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In Aot, Yelena is a part of the Exploration Battalion as and a fervent fan to Sieg Jager. She was once part of an ocean-based reconnaissance mission towards the shores of Paradise to prepare for a new mission to conquer the island after the failure of Operation Paradise Island, and was able to join to Paradise Island, in response to Sieg’s instructions. She is also among those anti-Mahr Mercenaries dedicated for their Eldian cause.



In Aot, Yelena is an imposing, muscular woman with short hair, light and dark, large eyes. As the H and Zoe’s body, her figure seems androgynous. This makes it possible to disguise her as a man entering the Revelio.

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In Aot, Yelena has a military background and is who is dedicated towards her commander Sieg Jager. She is a calm moderate, disciplined and somewhat sarcastic person. Contrary to Mahrs who view that the Bestial Titan as a monster or a threat she is believed to view him to be God. God.



In Aot, Yelena is a member of the Mahr family just like every other. She was a part of Mahr in Mahr Army and was dissatisfied with the actions of her nation. Her encounter with Sieg Jager brought her life to a new significance, as she assisted him for saving the planet, and making her name a part of history alongside Sieg Jager. From that day from that point, she completely rejected her country and claimed to be an unincorporated citizen of a country, who was then allegedly enlisted with the military. 

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She created her own the mercenaries Anti-Mahr group, made up of men in her fictional scenario, which was actually real for the Mahr soldiers. She was not afraid to get dirty with brutal executions before her soldiers anyone Mahr soldier who expressed even any doubts about their conduct.

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In this Aot Arc, Yelena makes an appearance as the only character in the tale as a mysterious man to the reader and is an Mahr Soldier. She wears a uniform as well as fake beard when she arrives to speak to her fellow Mahr warriors. In fact, right before the curtain is raised during the grand Ceremony (where Willy Teyber has to declare war against the Elves who reside on Paradise Island), Jelena invites Peak, Porco and Sieg to follow her, on an order from Captain Magath.
When she is away from the general public, she tells Sieg to head to the entrance at the Revelio camp, as well as Porco as well as Peak to follow her. While they are there, Peak suspects to have been in contact with her and inquires about her organization, but Jelena ends the interview. 


The warrior doesn’t linger longer because they are greeted by with the Panzer group, the group which Peak works. In an apparent display of compassion, Peak throws herself at the neck of one of her colleagues to hug him. Jelena is the one to call her and she doesn’t realize it’s a ploy by Peak to guarantee her protection .

Jelena then calls her two warriors back to a structure. When Porco is asked which location Captain Magath is, Jelena already has a knife and she cut a rope to unlock the trap door underneath the feet of Porco and Peak. The two titans are stuck in a cave that is that is several meters deep. It is difficult to escape through climbing or by transforming. Jelena shuts doors behind her as she goes back to Sieg.


In the evening, Eren has already transformed into a titan after Peak and Porco are able to escape the trap with the help of Panzer. Panzer team. As he embraced his friend, Peak whispered to him to follow them since she was insecure about Jelena.

Titan Charrette and the Titan Charrette and the Titan Machoire were thus able to fight in order to protect their homelands. As Jelena’s plan was unsuccessful and they had to be able to defend themselves. Titan Machoire, the Bestial Titan was also required to make sure that she did not come under suspicions of her traitorous actions.

Livai orchestrated the fake assassination plot of Sieg to ensure that Sieg’s Mahr army would believe that he was dead. However, when it comes to the Exploration Battalion retreats, Sieg is in the aerostat heading towards Paradise Island. On his left is Jelena. Livai says that she is still sporting her fake beard. She responds sarcastically that it is good for her.


In the meantime, Peak remembers the first time she met Jelena. She informs Magath the story of being on the crew members on the ship that taken a tour of the island to the island three years prior to. Ship that was missing, according to Magath. Peak affirms that it’s actually this person. She took a particular attraction to him as Jelena is a war hero that was committed to Sieg.

The airship is still in the air, along with Gaby as well as Falco held captive, Jean attacks Jelena, accusing her of the actions that led to The Charrette as well as The Jaw. This is when Jelena completely accepts the mistake she made.

Return to Paradis Arc

Paradis Arc

When they return back to Paradis, Yelena and her colleagues Volunteers give away a stash of Titan serums that they were able to get from Marley to the Garrison. Following the receipt of the serums Dot Pixis has his soldiers arrest the Volunteers to reveal that Paradis isn’t willing to believe in Zeke as well as his companions at this point. Yelena is not worried about the fact that she has been betrayed, and is confidently stating she believes that both the Volunteers and the Eldians will soon eat at the same table.

