One punch man characters : Our Top 20+ Strongest Characters

One Punch Man characters

One Punch Man is an online comic written and drawn by ONE. Since June 3, 2009, it has been available on the author’s website. It has been very popular and received over ten million views with an average of 20,000 visits per day. This sucess is due at excellent and funny One Punch Man Characters

This article will focus on the strongest One Punch characters. It will give you a list with the 15 best. They will be ranked based on their overall strengths, and abilities, starting from the weakest to the strongest. You’ll be able to see why we ranked them the way we did.

List 20 Strongest One Punch Man Characters

Strongest One Punch Man Characters

The total number of names on the list will be 15. The list will rank them from 15 th up to 1 . We’ll give you basic information about their skills and powers.

15. Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man is a monster that hates humanity for polluting Mother Earth. According to him, he is the embodiment of Mother Nature’s wrath. He is a cruel creature who will destroy infrastructure and kill people in order to accomplish his mission.

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He declares that humans are the ones who destroy the earth and must take them out. Saitama, who appears to be trying to stop him from his mission, angers him.

It explodes and destroys buildings, bridges, roads, and leaves a huge crater in central London. The ball of destructive energy then rises up into the air. He defeated Max and Smile Man in the anime.

Vaccine Man continues his carnage and notices a little girl among the rubble. He prepares to kill it. His determination to kill him causes his arm to grow in size.

14. Carnage Kabuto

Carnage Kabuto

Genus created Carnage Kabuto, a mutant beetle. He is the House of Evolution’s most powerful creature. Also, He is a vile and cruel being. He hates Genus, his creator. This is because he believes he is the perfect being to replace humans.

In Addition, He is a strong believer in independence and will kill anyone who gets in his way during his temper tantrums. He is particularly interested in fighters described as being very strong. Also, He shows his fear of anyone with a greater power than his during his encounter with Saitama.

Saitama was an idiot and he started to underestimate him, until he lost the terror he felt earlier. Professor Genus first mentions Carnage Kabuto. This is the one who confronts Saitama.

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Scaravageur pulverizes the clone, despite his pleas to not approach it. The real Genus approaches him and asks if he is done letting off steam. Carnage Kabuto approaches him and says that he feels outraged at being imprisoned when he is the most powerful product of House of Evolution.

Professor Genus tells him that he does this because he’s out of control. Because it doesn’t want to be controlled, the insect laughs. He is a perfect creature, and nothing can surpass him.

13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash

This hero is able to move at an incredible speed. It’s extremely fast and precise. He is a skilled swordsman and will demonstrate his skill by removing the eyes from the octopus’s eyes with one hundred eyes in just a few seconds.

He is very arrogant and hates Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki puts him down every day and is the only one who stands up to him. He is handsome and well-known, but he doesn’t take rank into consideration and prefers concrete achievements.

12. SuperAlloy Darkshine

SuperAlloy Darkshine

SuperAlloy Darkshine, the #11 Hero in the Heroes Association’s S Class is SuperAlloy. He is part of the basement attack team. Many consider him to be the best melee fighter in Silver Fang.

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SuperAlloy Darkshine has a serene nature. He is also convinced that his impressive musculature is what keeps him admired. In Addition, He is proud of his self-esteem and believes he is one the greatest heroes, along with Tornado and King.

He can get angry if his opponent exceeds his abilities or proves disappointing to him. SuperAlloy Darkshine is, at his core, a selfish hero who seeks glory more than a challenge. His greatest desire is to win a tough fight that will make him feel better about himself.

SuperAlloy Darkshine doesn’t like to prepare for defeat. He will lose focus on the Hero Hunter because he senses him growing in power at an alarming pace.

11. Genos


Genos, a student of Saitama is a cyborg with an impressive arsenal of weapons that can cause very severe damage. He was an ordinary human at first, but his family was killed by a mysterious Cyborg. Professor Kidos took him in and made him a Cyborg.

