Who Can Beat Goku ? : Top 25+ Anime Characters Who Can defeat him

who can beat goku

Are Goku truly the strongest character in anime? Are there other characters in anime who can beat Goku ?… all in one go, not less? Let’s discover!

Dragon Ball fans tend to place Goku in high regard in the sense that they believe that he is a god, especially in terms of his power and sheer strength. From the time he was just a tiny baby with a strength level of the single two figures and then Goku has grown into the Goku we see today trains in the presence of the gods that rule the world. With the strength he’s developed and how powerful he is, it’s difficult to imagine Goku being shot by anyone. But we’re sure that all it would require is a bored character from anime seeking to have a bit of amusement with Goku. While as powerful as Goku is however, there are plenty of other characters that could make a complete Ragdoll of the Man. 

The difference in power between Goku as well as the heroes and villains who follow are so massive that they are almost incomparable. Dragon Ball poster boy could be a thousand years locked within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and still be smacked to Hades at the right time to allow his adversaries to make their way back to the grocery store and buy a bag of kiwis for sale prior to closing.

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In comparison to the characters from anime Goku’s supposed overwhelming power is adorable at best. Don’t be too hard on us We’re just messengers of this story. The manga creators are the ones who came up with the inexplicably high power levels, and perhaps blame (with sincere reverence) Akira Toriyama for not giving Goku’s arsenal an additional dimensions an extra boost every now and then. These are 25 anime characters that are able to destroy Goku without making a dent.

25. MEPHISTO PHELES (BLUE EXORCIST) Can defeat Kakarot with circumstances


While the heroes of Dragon Ball’s Dragon Ball universe operate at an extremely high rate and speed, let’s glimpse at Mestipho Pheles in Blue Exorcist if we want an experience of the more abstract levels of power. In spite of Goku’s speed one can beat time as well. Mephisto is the king of Time.

He’s able to keep Goku frozen at the same spot for all the time he wants. If he’s in the mood to use his telekinesis powers to stop the clock of Goku from running in the event that you get our idea. Mephisto won’t need to utilize the Flaming Pentagram in this fight even though he could display it anyway.

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24. Kami Tenchi

Kami Tenchi

From the anime series Tenchi Muyo! The show features Kami Tenchi. Tenchi is an God who has lost all of his memories and became the quiet main character in the story. He meets all kinds of people who instruct him on the laws that the world works. They are all trying to remind him of his origins. In the end, Tenchi was the one who created his own universe. In comparison to someone who could make and destroy universes at an instant, Goku pales in comparison. Thus, Kami Tenchi is victorious with little or no effort.

23. Shigeo Kageyama, from Mob Psycho 100 Can defeat our saiyan with circumstances

Shigeo Kageyama, from Mob Psycho 100

Named Mob Shigeo Kageyama, he is the main antagonist of Mob Psycho 100. He’s physically weak and that’s why it does not appear to have the ability to defeat Goku in any way. However, his strengths are in his amazing psychic powers, where he is able to accumulate psychic energy in order to boost his ability. He can make use of chlorokinesis to achieve a 100% obssession state.He is also able to perform Telekinesis and even create barriers in fights. Other abilities include psychic energy absorption as well as psychic energy transference spiritual awareness astral projection, and spiritual awareness. He is able to use these abilities and defeat Goku prior to the Saiyan is able to do anything. So Shigeo can possibly beat Goku

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Although, Goku could possibly be able to take Alucard off if he was restricted in place. But at Restriction Level 0, when Alucard is in complete control of the extent of his abilities and abilities, there’s no way that Goku could develop in response.

Ol’ Drac will morph into a vast mass of shadows, rendering him invulnerable to the moves of Goku. When the fangs of Alucard’s join and we’d see our hero disappear and fall to adversary’s legions that are not in his realm. Speed and strength that is greater than light does not count much when it comes to the immortal vampire king.



Lain isn’t going to have a fight with Goku. In the majority of cases the teeny bopper prefers to remain in her own world. Her ideal time is a night in a quiet place, absorbing herself in The Wired. Her potential for omnipotence within the world that is the web was evident at the start of Serial Experiments Lain.

