Magi anime order : What order to watch magi anime ?

 If you're one of those who have a strict schedule for when they watch their favorite series. We can help you to make that happen. Here's how to keep your time watching the Magi manga series to ensure order
Magi Anime order

The Magi is in a way an anime franchise that has three series that are part of the same universe.¬†The three¬†fantasy anime shows¬†can be watched separately and not be confused.¬†If you’re one of those who have a strict schedule for when they watch their favorite series. We can help you to make that happen.¬†Here’s how to keep your time watching the Magi manga series to ensure order. In other words, here is magi order anime :

1st Magi anime to watch in order – Magi: The Adventure Of Sinbad (2016)

The Story:

The child Sinbad is born into the tiny poor, poverty-stricken Tison Village of the Parthevia Empire.¬†His birth caused a dazzling energy that swept across the rukh telling those at the top of their rung– the “Child of Destiny” is there.¬†In spite of being in a nation with a history of the effects of war and economic instability the boy lives a blissful life until tragedy comes in the form someone who shakes his world.

In the years since the unknown “dungeons” have been appearing everywhere in the world. These dungeons have intrigued adventurers as well as armies alike because they were they were believed to have potential for power and riches inside. A lot of people have explored them but till date they have not returned from them.

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At 14 and has transformed into a charming and gifted young man, Sinbad yearns to begin exploring the world outside of his home village. Like a synchronicity of fate Sinbad is able to meet an intriguing traveler who is named Yunan. Sinbad’s tale and ambitions stir Yunan and he leads him to a dark dungeon that might grant Sinbad his power as the throne.

Although it was released two years after the release of the first Magi collection, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken is the prequel to both series. There was a six episode OVA that was released in 2014 (Magi The The Adventure of Sinbad OVA) It all is linked to the release of 2016.

2nd: Magi anime to watch in order : The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)

The Story:

Dungeons are places which were created by magicians referred to as Magi. Magi are rare magicians that help people build their empires through guiding them through the incredibly intricate labyrinths. They are supernatural beings referred to as Djinns rule over this maze-like realm. In addition, they give those who have succeeded in conquering the world access to enormous power. They also choose possible king candidates to rule the world.

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Aladdin A kind young magician who left his home for the first moment in his entire life. He was keen to discover.¬†In addition, he was eager to learn everything there was to know about this new world that he’s not been exposed to before.¬†At one moment, his adventure turns much more than the imagination of his. After, he accidentally destroyed the majority of Alibaba Saluja’s items as he explored with Ugo his djinn companion who can be summoned by playing his flute.¬†Alibaba suggested that they tackle their labyrinth with each other as an apology for the harm they had caused. This adventure could alter them both forever and seal their fates once and all time!

Magi along with Alibaba, Aladin and Morgiana first met during the current season. The show also serves as the first season for people looking to learn more about the plot prior to watching Magi: The Kingdom of Magic.

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3rd: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2014)

The Story:

Aladdin and his companions had a great time in Sindria However, after defeating Al-Thamen, they were forced to break up.¬†Hakuryuu, Kougyoku, and Morgiana returned home, while Alibaba sets off for a train.¬†Aladdin embarks on a adventure to Magnostadt. A mysterious land ruled by magicians–to look into the mysterious events that are taking place in the country.

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The story follows the characters in their individual adventures and face their own problems. But, a new threat is posed by war, which threatens to begin.

The 2nd season is among the most enjoyable when it comes to bloody fights and incredible scenes. Aladin was at Magnaushtatt Academy, the school of magic, where we saw other powerful characters. Alibaba was at Shambala Ramal’s training grounds for training to become an Gladiator that provides us with amazing fight scenes! Morgiana is back in her hometo what was also known as “The Great Rift.”

In whatever order you choose to watch it or even if you’ve watched it chronologically. Enthusiasts can believe with the conclusion that Magi series is an amazing¬†fantasy series¬†that has the right amount of adventure-based elements.¬†One thing which could improve it is the fourth season.


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