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Kakegurui Ririka Momobami : Everything You Need To Know

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Momobami Ririka

Ririka was one of the sisters to Kirari Momobami in Kakegurui. In the course of the show her identity was concealed by a mask until Mary broke her cover.

Ririka Momobami served as vice president of the students’ body at the Hyakkou Private academy in Kakegurui. She was one of the sisters to Kirari Momobami. Whose family was a part of those from Yumeko Jabami.

Appearance Ririka Momobami from Kakegurui

Appearance Ririka Momobami

Ririka’s face has been obscured throughout the show by an unassuming, white comedy mask that gives vocal distortion. Because Ririka is identical twin sister to Kirari Momobami. Both have all their facial traits as have similar skin tones, long, platinum hair (gray hair in the anime) with bangs cut with a hime-style pink-colored lip balm with a peach tint and blue eyes with a light tint. In contrast to Kirari. In addition, Ririka keeps her long hair in a ponytail and does not wear lipstick or painted nails, unless acting as Kirari.

Through the entire series Her identity was covered up with a white mask and also through the use of distortion in her voice. The character was thought to be a quiet and attentive person with a cold streak.

Although she was quiet. She appeared to be in sync to her sibling Kirari. Her icy demeanour was evident shifting when she was completely stunned by the fact that Midari Ikishima pulled out an eye in order to repay an outstanding credit.

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Personality Ririka Momobami Kakegurui

Personality Ririka

The truth was revealed later that, without her mask, Ririka was completely different of what she appeared appear to.

She was shy and had an awkward personality and an obvious lack of self-confidence. Despite being she was completely different from her sister she was able to effectively disguise her self as Kirari at the time of meeting their family.

For Ririka playing the role of their sister also was a form of disguise. Protecting her from the horrible external world.

Ririka was shy, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t skilled. She could spot Rina Obama’s trick with just one glance and was also a gamble master, which could be the reason Kirari held so much power in the family.

Despite her awkward and socially awkward persona she was very manipulative when she forced Mary Saotome to gamble against Miyo Inbami and Miri Yobami while at while putting bets on Yumeko Jabami’s lives.

But eventually, Ririka was able to come out of her shell by engaging with people such as Mary Saotome. As she gained self-confidence, Ririka began stripping off her mask more often.

However, this did come with a drawback. As Rirari became her self-contained persona. Also, her ability to blend into her sister waned.

In the initial season, Rirari wasn’t seen doing any thing. She was in attendance in all meetings of the student council and sat in silence, not even uttering a word.

After Mary took off her mask, making Ririka doubt who she was, Ririka started following Mary around the area since the time she left.

While Mary was not happy with Ririka but she was the only reason Ririka was able to come out of her shell to become an independent individual and not someone who copied Kirari.


Kirari Momobami

Kirari and Ririka Momobami

For the majority of the show there was no information about the type of relationship they had. The show revealed that they are twins. Ririka is the older of the two. Kirari is the sole person with whom Kirari has plans with.

In the manga’s final chapter the two characters want to compete against Terano Totobami with an old-fashioned bet where Kirari has to figure out which one is which however, Kirari is unable to do so because she is of the opinion that “they do not seem to be in harmony enough” and feels something has changed within her.

Due to the information Ririka spoke to Mary Saotome. She feels distinct from Kirari saying that she is “her” and because of this, she’s willing to bet Kirari who is the Vice President of the Student Council.

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