Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin: Today we will be talking about the best assassin animation. Tales of Assassins has a backstory. It is a lineage that gave rise to them. Modern assassins are a mix of many identities. Some may be confused by their background. Assassins are now synonymous with hitmen. Sometimes they can mix with mercenaries and gangsters. This list will allow viewers to see the contributions of anime to the history and evolution of assassin archetypes. One of these stories might open the door to a new world, one that exposes society’s darker side. Here are the Manhwa in which MC is an Assassin.

Best Manhwa / Manga Where Mc is an Assassin

Best Manhwa / Manga Where Mc is an Assassin

Let’s start with my Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin Recommendations.

20 Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil

Tokaku Azuma, a private boarding school for girls, has been transferred to the Myoujou Academy. There is a catch: Tokaku is part of a group of assassins who are taking on a challenge with 11 of her Class Black classmates. It is their challenge to kill Haru Ichinose, their kind-hearted classmate. No matter how hard or expensive it may be, anyone who succeeds will receive their deepest desires. Each assassin gets only one chance. Tokaku chooses to take a different route despite the huge sum of money at stake. Despite Haru being her intended victim, Tokaku finds herself attracted the same girl she is supposed kill. Tokaku refuses Haru to die, even though her entire class wants her. She swears that she will keep Haru safe from her ever-increasing thirst for blood.

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19 Hazure Skill

Hazure Skill

We have an action/fantasy title in Hazure Skill. It is called “The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill is Actually a Legendary Assasin”.
Although the title is quite long, the story is simple enough that it is not boring.
Roland, the assassin in the hero’s group who decided to kill the demon-king by himself one day, is the story.
He was actually stronger than the hero, which he did.
After that point, things really pick up. Even though we get some action scenes from time-to-time, this manga is more focused on the slice of life or harem genre.
Although the artwork is not exceptional, it works well with the plotline and characters.

18 Madlax


Gazth-Sonika is a kingdom that sees civil conflict. Madlax, a lucky soldier who increases her trade with the kingdom of Gazth-Sonika, has a near supernatural ability. Margaret Burton leads a peaceful life in Nafrece, an ostensibly tranquil kingdom. As different as their lives may seem, these two are linked by strings of mystery. The evil group also wants to find a sacred book. It has an assassin-main character, making it one of the most popular manga. Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin.

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17 Noir


Noir is a word that instills fear in those who know its history. It was once the name of a well-known and successful assassin. The name has been passed to two women. These women are searching for answers to their questions about life. This anime’s protagonist is Mireille Bouquet. She is a French assassin. One day, Mireille receives an incomprehensible email from Kirika. Mireille confronts the girl after reading the note and discovers that she doesn’t know who she is. She has no idea why she is so adept at killing people, and she doesn’t regret it. Mireille and Kirika form a partnership and embark on a trip after realizing their lives are connected. It’s a manga that features an assassin principal character.

16 Moribito – Guardian for the Spirit

Moribito - Guardian for the Spirit

The Shin Yogo Kingdom’s Star Readers have to devise a strategy for avoiding widespread starvation after a severe drought. Legend has it that the first Emperor, along with eight soldiers, killed a water monster in order to prevent a severe drought. To save Shin Yogo, they did this. Prince Chagum, the son of the emperor, is a victim to the water demon.

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Chagum will also be killed at the order of the emperor to save the empire. Balsa, a fascinating spear-wielding hired soldier, arrives in Shin Yogo to conduct business. After Chagum is saved from an assassination attempt, his mother asks her for protection. It’s one of the most popular manga featuring an assassin principal character. Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin.

15 Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show

Mister, a space fugitive also known as a “coyote”, has been held for one year for traffic violations. With the help of his ex-criminal companions, Bishop, and Katana, Mister escapes jail ten days before he is due to be paroled. Franka is then taken to his arms by her deceased father. He then takes her on a treasure hunting expedition to find her father’s loot.

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Federal detectives Angelica and Chelsea are also following them. They are also being pursued by the Criminal Guild’s Android Assassins led by Madame Marciano’s Twelve Sisters. This anime has incredible action. The anime is recommended to fans of action movies and anime. It is therefore worthy of a place on our top list of best assassin animation. It has an assassin principal character, making it one of the most popular manga.

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14 009- 1

009- 1

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin: Mylene Hoffman is a beautiful cyborg agent codenamed “009-1” who lives in a parallel universe, where the Cold War never ended and that lasted a century. The world is also divided into two parts. The result is that the world is divided into two blocks.

