Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation : Review And Everything About 177013
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Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation : Review And Everything About 177013

Metamorphosis Anime Release Date

Metamorphosis is quite a different meaning when you mention that to someone you don’t know. If you do mention this word to an uninitiated, they’re likely to look at you with that stare. We might not have been aware of Metamorphosis immediately when we entered animation but it’s all likely that it’s not been brought to our attention in some manner or other way. If anything, you’d have at the very least seen a few 177013 memes floating around across social media. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to hear of its Japanese name”Henshin.” Henshin. Looking Forward Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation !

In the event that Boku no Pico is considered as the most holy of anime 177013 is without any doubt the most holy grail of manga. Like the way people troll a newcomer in anime with Boku without Pico and a practice should be developed to harass newcomers in the world of manga. The downside is that they could be tainted for the rest of their lives and not touch another manga in the future.

But are Metamorphosis so terrifying as many say? We will examine the film and discuss it as a Doujin which is sure to cause an outrage among fans. We will also talk about the possibility of an animated adaptation of this Doujin soon.

177013 – The Infamous Number Explained

177013 - The Infamous Number Explained

If you don’t know 177013 is the number used to identify an nhentai doujin referred to as “Metamorphosis” on To put it in a more precise way the number is component of the URL that will take you to the doujin. If you’d like to know further about the significance of these codes,, you are able to read my article about Hentai codes.

This code has also been so well-known within the anime and weeb community. Why? It’s simply depressing. The story is centered around drug use, prostitution, and sex. Saki is entangled in the story and readers too are entangled within Saki’s adventure at the same time. The most interesting part about 177013 is the fact that it will stay in your memory for an extended period of time.

Perhaps, it’s not the most exciting for all. However, it’s going provide you with a totally new outlook regarding life. It will show you how to be grateful for life, as nobody can tell the moment when everything will go upside down and your situation could become unfixable.

Once you’ve understood that, hopefully you don’t get confused in the use of “metamorphosis” or “177013” interchangeably in the remainder of the article.

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What is the story behind Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation?

Metamorphosis Also known as 177013 , or Henshin is a book that has more than 225 pages. It begins in a manner that you will have no clue about what’s to come. The album was released in 2013 by Shindo L.

It’s a bit odd that in all those years, no Doujin has managed to produce the effects that Metamorphosis is able to create. Another little-known fact is that 177013 is also referred to as Emergence, with the more recent name, which isn’t as well-known.

Have you ever thought to you if Metamorphosis was inspired by any other work? Franz Kafka, a famous author, has written a book with the same title ” The Metamorphosis“. The term Metamorphosis refers to change or transform which is the premise of Kafka’s work.

Metamorphosis Doujin is a book that was in the spirit of that same book that focuses on the concept of the transformation. Not only that, the storyline in our Doujin is dark, much like the book by Franz Kafka.

Summary of Metamorphosis – 177013 in a Nutshell

Summary of Metamorphosis - 177013 in a Nutshell

The main character in this story in this story is Saki Yoshida the famous girl wearing glasses, whom everyone would instantly recognize. She’s shy, and that’s why she did not make friends during middle school. When she graduates she decides to have an alteration and hopes to get more friends at high school.

Her effort pays off as an older man named Hayato is impressed by her and begins to flirt with her. But things get too much from there, and Saki eventually ends in losing her virginity.

It doesn’t end there. she also gets involved with drug use as well as prostitution. This is the alteration which the writer has emphasized in order to keep the title Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis/177013 Review

Metamorphosis/177013 Review

The Dark Core

If there’s a word to describe, Metamorphosis perfectly, it’s ” dark“. Most likely too dark for many to take in. Another thing people say when they read this doujin is that it’s too realistic for their taste.

Each of the instances depicted in this doujin will likely to occur in the real world. After you have finished the manga, you’ll be left with the impression of a bad smell. It’s like someone has ripped off your heart right out of your body. It’s like what Sukuna was able to do to Yuji.

This is precisely the reason why some fans are complaining about. They don’t want to be depressed after reading a hentai Doujin. They want the conclusion to be exciting or spicy. Instead, they are thinking of keeping the memories of 177013’s story to an undiscovered corner of their minds.

