Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man : Our Top 25 +

What is Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man .Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga series is one of the most popular and hyped in 2021. Due to its huge popularity, Chainsaw Man manga series will be adapted into anime by MAPPA in 2022.

This series is set in a world where demons and humans co-exist. Demons represent humanity’s anxiety about particular problems. They can be as simple as tomatoes or cucumbers, or as frightening as darkness and hell, among other similar entities.

The Devils are one of the main reasons for Chainsaw Man’s popularity. They are fascinating and intriguing personalities who have proven to be terribly powerful. They created an unforgettable impact on fans with their great strength and vicious personality.

In the Chainsaw Man series, there are many powerful demons and a variety of them, such as normal demons, hybrid demons, and demonic demons. Thus, it will be difficult to classify them because each devil has its own abilities and powers that make them strong. That’s why I’ll rank them based on their level of power and ability, as well as their contribution to the series. Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man

So, without further ado, here is our Top Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man

Top Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man

Top Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man

Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man is a ranking based on popularity and my opinion so it may not have some of your favorite characters or even their place in the ranking is not what you expect

28. Tomato Devil

Tomato Devil

You might have seen the first episode of the anime and are familiar with the Tomato Devil. It resembles a giant tomato, but it has large eyes and many arms. Unfortunately, we will not see this guy again as it was easily killed Denji or Pochita.

Another ability is seed revival which means that the Devil can be resurrected again. Denji was aware of this and told his boss to burn them so that they don’t resurrect

27. Grape Devil

Grape Devil

The Grape Devil is just a minor character in the series. It is a devil which represents fear of grapes. It has the appearance of multiple eyeballs connected together with its veins, making it look like a grape. The Violence Fiend has already killed the Devil in this series.

26. Octopus Devil

Octopus Devil

The Octopus Devil, which is a manifestation of fear in octopuses, also has large tentacles. Hirofumi Yashida, a Devil Hunter, has signed a contract to the Devil and also displayed its capabilities. The Octopus Devil can spit out ink clouds as a smokescreen to help stop enemies or even restrain their movements using its tentacles. This was demonstrated in Hiromi’s fight with Qanxi ( Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 61 ).

Because of its horrific appearance, the Ghost Devil was a manga character by Junji Ito. It looks like a female face, with flowers covering its entire body. It also has many arms and legs. The Ghost Devil has been known to have signed a contract with Himeno, who is also a Devil Hunter. She can offer one of Himeno’s eyes to the Ghost Devil in exchange for her hand 

25. Shark Devil

Shark Devil

The Shark Devil Fiend goes by the name Beam. He is a Devil Hunter, and a member of the Tokyo Special Division. His face initially appears like a shark’s snout. When he transforms his entire body becomes a shark, with many fins that can be used to make legs.

He is weak in combat compared to other devils. However, his unique skill is his swimming ability on any object, even water. Most Powerful Devil Powers in Chainsaw Man

24. Spider Devil

Spider Devil

The Spider Devil is one of Tokyo Special Division’s Devil Hunters. She is the manifestation and fear of spiders. She is also known as PrinciSpider Devil has a normal upper body but eight legs on her lower half that look like a spider’s. However, they can penetrate flesh and cause serious injury.

She is a Devil but she is kind and polite towards people. She is known for her zipper that runs across her face. This allows her to unzip and teleport Makima anywhere she wants (Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 66).

23. Zombie Devil

Zombie Devil

The Zombie Devil was one of the first Devils to be introduced in Chainsaw Man. It was Denji’s enemy in the first chapter. It is believed to have signed a contract with Denji’s Yakuza and then tried to kill Denji.

The Zombie Devil has the ability to make humans into zombies, just like the ones in Hollywood movies

22. Snake Devil

Snake Devil

Due to its snake-like body, and its arms acting as its teeth, the Snake Devil looks strange. Akane Sawatari has been offered fingernails by the Snake Devil to fulfill a contract.

The Snake Devil has the ability to devour all Devils and even revive them after they are spit out. This power allows her to control other Devils, just like she did with the Ghost Devil

21. Stone Devil

Stone Devil

The Stone Devil is next, which appears as a gargoyle with dragon-like wings and a bat’s head. Kusakabe, the Devil Hunter, signed a contract with it. He was able to use Stone Devil’s ability to form a circle with one hand and blow through it, causing his enemies turn into stone (Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 59).

20. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil

The Punishment Devil appears briefly in the series’ Gun Devil Arc. It takes the form of several connected human bodies, each with a weapon. When they were being used against the Gun Devil they appear from a large mouth that is also composed of humanoid characters.

19. Katana Devil

Katana Devil

Another hybrid, the Katana Devil (or Katana Man) is also revealed to be Denji’s grandson and traitorous Yakuza boss. He is out to take revenge. The Katana Man transforms into a sword by removing its arms and heads. This is similar to Denji’s Chainsaw Man, but it only changes the chainsaws to blades.

He is the Katana Man. His title is clear: he’s skilled with swords. Denji can fight him toe-to toe.

18. Violence Devil

Violence Devil

Violence Devil is a Fiend type who is a member the Tokyo Special Division’s Devil Hunters. He goes by the name Galgali. This Fiend is known for taking over dead people and has the appearance of a plague-mask-wearing male. Ironically, Galgali, a Devil associated with violence, is still very friendly to others and treats them with respect.

Galgali’s Devil powers is the ability to transform his body into a muscular form, making it stronger and more powerful. Galgali does this by removing his mask and revealing his four eyes

17. Fox Devil

 Fox Devil

The Fox Devil is at the 12th spot on our list. He has not merged with any one person, but has made contracts with many people. He is immortal, and like other devils can heal him by drinking blood. Fox Devil can be summoned if people have a contract with him. This allows them to summon a portion of his body to fight devils. Fox Devil only allows attractive people to summon him and does not attack humans with devils mixed together, as he doesn’t like the taste.

16. Future Devil

Future Devil

Anyone who places their head in the hole on their chest and asks for his help can see their future. It can create contracts with people, giving them a glimpse into his power (Aki Hayakawa is able to see for a few seconds into their future), but also taking their lives or doing something worse. He can also drink blood to heal his wounds and is immortal, just like other devils. These abilities make him one of our top ten Strongest Chainsaw Man Devils.

15. Eternity Devil

Eternity Devil

The Eternity Devil represents fear toward eternity. It is composed of pure flesh and takes on the appearance of giant teeth. It has the ability to create an area that can become infinite. Similar to the time Denji’s division got stuck on a particular floor in the building. It can create an infinite reality and even stop time in certain areas.

14. Blood Devil

Blood Devil

The Blood Devil, a Fiend who goes by the name Power, is one of the first characters to be introduced in Chainsaw Man. Power is also part of Special Division 4, aka Makima’s squad. Power, the Blood Devil can make her weapons using her blood or that of others. This ability was first demonstrated in her fight against Sea Cucumber Devil. She created a blood-based hammer and killed the Devil instantly.

13. Ghost Devil

 Ghost Devil

The Devil Hunter Himeno has contracted the Ghost Devil. Himeno can make the Ghost Devil her own body by sacrificing a portion of her body. Because of its extraordinary powers, the Ghost Devil can be extremely expensive compared to other Devils.

The Ghost Devil’s body is unusual in that most other things cannot touch it, but it can strike and attack anyone it pleases . It can also track other beings using the fear they feel making it an extremely terrifying enemy.

12. Bomb Devil

Bomb Devil

The Bomb Devil , a devil who has merged with the Reze. She is the main antagonist in Chainsaw Man. Her goal is to seize the protagonist’s heart. Her appearance changes, just like Denji. When she activates the power to the Bomb Devil, her face transforms into a nuclear bomb.

Her abilities as the Bomb Devil include destruction and explosions. Just by touching another object, she can cause explosions. This is similar to her brief fight against Beam (Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 45). She can transform parts of her body into explosive bombs, and she can also regenerate after losing one!

11. Curse Devil

 Curse Devil

The Curse Devil, a Devil who is known to have signed a contract with Akihayakawa, takes the form 2 skulls and large ribcages. It will only act if the user of its Cursed Spike stabs it and shouts “Fire”, triggering its appearance. This was once used by Aki to summon the Curse Devil in order to defeat Katana Man. It is part of his contract.