Mylene Hoffman joins forces with three other spy spies to face rivalries, deceit, mayhem and rivalry. All of this she does while fulfilling assignments given to her by her superiors. This anime’s plot is quite simple. Don’t let this fool you. This anime is packed with incredible action. This anime will appeal to fans of action and cyberpunk. This manga is worthy of being on our top 10 greatest assassin anime lists.

13 Chaika – The Coffin Princess

Chaika - The Coffin Princess

Arthur Gaz, the Taboo king, ruled the Gaz Empire for 500 years. Five years ago, however, he was defeated by the Eight Heroes in a battle to capture the capital. The three-hundred year conflict was ended by his death. Tooru Acura, a former treasonist who was killed in wartime, is struggling to adjust to modern life. He is unable to find a job that allows him to use his fighting skills. He is able to meet Chaika Trabant (a white-haired sorceress), when he has an opportunity. She’s looking for her father’s dispersed remains and has a coffin strapped to her back. This will allow her to give her father a normal burial. Tooru and Akari, his adopted sister, are also her helpers. It’s a manga that features an assassin principal character.
Blade of the Immortal.

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Manji is a skilled swordsman. He has been cursed with the gift of eternal life. He is fed up of having to deal with the many deaths he has caused. He is also unable to murder so he devises an escape plan. For every 100 nice people he kills, he must murder them all. Manji accepts the plan of the old witch who gave him eternal life. He then sets out on his quest to kill a thousand evil men. Manji meets Rin, a young woman who seeks revenge against the sword school. Rin’s family was killed by members from this school. Rin and Manji set out on a journey together in the hope of finding some kind of serenity. It has an assassin principal character, making it one of the most popular manga.

12 Mirai Nikki

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin: Yukiteru Amano, a lonely student at high school, is lonely. He spends his time on his phone, writing his diary. He also talks to his imaginary friends Deus ex Machina, and Murmur. Deus reveals that he is a real entity and gives Yukiteru a “Random Diary”. The diary contains illustrative entries that are based on the future, and this prompts Yukiteru into a bloody battle royale.

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Eleven other people have powerful future diaries and are participating in this battle royale. Yukiteru, the last living person chosen to be the new god of space and time, should hunt down and kill the remaining eleven people to ensure his survival. He reluctantly joins forces with Yuno Gasai, his obsessive stalker. Yuno has a similar “Random Diary” and she takes it upon herself to ensure his safety. There is more to this girl that meets the eye. She may have other ideas for her unshared passion.

11 Kanako’s Life as an Assassin

Kanako's Life as an Assassin

What about a title that is a bit lighter?
Although it might seem unlikely (this is a list about assassins), Kanako’s Life as an Assassin still seems worthy of my attention.
You rarely see manga with assassins or MCs that are so funny and wholesome.

Featuring a disgruntled worker-turned-assassin named Nishino Kanako, this series does a lot of things right as a pure comedy manga.
This full-colored manga will be a great alternative to the black and white illustrations.

10 Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

The Social Welfare Agency in the central part Italy abducts young girls from hospital and gives them another chance in life. They use the latest cybernetic enhancements to accomplish this. The girls, who have their artificially augmented bodies, are trained to be assassins for the Italian government. They are still children, fighting for love and recognition, despite all their enhancements.

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This is even though they know that the love and affection they feel has been programmed. As these young women deal with their emotions, they are treated as ferocious and deadly killers by an agency. This manga has an assassin protagonist.

9 Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Ryuuko Matoi is searching the land in search of the murderer who killed her father. After following her single hint, the Scissor Blade arrives in Honnouji Academy. It’s just another high-school. The school is run by Satsuki Kiryuuin, the uncompromising and unfeeling student council president, as well as her powerful underlings. This group of underlings is also known as the Elite Four.

Satsuki, the head of the academy’s insanely strict hierarchy, wishes the highest ranking members to wear special uniforms called “Goku Uniforms”. These dresses give the wearer inhuman abilities that are unmatched. Ryuuko returns to her home that has been destroyed and finds Senketsu. It is a rare and living “Kamui,” which means God Clothes. Senketsu, who has come in contact with Ryuuko’s blood, appears and latches onto Ryuuko, giving her immense power. It is a manga that features an assassin principal character.

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8 Freesia


Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin: Freesia has a manga plotline that will appeal to psychological thriller fans. Freesia tells the story of Kano Hiroshi, a young man who takes a job with Japan’s proxy employment agency.
As with most manga titles, the main character is the highlight of the story. His interactions with other characters and his presence are what make this manga so special.

