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Gamaken also known as Ken is a huge toad which lives in Mount Myoboku.

Apperance Gamaken

Apperance Gamaken

Gamaken is massive red toad with black marks on its arms, face, and legs, as well as the protrusions of its head which resemble Horns. He’s about the same in height as Gamabunta and is atop the majority of structures (the only exception is the high-rises in The Village of Hidden Rain, with which he has no chance) as well as trees and huge rocks.

He is wearing black kimonos that is accompanied by a white belt as well as mesh armor beneath. Alongside him is an armored shield that is wrapped around his back, and the sasumata that he holds to your palm.

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Identity Gamaken

Identity Gamaken

Gamaken Gamakenis extremely humble. He often remarks on how awkward he is, and is often seen to be anxious. In the fight with Animal World during Payne’s invasion He once more stated in front of Gamabunta that he was awkward he was. However, he displayed none of the signs of awkwardness or “awkwardness” than the other toads featured in the series and he even said that he’ll always perform as well as can.

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The nickname he has earned for himself “Ken-San” is a sign of confidence and confidence as someone who will definitely help quickly in an emergency.

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The Story Of Jiraiya The Vaillant

The Story Of Jiraiya The Vaillant

Gamakin in opposition to the gigantic dogs summoned to the scene by Payne. The first time he is summoned by Jiraiya when he is confronted by Paine, the Akatsuki chief, Paine, and decides to utilize to use the Sage Mode. But, to activate Sage Mode, he needed some time to get it ready and couldn’t afford to risk being unprotected and so summoned Gamaken.

The time that required by Jiraiya to master the technique, Gamaken was forced to battle with a range of creatures and was then beaten repeatedly, while being pursued from one place to the next throughout his tower, until finally he was thrown into the sewers, following which Jiraiya advised Gamaken to come back after he had finished the process of activating The Sage Mode.

Pain Attack

Pain Attack Gamaken

Gamaken Gamaken, together alongside Gamabunta and Gamahiro was called upon to assist Naruto in the fight against Paine. He directly confronted the gigantic Rhino that has been summoned from Animal World, striking him with his sasumata which caused serious injury. Then, he battles with the Giant Multi-Headed Dog that he defeated during the Rainy Village and warns Gamabunta and Gamahiro about its powers however it arrives quite late, since it wounds Gamabunta.

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Then, Naruto incapacitates the Animal World and the animals he summoned vanish and the toads are attempting to take on their respective worlds, the World of Gods in their Spirit World, until the World of Gods sends them flying away from Konoha with the aid by Shinra Tensei. Then, he was seen unconscious after falling to the hills.

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Skills Gamaken

Skills Gamaken

Despite his insecurity about his skills, Gamaken is an extremely skilled combatant. His style of fighting revolves around melee combat with weapons, specifically the sasumata and the shield, for which he is highly skilled. His ability has been demonstrated twicebefore: when he fought an enormous Pein dog in which he was able to withstand numerous attacks for a long time and Jiraiya could not help him, as his summoning of two Great Toad Sages, and later, he was strong enough to take on massive blows from a huge Pein Rhino while fighting Naruto and the other toads fighting for Konoha.

In the anime, his Sasumata can be used to produce explosions that could trigger devastating and surprising attacks on enemies. He’s also very agile as he was able to avoid numerous assaults during the battles in the industrial portion in the center of town.

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He employs his shield defensively to protect himself and toprotect himself against attack and chains, and for reasons. He has a lot of stamina and determination, and has suffered numerous bite injuries in the form of his summoned pet however he is fighting on.

Appearances In Other Media


  • Naruto Movie: The Way of the Ninja


  • Informally, the appearance likely happened within Omaka which was that was shown in episode 164 in season 2 In this episode, he is found working in a pub in Mt. Myoboku where huge toads, like Gamabunta as well as Katsuyu have a hangout.

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Quotes From

Quotes From
  • (to Jiraiya) “Although I’m pretty weak, I’m going to try my best. “
  • “I think I’m actually…just…clumsy. “
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