But, once Lain broke through the wall of The Wired and the real world, it was evident that she’s a legit god. Lain is the god of everything and everyone including Goku. She doesn’t want to single-shot Goku in a list like this, as she’d prefer to not injure an insect. If, however, the natural laws make it essential, Lain will consider it completed.

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20. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) can beat goku with an order

Lelouch Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia or Lelouch Lamperouge is known as the Eleventh Prince in the Holy Britannian Empire. His primary strength is the power of Absolute Obeyance, which allows him to influence a person’s thoughts through eyes, similar to the practice of hypnosis.He’s also a character with a sharp mind, which makes him an imposing adversary. He’s also deceitful and clever. In the anime there were plenty of instances when he instructed his subject to commit suicide. This is something is easy to do using innocent Goku. So Lelouch can Beat Goku

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Dimensional quake detected! Goku’s fight has awakened Kami Tenchi. The very outer shell that is the 3D world has begun to break and even the determined Saiyan begins to suspect that his opponent may be bit too much for him. The sight of such a formidable opponent can make Goku wish to spend the rest of the one month inside The Hyperbolic Time Chamber However, any amount of training will ever be enough to make him a god.

God-level status is a right granted to everyone that is a right of birth, which is why Tenchi Masaki has been the sole person in the fight to claim it. It’s our hope that his rise here doesn’t break our universe in half as an egg.

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18. Broly


In the 14th spot we have Broly. Broly is part of The Dragon Ball universe itself and has already caused Goku sweat during fights. Takao Koyama, the screenwriter on Dragon Ball Z also has acknowledged that Broly is actually the most powerful warrior in the world. The legendary Super Saiyan Brolly is more powerful than Goku in his strongest Super Saiyan form. Goku may be able to make some damage using his Hakai. However, his Hakai isn’t exactly flawless. The point-blank-range Kamehameha from Goku was unable to scratch Broly. With this force, Broly can defeat Goku. There’s a reason Vegeta is scared of Goku. From film it’s sure that Broly can beat Goku

17. Eri of My Hero Academia

Eri of My Hero Academia

Eri is a petite girl, but don’t underestimate her capabilities. Her quirk is known as Rewind that allows her to reverse a body back to its former state, which makes it look younger. It also allows healing of the body of the person being targeted and reverse other changes to the body. The most she can go is to rewind back to the moment before the individual was even alive.Her blood can eliminate imperfections that may block its activation by reverse the body of the target prior to when the quirk developed. By using this power, she can reverse Goku when she was a child or even the fetus.

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16. Mori Jin can beat goku with its brute force

Mori Jin

Following is Mori as they claim that he was the only God over everything, meaning that no one can beat his ability. The next one would be Goku because he is able to shake the universe. Also, During his fight against 666, Mori Jin literally extinguished the sun with a single kick.

Mori can adjust from very quickly to anything and Goku is able to adapt easily to any stress in a gradual, moderate speed.

If they fight starting with base abilities and slowly transform by utilizing stronger and more powerful skills, Mori would learn Goku the phisical techniques, and keep growing until Goku was at his limit, and then would take over Goku at the final.

15. SAITAMA (ONE PUNCH MAN) can beat goku with its brute force


This match is certain to be a good performance, though it’s not likely to be long-lasting either. The length of the fight will depend on Saitama’s mood as well as his timetable. For example, if Saitama is on the verge of making it to the grocery store before heading home, he’s more likely to take on his opponent with just one punch before rushing out of the arena.

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Goku is extremely tough however, he often needs to work his elbows to win his battles. In Saitama’s case, the biggest threat is his constant lack of an opponent. As of now, there’s anything to be found in One Punch Man that suggests Saitama isn’t capable of destroying Goku however, all we have learned about Hero for Fun seems to suggest that he is able to. So he is possible that Saitama can beat Goku

14. Accelerator from Accelerator A Certain Magical Index can beat Goku by returning its attack

Accelerator from Accelerator A Certain Magical Index

If you had to name one person who can completely counter Goku I’d say Accelerator. The vaguely-described vector manipulation powers perfectly neutralize Goku as it can redirect force to a different direction, which is the only thing on earth that Goku knows. If his assertions are true, Accelerator could even survive something similar to the destruction of the earth, something Goku was not too sure about. One way that I could think of Goku winning is by using Instant Transmission to drop Accelerator off into space, however at best , that could be the mutually-assured destruction. Accelerator could redirect blood through physical contact, as well as heart diseases are among the only things that has officially killed Goku. So Accelerator can beat Goku

