Lobov Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Lobov Aot

In Aot, Lobov served as a soldier in the reconnaissance squad, and was also a former division commander of Wall Garrison. He died during the Battle of Rebellio.

PAST Lobov Aot

Lobov was a division commander for the Wall Garrison. However, this command became obsolete following the liberation Paradis Island by the Titans. Lobov was therefore one of the soldiers who were transferred to the reconnaissance team.

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BATTLE FOR SOLOACE Lobov Attack On Titan

Lobov confronts a young soldier who is fleeing while waiting for orders at Battle of Solace. When the boy confirms that he intends to flee, Lobov draws two swords and threatens him with execution if he does not. The confrontation is interrupted when Commander Dot Pixis announces the Wall Garrison’s plan to reseal Wall Rose.


Lobov Aot

Lobov is present during the attack by the reconnaissance squad in Marley on the city Rebellio. Also, Lobov is among the other crew members who jump up to the surface of the airship as it hovers above the city. Lobov confers with Jean Kirschstein outside the airship, and he addresses him using his old Marine garrison rank. Jean is corrected by Lobov, who claims that he is just an ordinary soldier. Jean plans to remain outside the airship while Lima’s team remains missing. Lobov offers to assume this role, and Jean steps into the airship.

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Lobov, Lima’s team arrives finally, is the last person to try to get into the airship. He sees movement below, however. He points his gun at the individual, hesitates, and then recognizes him as a child. Gabi Braun, a child, doesn’t hesitate to shoot Lobov in his head with a rifle. Lobov’s body slides into the streets. However, Falco and Gabi can still use Falco’s 3D maneuvering gear to lift themselves up from the airship. While Falco, Gabi and Gabi can reach the airship and enter it, Lobov’s corpse falls back into the streets and hits Rebellio.

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Trivia Lobov Attack On Titan
  • It is unknown if the relationship to Nicholas Lobov is real.
  • He was an officer in the Wall garrison.
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