He sets out to find revenge and investigates the footprints of the killer Cyborg. His goal is to destroy him and fight monsters until Miss Mosquito, the Blood Queen version, defeats him.

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He was about to self-destruct but Saitama saves him. Genos is his disciple and Genos is unable to teach Genos anything about his strength. He scored the highest points on his hero registration test (100 out of 100) and was promoted to the S Class in 17 , the last place.

He quickly passed PriPriPrisoner, taking 16 th and then 14 th. Because his master gave him the goal to be in the top 10 in the S class, he is sensitive about his ranking.

10. Black Sperm

Black Sperm

Black Sperm, a dragon-level Sperm Monster, is one of the lieutenants in the Monster Association. Also,  Black Sperm is not a monster who likes to be treated as a subordinate. He would like to challenge Orochi, who claims to be King Of The Monsters and dares him to prove it.

He’s a sassy, provocative guy. As long as he was able to win, he would be open to challenging other lieutenants in the Monster Association. Black Sperm hates being bored, but above all, he doesn’t appreciate being underestimated.

Black Sperm attacked his opponent first, proving that Atomic Samurai didn’t take him seriously. He proudly corrected their view of his powers and explained to them why Atomic Samurai had been wrong. In addition, He doesn’t hesitate to tell a child he is about killing him. He does it as part of his hobby.

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9. Silver Fang / Bang

Silver Fang / Bang

Silver Fang, real name Bang, is a powerful martial artist. He is an elderly man who is calm, thoughtful and endowed with monstrous powers. He owns an old dojo that he loves as much as his family. It is located at the summit of a mountain, where he teaches his martial art, the Rockbreaker Water Fist.

He is agile and conceals a muscular body underneath his clothes. Garou, the antagonist of season 2, was his best friend. However, the monstrous strength of Garou and the violent behavior of the latter caused the rest of the students to abandon the dojo.

He currently has Charanko as his only student. Also, He is the only one who knows the true strength and potential of Saitama. He is Bomb’s brother and master of the Iron-Slicing Whirling Finger.

8. Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede, a dragon-level insect monster, is part of the Association of Monsters and has the rank of lieutenant. He is strong and confident in himself. He doesn’t care if his fellow centipedes are killed, unlike Junior and Senior Centipede.

Because he knows how strong he is, he often takes his opponents as harmless insects. Elder Centipede is able to talk but not very talkative. His pride will only crumble when he loses to Blast.

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Since that day, he has harbored an insatiable grudge towards Blast and is angry when we mention him. Elder Centipede joined the Monster Association to follow his spirit of revenge.

7. Tatsumaki


Young woman, sometimes unreceptive to her peers, who has super-telekinetic abilities to confront her enemies. She is 28 years old, but looks like a child because of her abilities, which are believed to have stunted the growth of her.

His power is powerful enough to instantly destroy a city, stop shells and create natural disasters or rain meteorites. According to Silver Fang, she can also create force field to protect herself. She also has many mystical abilities, which we have yet to see.

She is known for her bad temper and swearing at people when they say a yes or no.

6. Garo – The Greatest Potential Among One Punch Man Characters


Garo is a Rockbreaker Water Fist Dojo student who was dismissed by Bang. He feels it unfair that heroes are always victorious and beautiful and are praised by the citizens. However, he believes that bad guys also have the right of success.

In addition, He decided to be the greatest monster and beat all heroes, particularly the S-class. He then went after the heroes and fought them, becoming louder in each fight.

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Also, He begins with weak heroes and then moves on to the entire longshoreman family, including the S-class Master Longshoreman. As he fights the Elder Millipede, he then takes on Batteman.

Although he fought Saitama, it wasn’t a real fight. After Garo had dealt him an ineffective blow, Saitama knocked Garo out in one punch. Garo was unable to remember anything when he awoke, in front of a heap of garbage bags. He calls himself the “human beast”.

