Green Hair Anime Girl : Our Top 100+

Green Hair Anime Girl

At present the team at our disposal has created various female characters that have different types of hair color. We’ve created blue hair, red hair along with black hair. And I don’t think we’ll end until we’ve covered every shade of color because it’s enjoyable to make this list of Green Hair Anime Girl .

You may have noticed on the cover, this week’s topic is all about the most beautiful anime ladies with hair that is green. It was quite a surprise by the fact that I could find the number of females with green hair characters. In real life green is not a common color for hair , and it isn’t common (at at least in my opinion).

Green Hair Anime Girl

And to think I was able to see all these Green Hair Anime Girl characters. It seems to me that red is more popular hair color (I believe it is however, it is only used for the main characters). The best part is that practically everyone has earned their place within the world of anime and I’m sure that you know every character.

Finally, I’d like to say that yes, they do have green hair. If you spot them having any kind of blue-ish, blackish-ish or other shade of hair, I guarantee you that this is probably the shade they are using in their coloring. I’ve done my study, and I believe they’re completely green.

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A Ranking of the Most Popular Green Hair Anime Girls

Top 100 Anime GIrls With Green Hair By FrostRoot

Our lists of ranked lists are compiled by analyzing and aggregating data from the most reliable internet sources.

Here’s our list of the top 25 most beautiful anime ladies with green hair:

25. Bisca Mulan (Fairy Tale)

Bisca Mulan Green Hair Anime Girl

The length of her hair is what makes her stand out from other Green Hair Anime Girl characters, not just those who have blue and purple hair.

As an official part of the Fairy Tale Guild, her magical abilities allow her to keep and retrieve a variety of magic guns, which she is able to quickly whip out whenever a fight rolls around.

With the aid of her weapons, she’s always ready to stand up for her fellow members and is very loyal to her group.

24. Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Moon)

With the civilian identity of Michiru Kaiou. Sailor Neptune is one of the most well-knowng girl characters in anime with hair that is green.

As she wears the Sailor Form, her green hair blends seamlessly with her blue, green and white uniform which makes the Sailor Form standout from other guardians.

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As an individual, she is elegant, elegant and committed to protecting her solar system.

Her powers are closely connected with the sea, as is her planet, however not the general water cycle because the power is attributed only to Sailor Mercury.

23. Tsuruya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Tsuruya Green Hair Anime Girl

Tsuruya is a tall, dark green hair, and an extremely loud voice. She certainly isn’t shy about talking loudly.

A very athletic girl She’s capable of doing well in baseball and compete when it comes to hand-tohand combat.

Awe-inspiringly friendliness, Tsuruya sports a slight lisp because of her sharp tooth-like fang that can cause her to misspell the wrong syllables, and also pronounce words incorrectly.

As an honorary consultant of the SOS Brigade, this boisterous girl will be remembered forever.

22. Shigure Asa (Shuffle!)

Shigure Asa Green Hair Anime Girl

Asa is Rin’s Senpai and friend, which makes her incredibly fortunate because she’s just a gorgeous girl.

Despite having a rather poor constitution Asa can be a very active person. She is also quick to participate in groups.

Although she has an unease with magic, it is because it led to her being sick in her childhood.

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Asa is somewhat of an over-the-top girl However, she’s also an excellent cook who enjoys hard work and cake and cake, which we admire.

21. Fuwa Hyouka (Shimoneta)

Fuwa Hyouka Green Hair Anime Girl

With her messy, green hair, blue eyes and enduring appearance of sleeping in, Hyouka is a quirky persona that’s hard to forget once you’ve met her.

Enthusiastic about the process of reproduction in organisms In her research, she studies mating insects, and believes she is an aspirational “body-melding” scientist.

Does it seem a little odd? Probably. However, it’s not impossible to see her popularity with the fans.

20. Akeno Shiranui (My Bride is a Mermaid)

Akeno Shiranui Green Hair Anime Girl

As a mermaid, with hair of dark green, Akeno works as a Mermaid Examiner who is accountable for deporting all Mer-people who don’t look like humans or raise doubt about their real identities.

While she is initially being a little hostile towards the people who are around her, she later discovers compassion and becomes one of the most popular characters from the anime.

