Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

Heyy guys !! another debate today the manhwa where mc has demonic powers. Overpowered characters almost always have unique personalities and exceptional abilities. You can have everything, from hilarious to mysterious and cold,

They are more bizarre than they expected when they become Demon Kings. They have no boundaries or morals, and no common sense. Their solutions to problems are always unique and heart-pumping.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top manhwa where mc has demonic powers.

Best Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

Best Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

21 – Demon Diary

Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers tells the story of the unending war between Demons, Gods. Their hatred for each other is unimaginable, and peace is an impossible dream.

A special Demon was predicted to rise, one that would be more powerful than all other human beings. The Demon only wanted the bloodshed to stop.

The Demon King was defeated by the pacifist. He tells his story in his journal. It is a story about love and passion, as well as blood, torture, and sorrow. This is the perfect combination to improve your relationship.

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I'm the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier

20 – I’m the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier

She was a waste of her boyfriend, a flirty soldier that always kept an eye on everything with a nice behind.

After being set up as a blind date, she was able to get married to her date with the help of a few glasses of wine. You might think the situation could not get worse.

It turns out, her husband is the Demon King. They are handsome, wealthy, and powerful. The life of a Demon Kings is not easy. It is terrifying to live alongside him.

Now, explain to me how did he make her fall in love with him.

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The Demon Lord Wants to Die

19 – The Demon Lord Wants to Die

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers. The Humans and the Demon Race signed a peace treaty. The overconfident and greedy humans refused to share their world, and so they broke it. They declared war on the other side and were, as they expected, completely destroyed.

The Demons have taken control, and their King, who gave them victory, is now ruling over them. They were in a perfect situation. But everything was thrown into chaos after a young, beautiful warrior moved the Lord’s heart.

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We all expected the start of a love story. Instead, we will see the deranged suicide attempts of a Demon Lord, who wants to die.

How in the world did she get him so depressed?

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The Devil King is Bored

18 – The Devil King is Bored

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers: What would you do to get rid of boredom if your were the King of Hell? You can call any girl you like, and you’re surrounded in diamonds and gold. No one dares to spar with you.

You don’t have to answer this question, but neither can I. If he does throw it away, the author will be subject to some undeserved criticisms.

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A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

17 – A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers, the tyrannical Demon King, kidnaps and curses a princess. He decided to make her sleep in an eternal slumber instead of forcing him to be with her. I still don’t get it…

His castle was invaded by many heroes to save her, but all were in vain. The Lord was defeated by one last warrior named “Unknown”. This sealed her fate. He didn’t realize that he was bored at the time he attacked, so he decided to prolong the game.

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Let’s just say the warrior’s journey has not ended. The Demon King loves to watch the moments of hope before everything comes crashing down upon him.

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Devil Down Under

16 – Devil Down Under

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers: Beelzebub, the cruel and terrifying King Of Hell, was murdered and reincarnated as a baby in the human world. The overpowered Lord was changed, bathed, fed and cuddled.

He is so irritated that he cannot imagine how he could live without it. All he needs to do to move on from this period of his life is to make sure everyone who saw it disappear from the face the earth. Let’s first learn to walk and talk.

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Escape Devildom

15 – Escape Devildom

God only knows what the powerful Demons might do after realizing, after many years, that their idol is actually a weak human. There should be limits to ignorance.

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The Heavenly Demon can't live a normal life

14 – The Heavenly Demon can’t live a normal life

Baek Joong Hyuk, the ‘Heavenly Demon’, opens his eyes to reveal that he is the eldest child of the Dimitry families. The fool of the Dimitry clan, he was pushed aside by the second son. The opinion of the world is irrelevant. Roman Dimitry, a ‘Heavenly Demon,’ cannot lead a normal existence. Fantasy of the ‘Heavenly Demon’

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The Book Of Lagier

13 – The Book Of Lagier

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers. Embilden was the name of the Legendary Demon King. He was the only Lord to unify his people. He was unmatched in battle and respected by all.

One arrogant, fat, and greedy prince, Prince Lagier Lou Jerlayla Rodwill had the temerity to summon him in order to grant his wish. The incantation was erroneous and the prince died. Embilden saved his life.

He can still kill time, but he’s already here and can fulfill the audacious Princes request. He took control of his body and devised a plan to make Jerlayla the nation that will rule the human world.

Let’s first get rid of that huge stomach.

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Heavenly Demon Instructor

12 – Heavenly Demon Instructor

“Master, what’s your next lesson?” Park Hyunsoo, MC, lost his parents in a disaster called [Portal Impact]. His younger brother is now unconscious and the only member of his family he has left. He tried his best to protect his younger sibling but as an ineffectual support, he would always be the one who was unable to help… That’s when Chungyeong appeared. Chungyeong is a murim master martial artist who has traveled through time to reach this place from the Murim to instruct Hyunsoo in martial arts.

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Above All Gods

11 – Above All Gods

His domain was ruled by the Red King Sirius, the Demon Lord. He was a target of jealousy and disgraced by many.

He was confederated against and deprived of his kingdom. His title, power, and even his life. However, just killing him won’t be enough to stop the overpowering MC.