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13. Haruhi Suzumiya can beat Goku with Trick

Haruhi Suzumiya can beat Goku

Moving closer to our number one number one, we are now looking at Haruhi Suzumiya from the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This list contains many Gods and Goddesses. Haruhi is only one. It is true. Goku is a formidable force in the spiritual and physical realms. But what if he was to disappear forever out of the world?

Enter Haruhi Suzumiya. A Goddess who doesn’t exactly recognize what she’s about. Haruhi is unaware of her power to alter reality at the whim of. Actually she is able to do this every day with only thoughts that she doesn’t even realize. Goku may decide to take on her to a battle, however, if she’s unhappy, Haruhi could just think about the thought and erase Goku’s existence. He might be extremely strong, but when it comes to the power of such omnipotent powers, Goku stands no chance. With Reality Harushi can beat Goku

12. Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box) Goku with Trick

Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box) All fiction can beat Goku

On one side, we see Kumagawa blinding Zenkichi by using All Fiction, which makes reality seem like nothing(Medaka Box Manga Chapter 69 of the Medaka Box Manga) The other hand, we can see Kumagawa returning from death using All Fiction(Medaka Box Manga: Chapter 72)

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What could Goku’s ultra-instinct, which he has perfected, can do to a person like Misogi who is able to alter or reverse reality at will? Sure, Goku can obviously kill Misogi with his flawless Ultra Instinct however, Misogi is able to come back and relive himself in alternate reality. In alternating Reality Misogi can beat Goku

11. Yukari Yakumo can beat Goku with Trick

Yukari Yakumo can beat Goku

She is able to manipulate boundaries “boundaries” of any thing which is believed as having a boundary however, it is actually a way that she is able to alter the space and time at will. Also, She invented the pocket dimension of Gensokyo by building the Great Hakurei Barrier. In addition, she utilizes the same power in combat to access and create another dimension. 

Finally, Yukari is able to alter time in a way that “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow” each have distinct limits. In essence, his abilities are very similar to Misogi Kumagawa’s from Medaka Box. With Reality Yukari can beat Goku


Every path leads to the final Truth regardless of the route we choose to travel on to reach it. If Goku does ever walk through the gate that lies at the very end of time and space and time, this is the one that he will be confronted with. Truth does not usually engage in fist fights – being all-knowing, omnipotent, and always present and omnipotent, he doesn’t really need to.

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But the Tier 0 character enjoys amusement everywhere he can and isn’t afraid to indulge with a few combat moves in order to complete this list. I hope he finds it in his extra-dimensional spirit to call Goku back when the fight is done, as just one shot from Truth the Saiyan’s atoms will be scattered across the universe.

9. Nanika from Hunter x Hunter Goku with Trick

Nanika is from Hunter x Hunter can beat Goku

Nanika like Eri is a petite girl. She has an identical body to Killua’s sister who is named Alluka. Nanika is a dark being that can grant any wish provided that the person has met the three criteria. The number of wishes she will grant is limitless. The more powerful the wish and the more challenging the next wishes will prove. If the next person refuses or does not fulfill the request, two persons are likely to die immediately.Because Nanika is in Alluka’s body and has the same strength as the normal child. If it chooses not to move into a bigger body, its physical strength can increase. So Nanika can Beat Goku

8. Ryuk (DEATH NOTE) can Kill Goku with Trick

Ryuk (DEATH NOTE) can beat Goku

If Ryuk was fighting Goku We wouldn’t be witnessing a huge show. Goku is at his side of the arena and guarded against an invisibly advancing opponent. There’s a chance that we hear the scratch of a pen on paper, and then witness the Saiyan warrior swivel for 40 seconds, attempting to strike an opponent who he cannot possibly reach until his heart stopped.