19. Minami Iwasaki (Lucky Star)

Minami Iwasaki Green Hair Anime Girl

With a sharp, sharp appearance and a short, green hairstyle, Minami looks more androgynous than the other Green Hair Anime Girl characters in the anime series.

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Although she’s large for her age, she’s unhappy with the proportions of her breasts. This is something Konata has commented on often. Konata frequently reflects on.

Usually quite quiet, which results in her being mistaken as being cold. Minami is genuinely kind and eager to assist those who are around her, as shown when she gave Yutaka her handkerchief, and then offered to take her to the doctor in case she fell sick.

18. Suu (Monster Musume Suu: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

Suu (Monster Musume Suu: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

Suu is a slime girl who has blue-colored skin that is transparent and long, green “hair.”

Although she is a humanoid appearance that she employs to communicate with humans when she ingests water, she opts to appear older and curvier.

While she appears to be a bit innocent and childish, in reality she’s actually innocent, joyful and sociable.

17. Tsubomi Kido (Mekakucity Actors)

Tsubomi Kido

Kido is an intriguing green haired character who is the leader in Mekakushi Dan. Mekakushi Dan.

Although she’s known for her beautiful face, she’s frequently thought to be a boy due her sexy appearance and the habit of wearing Hoodies.

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Looking mature and calm, Kido is sometimes irritable with Kano and she often pokes her.

Concealing Eyes allows her to shield her eyes from people and objects in a distance of 2 meters, rendering them virtually invisible.

16. Kaede Kayano (Assassination Classroom)

Kaede Kayano

If you’re a fan of your Waifus cut short, Kayano is a girl with green hair isn’t one you be able to resist.

With her cat-ear-styled pigtails she is among the most enthusiastic classmates and the fans can’t resist being drawn to her.

A popular comedy that is featured in the show revolves around Kaede’s breasts not being full, which led to her getting the moniker “Forever Flat.”

The result is that she develops an intense concern about her sex appeal. She is often being unable to relate to women who have more money.

As a person she is extremely empathetic as well as strong-willed and determined to pursue things she is passionate about or is interested in.

However, some of her jovial persona isn’t as it appears She does have many hidden secrets that come out in the course of the series.

However, it helps make her an even more intriguing character.

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15. Erin (Erin)


Erin is an observant, sweet, and thoughtful girl who is extremely concerned for both animals and humans.

The hair she inherited was green from her mother who was one of the mist people. together with her green eyes, she’s impossible to misidentify with any other character in the series.

Her curiosity frequently causes her to be into trouble throughout the series however she’s just too adorable to have this against.

Although her show may not be the most popular however, it’s a fascinating hidden gem that is definitely worth to be watched.

14. Hisui Heiri Fiore (Fairy Story)

Although she’s an aspiring queen princess however, she’s not an rude royal. Actually, Hisui will go out of her way to ensure that everyone feel as comfortable and as welcome as is possible.

In the show she also exhibits significant ability to think, coordinating the Eclipse Project that was created to prevent the devastation in her palace Fiore.

While she’s not a warrior like the other Green Hair Anime Girl characters, she’ll fight for her rights if needed and will take on whatever it takes to help make an impact.

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Hisui might not be the most popular character However, she definitely catches the attention of fans whenever she appears.

13. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu is among the most distinctive green-haired anime girls to put it mildly and her appearance reflects her frog-like skills.

The tongue of a woman can be extended up to 20 metres and can lift a person. Wow! That’s pretty impressive.

Additionally she is also able to remain on the walls, conceal herself, jog for over long distances, or swim extremely well.

Hair of dark, green color is tied in the shape of a bow with her oval eyes and mouth create an distinctive style.

She is usually very simple, but she doesn’t react to emotions. In an emergency she’s definitely someone you’d like to have by your side.

12. Alpha Hatsuseno (Yokohama Shopping Journal: Quiet Country Cafe)

Alpha Hatsuseno

In the realm of the female characters in anime, Alpha is lesser-known, but once you’ve met her, you won’t be able to forget her.

In contrast to sweet characters who are often excessively cute, Alpha can be kind but not too imposing.

Her personality has earned her many loyal fans and patrons in her cafe.

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Being a A7M2 model bot she learns more about her world throughout her adventure and establishes her position in the list of most charming Green Hair Anime Girl characters from anime.

11. Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

11. Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

With her bright green hair and lively character, Ranka is a character who anime fans instantly are drawn to.

