My Liberation Notes Season 1 Review & Ending Explained

My Liberation Notes Season 1

My Liberation Notes Season1, a 2022 Korean Drama directed and written by Park Haeyoung, is called My Liberation Notes. Popular for their 2018 Korean drama My Mister, the writer won the Best Screenplay Award at The 55th Baeksang Awards. My Liberation Notes, a slice of life drama starring Kim Jiwon, Son Sukku, Lee Min-ki, and Lee El, runs 16 episodes.

PLOT of My Liberation Notes SEASON 1

PLOT of My Liberation Notes

Three children from the Yeom family, Gi-jeong and Chang-hee, are now in their thirties. They live with their parents in Sanpo, Gyeonggi, which is just outside Seoul. They commute for four hours each day to work in Seoul. They can’t stay up late like their Seoul colleagues because they must catch the last train to Sanpo at midnight.

Or, the other siblings will have to wait until them to take the taxi back home. They are fed up with their life and don’t know how to change it. They can’t leave Sanpo without their parents.

Their siblings help their parents on weekends with farm work, and their father runs a sink shop. Gu is a mysterious man that he hires to help him. They don’t know his origins and why he doesn’t have a first name, but they like him for being quiet and doing the right thing. 

PLOT of My Liberation Notes

He spends his nights drinking alcohol and doesn’t leave his home. Mi-jeong, the youngest daughter in the family, is tired of her daily life and sees Gu as the same as her. Gu is curious when she first talks to her.

All the siblings and Yeom families start to treat Gu as if he were their family member. Mi-jeong’s father had already planned to give Gu his sink factory. Gu must return to his old lifestyle after certain events. He has left Sanpo. The Yeom family experiences a devastating event that changes their lives right after he leaves. What happened to the Yeoms after he left and why?

My Liberation Notes season 1 Review

My Liberation Notes season 1 Review

The background music is the highlight of the series, aside from the story, characters, and acting. Without background music, the scenes and dialogues would not have been as vivid. Some parts were told by the music alone, and characters didn’t have to say a word. Gu and Mi-jeong, our main leads, are quiet. Even their conversations are minimal. The music fills in the silence and conveys the emotions.

The series is subtle in all aspects, whether it’s acting, music, or dialogues. Gu and the three siblings have played a significant part in acting. They have all acted as if they were absorbing the character and have made it memorable. 

Lee El and Son Suk-ku have been awarded the category for the best expression. Gu may not speak much but his expressions, whether they are romantic or angry, will touch your heart. Son Sukku has played the role with more expression than dialogues. Lee El’s Gi Jeong expresses all emotions- happy, sad and embarrassed- with great ease.

My Liberation Notes season 1 Review

Both the quiet life of Sanpo and the bustling life in Seoul were perfectly portrayed. The cinematography of Sanpo will transport you to Sanpo. It is easy to forget the small details of life in a small community, such as working on the farm or sitting silently listening to the birds sing while admiring the mountains. While Seoul’s bustling lifestyle is beautiful, Mi-jeong shows us the other side of Seoul.

The series begins with a dark story that shows characters stuck in their lives. Their lives change over time, but it doesn’t always change in a dramatic way. Although the change may not always be a good thing, it is a sign that something needs to change. The drama is well-suited for its slice-of life genre. It takes us through the characters’ lives as if we were reading a book.

 It is never rushed, nor does it end abruptly. The series is calm and shows the character’s progress, with the exception of some episodes that reach a peak climax.

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

My Liberation Notes promised to be a thoughtful, subtle series that would complement the subtleties of everyday life. The series ended abruptly, and what was initially refreshing became tedious and exhausting. 

Every subplot that was beautiful loses its direction over time, leaving one feeling guilty for watching the tedious episodes and not getting anywhere. Where did the series lose its ground? Continue reading to learn more!

Why Is Gi-Jeong A True Pick-Up Girl?

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Gi-Jeong was always called a “pick up” girl by her college friends because she would bravely pick up the head of her lover. She is proud of her courage. She can see through Tae-Hun’s soul and isn’t disappointed that she fell in love with him, despite all odds. 

Gi-Jeong and Tae Hun decide to wed after Yu-Rim turns 20, which is disappointing for her. Gyeong-Seon, Yu-Rim and their children still struggle to accept Gi-Jeong’s marriage to Tae-Hun. Gi-Jeong feels like she is losing control of her own life after her mother’s passing. She cuts her hair out in an emotional impulse. Tae-Hun believes that Gi-Jeong is suffering from this.

Tae-Hun tells her that he was afraid Tae-Hun would leave him because he would be too pityful to date him. Gi-Jeong tells Tae-Hun that he should not separate respect, pity and love. She feels all three emotions for her boyfriend. She is ready to deal with any difficulties that may arise in their relationship, but she cannot imagine ending it.