If you are looking for manga titles with highly-polished artwork, I don’t think this is what you are looking for.
You will be captivated by Freesia’s complex characters and thought-provoking narrative if you can look past the less appealing visuals.

7 Lupin III: Island of Assassins

Manhwa Where Mc is an Assassin

Zenigata visits a prominent politician’s party to examine a fake Lupin calling card. Lupin also makes an appearance. Masked assassins appear from nowhere and start shooting at everything and everyone that moves. Zenigata confronts Lupin in the courtyard of the house as he chases them during the gunfire. Zenigata is shot in the chest by a man holding a Walther P-38.

Lupin recognizes Walther and starts an investigation. The group was attacked by assassins from the Island of Assassins. The island is kept secret by senior government officials from around the globe. To solve their problems, these officials use the assistance of assassins from the island. There are many mysteries on the island. It has an assassin principal character, making it one of the most popular manga.

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6 Code: Breaker

Code: Breaker

Sakurakouji Sakura sees people being engulfed in flames from her bus window. A little girl her age is also visible and watches over the crowd. She returns to the accident site the next day and finds no signs of murder or dead bodies. All things culminate in a little fire. Oogami, a new student from Oogami’s class, arrives to her. Sakurakouji is an assassin with a brutal streak who believes that murder is wrong. It’s a manga that features an assassin principal character.

5 Succubus & Hitman

Succubus & Hitman

Hitman and Succubus offer a more mature title, a series of good action/fantasy stories.
It is about Gamou Shouya, who was a high school student and died. Armelina, a boy who made an agreement with Armelina, takes over his body.

The MC reincarnated becomes Armelina’s hitman and assassinates other characters to fulfill the terms of the pact.
Although the title may seem lighthearted, I assure that it isn’t.
This is a sensitive book with detailed artwork and some crass dialogue.

4 The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow

Let’s face facts:
The majority of the isekai manga series and anime that have been released recently are…mediocre.
Although I don’t have anything against the genre, it is perhaps becoming too saturated.
However, The Eminence in Shadow is an isekai manga I recommend wholeheartedly, despite my bias towards new isekai titles.

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It is about a young isekai named Cid Kagenou, an isekai boy who idolizes dark, brooding and assassin-type characters, even back when he was just a child.
He seeks to be like the people he admires. He can be described as a chuunibyou at times.
My favorite thing about this manga is its self-aware humor and solid art. It also has a funny story.
Did I mention it will soon get an anime adaptation? Yes!

3 Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a popular assassin character. How could I not include it here?
Although I know most of you are familiar with the plot and the incredible story, I will still briefly explain it to new readers. Hunter X Hunter is primarily about Gon, a young boy who wants to find his father and become a hunter expert.

He also makes friends along the journey.
Killua Zoldyck is one of those friends. He’s a reformed assassin and will do whatever it takes to protect his friends, even if it means tapping into his more ruthless side. (Assassin Mode hype intensifies).
Nearly every anime/manga lover will tell you why this series is a great success, and they would be correct.
Togashi’s frequent hiatuses, I think, are the only real “flaws” in this manga.

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2 Danganronpa


Hope’s Peak Academy accepts only gifted students. Students who apply successfully receive their unique titles that reflect their talents and characteristics. Makoto Naegi, one of fifteen students who applied to the school was the most ordinary. His acceptance was a result of pure luck. He is now called “Super High School-Level Lucky.”

Naegi and his fellow students are initially happy. They are thrilled to be able study at this prestigious college. These feelings of joy are fleeting. Monokuma is the person who ruins their lives. Monokuma is the principal and resident bear, and he keeps them locked up in the school. Students’ chances of graduation and breakout depend on their ability to kill one another without being found.

1 Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

The learners of Kunugigaoka Middle School’s 3-E class are faced with a daunting task when a mysterious beast brings the moon to a permanent crescent. They must kill the creature responsible for this disaster before Earth suffers a similar fate. The beast, Koro-sensei, is able to fly at Mach 20. He is their best teacher! Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, a comical manga hit by Yuusei Mizui, narrates this story about the junior high students. This story is about the students’ assassination skills, and how they grow as individuals.

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They do this to resist the tyrannical school system and their personal issues. One day they will meet Koro-sensei. This manga is intended to be the best assassin manga. However, we have saved the best for you.
There have been many fine anime killers, each with their own reasons. We love our cold-blooded assassins, regardless of whether they murder because they are psychologically abnormal, because they were raised or because they want to change the world.

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