A talented singer, Ranka’s aim is to be an idol performer She is more talented over Sheryl Nome, who is a well-known singer whom Ranka admires.

Through her story the more of her skills and past is revealed which makes her an fascinating character that is easy to become involved in.

10. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

10. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

While she appears to be a tiny child called Nel Tu, sporting short, green hair, her actual appearance is much more mature and has more hair.

Despite her age, she tends to be quite reckless and childish when she is in her child form, but she is more rational and mature when she is in her adult body.

Her child-like form also speaks in a lisp which does not exist when she’s an adult.

In battle, she’s an extremely skilled warrior, but she does not show mercy. If an opponent is injured or weak, she won’t let them go. the person off.

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Also, she is known to be more calm than other Arrancar who are not averse to fighting, when it is not necessary for self-defense or the safety of another.

9. Eureka (Eureka Seven)

Eureka (Eureka Seven)

Eureka is an artificial intelligence which appears in the form of a woman, human-like with short , mint-colored hair and bright, purple eyes.

Although she is apprehensive about the human interactions initially, through the course of the show, she experiences an abundance of growth as she becomes an adopted mother for three of her kids.

There’s something very enjoyable about watching Eureka’s story and those who love Eureka Seven are aware that she’s one of the most captivating anime girl characters with hair that is green on this list.

8. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)


Tatsumaki is a gorgeous model. With her medium-length, green hair and bright green eyes she instantly stands out in any scene she’s featured in.

While she is hotheaded or moody She takes her battle with monsters with a lot of determination and believes it’s her obligation as a hero to eliminate them.

As a S-Class hero Tatsumaki is a formidable character and is among some of the greatest heroes of the series.

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Psychokinesis is among her greatest capabilities, so powerful that she is able to block a blast from a spaceship , and even crush a monster that is the in the size of a tall building.

In the realm of hairy anime characters with green hair, Tatsumaki is definitely one of the most striking.

7. Yotsugi Ononoki (Nisemonogatari)

Yotsugi Ononoki

Yotsugi is shikigami and Tsukumogami that stands out for several significant reasons.

The majority of tsukumogami is tools or objects that are not utilized, while Shinigami are spirits that have been that are bound to their masters, Yotsugi is a dead body who was returned and enslaved by her master.

Although she doesn’t display any character traits at first, through the show, she slowly acquires words and gestures that give her distinctive personality.

6. Ritsuko Kunihiro (Shiki)

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Ritsuko is one of the most stunning hairs on this list. It’s incredible long and curly like lightning strikes reaching her knees.

As nurses, she’s exceptionally kind and has not been seen to be rude or insensitive to anyone.

She is passionate about her dogand that’s what makes her great , but when she walks him, her story takes a surprising twist that will leave people on the edge of their seats.

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There are no spoilers, but believe us. If you haven’t seen Shiki then you must add it to your watchlist.

5. Vert (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Vert (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

While her human counterpart has brunette hair, the goddess version is gorgeous, long hair in a vibrant violet and green eyes.

The girl is known as one of the hardestcore gamers out of all the CPUs This girl is an avid otaku and is a lover of all things yaoi as well as anime related.

Although this might appear to make her seem unreliable but she’s actually the more motherly character. She is a fan of upon the smaller sisters of the show since she doesn’t have her own sister.

4. Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry)

4. Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry)

As the oldest member of the class of Keiichi, and also class president, everyone admires Mion as an example of leadership.

While she appears to be an obnoxious teenager and says she is”oji-san” (old man) but she does have a an incredibly feminine side.

Being the heir to the estate of Sonozaki, Mion can be very formal and accountable when it comes to family matters. This aspect of her character is quite different from her usual personality.

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3. Alice Carroll (Aria)

Alice Carroll

Alice’s long, mint-green hair and sparkling blue eyes pop against her gold and white undine dress.

While she initially appears an introvert and apathetic However, she slowly opens up as the story progresses, thanks to her relationships along with Aika as well as Akari.

Alice is also a singer, however she wasn’t sure about her abilities until she was able to enjoy the process and not stressing about how she would perform.

2. Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Crying)

Shion Sonozaki

Shion is Mion’s twin. Mion However, unlike her jolly sister Mion, she’s much more intelligent and manipulative. She also has a tendency to be as envious.

