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Miss Monday

Miss MondayAre you a bounty hunter? Whiskey Peak. She was previously a Frontier πŸ•΅πŸ» Agent with Baroque Works.


Miss MondayA tall, muscular woman with dark skin. Her shoulder-length pink hair is tied in two strands. She wears a dark tank and short shorts with boots.

She wore her hair in two sections before the time jump. She looked stronger.


Although you may be a member Baroque WorksShe was willing to give her life for the sake of saving others. Nefertari Bibi, demonstrating a noble soul and that she cared deeply for her πŸ‘«πŸΌfriends. She was a member the Baroque Works.



She is currently in a relationship Mr.She had a son with him. They are happily married. CactusYou can continue your work as bounty hunter.

Mr. Eight

She has been the Partner of Mr. Eight.

Miss Monday

Strength and skill

You have been promoted to the position of Frontier πŸ•΅πŸ» AgentShe is a good fighter.

Physical abilities

She is a strong, physical fighter, as evidenced by her muscles. One hundred bounty hunters lived in the area. Whisky PeakShe was the only one to manage to punch and injure ZoroHe cracked the roof of a building below him. She’s strong enough to have survived an explosion. Mr. Five.

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During the fight with ZoroTo increase her attack’s effectiveness, she used a metal knuckle dragger. However, she also found objects near her like a barrel, ladder, and a board.

He appears with a musket behind him after the time jump. It is unknown if he knew how to use it before, or if it was something he learned in the past two years.



She was born in a location on the Major RouteShe joined the army as a child. Baroque Works.

Whiskey Peak Saga

She disguises herself as an nun to participate in the party for the arrival of The Straw Hat PiratesChallenges NamiIt is illegal to consume alcohol. She actually drinks tea with milk just like the bounty hunter.

She leaves the club late at night, remarking on how many pirates she has seen drink and eat. She discovers Mr. Mr.The captain of the crew had eaten so much, so he asked them why they were having a party. He also said that he didn’t count on the whale flesh.Miss Wednesday, Mr. Nine and Mr. Nineshould have brought. The crew get upset, but Mr. Eight advises everyone to relax, as he has already checked the crew. Miss Wednesday removes her disguise and looks at the poster. Rufy’sHer partner showed her a bounty of 30,000,000. She tells her not to trust appearances when dealing with pirates. She apologizes and states that they have the pirates in their punch and can write reports to the boss.
Miss Monday
Mr. EightThey are instructed to tie up the pirates and take the money and treasure from the ship. At that point, however, Zoro, who is on a rooftop of a building, asks them to be quiet because his πŸ‘«πŸΌ friends need to rest and he doesn’t want them to be disturbed. Miss MondayAfter realizing they were members of the same clan, the swordsman tells the bounty hunters that he will be facing them all alone. Baroque WorksHe said that he is very familiar with the organization, having been given a similar role in the past. Mr. Eight thus orders him to be ☠️πŸ”ͺ killed, however the pirate disappears only to see him among them.Miss MondayShe then watches her colleagues shoot each other at the enemy to try and hit them, but with no success.

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The swordsman is again gone, so Miss MondayShe and her coworkers realize they need to be serious. He said that he will not believe he could do it all against them all. When ZoroHe reappears and throws a barrel full of wine at a building. The pirate splits the barrel into four pieces, which hit four bounty hunters. Miss MondayHe curses him.

After reaching him on a roof of another building she raises a wooden ladder that she intends to hit him with. ZoroShe narrowly avoids her by jumping to the ground. Miss Monday then puts on a fist puller, blocks her opponent, and hits him with an intense punch that cracks the roof. However, ZoroHe grabs her head and clings to it, until she becomes unconscious.

Later, the swordsman throws her from the building.

After recovering consciousness, she finds that Miss Valentine and Mr. Five have come to the island to ☠️πŸ”ͺ kill Miss Wednesday. Miss Wednesday takes a plank of wood to use as a weapon. She meets Karl along the way, her fellow rider, and she tells him to continue on to the ship. Officer πŸ•΅πŸ» Agents. She also states that in any case they will be punished because of the defeat suffered at the hands of the swordsman so she can afford to help a πŸ‘«πŸΌ friend. Miss Wednesday continues her thanksgiving and says that she is grateful. Mr. FiveShe then declares she and Mr.are the shame and the Baroque Works hits her with outstretched arm, creating an explosion that results Miss Monday’s defeat.

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The world from the sidelines

Miss MondayNow, it has been abandoned Baroque Works, earns her living as a bounty-hunter Whisky Peak. During the time jump she had a child together with Mr. Nine.

Manga and anime have different styles

Movie 14

Miss Monday and her entire family are part of the Pirate World’s Fair at Delta.


  • Monday in English means “Monday”.

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