Uniqueness of Metamorphosis

If you begin reading Metamorphosis thinking it’s just another doujin manga that contains plenty of sexual content, then you’re expecting a major surprise. Yes, Metamorphosis contains these scenes, but it is not the focus that the manga is about.

It is Saki’s transformation Saki that completely destroys her innocence as the world falls at her. Metamorphosis isn’t your typical story that has a happy ending. This is the reason why this story so unique. It has a touch of reality. It demonstrates to us that even our lives might not be “and they were happy forever after”. Life isn’t always easy and it’s our responsibility to handle them.

Now let’s talk about some advantages of the doujin. It is an amazing mix with beautiful as well as tragic events. The writer deserves all the appreciation for writing an original piece that has left an impression on all readers.

It’s also reasonable to say that he hasn’t hit the impression in the way he’d prefer it. Saki’s character has been set to life exactly as the writer had planned. Saki attempted to change her appearance but she ended up in an endless pit that she was unable to escape from.

Fact: 177013 contains an alternative ending in which Josuke from Jojo’s baffling adventures saves Saki. The code for this doujin is 265918.

Will Metamorphosis Anime Ever Get Released?

Metamorphosis often referred to by the name of Emergence manga is a an hentai-style genre and was created by mangaka Shindo L. The manga was released between 2013-16 , but it took a while before it gained its first readership.

It became famous around the year 2017 , when various websites and Youtube channels began covering the story and publishing it to the world. It’s so dark, it quickly gained an audience of cult status and every one of them is calling for an adaptation of the manga.

The entire manga is comprised of seven chapters. Saki is a teen girl who was pressured into doing negative things to keep the social circle that would later led her to an addiction path.

Will Metamorphosis Anime Ever Get Released?

If you look up Metamorphosis adaption of the show via Reddit or Twitter You will meet fans eagerly waiting to see the date of the release to be revealed. When will it begin airing on the internet?

Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation Release Date

Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation Release Date

Before discussing the possibility of a possible adaptation to anime for this story, let’s talk about whether the people really want the film to have an animated version. The answers are different and as we’ve said before, people are split on their views.

While some people have been traumatized from these doujin some have been enthused by the things the author tried to demonstrate to us. We believe that the anime adaptation would give an appreciation for the writer’s work, which deserves.

There is no formal confirmation from the government regarding the possibility of a re-imagining of anime for Metamorphosis.. As of now it’s just speculation. If you search on social media, you will discover a lot of fans who are anxiously awaiting the show, and those who are awed by the concept simultaneously.

The most likely time for the release of this series will be at some point in the coming season but even then, it’s an extremely long shot. There are some who believe it will be released in June 2022 or even later. There has also no trailer or teaser to reveal what we are going to see from the Metamorphosis anime. It will be interesting to determine which streaming platform is best deal for this series once it’s released.

Does Saki Yoshida die in Metamorphosis? – Alert Spoiler

Does Saki Yoshida die in Metamorphosis?

This is sort of spoiler. However, when you read the book,, many readers are still confused as to how the ending is explained.

The forthcoming Metamorphosis series will help explain the conclusion more clearly, so keep an eye out or check out the explanation in the following paragraphs.

Saki Yoshida passes away at the conclusion in the Metamorphosis manga. The final chapter concludes in Saki’s glasses being laid on floor covered with blood droplets. The final chapter reveals what Saki’s future could have looked like had she fought her addiction after she became pregnant again, and set out to create an ideal life for her baby.

So I’m hoping you’ve got all the latest information regarding the release date of the anime and keep an eye on us as we’ll be showing the trailer and the preview as soon as it’s available. It is also recommended to read our post on Redo Of Healer Episode 13 while you are waiting.

Final Thoughts On 177013 And Metamorphosis Anime

Final Thoughts On 177013 And Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation

Our opinion is that 177013 a.k.a Metamorphosis does not get enough recognition that it merits. Although it isn’t exactly the typical plot of a manga doujin however that’s the reason it’s the most unique. Once you’ve gotten past the sad parts and try to figure out why the tale is trying impart and you’ll begin to appreciate the story more. So, if you’re seeking to experience something different, this is definitely something worth considering. Check out the entire story and then let us know whether you agree with us or not.

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