While she might appear innocent on the exterior, this twin has lots of secrets underneath the surface, making her fascinating to observe.

1. C.C. (Code Geass)

1. C.C. (Code Geass)

C.C. C.C., also known as C2, is among the anime’s most loved Green Hair Anime Girl characters. even being voted”the most popular female character in 2007 and 2008.

She immediately stands out with her waist-length lime-green locks, straight features and her large eyes. It’s also important to note she has a Black Knight outfit is the best.

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At first, she doesn’t show any emotion, and is usually uninterested in the majority of people she meets.

She’s also proven to be a bit self-centered, stubborn and cocky, which Lelouch often smacks her about.

In rare instances she shows genuine compassion for others , and she even manages to be in love with someone.

C.C.’s story is beautifully written, making C.C. an one of the more captivating green-haired ladies on this list.

This is the list of the most beautiful Anime Girls who have Green Hair

25. Shiozaki Ibara (My Hero Academia)

25. Shiozaki Ibara (My Hero Academia)

This list cannot be complete with out My Hero Academia characters. In the process of putting together this list, we have the most revered character from the show. The fans are of the opinion Ibara to be a saint. Ibara is a strict Christian person who is adamant about people who are sinners. I am aware that her religion is not explicitly stated however it’s funny to imagine that it could be true. However, don’t be fooled by her appearance. Because Ibara is definitely strong and knows how to utilize her wits to get the top output.

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24. Mutsuki Tooru (Tokyo Ghoul:Re)

Mutsuki Tooru

Yes, I understand many of you might be wondering if Mutsuki is female. The answer is yes. I, too, am puzzled when I realize the fact that Mutsuki can actually be a woman. I think that’s why we refer to as reverse traps. The report also states that she has a feeling of insecurity about her gender, and so she is a man instead. However, I believe that it only makes her more chaotic and erratic than bring her peace.

23. Typhon (Re:ZERO Living in a Different World)

The anime medium is a bizarre one in which you can find an anime character who is a hundred year old woman. This grumpy brat is just one among the hundreds of cases that can be found in anime. Imagine this. Typhon as a youngster was blessed with this magical power that she was able to take out her adversaries quite quickly. It’s not adorable at all. Imagine what would be the consequences when she made use of her power improperly? This has already happened in the show. Due to this, I personally don’t find Typhon cute.

22. Sonozaki Shion (Higurashi when they Cry)

Sonozaki Shion

Here we have our first twins, which I wrote about in my personal piece on this site, and in this list (yup I also found additional twins to discuss) Shion looks like a quiet and reserved woman initially however, it turns out she’s a manipulative, smart woman who is usually in the background. For some anime lovers, Shion might be the reason that a lot of them are skeptical in regards to anime ladies. You can’t be sure of what you are seeing.

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21. Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi If They Cry)

Sonozaki Mion

Because Mion was Shion’s twin I’m not going to put Mion in the same category as her. The reason I have placed Mion over Mion is… I don’t know to be truthful. If you ask me if I enjoy Mion’s personality better than Shion then there is no answer. They share similar characters, and I really dislike both. In fact, I detest the majority of When They Cry’s characters as they’re each one of them bizarre. That’s the main reason I have the Green Hair Anime Girl characters here.

20. Bulma (Dragon Ball)


Perhaps the most controversial person of the bunch. This is not due to something she did that angered a lot of people, but because of the hairstyle she wears… In case you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you will probably notice that the color of Bulma’s hair changes over time. It can be blue, green short, long curly, straight. Wow, what an amazing fashionista she is. This is the reason I am rather reluctant to place her in the top spot. Here, I will not consider her to be high on the list so that we be able to have “real” green haired girls.

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19. The High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)

The High Elf Archer

It’s hilarious to watch her shout out at Goblin Slayer, and then thinking of her low opinion about him, even when his name is already popular. The fact that she has much to learn about this gruesome world and is able to do such actions can be… well, outrageous. But I’m sure the majority of people will be able to forgive her actions because they know… plots (not plots, but all the different “plots”). The male anime fan is much too simple to feel happy with.

