Lara Tybur : Everything You Need To Know

Lara Tybur aot

Lara Tybur  was a member the noble Eldian Tybur and wielder the Warhammer Titan.


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Lara, a slim and tall woman, was dark-colored and had dark eyes. Her hair was black and wavy, and she often wore it in a ponytail. Her usual attire was a black dress and a white apron.


Warhammer Titan Full-Body

She was a titan with unknown stature. Her physical build was strong but her physique was slim, similar to Eren Jayeger in her titan form. Except for her eyes, and mouth, her body was covered in a thick layer of hardened skin.

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Lara appeared to be a person who was very dedicated to her role as Warhammer Titan bearer. She expressed her gratitude to him after witnessing her brother’s death. She wasn’t a person who showed mercy to her enemies. This was evident when she took the initiative to kill Eren Jaeger rather than obtaining the power to become a Founder Titan.


YEAR 854



After accepting the request of the warriors to remind the world about the threat posed Paradis Island poses, the Tybur Family arrives at Liberius. They take up residence in an army facility. Theo Magath is the commander of the warrior brigade. He arrives at the barracks where he meets Willy. Willy introduces Lara to the other noble members of the noble family. Lara transforms into a titan.

She was present at the theater in the internment area where her brother spoke. Eren then interrupted her speech and turned into a titan. Willy’s sister watches in horror as Eren destroys everything in his path. Willy thanks Eren for fulfilling his duty as the leader of the Tybur clan until the end. To fight Eren she transforms into Warhammer Titan. But Jaeger punches her in the face and throws her into a building. Eren then lands on her and stiffens his fists in order to keep attacking her. Eren continues to punch her but doesn’t realize that his opponent has created a stalagmite out of the ground to immobilize himself. This pierces Eren’s side, and causes him to rise several metres off the ground.


Eren gets trapped in the stalagmite while the Warhammer Titan prepares for him to strike him with a massive sledgehammer that he had made with his own hardening abilities. He also created armor to protect himself. Eren manages to break the stalagmite using one of his fists and dodges the attack. He then falls to the ground, but his feet are bound by several spikes that the Warhammer has placed on his feet. While Eren is being shot with enemy cannons, the Warhammer sets out again to attack him with its large hammer and hits him with the huge weapon. It then shatters his head. Jaeger emerges out of the Attack Titan’s body, and the Warhammer calls Eren by his name, while also asking him what his last words are. Eren responds to Eren with an attack signal for Mikasa. She then approaches the Warhammer Titan behind and shoots several lightning spears into the neck. These explode in a matter of seconds.

The attack doesn’t kill the woman, and the Titan still manages to get up. He uses his powers to create a crossbow to fire at Eren, Mikasa, and both of them are able to dodge the projectile. Jaeger examines Lara closely and realizes that Lara was actually under the rubble of a stage. He can control the massive body via a cord-like link.

Eren turns into a titan, digging through the debris to locate the Warhammer’s real body. The crystal cocoon had protected the user. To end the cordon, Eren breaks it and the enemy titan is thrown to the ground. He then prepares to eat Lara but Galliard stops him. Porco is driven away by the Exploration Corps. Eren attempts to eat Lara again, but he doesn’t realize that she has a head injury. She transforms into a modified Warhammer to trap Jaeger. Eren drinks Lara’s blood.

After several failed attempts to devour Lara , Eren realizes only the Jaws Titan can break it after being attacked by it. Galliard was immobilized by Mikasa when he attempted to attack the airship carrying Exploration Corps troops. Eren then grabs the titan’s hair while tore off his arms. Eren inserts Lara’s crystallized body in the titan’s jaws.


  • Anonymous changeling titan – Lara became a pure titan to gain the Warhammer Titan’s power. She ate the former wielder of that power. She became a changeling titan by doing so.


  • Lara shares some similarities with Frieda REISS:
  • Both were part of families with great influence and power.
  • Both held the titans, which were in the custody of their families.
  • They held an important position but kept their profile low (Lara as Warhammer Titan holder and Frieda as the queen of Walls and holder the founder Titan).
  • They were confronted by a Jaeger family member with the Attack Titan power. His purpose was to consume them in order to gain their respective powers.
  • Lara’s full name wasn’t mentioned in the manga. It was only revealed in Episode 65’s information card.
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