Kakushigoto Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Kakuhsigoto Season 2

Kakushigoto is an anime series that continues to bring viewers a heartwarming, adorable storyline. Kakushigoto Season 2 was to follow the same pattern. From the beginning to the end, this slice of life anime shows all the character development and bittersweet vibes. The anime was simple, but touching and brought people together.

Kakushigoto, one of the most recent anime series, is also one of the most popular. Kakushigoto, a Japanese anime series, was created from the remake Koji Kumeta’s manga series with the same name. The first season was launched by Ajia-do Animation Works in April 2020. It continued to be a hit with viewers until its final episode in June 2020. Everyone wants to know if Kakushigoto Season 2 is possible and when it will be available.

Kakushigoto Season 1 Plotline

Kakushigoto Season 1 Plotline

Kakushi Gotou, a well-known manga artist, is known for his ecchi-rich works. His daughter Hime was his first child. He vowed to keep his profession secret from Hime, fearing that she would be disillusioned by it. He wants her to be safe from his dark world. Kakushi’s paranoid beliefs and thoughts led him into chaotic situations.

He is a single father but he still does his best. Sometimes he even goes to extreme lengths to keep his secret. This is a heartwarming and unique storyline, just like the one we saw about everyday life. It consists of father with his daughter. Kakushi will be embarrassed if Hime somehow manages to find her way back to his office.

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Kakushigoto Season 1 Plotline

Kakushi was made to work as a laborer after he lost his job as a manga artist. He was later in an accident that left him in a coma for a whole year. Hime, who is now 18 years old, receives the key to Kakushi’s workplace.

There she learns the secret about her father that he had been keeping from her since birth. Kakushi wakes up after losing 7 years of his memory and is unable to recognize his daughter. The story went on from there.

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Kakushigoto Season 2 – Material Resource

Kakushigoto Season 2 - Material Resource

Kakushigoto Season 2 was an anime adaptation of its manga. The anime’s narrative structure was very different than the manga. Each episode has its own plot, unlike the manga. To link the episodes together, they used a prologue. Surprisingly they also used the manga’s ending in the final episode. This episode was also the best of the series.

There are 12 volumes to the manga series, and the anime used all 12 volumes. There were many chapters that were not used in the manga’s creation. The manga was completed last July. Kakushigoto did not include the manga-anime storyline. It was an everyday scene between Kakushi & Hime.

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Kakuhsigoto Season 2 Release Date

Kakuhsigoto Season 2 Release Date

Fans responded positively to the debut season of Kakushigoto with overwhelming support. It is also not unreasonable to predict that this anime will be a top-rated anime in 2020 due to the high quality content and the expectations of viewers. High ratings and positive reviews were achieved for the comedy with its father-daughter bond. We now need to find out if the studio will bring back this anime series.

It is possible that an anime that has already read all the volumes of the manga may have trouble returning for the next installment. The production company and manga series won’t receive any new chapters. Kakushigoto Season 2 may be cancelled due to a lack of source material

Kakushigoto Season 2 could use the skipped chapters from the manga to make the next installment. However, it’s more likely than not because it cannot stand on its own without the main story. The chances of the studio releasing next season are slim, despite all the positive feedback from fans around the globe. Our best guess is that Kakushi will be releasing OVA episodes.

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