18. Mallow (Pokemon)


Mallow is the kind that girl you’d want when you visit Hawaii. She is a very bright and energetic person and is very easy to get along with. As an example of one the captains on trial in Alola particularly on Akala Island’s Lush Jungle, she is an extremely skilled trainer, too. Both the anime and game did a fantastic job of portraying her as a fantastic trainer. Personally, Mallow in the game caused some apprehension due to her incredible strength to break Totem Lurantis.

17. Tomoko Shiretoko (My Hero Academia)

Tomoko Shiretoko

It’s a shame to think that Ragdoll has lost the quirk as a result of All for One. Given the value of it and how useful it is, she could help the Wild Wild Pussycat colleagues even more. However that was in the past. In the present we can say that Ragdoll is now her usual self. Actually, I’ve provided a thorough into the background of Ragdoll in this piece. So I’m not sure what else to say about her. Would you please aid this man by reading this? Do you want to help?

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16. Monet (One Piece)

Monet Green Hair Anime Girl

Her brief appearance has garnered admirers (yes even those G2 Soldiers and Sanji). Monet does possess a charming Devil Fruit, being able to manipulate snow. It even had a Logia kind of. She was sadly the worst matchup , which was the Vice-Captain in the Straw Hats Pirates. 

But , as I see it, this is really a problem as what we think about most is her looks and adorableness. Nobody will turn over her abilities so long as she has the qualities mentioned above.

15. Yoshimura Eto (Tokyo Ghoul)

Yoshimura Eto Green Hair Anime Girl

Tokyo Ghoul has lots of savage characters, right… We have the gay cannibal, crazy centipede, lots of crazy women and men and Eto. The calm and calm persona of Eto hides the fact that she’s a sly Ghoul that is looking for destruction. 

In addition is that she inherits the power of her father which allows her to create more chaos as half-human and half-ghoul. It seems that females with green hair are notorious for their wildness and sexiness, right… In all honesty, I’m not sure what I should say, other than to not be easily fooled by the appearance of a particular persona.

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14. Emi Fukukado (My Hero Academia)

Emi Fukukado Green Hair Anime Girl

Many of you might believe that she’s an unpopular person (just as Aizawa had to be). But I am sure that the life of Ms. Joke will never be boring. There are plenty of things that you can be expecting from her and she’ll exceed your expectations in the same way. It’s true that her students can tolerate her behaviour. Perhaps because they are familiar with it or perhaps because her actions aren’t really that bad. Remember, don’t look at the book solely based on the people on the cover!

13. Koyanagi Hanako (Wotaku”Love is hard for Otaku)

Green Hair Anime Girl

As an aspiring weeb (I am not awestruck to claim to be an Otaku) I have women who are fujoshi, and who have also become cosplayers. Sometimes they can be irritating but they’re enjoyable to be around with. So they don’t make a decision based on fujoshi. The story is a good explanation about Hanako’s personality. The one difference is that although my friends are attending college Hanako is employed in an office, and earns higher income.

12. Crusch Karsten (Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World)

Crusch Karsten Green Hair Anime Girl

Crusch had a great first impression. She’s exactly what we’ve been looking for in an administrator. Charming, strategic and bold, these were all great traits to have in an executive. Unfortunately, her memories were washed off through Lye Batenkaitos. 

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She lost all of her memories about herself. She even has lost her leadership style that defines her personality. I hope we be able to see her back on the scene and becoming the incredible Crusch which we all used to admire.

11. Kusakabe Yuki (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Kusakabe Yuki Green Hair Anime Girl

You may be aware of how emotionally I get in the face of bullies. When I first witnessed Yuki being bullied by a group of girls, I was angry for the reason that… who enjoys watching people be targeted by bullies. 

Fortunately, after that scalding incident Yuki’s adventure as a demi school gradually improves. She met new people as well as was guided by kind teachers and all the way to. It’s not always simple in the real world but it is a sign that life can improve even if you’re harassed.

10. Neliel Tu Oderschvank (Bleach)

Neliel Tu Oderschvank Green Hair Anime Girl

My first reaction upon seeing Nel was, “Who is this scumbag and what was she doing? It turns out that she was an ex-Espada. Particularly noteworthy is because she was third rank. In all honesty, I don’t believe that anyone cares about her history or power anymore after seeing the bodies (I know how sinful you are). Also, Nel kind of reminds me of Yoruichi which was initially a character with a mascot and then the rest is the story of history.

