Top 12 Villains One Piece : Everything You Need To Know

One Piece has a lot of great Antagonists. But which one is the best? In this list, we are referring to overall portrayal
One Piece

One Piece has a lot of great Antagonists. But which one is the best? In this list, we are referring to overall portrayal and not just powerwise.
We looked at every One Piece character’s motives and purposes and came up with a list.
This list includes characters who have either been fully fleshed-out or from whom we know a lot.
This list excludes characters such as Imu, The Gorosei and Cp0 members (except for 1), as well other major players who haven’t made any real moves yet.
The list also includes Antiheroes. Don’t assume that everyone on the list is evil. Some have just been rivals or obstacles to Luffy and the Straw Hats. Let’s get started!

12. Hody Jones

One Piece Hody Jones Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Hody Jones was the first villain out of the gate for One Piece‘s time skip. Typically, this just makes him fodder for the Shonen team’s new moves. And, for the most part, that’s true. Hody Jones was the exact type of strong, unrelenting force to just give the Straw Hat’s a taste of the New World as well as justify the use of some of their new super moves.

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What really puts him above a bunch of other villains, however, is the story surrounding him. Hody Jones is the living incarnation of evil that can be inspired if society pushes their poor and disenfranchised far enough. His hate against humanity outclasses even Arlong’s and feeds into hate for fishmen who sympathize with humans. He’s frightening both as a fictional and real-world monster.

11. Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Tis’ the season to give some love to one of the series’ most underrated and underutilized villains. Gecko Moria’s arc may not have had the same, world-shifting consequences that his peers have, but he gets plenty of points for just being one of the most metal villains. When he stands over his enemies, he perfectly personifies the monster-movie aesthetics he was based on.

With the Shadow-Shadow Fruit, he can both rob people of their souls as well as contort his body in unnatural ways. Plus, the guy tried to start a zombie army. If Luffy didn’t come along, the fans might be seeing zombie pirates fighting Kaido right now.

10. Crocodile

Crocodile One Piece Wallpapers - Top Free Crocodile One Piece Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

The Straw Hats faced many obstacles, including Mr. 0 himself.
He was not only a powerful and influential person, but he also ran a huge criminal organization that included many powerful members.
He is also the first villain to bring Luffy to his death.
It is interesting to see his reasoning, as he was looking for an ancient weapon. However, he did some very messed-up stuff, even though he wasn’t as evil as others on the list.
He may have started a civil war to get himself onto the throne.
In addition, He also has moments such as in marineford where he helps Luffy at the most critical moments.
He carries a lot of hatred towards the government. This makes him interesting, as he was one of the Seven warlords and used his position to his advantage.
It makes you wonder about their lives.

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9. Vinsmoke: Judge

Vinsmoke Judge screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

This may surprise many of you, however I believe it is more than logical to include him on this list.
He isn’t a villain Luffy has to defeat, but he was still an obstacle in the stories about one of our main characters.
He not only forced his wife to take certain medicines to suppress their children’s emotions but he also used them to further his ambition. Only to be betrayed by his so-called ally and to see his “failure boy” save everything he had left.
Judge, I think, is also a conflicted man. Although he showed love for his more successful siblings, he didn’t give a damn about Sanji or what happened to him. This shows that Judge is capable of showing love/affection only when it benefits him.
He continued to wonder why Luffy would want to be around such an inept person even after Sanji saved them.
His character is rich and complex. Even though he is a scumbag he was an interesting character.

8. Eustass Kidd.

Eustass Captain Kid by newgate-arts on DeviantArt

He’s on this list because he has already shown us that he could be one of Luffy’s greatest rivals across the sea.
His ideals are very similar to the main character’s, and he walks a similar route.
Luffy has also been a challenger to multiple Yonkou and was defeated.
He isn’t a bad guy, but we also saw that he cares deeply about the fate of those close to him. For example, when he learned what Kaido did to Killer, Orochi and Orochi were his best friends.
One of my favorite One Piece quotes is also from him. It goes like this: “Compared to the “righteous greed of the rulers,” the criminals in the world seem far more honorable. Only more scum can rule the world when scum rules it.
It’s so easy to get lost in his world and wonder where he is going.