After a few hours in confinement, Yelena receives a visit from Pixis. She says that the view is lovely however she sarcastically says that it would be better without the bars that line her windows. Pixis admits Eldia is in debt for everything the Volunteers have done for them, but before noting the apparent measures Yelena has gone to be reliable. In Addition, Pixis provides a report and it reveals that Eren began to act without authorization about 10 months earlier, at the time Yelena went to an occasion at Trost District, which is near his home. Pixis also notes the incident that the guard in charge for the day was Floch Forster who was part of the group that was arrested for leaked information about Eren’s prison conditions to the media. Yelena is a bit shocked as Pixis sits down at an area in the bedroom and sits down.

Return to Paradis Arc

Yelena promptly admits to having a conversation with Eren and apologizes for not keeping the conversation a secret. She claims that she spoke to Eren to convince Eren to take action that will force the military to act However, Pixis insists the possibility that she spoken with the army directly. She is accused as trying to force Eren to serve Zeke’s purposes However, Yelena insists that she didn’t, and she was only attempting to meet Eren to gain an understanding due to his unique characteristics being the founding titan as well Zeke’s brother. Saying that no others Volunteers knew about her encounter together with Eren, Yelena claims that she is only interested in what’s the best for Eldia. Pixis continues to be skeptical by telling her that she is a liar.

When the military’s official discovers that they’ve unintentionally consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid, a lot of them decide to join the Yeagerists to ensure that they will not become Titans. This is why Pixis is forced to give up her rights without condition to the Yeagerists and is taken to meet with Yelena. 

Yelena starts with a reminder to Pixis about her pledge to the army and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers would soon dine together again. She remarks on how pleased it is Pixis did not impose any resistance to the demands of their group and agreed to have a meeting with her, however Pixis insists that he’s only doing so due to being forced. He then remarks that the Yeagerists approach of identifying Eldians who were the first to join their ranks was very similar to Marley’s system of oppression.

Return to Paradis Arc

However, Yelena is not frightened by the comparison. She looks towards Pixis at him and reminds him they were not willing to sign up for the Volunteers in the first place, pleading that the world would be saved if it weren’t due to the military’s prudish nature. Pixis is puzzled by her comment in pointing out that the release of the Colossus Titans will only help save Paradis however Yelena does not want to clarify her position. Instead, she turns her back on Pixis and accuses him of wanting to see Zeke killed, and promises that she will be punishing her Eldians from Paradis for their actions.

Then she travels to the cell containing the captive Survey Corps soldiers and again regrets being held behind bars once more. Yelena is offended when Griez begins to insult Sasha Blouse’s memory and then shoots him as she calls him an unclean whore and an island devil. She apologizes for her insults and, as she pulls up an armchair she decides to expose the reasons behind the euthanasia plans. She starts to laud the way Eren and Zeke will be regarded as symbols over the course of many years to come, and is delighted to hear Armin say that he was touched to tears by what she said. 

Return to Paradis Arc

At that point, Yelena is shocked to learn from an Yeagerist that someone was able to gain access to their ranks. In the process of meeting Eren on the top of the tower, she’s amazed to find Pieck as well as Gabi along with him. As they’re taken to the roof’s edge, Yelena talks to Eren the reasons why he shouldn’t be able to trust Pieck. 

When Yelena informs the Yeagerists to prepare to shoot if they need to the roof cracks, and Galliard’s Jaw Titan comes out before them. Yelena is in a state of confusion when she notices a few tiny blimps that are from Marley are spotted at their destination. Yelena insists on Eren to get out of the Titan form and run away to the underground for safety. Eren ignores her and continues into pursuit of the Warriors and Yelena demands that the Yeagerists force be enlisted to guard Eren.

Return to Paradis Arc

While they observe the battle from their headquarters Yelena and her fellow soldiers are shocked to see the battle’s tide rapidly changing in Marley’s favor. Yelena is shocked to witness the Warrior Titans slowingly prevailing over Eren and is thrilled to see Zeke arrives to help Paradis’s troops. Yelena is delighted at the scene of Zeke dismantling the Marleyan airships and is glued to the action while the newly liberated soldiers from the Survey Corps arrive on the roof to fight. 

While Jean is pondering the reason the reason Zeke has arrived at Shiganshina, Yelena forms a smile and says that he had to defeat the two Hange and Levi in order to reach them. After having heard Armin dispel Connie’s fears and that they need to work together with the Yeagerists in order to ensure that the plan be successful, Yelena gazes intensely at her, then smiles and plead with them to help save Eren.

The battle continues to be fought, Eren eventually makes contact with Zeke and allows Zeke to assume complete control over Zeke, the Founding Titan and manifesting a huge new Titan body, while waking Zeke and the Colossus Titans hidden within the Walls to become the Rumbling. In awe of what’s happening, Yelena inquires on the fate of Zeke while Eren begins to prepare for his assault on the world beyond. Zeke’s Titans made by Zeke begin to engulf the headquarters of the military. 

