable, has values, and many other qualities. All Naruto fans will love her special qualities.

She’s more than a pretty girl with a beautiful design. She is a woman of confidence and love.

She is therefore a character that deserves our respect.

11. Gaara


Naruto was the only character that looked exactly like him. He had a much worse past than Naruto.

Gaara was a boy who craved love. A boy who sought only admiration, solace and humanity from others.

He didn’t understand it, and so he became the monster that we all know him to be.

But, this man, once considered an enemy of humanity, will soon be fighting to the death for humanity.

That is how Naruto fans love Naruto.

10. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

This is the most powerful villain in anime! It’s obvious. Madara is most likely the pinnacle among superpowered characters.

A villain done right. A villain who causes misery, pain, and fear in the lives those who oppose him.

That feat is extraordinary. His fight against the Shinobi Alliance was his most notable contribution.

That was crazy! It was insane. It was an incredible experience to witness this man completely destroy humanity right before your eyes.

Madara is a true love. His charm is unsurpassed.

9. Mighty Guy

Mighty Guy

If you haven’t seen the Naruto series in its entirety, you will not be able to understand the significance of this man.

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But if you didn’t, I don’t need to tell about him. This is a soldier.

A beast that can’t be controlled when left to destroy. If you haven’t seen the series, I won’t bore you with all the details.

But, he is insane. He is far more than we originally thought.

Also, He is an inspiration, just as the characters mentioned above. He is a man who proves that hard work wins all.

Yes, hard work is better than all!

8. Pain


This World Will Know Pain! These lines must have been read by almost all Naruto fans at some point in their lives.

That’s why he is so well-known in the community. Pain, while a villain, may appear to be a troubled creature driven by ego and self-desire to power.

But he is not like all the others. We soon realize that this evil man is different from all others we’ve seen.

He is loved by the entire community because of that. He is determined to show others what it means to be in pain.

It’s not normal pain. True Pain is what he’s referring to.

7. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

This is the guy who won many hearts just by his participation in the show. This Uchiha proves that Uchihas weren’t a concern for normal people.

They were humble and never meant to cause any harm to anyone. Many people liken Obito to Naruto.

If you’re a true fan, you may also see similarities.

Their smiles are precious, and their efforts to make other smile are priceless.

Obito is well-known for his acts of sacrifice. That’s a great sacrifice!

6. Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a character in anime that is known for being the embodiment of hard work. Lee was the one man whose mind was totally different from all others.

Rest? It’s a waste! Imma do push-ups! That mentality made him so great.

A Ninja who can’t perform significant Ninjutsu and Genjutsu was severely handicapped.

My man, however, is a man of great commitment. He worked tirelessly and was able to master Taijutsu by the age of 21.

This is a singular achievement that deserves everyone to respect him and show appreciation.

5. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Ladies and gentlemen, Team 7’s girl is here. It’s her turn. Sakura, one of the main characters on the show, has a great design.

Although she may seem mean at first, she becomes more likable as the show progresses.

She develops character and gains experience. In addition, She quickly adds significant value to the story and earns the respect of all those around her.

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She is a character who deserves another chance, and that is why she is here. Give her another chance at redemption.

4. Neji Hyuuga

Neji Hyuuga

Neji Hyuga is the man, and he’s here ladies and gentlemen. Already, I feel a rush of emotions amongst you guys.

Trust me, it is mutual. Because it’s rare to find Neji in your daily life.

A person who will give up all he owns for the sake of his family.

It may seem simple, but Neji is one the few characters who can prove his incredibleness in 4k.

That’s what made him so special. His strength was unmatched, so it’s worth the appreciation.

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3. Deidara


The Akatsuki are a cool group, I’m not lying. Yes, they’re the bad guys. But, you know what? They are a powerful group, even for bad guys.

They are loved so much by people. Deidara is beloved more than anything.

Perhaps because he’s so handsome. Perhaps he was famous as a child.

No matter what reason you have for liking him, it’s hard to deny the fact that he’s a very smug individual.

He was a character that had an impact on everyone who saw him. That is quite a feat, if you ask my friends.

That’s quite a feat. Deidara, weebs, is here.

2. Orochimaru


Woah! Would you like to look at that? Another member? Deidara was indeed exclusive to Akatsuki. Orochimaru wasn’t.

