Mustard : Everything You Need To Know

Mustard Mha

Mustard is a rank C Villain of the Villain Union and an active part of the Genesis Squad.

Appearance Mustard

Appearance Mustard

Mustard is a small boy with wavy, short blonde hair. He is dressed in the black school uniform, gloves that are greenish as well as white sneakers. Most noticeable is the green gas mask that covers his entire face. The two oxygen tanks that are on the back of Mustard’s body are connected to his mask.

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Character Mustard

Character Mustard

Mustard has demonstrated a degree of pragmaticity. He believes that it’s better to wait until the right moment to strike and believes that function matters more than fashion in the world of tools and gadgets, which has caused him to argue with Himiko Toga, whom is not convinced that way. According to Mustard the human race is a whole. are human regardless of the strength of their Quirk is.

Mustard exhibits an incredible amount of brutality. He carried a gun in the Genesis Squad’s battle to ensure the kill of Tetsutetsu along with Itsuka.

Character Mustard

Mustard is rumored to be feeling an abundance of resentment, jealousy and jealousy toward the students at Yuei High School. During the incident, he frequently ridiculed Itsuka and Tetsutetsu as if they were be poor, unappreciated people who are pampered by the world, due to their school’s image. Then he adds to the issues that are affecting the world.

Mustard is extremely proud of himself as well as his Quirk and his abilities, as well as his accomplishments. Because of his self-confidence, Mustard tends to brag.

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Skills Mustard

Skills Mustard

All-around Abilities: Mustard is an intelligent Villain and therefore, a skilled one. He is familiar with how to use his Quirk effectively and has been able to utilize it when fighting the two Yuei High School students at the simultaneously. However, he isn’t sure how to fight without the help of his Quirk or weapons since there isn’t any particular skills for close-quarter combat.

Trained Goal: Mustard seems to be a great marksman, able of dismantling Tetsutetsu’s mask using just one shot. The ability to see the presence of people in his poisonous fog further assists his goal.


Gas (gasu Gasu? ) The Quirk of Mustard lets him create the soporific gas that is produced by his body and regulate the flow. The gas produced can develop to become a typhoon, and take over the entire area of an area of forest. Mustard isn’t protected from the effects of his Quirk, and is unable to expand the fog to areas further away from his place. Mustard is able to detect any movement in his poisonous fog by watching its fluctuations.

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Equipment Mustard

  • Gas Mask Mustard is wearing a green gas mask , which is equipped with oxygen canisters. The mask protects Mustard from poisonous gas, because the Villain isn’t immune to the consequences from his power.
  • 38 Revolver Mustard utilizes a tiny pistol, and it carries ammunition for reloading.
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