500 years later, he was still bitter and thirsty for revenge.

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The Great Venerable Demon has Returned

10 – The Great Venerable Demon has Returned

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers. Zhang Yi led a miserable life. He was forced to take on a huge amount of debt in order to pay his father for proper medical treatment. However, he lost his father. He was left alone and without a job, closing all doors to a bright future.

He committed suicide to end his torture. Zhang Yi survived, but he was able to wake up in the Ancient Immortal Continent with a power beyond his imagination. He rose at an incredible rate and could not be stopped. He became the Supreme Demon Lord of the new world in just a few short years.

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He was betrayed again by one of his friends and he died. He did not die, but he returned to the past, back when he was still a teenager.

What do you think his final destination will be the third time he is killed?

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Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

9 – The Rebirth of the Demon God

His most trusted friend betrayed Di Shi Tian, the demon leader, and he was killed by the Five Sects. Shi Tian, a student Mo Fan, is reborn after the demons were defeated. Di Shi Tian, without his powers or abilities, is under attack by the Five Sects and begins his journey of revenge.

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Chronicles Of A Returner

8 – Chronicles Of A Returner

Manhwa where mc has demonic powers. No one can match Dan Uhyeon’s worst talent. Dan Uhyeon, an unstoppable Demon God. After being sealed for the crime, it took a thousand years. Dan Uhyeon felt superior after a thousand years. The world has changed. It is a lonely place where no one knows. All that remains is despair and emptiness.

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Time moves like the wind. “There’s really nothing left.” A small girl appeared before Dan Uhyeon and lost her purpose. Hwa Somi. Dan Uhyeon, a girl who feels like she has no one to lean on, is the exact opposite and slowly opens his mind to her. “I’m Dan Uhyeon. “Come with me.” This is the story of a warrior who has an icy heart but a pure and pure girl. The story of a family that lives in midfield will make you smile.

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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

7 – Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Seolhwi, a scout for the Demon Cult encounters a master of Mount Hua Sect. These are the sworn enemies to the Demon Cult. The Mount Hua Cult master kills the entire squad without warning. Seolhwi, who is lying dying and lamenting his years of service to this cult, has suddenly been confronted with a prompt asking him if he would prefer to start over. Seolhwi is given the chance to make new choices and start again. He vows to survive, and to become stronger to rise to the top in the Demon Cult.

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Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

6 – Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

This Manhwa where mc has demonic powers is set within the Murim world. Yang Jagak, who was murdered for political reasons, awoke in the body the Demon Cult’s heir.

His destiny is to be the Demon King, the future ruler. He must play his part to the best of his ability to survive. One problem: the last owner of his body was an individual who fell on every woman he saw.

Let’s now see the flirty side to a goody two-shoes.

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Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

5 – The Return of the Crazy Demon

Yi Zaha was the Murim’s crazy demon. He is feared for his cruelty, gruesomeness and brutality.

When the ruler, who was too powerful to control, fell from a cliff, the people felt safe. It was a sad death for such an insane character.

Yi Zaha didn’t die. He returned to the past. He was a waiter back then and was being beaten by a customer. The customer suddenly lost his leg. He didn’t lose any of his madness or his power.

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The Descent of the Demonic Master

4 – The Descent of the Demonic Master

Due to a terrible accident, he lost the people he loved and became paralyzed. He realized that his life was meaningless and decided to commit suicide.

He began a second life and was awarded the title of Red Demonic Masters, ruler of Zhongyuan. He was also betrayed by one his disciples and lost his life.

Let’s now move on to the third. He was tragic and greedy. Both didn’t work out for him so let’s try something more normal.

The problem is that Zhongyuan’s previous master can’t grasp that certain people are above him now and that killing in 21st-century isn’t a new trend.

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Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

3 – Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

For breaking the Taboo, and learning the Demonic arts, the Spear Master Sect’s heir was executed. Woon Seong was not satisfied.

He returned to life as a member the Demonic Cult. He now wants to be their leader to wage war against the Sect that tried killing him.

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The Heavenly Demon was created and plunged the entire world into chaos.

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Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

2 – Reverse Villain

Jung-woo is the main character in this Manhwa. He was a Demon King who wanted to conquer the whole Murim world. They are always sabotaged by the Hero Shin Ryong and end up killing each others and reincarnating together.

This story has been repeated over and over again for many centuries. Now we are in the modern age. Is it possible for a couple who can’t get over one another to end their boring relationship?

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The Steward Demonic Emperor

1 – The Steward Demonic Emperor

Zhuo Yifan, the Demon Emperor. He was able to get the Nine Serenities Secret Records, an ancient emperor’s book. Experts and even his student were able to target him for this book, which was highly sought after. His soul is reincarnated in another person’s body after his death. He was reborn in the body Zhuo Fan, a family servant. Zhuo Fan, who had inherited the regrets of Zhuo Fan, was forced to serve Zhuo Fan’s mistress. How can he lead this descendant family to the top of the continent? !

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Manhwa Where Mc Has Demonic Powers

These recommendations are worth your time and I hope you enjoy them all. Many of these recommendations are already very popular, so their fans can attest to them.

The others are still quite new, but I am certain they will be a big hit.

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