When is Nanbaka Season 3 Release date ?

Nanbaka Season 3

Do you want to live another day with Nanbaka 3? Is there another season?

You’re not the only one going through this. It’s been over four years since the last episode was released. The production has been on a long-term hiatus. Fans around the world are hopeful for new updates.

New data has been provided about the possibility that Nanbaka Season 3 could be renewed for a third time.

Nanbaka, a comedy anime, is for those who are not familiar. The most terrifying prison in Japan, Nanba is where it’s set. Nanba prison houses criminals who are either talented or skilled enough to escape from regular prison. The story centers around the hilarious lives of four young mischievous men, Jyugo (Uno), Rock, and Nico.

When is Nanbaka Season 3 Release date ?

Sho Futamata illustrated the Japanese manga series, Nanbaka – The Numbers. Satelight. The studio responsible for the manga’s anime adaptation is Satelight. The first season premiered in October 2016, and the second was broadcast in January 2017. An OVA special aired the following month.

Comico’s latest news is that the “Pocket Comics” app has been launched in English. It includes 41, Manga, and Manhwa. Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video and Anime Hodai channels, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll and Youtube also streamed the anime.

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Only eight volumes were updated, and the manga was serialized on the NHN Comico website in Japan starting in 2013. Fans are concerned that the manga might not have another season due to the lack of source material.

What’s Happened in Nanbaka?

What's Happened in Nanbaka?

The last episodes of Nanba, the most powerful prison in the world, are filled with the hilarious and turbulent episodes of our inmates. We are now back with Jyugo, who was desperately trying to survive and run at Building 5.

In the first few episodes, Season 2 showed that Jyugo and Uno and Nico, inmates, as well as Nanba and Nanba, correctional officers, Hajime, were trapped in an underground cell in Building 5 during their visit to investigate Rock’s manipulative behavior and Yamato’s sudden non-communication.

Upa, Liang and Honey meet with Trois and discover that Trois and the inmates are being held hostage by traitor guards and escaped convicts. They include Enki, Rokuriki and Ruka as well as Qi and Inori.

What's Happened in Nanbaka?
By Madarashin

Jyugo and his companions escape. They must fight and survive along the way to find Hajime. Jyugo discovers his profile in the archives during their search. He becomes distracted but then snaps out from his inner conflict and helps Honey and Uno defeat Gojou.

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Enki discovers that the prisoners have escaped in the last episode. Honey and Trois also free Kiji Mitsuba. After being released, he issues direct orders to Daisen Youiki and Daisen Koriki. He then restrains Ruka.

What's Happened in Nanbaka Season 2?

Later, Jyugo discovers Samon Gokuu and Hajime, and frees them from their cells. Kiji places handcuffs on inmates. However, as they walk on, they encounter a hoard Jiangshi-type surveillance toys. This is the same situation that Jyuho encountered in Building 5.

The anime is a lot shorter than the manga and has a lot of short character interactions.

Nanbaka Season 3 News Updates And Release Date Video Made By Ekatsu

What’s the deal with Satelight?

Nanbaka Anime

Satelight, the Japanese animation studio that is responsible for the Nanbaka Project, is currently preoccupied with Sakugan, Somali, and the Forest Spirit. As of Season 3, there have been no announcements. Satellite’s tweet encouraging fans to support the anime and watch it, elicited hope. The anime was not renewed after the last season, and the studio continued to keep quiet about it.

Let’s just hope it gets approved soon.

What are our current knowledge about Nanbaka Season 3?

What are our current knowledge about Nanbaka Season 3?

Nanbaka translated the first six manga volumes for Seasons 1. The author has published eight volumes and the illustrator/creator has not released more. This leaves two volumes that can be adapted to the third season.

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Let’s say they adapt the volumes 7 and 8. The third season will focus on Jyugo and his inner conflict in searching for missing things. They will discuss Tsukumo’s past and Elf, the antagonist connected to the man of scar, and the one behind Jyugo’s irremovable shackles, and they’ll also talk about Elf.

There have been no teasers, and fans are posting comments about rumors the season won’t be released due to a studio statement. The author has stated that he is seeking another studio to produce the third season.

What are fans saying about Nanbaka Season 3

What are fans saying about Nanbaka Season 3

Reddit users asked if Nanbaka Season 3 was still in development. The answer was rumored to be Sho Futamata, who answered the question with speculations and rumors. It was unable to find another studio to finance the production of the anime, and the original studio said that her characters were not flashy enough.

This is what we think might have been the reason for the long-term hiatus. However, Twitter fans like @wolfieskiesart tweeted:

What are fans saying about Nanbaka Season 3
By Comico

“Finished watching yesterday’s last episode of #Nanbaka. After a few years without any episodes, it seems that season 3 is unlikely. Nanbaka is a great QQ. We hope for more episodes. It would be a shame if it ended after just two seasons during the arc of all time.

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Each day, there are many fan art. They’re excited for the third season. This would be a great boost for anime’s popularity to continue with the next season.

Let’s check out the results!

Is there a Nanbaka Season 3?

Is there a Nanbaka Season 3?

We are not aware of any official announcements or posts by Satellite studio about the help to increase the popularity of Season 3. Wouldn’t it be nice to update the status of Nanbaka?

Let’s start by looking at the number of volumes produced and whether there is enough material for us to continue our research. There are only two volumes that can be adapted, as I said earlier. This is an important consideration, as there isn’t enough material to adapt another season.

Let’s answer your questions about popularity. Here is the Google Trends search result. We have quite an active search that has been referenced in the past twelve months, from September 2020 to September 2021. This is great news, as the people’s interest greatly influences production over time.

Is there a Nanbaka Season 3?

MyAnimelist reports that Nanbaka Season 2 received 7.50 from 15 399 users (total 52 314 users) and 7.34 from the first season (total 111 267 users). These data were collected as of September 2021.

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Although Nanbaka’s sales data is not available, it is estimated that this was one of the initial Blu-ray or DVD sales in fall 2016. As seen, Nanbaka sales were 343 Data from someanithing.com, Anime news network show that 1,254 Anime dvds were sold last December 2017.

Is there a Nanbaka Season 3?

We can see that anime requires a lot of funding to be funded, regardless of the interest standing of the audience. Two factors are key to answering our questions:

  1. The third season is missing the source material.
  2. According to the Anime/DVD reports, there is a low sales distribution.

When will Nanbaka Season 3 release date ?

When will Nanbaka Season 3 release date ?

It has been four years since Season 2 Nanbaka Anime was released, and we don’t know when the series will be continued.

We expect that it will take longer to get a new season, even after including the July 2018 update from Sho Futamata’s last manga volume.

What can we expect from Nanbaka Season 3

What can we expect from Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3 is known to be short on materials because only two volumes have been released for adaptation. We will be able to learn more about Jyugo and his struggle to overcome them for the third season. We will now learn more about Elf, who is responsible for Jyugo’s irremovable shackles as well as his relationship with the man with scar.

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This is all that we know.

You didn’t feel the series had enough material. We feel the same way, but we believe that we shouldn’t be discouraged. Why? The cancellation was not announced by the studio or the author. It is possible that the new manga will be published with fan demand. Also, chances of getting a new season go up!

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