He is someone I would love to refer to as a man, at his discretion. He’s not a perfect villain.

He is simply a scientist who wants to do what he wants to do. As evil as it may sound, the man is a scientist who works alongside our heroes. At one time, he was one of the strongest Shinobis living in his country.

All the admiration and respect that he has is worth it. He is entertaining and a new kind of story.

1. Sasori


He is probably the most handsome character in Akatsuki. Just look at him! You can’t deny his beautiful appearance.

He is worthy of a place on the Top 10 Most Hot Beings in Existence. Sasori is another Akatsuki character.

He was a great guy. People used to be afraid of him and hesitated at first.

They began to see him differently and Sasori was soon a great character for screen entertainment.

I can still recall seeing his battles, and being fascinated by them.

How Many Characters In Naruto ?

There are 212 characters in naruto including filler characters.

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Who is The Strongest Naruto Character ?

Who is The Strongest Naruto Character ?

The strongest Naruto Character is Kaguya Otsuki

Kaguya Oksustsuki, after consuming the God Tree fruit, became the first to use chakra. Her children couldn’t help but seal her away after she merged with Ten-Tails. The seal is broken in the final act as the Ten-Tails return and so does she. Kaguya can access all Kekkei Genkai, such as the Byakugan or Rinne Sharingan. Combining her tailed beast transformation with her Naruto, she is undoubtedly the most powerful entity in this series.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, a seven-member team, combined their efforts to defeat Kaguya in combat. Hagoromo Otsuki and Hamura Otsuki combined their efforts to win her over in the past.

Who is the fatest Naruto Character ?

Who's the fatest Naruto Character ?

The Fatest Among Naruto Characters is Minato. Minato is a natural speedster and has physical abilities that make him almost indetectable. He can do techniques faster than his opponent, and defeat them before they are detected.

Minato is also a master of the Flying Thunder God technique, just like Tobirama. Minato has greater control of the technique than Tobirama, and uses it to get the nickname The Yellow Flash. He is the fastest shinobi ever and has gained international recognition for his skills.

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Who Is The Most Powerful Shinobi Character in Naruto ?

Who Is The Most Powerful Shinobi Character in Naruto ?

Wake up, Reality! Madara is an OP character from his debut in the series. He killed over 3000 Shinobis in his first day of the 4th Ninja War. In addition, he almost destroyed the entire Shinobi Alliance. Madara, who is also a Uchiha, has been the most powerful of them all. Although he was unable to defeat Hashrirama in his lifetime, he became the ten tails Jinchuriki.

Madara also had enormous Chakra, which was responsible for Obito’s carnage. He also played the roles of the background characters. He was also the antagonist in Naruto. Madara is undoubtedly one of the most elite ninjas in Naruto’s series.

Powers/Ninjutsus of Madara Uchiha:

  • Powerful Chakra Level
  • Inherited Indra’s Chakra
  • Could Absorb Senjutsu
  • Summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path
  • Extremely skilled in Taijutsu
  • Used Body Modification
  • Had Adept Sensor
  • Manipulated all five basic Elements
  • Performed Yin-Yang Release
  • Had Rinnegan
  • Infused Hashriama’s DNA
  • Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki

Can Any Naruto Characters Beat Goku ?

Can Any Naruto Characters Beat Goku ?

They are irritating fans of DBZ.

If given the chance, there are many charecters who could defeat Goku. We can remember the moment Frieza’s henchman nearly killed Goku with a lazer, just as Goku lost his guard after being shot by a laser.

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For example, Hidan cannot die because he is immortal. All he can do is to put Goku in one of his blood rituals called Jahinism. This links Hidan to his opponent. Any damage that Hidan does to him also adds up to his immortality. This creates a deadly situation for his opponents.

Unfortunately. Asuma fell prey to the curse after he was linked to Hidan. Hidan cut his eyes with his own sight and injured his vital organs. I’m not saying that it can beat Goku, i’m only saying that these charecters are powerful enough to defeat Goku.

The Riennagan is an Op Naruto onlysu that could defeat Goku. You can use the Riennagan in many ways. It turns the user’s eyes a light puple with hypnotic Black circle. There are also two jutsu methods that may be used against the powerful Saiyan. The Naraka Path, and The Human Path.