5. Psykos-Orochi


Psykos allows Orochi to infiltrate her body with his sticky flesh. Psykos is shocked to discover that Orochi is much more powerful than she imagined. She struggles to keep her conscious as he absorbs her.

Orochi informs her that she has made many sacrifices in order to help her evolve. Now it is her turn on the altar to sacrifice. Psykos is furious and reminds him that she is their mistress. In addition, Psykos and Orochi see a strange appearance during the attempted union.

Psykos has successfully merged because a huge ball of brain cells appeared. This thing was God for Psykos. She is able to win the battle against Orochi thanks to her psychic abilities. They became one insectoid creature together.

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4. Boros


Boros is an alien galactic tyrant who roams the universes according to a prophecy that promised him that he would find an opponent of his size. With a barrage of his massive warship, he destroyed city A in fractions of a second after he arrived on Earth.

Boros is an alien who claims he is superior over all things and can even destroy a planet when he gets too angry. His race, according to his words, is a living organism that has adapted to the worst environments of the universe and thrived there. He would be among the strongest, if not the most powerful.

In a titanic battle, he fought Saitama and lost his life. Boros is a raven-blue color with one eye. However, when he becomes serious, he turns to white and is more powerful than Saitama when calm.

Although Saitama might not have used even one hundredth of his capabilities, this opponent was the only one who was not killed on the first attempt. He was also able to stand in single combat with Saitama even though it was a one-sided encounter where he was not much hurt by the hero.

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3. Blast – The Number 1 Hero Among One Punch Man Characters

Blast - The Number 1 Hero Among One Punch Man Characters

According to Sytch, Little Emperor, he is the most powerful hero in the entire Association. He is a short-haired man wearing a cape similar to Superman’s. Little Emperor claims that he only appears to the Association of Heroes when it sings to his ears and rarely responds well to calls from them.

According to the Phoenix man’s statements, He defeated the elder Centipede, beating him so much that he had to flee to escape the danger. He makes his first appearance in manga chapter 194, even though he isn’t in web-comics.

Although his powers aren’t known, it is believed that he has superhuman strength and super-fast speeds. He also seems to have superhuman knowledge. He is huge and can teleport.

2. Saitama – May Be The Strongest One Punch Man Characters

Saitama is a young, energetic, and lifeless youth who often fights mysterious beings in order to become a great hero. He runs ten kilometers, does a hundred pushups and a hundred sit ups every day.

Saitama, after “intensive” training notices two things: He has become incredibly strong and can defeat his enemies in one hit. Also, he has lost all his hair. The “One Punch” is its main attack. This simple punch can defeat extremely powerful enemies such as the King of Seas, Ashura Rhino and the King of Underworld.

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He uses the “Rain of Ordinary Blows”, which is the combination of several “One Punch” punches. It can also be used in “Serious Mode” against very powerful opponents. This has only happened once.

His power is unmatched and his strength has been compared to the greatest heroes and villains that have ever been encountered.

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1. God – May Be Strongest One Punch Man Characters

1. God - May Be Strongest One Punch Man Characters

God is a concept that some people believe in. According to Emperor Vanupieds, this being exists.

Morveduse invokes the name of God for the first-time. He relates how the lieutenants of The Association of Monsters seem like his creations. Emperor Vanupieds (a lieutenant from this association) recounts his encounters with God during the battle.

As Psykos tries to merge with Orochi, God appears to them as a huge brain mass. God would have then granted Psykos incredible energy power, giving him the ability of taking over Orochi and achieving his fusion.

She would then have been given the task of absorbing the entire world and annihilating it. It is now being questioned whether Emperor Vanupieds was captured by Zombiman in the fighting on the surface at the monster nest ruins.

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The Zombiman is trying to get Emperor Vanupieds to explain who gave him his powers. He feels that the Heroes’ Association should be ready to face him as an enemy. Before Emperor Vanupieds could give a clear answer to his question, he heard something in his head telling him to stop.

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