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

 She assures him that she will stand by him no matter what. Gi-Jeong is able to relax thanks to her positive resilience. Tae-Hun surprises Gio-Jeong one day with a snack, and a red rose as a surprise. The flower is broken from its stem, she sees. It reminds her of her lover’s severed head, which she keeps in a soy sauce casserole. Gi-Jeong is proud of her pick-up girl theory.

Does Chang-Hee Find His Life’s Purpose In Seoul?

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Chang-Hee wanted to move to Seoul and make a lot of money, all his life. Despite having moved to Seoul, he is prevented from doing so by the pretext of his mother’s passing. He leaves his job and becomes the owner of convenience store, earning a higher income. 

Chang-Hee’s early self was optimistic about the future, despite all his difficulties. But Chang-Hee has lost his zest for life in Seoul. Chang-Hee is aware that Hyeon Ah only dates men in vulnerable situations in their lives. This makes her feel more useful and positive about herself.

 Chang-Hee believes that she would be living her life as a victim if he married her. He does this to gain her validation. He decides to end his relationship with Hyeon Ah but promises to be there as a friend.

Chang-Hee, while waiting for Hyeon-Ah to arrive, visits Hyeok Su (Hyeonah’s ex) at the hospital. He is shocked to discover that Hyeok Su is dying. He tries desperately to call Hyeon Ah, but she doesn’t answer his calls. He decides to spend his final moments with Hyeok Su. 

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Chang-Hee informs him that he has seen many people die before his eyes, including his grandmother, grandfather, mother, and now himself. He has always been grateful to be able comfort them. Chang-Hee cancels a crucial meeting that could propel his career and decides to stay at Hyeok-Su. 

Chang-Hee believed that materialistic wealth would bring him true happiness throughout his entire life. In the most difficult times of his life, Chang-Hee emphasized people and emotions more than material wealth. Chang-Hee decides to attend a random class one day. 

Chang-Hee is confused when the lecturer begins to talk about death and life, but soon discovers that this class is for Funeral Planning. Chang-Hee, who has witnessed many deaths in his lifetime, has the strange feeling that he is in the right place. He sits through class.

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Ending Explained: What Was The Purpose Of ‘My Liberation Notes’?

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Mi-Jeong quits her job at Joy Card after moving to Seoul and stops working in the creative industry. Mi-Jeong believes that her rejection at her previous creative job had a negative impact on her self-esteem. This is not the case at her new job. She is happy to have found a job that has friendly colleagues and doesn’t contain any negativity, which was a big change from her previous job.

 She’s glad she no longer has to deal with Jun Ho and Su-Jin’s toxicity. Mi-Jeong’s only regret is that the Liberation Club had a to close down after she left. The Liberation Club members will reunite one day. Sang-Min informs his friends that his friend, a publisher, wants to publish his Liberation Notes as a book.

 Tae-Hun asks Tae-Hun if the notes were a success. Mi-Jeong, after reflecting on their adventure, suggests that the Liberation Club’s purpose was to help people understand and solve their problems. Understanding half of the problem means solving it.

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Mr. Gu’s problem with alcoholism is a serious issue in his job. He feels that he can’t stop drinking, as the demons of his past come back to him when he is sober. To forget his past, he started to depend on alcohol. After meeting Mi-Jeong, Mr. Gu realizes that his mind is able to remain quiet even when he’s sober.

 Gu rushes to rescue Hyeon Jin, his friend, from the goons to whom he had loaned money. Hyeon-Jin used Gu’s money and business to fund his gambling addiction. Hyeon-Jin, a former assistant named Sam-Sik, injures Gu to save him. He then runs off with his money like an unreserved punk. 

The series doesn’t reveal much about Gu Ja-Gyeong, his past or what happens to him after Hyeon Jin cheats on them. His relationship with Mi-Jeong is what stays in the forefront. It helps him overcome many difficulties in his life. Mi-Jeong feels lovable and happy when Gu is in her life. 

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

Things change when Mi-Jeong sees the good in her life and Chan-Hyeok promises that he will repay his debt. The Yeom siblings and Mr. Gu’s lives are still monotonous, but their perspective changes as they feel more free.

Final Thoughts: Why Did The Series Fizzle Out?

My Liberation Notes SEASON 1 Ending, Explained: Do The Yeom Siblings Find Liberation?

“My Liberation Notes” is a refreshing break from the K-dramas’ obnoxious romcoms. The series provided viewers with a welcome break after watching so many dramas that had unrealistic characters and storylines. It was this attribute that proved to be disastrous. This series, which is a mushy drama that skips over the monotony and sugary parts of real life, skips the good parts and keeps the boring parts. 

It is a tedious and heavy-hearted series due to its exaggerated melancholy. Even though it may not be meaningful anymore. The series is neither entertaining nor uplifting after a certain point.

 The conclusion of “My Liberation Notes”, however, does not do justice to the outstanding performances of Kim Ji Won and Lee Min-Ki, Lee EL and Sukku son, nor to its bottom line. Despite being a fan of the series in the past, I don’t recommend it.

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