The latter allows the user summon the kings of hell himself, an unkillable force force of nature.

The Human Path could also be used at the beginning of a battle, or right before it. It can rip Goku’s mind out before Goku knows what happened.

This is an attack Kaguya cannot perform. Kaguya must first harden her bones and then extend her skin outwards. She can then use her bones to stab her opponent, or even use them as projectiles.

Goku might be able to evade Kaguya’s attack, but he would need to be careful with projectiles as she attacks him head on. One hit is guaranteed death. No matter how long the victim’s endurance, there’s no stopping the all-killing ash bones from hitting once they’ve stopped.

Think about what it means to say “Goku would just explode the earth” or “Goku speed bombs”. It is unlikely that he will do it. Goku did not do this against anyone. Also, Goku would never blow up a planet in order to win, and he would die in space if he did. Goku has never speed blitzed anyone. Even some random bandits who tried to mug him.

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Who is The Smartest Naruto Character ?

Who is The Smartest Naruto Character ?

We have 2 characters who are the smartest In Naruto. in Fact, The Smartest is Shikaku or may be Shikamaru

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Grey matter appears to be a component of the Nara clan’s hereditary gene. Shikaku, who is the oldest member of the family, was the first chief strategist for the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War. He died in December. He is known for his tactical genius and beat his son Shikamaru in Shogi. Shikamaru is also an intelligent ninja.

Shikamaru had a IQ of 200. He was the chief strategist for the Allied Forces after the death of his father. He was also among the Konoha 11’s youngest Chunins and became Naruto’s trusted adviser after the latter became the Seventh Hokage.

How tall are naruto characters in feet ?

how tall are naruto characters in feet

The list isn’t going to be ordered in any particular way.

Naruto UzumakiPart I: 4’9” – 4’10” (145.3 cm–147.5 cm)
Part II: 5’5” (166 cm)
Blank Period: 5’10” (180 cm)
Jiraiya6’3” (191.2 cm)
Sasuke UchihaPart I: 4’11” – 5’0” (150.8 cm–153.2 cm)
Part II: 5’6” (168 cm)
Blank Period: 5’11” (182 cm)
Kakashi Hatake5’11” (181 cm)
Itachi UchihaPart I: 5’8” (175.2 cm)
Part II: 5’10” (178 cm)
OrochimaruPart I: 5’10” – 5’7” (179.4 cm–172 cm)
Part II: 5’7” (172 cm)
Gaiden: 5’10” (179.5 cm)
Hinata HyūgaPart I: 4’9” – 4’10” (147.3 cm–148.3 cm)
Part II: 5’2” (160 cm)
Blank Period: 5’4” (163 cm)
Rock LeePart I: 5’2” – 5’3” (158.5 cm–162.1 cm)
Part II: 5’7” (172 cm)
Blank Period: 5’9” (177 cm)
Tsunade5’4” (163.1 cm)
Madara Uchiha5’10” (179 cm)
Obito UchihaPart I: 5’0” (154.2 cm)
Part II: 5’8” – 5’11” (175 cm–182 cm)
Nagato5’9” (175.5 cm)
Minato Namikaze5’10” (179.2 cm)

Who is the hottest character in naruto ?

Who is the hottest character in naruto ? 
 - Yamanaka Ino

The Hottest Naruto Character is Ino Yamanaka

Husband: Sai Yamanaka

Ino, Sakura’s childhood foe, used to be competitive with her over Sasuke but she eventually found her own love with Sai. She’s an intelligent, bubbly ninja who shares many abilities with Sakura. She is skilled in healing and taijutsu. Mind control jutsu is her greatest power. This allows her to brainwash enemies or use animals for spying.

Who Is The Most Useless Character In Naruto ?

Who Is The Most Useless Character In Naruto ?

Tenten will be the least useful Naruto character. While other characters learn new techniques over time, Tenten continues to play with scrolls the whole series.

Tenten was given the task of stopping Tobi and Madara’s plans during the inaugural Shinobi War. She must seal the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. These would seal the moon plan and Kaguya would be out of the picture. She managed to close two.

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How Old Are Naruto Characters ?

How Old Are Naruto Characters ?

This list will include a variety of main Naruto characters. These characters can be both protagonists or antagonists. Their ages, birth dates, heights, and main powers will all be revealed throughout the story.