Return to Paradis Arc

While the other Volunteers are in panic, Yelena is left dumbfounded on the reason Zeke isn’t in control of his Titans. After the Titans within their headquarters have been killed Floch is on the scene and arrests Yelena as well as the other volunteers.

Since Yelena was aware of Zeke’s plan to kill the Eldians, she’s condamned to die. While Floch and Jean are preparing to kill her along with Onyankopon, Yelena sullenly refuses to offer any final word when requested. But, she, Onyankopon and Jean are abducted by Cart Titan prior to her sentence can be executed. They are then taken out of the district and taken to Hange, Levi, and Magath. Jean says that he’s chosen to support Marley. Yelena inquires about the reason why she was invited to the party, and Hange tells her Magath asked that she be taken to him.

Later in the night Magath is trying to persuade Yelena to disclose the location Eren will be first and claims that she is the one who could have provided Eren access to the continent. Yelena is unable to assist Magath in a way that puzzles everyone with her refusal to reveal information that would to save her home, and Pieck uncovers that Yelena is actually Marleyan. Yelena starts to try to turn Marleyans along with the other Eldians against one another and reminds that they have committed the same crimes that they’ve committed against each and each other. 

Return to Paradis Arc

She discusses the way Reiner Braun smashed the Wall and caused many Eldians within to die from being eaten by Titans She then speaks about the ways in which Annie Leonhart killed many members of the Survey Corps, afterwards she critiques Armin and how an intelligent person could take down an entire Marleyan naval port by using the Colossus Titan. Following a couple of comments and realizing that she’s not convincing the crowd her argument, she manages to get the attention of Jean by telling him about Marco Bott’s murder in the at the hands of Reiner and Annie and Annie, causing Jean to strike Reiner in the midst of rage.

The next day , the group sets off to Paradis harbor, but discovers it filled by Yeagerists. While Hange and Magath look out over the harbor, they find Eren’s Titans are likely to have already arrived at Marley. Infuriated, Magath begins torturing Yelena to find out where Eren is she breaks her arm. Incredulous, Yelena agrees to tell Magath the location Eren is if he allows her go. In the meantime, Onyankopon constructs an impromptu sling for her arm.

Return to Paradis Arc

While The Armored as well as Female Titans along with the Survey Corp members engage the Yeagerists, Yelena sits on the top of the back of the Cart Titan and is taken to Azumbito’s ship while they are preparing to leave. After she boarded, she along with others are shocked to see an unidentified Marleyan cruiser explode, after Magath left to stand by.

When she awoke due to her illness, Yelena reveals she had talked about global allied fleet’s capabilities as a military force with Eren. Instead of this fleet itself, the thing that frightened her most was the floating boats research base located at Fort Salta. Yelena is convinced that this could be the next target of Eren’s in order to destroy flying boats that could pose threat. In exchange for cooperation with her, she demands those in the room to acknowledge that Zeke’s euthanization plan was correct and to which Hange accepts.

Yelena is later escorted to a lifeboat along with the other ship’s crew in order that Falco will transform into the Jaw Titan.

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SIEG YEAGER and Yelena AOt

She was a victim of his conflict when he saved her life during an naval battle. After that encounter she believed in her god with reverence and slayed without mercy people who did not conform to her wishes.

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If she believed that she was an ally she was enthralled by him, but more nuanced than with Sieg. For instance when she was at Mahr’s involvement during the battle of Shiganshina she warned him to not risk his life and this shows that she was unsure about his motives.



They shared a generally positive relationship, with mutual respect. But, even though Hansi was removed from the army’s plans regarding the fate of Jager, Jelena, thinking that she was setting her own self against him, thought of his death with a light touch.



She regarded her as a decent girl and stated that she was guilty for her, especially after Gaby killed her. This might be the reason she killed Griez following she was attacked several times during her absence.



Jelena appeared to be in good terms with the man. However, this was just an attempt to make a statement. Being aware that the commander Pixis was planning to get Sieg eaten, she was furious at the man. She was given the chance to remove the mask once the man drank the wine that contained his spinal fluid.



As a senior Mahr officer, she was a snobby and vile person and called him a scummer, and refusing to assist him in locating Eren Jager even though the fact that he had betrayed him.

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Quote Yelena Aot

“Save the world sounds so good… What better argument to rally people to your cause? The grandiose prospect of saving billions of lives is so overwhelming that you suddenly swallow any resentment you may have accumulated up to now. That’s what you look like right now, in my opinion. “

— Jelena to the members who are members of the anti-Great Death alliance


  • Jelena is a name that comes from the Slavic language. Jelena is an Slavic variant of the name Helene.
  • It’s the pronunciation “Yelena” in Aot.
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