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7. Charlotte LinLin

HD wallpaper: One Piece, Charlotte Linlin | Wallpaper Flare

After the timeskip, the very first Yonkou Luffy was faced!
Because Big Mom is an induvial and a conflicted individual, I think she deserved to be on this list.
Although her ultimate goal isn’t very villainous, she wants everyone to live in harmony. However, the way she does it is very iron fist-like.
She is also a Yonkou Luffy with a lot of maritime history and is the longest-standing.
Her unique immo is her motherhood, which she somehow built an empire with her children!
Many people love to clown her, mainly because of the portrayal in the latest arc. But best believe that Big Mom is far from over in the story.

6. Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci Wallpapers - Top Free Rob Lucci Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

Many people are still waiting to see where he ranks up on the list.
Lucci was Luffy’s first opponent, who showed Luffy just how evil the government of the world is.
He was not only a monster but he was also a cunning man. He was clever enough to sneak into Galley-la without anyone (including viewers) knowing his true motives.
Luffy was forced to exceed his limit by him as a first opponent. This is an impressive feat.
It makes you wonder about his story, as he works for the same company that abandoned and betrayed him after all he did for them.

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5. Kaido

Luffy Vs Kaido Wallpapers - Top Free Luffy Vs Kaido Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

This list must contain the strongest living creature!
He is the greatest obstacle that the straw hats have encountered up to now. His story arc is also the longest in One Piece (up until now).
Luffy was defeated in his first attempt to defeat him in his gear 4 .
I have never seen his behavior before.
He wants to be a powerful ruler of the oceans, but at the same moment he wants suicide. He also wants to inflict massive war on the entire planet.
Although there could be more, his actions are enough to make him one of the top five.
Fans can speculate for hours on his existence because they don’t know what he is.
This and his aggressive violent nature make him one of the most powerful villains One Piece has ever encountered!

4. Akainu

Akainu Wallpapers - Top Free Akainu Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

Although I am aware that many people hate this man, I believe he is one of the greatest villains in Shonen anime.
He is a straight-forward individual, which is what makes him so special.
He thinks that justice is the only way to do things. Other ways are not good.
He is strong enough to survive and fight an angry Whitebeard. But he was also the MVP of Marineford war because his actions brought the Marines victory that day.
Because he is now a Fleet Admiral, his role in the story has become even more intriguing. He can follow his own senses of justice with a lot more flexibility.

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Anime One Piece Charlotte Katakuri #1080P #wallpaper #hdwallpaper #desktop  | Manga anime one piece, One piece manga, One piece

Yup, Mochi Man made it to the top.
You may be asking, “But why?”. The answer is quite simple.
He is a nice guy!
This man is no joke. He commands a Yonkou that is quite vicious, but he still manages to be reasonable and understanding.
We saw how his fight against Luffy was one of the most memorable in One Piece. And how his observation of haki changed everything if we are talking about powerscaling.
He was not only the pinnacle power figure, but he also carried it proudly. Anyone who dares test his loyalty to his family is going to be ‘Zangiri Mochi’d into oblivion.
Katakuri will always be Luffy’s greatest antagonist! He is, at least for me.

2. Doflamingo

HD wallpaper: One Piece, Donquixote Doflamingo, Aokiji, Punk Hazard, Vice  Admiral Smoker | Wallpaper Flare

It is impossible that the heavinly demon wouldn’t be number 3 on this list!
The Dressrosa arc is one of the top five best One Piece arcs. It was only possible because this man was at its front.
This man, from his heritage to his goals was an unstoppable walking catastrophe that had to be stopped by Luffy.
His personality is not typical. He can also be incredibly kind to people and will get rid of them quickly if they are traitors to his cause.
Because he was responsible for everything that happened after they left the Holy Land, this man even killed his father.
He is a great character because he shows what happens when you get bad influences very young.
Let’s hope he returns to us during the final war. We all know he will LOVE the chaos.

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Last but not least, Mister Zehahaha!
He’s an anti-Luffy so it seems only fair that he be number one.
All Luffy hates is Blackbeards and vice versa.
His quotes are some of the most memorable in the entire story. If you take a look at where he started from and where he is now you will see that you cannot do anything except respect the grind.
He was certainly more prominent in the Rocks introduction because he has many connections to Rocks and we all know Blackbeard will bring the most chaos to One Piece.
He is a fascinating character because, while he shares the initial D like many characters, he is not like the rest of the ‘Clan members.
We saw Oda’s illustration of Oda crying as a child, and it is likely that he will have a sad backstory.
Blackbeard is a very motivated villain, and he will be Luffy’s greatest obstacle in the series.

What do you think?

Did we satisfy our feelings with the list or did it trigger all of our emotions?
We’d love to hear from you in the comments, and we wish you a happy Nakama!

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