Naruto Uzumaki12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)October 105’90”
Sasuke Uchiha12–13 (Part I), 16–17 (Part II)July 235’97”
Sakura Harano12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)March 285’41”
Hinata Hyūga (Hinata Uzumaki)12–13 (Part I), 16 (Part II)December 275’34”
Kakashi Hatake26–27 (Part I), 29–31 (Part II)September 155’93”
Orochimaru50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)October 275’88”
Tsunade Senju51 (Part I), 54–55 (Part II)August 25’34”
Rock Lee13–14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)November 275’80”
Minato Namikaze24January 255’87”
Jiraiya50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)November 116’26”
Gaara12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)January 195’64”
Neji Hyūga13–14 (Part I), 17–18 (Part II)July 35’64”
Madara UchihaUnknownDecember 245’87”
HanzōUnknownFebruary 125’80”
Kabuto Yakushi19–20 (Part I), 23–24 (Part II)February 295’80”

How Many Characters Die In Naruto ?

How Many Characters Die In Naruto ?

If you’re talking about every single character that died then that’d be very long, but if we’re on about just the “main characters” then we’ll name a few from the top of our head


  1. Jiraiya-Killed By Pain
  2. Haku-Killed By Kakashi.
  3. Zabuza-Kind of killed himself, he killed all the Land of Waves’ thugs whilst they attacked him.
  4. Rasa(Gaara’s father-4th Kazekage)-Killed by Orochimaru
  5. Hiruzen Sarutobi-Killed himself using Reaper Death Seal to seal Orochimaru’s arms.
  6. Rin-Killed by Kakashi
  7. Obito/Tobi-Killed by Kaguya.
  8. Madara-Killed by Zetsu, Zetsu uses his body to revive Kaguya.
  9. Neji-Sacrificed himself protecting Naruto during 4th GNW
  10. Itachi-An unkown illness was killing him. In his battle with Sasuke he exerted himself to the point of death and then unsealed Orochimaru from Sasuke.
  11. Kakuzu-Killed By Kakashi after being overpowered by Naruto’s rasen-shuriken.(Thank you for the corrections and comments.)
  12. Nagato-Used a lot of his chakra in the Konoha Assault arc then died due to using all of it on Rinne Rebirth.
  13. Yahiko-Ran himself onto Nagato’s kunai.
  14. Sasori-Killed by Elder Chiyo
  15. Chiyo-Killed using reanimation jutsu to reanimate Gaara
  16. Konan-Killed by Tobi
  17. Asuma-Killed by Hidan
  18. Deidara-Killed himself using his own technique in an attempt to kill Sasuke.
  19. Hashirama-Died sometime during the First GNW, unknown how he died but I believe it was just for plot development.
  20. Tobirama-Sacrificed himself to save Hiruzen, Danzō and another student.
  21. Danzō-Sasuke killed him using Chidori Sharp Spear.
  22. Kisame-Killed himself using a Water Prison technique in which sharks ate him.
  23. White Zetsu-Killed by Sasuke’s Blaze release.
  24. Shinobi Intelligence Forces(Inoichi, Shikaku, Ao, Mabui and Kussaku.)- Tailed Beast Ball during 4th GNW.
  25. Minato-Killed himself using Reaper Death Seal.
  26. Kushina-Impaled by Kurama protecting Naruto.

Those are the ones We can think of from the top of my head.

Why do naruto characters wear bandages ?

Why do naruto characters wear bandages ?

This is just a guess, but it was to reduce the damage caused by cracked and broken ribs. This was done to reduce the motion of the affected ribs and prevent further injury. My doctor informed me that pneumonia is more likely if the ribs don’t perform their normal functions.

You can also use it to conceal your hidden power or trump cards, as Danzo did with his bandages to hide his sharingan.

It can be used to cover scars or injuries from war, as in the case with Rock Lee and Gai sensei.

It may also be a form or culture in one of the secret villages.

The bandage is also important for another reason, which I discovered recently.

For example, kunoichis such as the Godaime hokage and Tsunsade Senju or Hinata Hayuga who have large busts. You can use the bandage to secure the female appendage to your body, so it doesn’t move around during fights. This bandage can be used to replace bras.

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