10. Hell Devil

Hell Devil

The Hell Devil , a powerful entity that symbolizes fear towards Hell, is the Hell Devil . It has a contract to Santa Claus, offering 3 children and one doll. While covered in flames, it takes on the appearance of a centaur.

One of its abilities is the Devil Connection, where a gigantic hand with six finger can be summoned from above and can take anyone to Hell in an instant.

09. Crossbow Devil

Crossbow Devil

Another hybrid is the Crossbow Devil, where she merged the Quanxi with the Devil Hunter. Her title as the First Devil Hunter is another distinction. Quanxi transforms into a bow and arrows that covers her neck, arms, and neck.

One of the Crossbow Devil’s abilities is to shoot arrows out of her body. Her arrows can penetrate through almost anything, creating holes with perfect circles .

08. Doll Devil

Doll Devil

The Doll Devil is an unknown entity. It was first discovered by taking over the body of Tolka, a Devil Hunter. After signing a contract with Santa Claus, it became a temporary ally with Santa Claus.

It is known as the Doll Devil. It can make dolls out of people and can even be used as a killing machine.

07. Cosmos Devil

Cosmos Devil

Another Fiend, the Cosmos Devil, is Quanxi’s girlfriend and Crossbow Devil user. Cosmo’s strength is based on people’s fear of the universe. One of her abilities as a Devil is her ability to trap her target’s minds into another dimension that appears like a library. They can be hypnotized into believing “Halloween” until their final breath.

06. Angel Devil

Angel Devil

The Angel Devil belongs to the Tokyo Special Division’s Devil Hunters. He appears to be an angel with wings, and a halo over his head. His appearance doesn’t make him a danger to others and he is known as a laid back guy.

The unique ability of this power is the fact that she can make weapons from her Halo in return for the lifetimes she’s collected. Her wings can also be used to protect from bullets. However, she still feels pain from the wings being attached to her body 

05. War Devil

War Devil

After taking over the body of Asa Mitaka, the War Devil Fiend is another Fiend. She is also a major antagonist and part of the Four Horsemen. Yoru, who is the War Devil and can transform any human into weapons . The more guilt she feels, the weapon will become.

This is an example: Yoru converted Asa’s spinal cord into a sword, with Asa’s head serving as the cross-guard.

04. Control Devil

Control Devil

The Control Devil, one of the most powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man, also goes by the name Makima. Makima is the leader of Special Divison 4, which includes the main characters like Power, Denji, and Aki.

She is the Control Devil and manipulative. You can see it in her manner of giving orders to Denji. She is also able to control any kind of force, which allows her to do whatever she wants to her enemies. One example of this is when she made a gun out of her fingers and said “HT0_ Bang ” at Power, killing her instantly.

03. Chainsaw Devil

Chainsaw Devil

The Chainsaw Devil was a devil that merged with the main character Denji to make him the Chainsaw Man. The Chainsaw Devil initially takes the form of Pochita, a small creature. After being ambushed by the Yakuza’s zombies and their zombies, Pochita merged with Denji, who is about to die.

Denji’s Devil Powers are activated by pulling at the string on his chest. This allows him to use the Chainsaw Devil’s powers. Denji’s appearance changes when chainsaws appear from his arms. His face takes on the shape of a linksaw with massive teeth.

02. Gun Devil

Gun Devil

The next is the powerful Gun Devil, who is one the strongest antagonists of Chainsaw Man. It has a contract with the United States President, offering one year of life from each US citizen. Gun Devil is well-known for possessing a variety of guns. Because it can demolish multiple structures in one shot, the gun on his head is the most powerful .

The Gun Devil eventually became a Fiend, taking over the Akihayakawa body and making him more weak than ever before

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01. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil, a Devil who is contracted with Santa Claus and made up of human bodies, is known as the Darkness Devil. The Devil’s personality is unknown, aside from its berserk nature. This is the Darkness Devil, and it can control and manipulate the darkness at his will. It can transform an area into darkness, and create the Blade of Darkness, a dark sword.

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