Kakashi Rasengan : Why kakashi never put rasengan in his fighting style

Reasons : Why Kakashi prefer Chidori to Rasengan ?

So I went through all of the answers to this question, but nothing was satisfactory. I decided to give it a try and explain why Kakashi has never used Rasengan. Before I explain, I want to address some of the other reasons. Let’s get started.

Fake reason 1

“Kakashi’s Rasengan weaker than Naruto”


“Rasengan uses more chakra than Chidori.”

It’s not hard to see why. Rasengan is not a jutsu that depends on the amount of chakra. It is a jutsu that is solely based on shape manipulation. The ninja attempts to mold the chakra emitted from his palm into an angular sphere.

The size of the Rasengan depends on how much chakra it has. It can be as small as a tennis ball or large enough to fill a huge sphere. This can be seen in the fact that, during Kazekage Rescue, Naruto created a larger Rasengan (i.e. the Big Ball Rasengan), but his eyes switched to those of Kurama because it required too many chakra. He tried to fix it by asking Kurama for some of his chakra. Boruto also created a small Rasengan in the Boruto movie. When Naruto added his chakra, the Rasengan grew to be a huge one.

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kakashi rasengan

It’s not that Kakashi has rasengan that is less powerful than Naruto. He could simply add more chakra to create a larger one that would be equally deadly.

Fake reason 2

“Kakashi thought the Rasengan was imperfect and therefore not useful.”


“Kakashi is a perfectionist. He wants to use only complete jutus.”

It was completely wrong. Kakashi actually considered Rasengan to have a formidable jutsu, so much so that he was surprised and angry to some degree when he learned that Naruto had mastered Rasengan and Jiraiya taught him how to do it. He also warned Sasuke about the weakness of chidori and that Sasuke would lose to Naruto’s Rasengan. Kakashi used Chidori long before he got his sharingan. It was an incomplete jutsu back then.

kakashi and naruto rasengan

Fake reason 3

“Kakashi has very low chakra reserves, and Rasengan can be used to tax your chakras.”

Um. Yes and no. Yes, Kakashi’s chakra reserves are lower than Naruto or Sasuke, who are basically Indra and Ashura’s sons, the Sage of 6 Paths. Kakashi’s chakra is stronger than an average jonin. Kakashi has more chakra than Konohamaru, so a child like Konohamaru can easily use a Rasegan or its larger variant. As I said in point 1, Rasengan size is proportional with the amount of chakra invested. If you invest less chakra, your chances of getting a smaller one. However, if you invest more, you will get a larger one.

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Fake reason 4

“Rasengan is too difficult to use because it requires too much chakra concentration.

Bruh! Kakashi’s whole fighting style revolves around conserving chakra and using a precise amount to execute a Jutsu. This would require very high chakra concentration, so it is not a problem for Kakashi.

Fake reason 5

“Kakashi has a natural affinity for lightning, so it is much easier for him do a lightning Jutsu.”

This reasoning doesn’t make any sense. If this were all, why would Kakashi have more than 1000 jutsus? He would have been satisfied with a single chidori.

My explanation

My opinion is that Kakashi doesn’t use Rasengan in his fight style because why choose a rasengan when there are better options.

Are you confused?

Let me tell you!

Which technique is Kakashi most famous in the series?

It is the Lightning Blade or Raikiri, it is certain! then it’s Kakashi Susanoo.

kakashi lightning blade

Here’s the Narutopedia definition of Raikiri.

The Lightning Cutter, an enhanced and concentrated version of the Chidori, has the same drawbacks and effects as the original. Might Guy says that it was named after Kakashi who split a lightning bolt with it. The Chidori is already very powerful, so the Lightning Cutter needs better chakra control. This is evident in the Lightning Cutter’s appearance. The Chidori is simply a mass white electrical chakra that appears in the hand of the user, while the Lightning Cutter can be seen as more focused (and even blue in the anime).

Lighting Blade is more than just an electrical mass. It is the highest level of chakra control and nature manipulation. The chakra is then transformed into a concentrated form. The Lightning blade is therefore a combination of Nature manipulation and shape manipulation. However, unlike Rasenshuriken the contribution isn’t 50-50. It is more inclined towards Nature manipulation than shape manipulation. This makes it very chakra taxing and Kakashi can only use it up to 4-6 times per day.

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kakashi lightning blade

Kakashi Rasengan Damage vs Kakashi Chidori Damage

Let’s now see how a Rasengan could cause such damage.

Minato rasengan

This is Minato against the Masked Man. The Masked Man was not killed by the rasengan, but the damage it did to his back and arm wasn’t enough. It only damaged his prosthetic arm.

naruto rasengan

This is Naruto’s first Rasengan in his fight against Kabuto. He wasn’t killed by it, and his stomach didn’t get any more empty. However, the Rasengan did stir his internals quite well.

Water tank damage The front is fine.

naruto vs sasuke

However, there is a huge hole in the back.

Let’s now see how much damage Chidori/Lightning Blade can cause.

Kakashi lightning blade

Kakashi uses Lightning Blade to attack Haku Result: *DEAD*

kakashi and rin

Kakashi with Chidori on Rin. Result: *DEAD*

kakashi chidori

Kakashi uses Lightning Blade to attack Kakuzu. Result: *NOT DEATH* (due his 5 hearts, of which Kakashi took one out)

Sasuke punching holes in the water tank

Conclusion – Kakashi Rasengan

Kakashi, a ninja, had been in the ANBU since a long time. The ANBUs were specifically designed for missions that involved assassination and espionage. Which jutsu works best for assassinating someone else?

Lightning Blade is undoubtedly the answer.

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If you compare them in real-life, Rasengan looks like a hammer. You can use it to reduce buildings to rubble, but not as a one-hit kill.

Lightning Blade, on the other hand, is more like a sword. It can guarantee a kill in just one strike.

According to me, this is why Kakashi rely more on Lightning Blade than Rasengan. It is his weapon of choice!

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