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9. Kayano Kaede (Assassination Classroom)

Kayano Kaede Green Hair Anime Girl

Let’s be honest For those who seen the show, have you were shocked at Kayano’s shocking reveal? It is true that she known that she’s an actress however that surprise at the end of the most recent episode of the show was significant. I think so, at least. It’s amazing to imagine it is possible that sweet loving adorable Kayano could transform into something similar to this. It turned out that she was guided by the tentacles. At the end of the day, Kayano is still the Kayano we know.

8. Makino (One Piece)

Makino Green Hair Anime Girl

If there was an enumeration of the top mothers I’d probably add Makino and maybe Dadan. However, I believe Makino is more appropriate in this case. While Dadan is more of dad rather than mother, Makino truly resembles the mother’s generosity. She cared for the trio of Ace, Sabo, and Luffy as if they were her children. They were given clothes, she brought them food and other things like that. It was because of her that Ace was able to master a few behavior and behaved like an acceptable human being.

7. Zenin Mai (Jujutsu Kaisen)

 Zenin Mai Green Hair Anime Girl

There’s another twin in this listing (what is up with twins and green hair?). As compared to her older twin sister Mai has a more negative outlook and usually takes a pragmatic approach to combat. Mai is aware that her techniques for slaying enemies aren’t unique, and so she is cautious and is more opportunistic. However, her issues are more complicated than this (and I’m not able to tell since you’ve guessed it. Spoiler). But, Mai is still quite an accomplished Jujutsu Sorcerer, and at least she is able to finish her work quite well.

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6. Zenin Maki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Zenin Maki Green Hair Anime Girl

Like you would expect, Maki is also in the top list. There are some who may not agree with me in putting the younger sister over. However, I just follow my own opinion that Maki is the top girl in the show (alongside with Nobara I think). She is strong and courageous who is not afraid to take on the upper-levels whenever she has to. While she doesn’t possess any curse power She has incredible physical power, just like Yuji. This is why she is admired by her fellow students and other underclassmen.

5. Ononoki Yotsugi (Monogatari Series)

Ononoki Yotsugi Green Hair Anime Girl

(Do not be worried. Hair is not green,, I swear) A doll with no feelings, Yotsugi never realized that her antics can be hilarious. A prime example is her “saying with a posed look” or making an oath by using the flat tone. Sometimes, she is frustrated by Araragi and realizes the behavior he’s displaying is a bit snobby or unsuitable. Who would have imagined that the character with the least interest is actually the one that makes the show even more vibrant.

4. C.C. (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

C.C. (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) Green Hair Anime Girl

Our pizza girl could have been on the list. I think that what people are drawn to about C.C. is certainly her Kuudere qualities. It doesn’t seem that she is genuinely concerned about her surroundings, but the truth is, you’ll never be able to tell what she’s thinking. C.C.’s personality was born of being immortal, and she has lived long enough to be concerned about numerous things. I suppose immortality does not bring any happiness to anyone, right…

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3. Asui Tsuyu (My Hero Academia)

Asui Tsuyu Green Hair Anime Girl

Being able to include Asui included on the list highlights how colorful The My Hero Academia casts actually are (metaphorically and literally). Four Green Hair Anime Girl characters on the series is a lot and I was thinking I’d not receive enough entries due to the fact that green isn’t a good choice as a hair colour. However, back to the Asui subject and well… she is adorable, she’s sturdy, trustworthy, and warm and friendly. What more could you ask from your local rainy-day hero? Asui is the best.

2. Fubuki (One Punch Man)

Fubuki Green Hair Anime Girl

(If you happen to see her, you’re likely to recognize the style) Despite being a shadow of her twin sister Tatsumaki I believe that Fubuki has her own style as well. 

In addition to her appearance and figure she’s also determined to become a top hero. Fubuki is also extremely compassionate towards her subordinates. The first impression she makes may not be the best as she was able to force the most powerful man in the world to become her subordinate however she has already invented that. It’s all fine.

1. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Tatsumaki Green Hair Anime Girl

We have a lot of siblings today, huh… Since I’m a good guy, I don’t want to divide them up and so I try to keep them close to one another. Some might think this might influence my judgement however, real talk about of putting Tatsumaki or Fubuki in first and second positions is worth it because they are the top girls in the show and there’s nothing more to say about the girls. All you have to do is to watch the series and watch them closely.

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