Louise Attack On Titan : Everything You Need To Know

Louise Attack On Titan

In Attack On Titan, Louise is A young girl was one of the victims in Trost, when the Titans invaded the town in 850. Later, she joined The Exploration Battalion and participated in The Battle of Revelio.

APPEARANCE Louise Attack On Titan

APPEARANCE Louise Attack On Titan

Luise is a young lady with hazel eyes, dark blonde hair and parted at the middle. While 85 was still a child, she wore pink vest and long skirt over a white shirt with a long sleeves. In 854, her civilian attire consisted of a light shirt with a long white skirt.

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PERSONALITY Louise Attack On Titan

PERSONALITY Louise Attack On Titan
9 anime

She is a simple-minded, moody teenager who worships Mikasa. To be closer to her, she returned to the battalion. Luise also hopes to be in the same cell where Mikasa was held 4 years ago for insubordination by Hansi Zoe or to get Mikasa’s scarf which she received from Eren Jager when Mikasa turned 9.

Luise appears to have joined The Pro-Jager but not because she had ideals but because she admires Mikasa. She wanted to be closer to Eren and to interfere in the relationship between them.

She seems to also idolize Eren .

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STORY Louise Attack On Titan

STORY Louise Attack On Titan


Luise and her mother were among those trapped by Dio Reeves’ cargo during the Battle of Trost. Thanks to the intervention Mikasa Ackerman , they narrowly avoided the attack by a Titan. Mikasa Ackerman threatened Dimo to make it easier for civilians to get to safety. Luise and her mom thanked Mikasa before they left the District of Trost. They were given the army salute which was a source of admiration.

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Luise was among the soldiers who reached the airship.

Luise and another soldier attempted to stop the bleeding by bandaging Sasha to save her. However, they were unsuccessful.


Luise, along with other soldiers, revealed to Frock Vorster that Eren Jager had been imprisoned following the attack on The MahrsHansi ZOE interrogated them. They were sentenced to appear in court for disclosing confidential information.

Luise questioned Mikasa about her past experiences in the cell she was held up. Mikasa answered in the negative, before Luise spoke again. Luise confided that she had no regrets about her decision and that she believed she had fulfilled the Exploration Battalion goal to “winning”. Mikasa then shared with her the story of their first meeting. She understood that violence was necessary to defend oneself. She then asked Mikasa whether Eren saved her as a child. Luise replied that the young woman had done everything she could to make her feel closer to her since that day. Luise questioned her about her reasons for joining Battalion. Mikasa told her to remain quiet and she was soon on her way. Luise gave her the Army salute.

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Many soldiers and civilians joined Eren after his escape. The small group followed Eren to Shiganshina, where they arrested the Tactical Squad, Hansi Zoe and Nicolo.

As Mikasa was getting ready to battle, the Mahrs attacked. Mikasa was cool with Luise and noticed that her model wasn’t taking her scarf.

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After Sieg Jager crying and the transformations of the island’s leaders to titans, she was involved in neutralizing the titans. She once more admired Mikasa.

Mikasa visited Mikasa in the hospital to retrieve her scarf. Luise informed Mikasa there that a spear shard had lodged in her abdomen and she was close to death. She said that Eren had told her she wanted Mikasa’s scarf to be removed. Mikasa ignored Eren and asked for her garment just before she left. Luis told her that she had never regretted her decision.

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  • His father is not shown in the manga nor the anime. However, it is known that his father is in the military in Garrison , as his wife stated that he would use his cannons against Titans.
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