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For Ryuk to beat Goku is boring. Ryuk only has to type the name of his opponent in the Death Note, and since Shinigami are Shinigami, they isn’t able to be observed or be touched during his job. The fight would end within a matter of minutes after which Ryuk will go back to eating apple and screaming Light.

7. THE CREATOR (UMINEKO NO NAKU KORO NI) can beat Goku without difficulty


The Creator is in the tier 0 alongside the other gods in this. In his endless understanding and intelligence, he’d certainly offer Goku an opportunity to walk away from the battle, but when did the Saiyan hero ever been able to walk away from a battle? We can only imagine that Goku’s greatest move is a supercharged Spirit Bomb.

Based on his vast experience He could possibly create the blue orb to be as massive as the size of a planet. But what would this do against a foe who has an omniverse-wide destructive power? One quick blink Goku’s gone. another blink and he’ll return subject to The Creator’s mood.

6. Anti-Spiral can beat goku without difficulty

Anti-Spiral can beat Goku

Then, at the end of the list, 1st place, we have the Anti-Spiral. In the Tengan Toppa series Gurren Lagann Anti-Spiral is a species of beings that are Omnipotent, omniscient, and ever-present. They could stop their own evolution and appear in any both space and time. They’re powerful enough to destroy the entire Multiverse! They exist as one collective consciousness. To put it in the simplest terms. The Anti-Spiral is all-powerful. they have all the knowledge and are everywhere. There is not much to say about what they are able and can’t do to Goku.

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For someone with as much power as the Anti-Spiral Goku isn’t an even a tiny bit of bug. They rank first due to their incredible power. While other members of the list, such as Zeno and Haruhi have the ability to smash and tear apart all universes. However, the Antispiral is able to effectively destroy the entire existence across all the universes. This is an incredible quantity of force. That is what makes them the gods in this list.

5. Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Goku without difficulty

Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Goku

the Anti Spiral can be described as the villain in Gurren Lagann. It is said that the anti Spiral is all-knowingomnipresent and powerful. The fact that Simon is our hero is superior then Anti Spiral should be enough proof that he’s more than capable of defeating Goku.

In the final two seasons, Simon absorbs the Anti-Spiral’s Multiverse Labyrinth with infinite multiverses within it, to create Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann using the energy of his spiral. Simon’s powers are unlimited.

He is able to throw galaxies into baseballs. Simon is able to literally make a sneeze Goku away. It’s unjust to keep them in a fight.

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4. ZENO (DRAGON BALL SUPER) Can Beat Goku very easily


We’re hoping that Goku is at peace, and playful spirit for the battle because that could make the difference of his life being a bit longer than he normally would. The only thing Zeno really would like to do is to hang out and enjoy himself, perhaps play a game on the board or something else.

However any person who annoys the Omni King will likely be shot before they even come up with a reason to oppose it. If Goku isn’t keen on playing Tic-Tac-Toe against his adversaries, but rather tries to prove his power by using a full-on Kamehameha, Zeno will destroy him and his entire world before attempting to find cookies in another.

3. Anos can beat Goku very easily

Anos can beat Goku

In the animated series The Misfit of Demon King Academy The Misfit of Demon King Academy, we get The Demon King of the King. Anos is just too strong for Goku to match. If he allows Goku have a go at it and play around, it could make for an interesting battle. However, one must keep in mind that Anos is almost immortal. Because of his ability of regenerating himself from dead it is impossible for Goku to take him down. Anos defeated his entire universe of Gods in his world, 2000 years before the present timeline in his tale. Also, he has an axe that could completely destroy the entire universe. In the face of a weapon the one Goku is in no position to stand a chance, he can beat him easily.

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2. Rimuru Tempest can beat Goku very easily

Rimuru Tempest can beat Goku

Although Rimuru is initially an ordinary human being in a world that is completely different from the status of a slime here in the world He evolves at a rapid pace. From a slime of demons before becoming the status of a True Dragon, and finally becoming Godhood at the end of the day his power is overwhelming every. In the end the dragon can not only move anywhere at any moment the way he wishes as well, but he also has the ability to travel between the worlds.

Rimuru is able to take on Goku quite quickly. Although Goku is very powerful, he’s unrivalled by the multiverse threat that slime presents. As the literal God, Rimuru can destroy and create multiple universes which makes his power almost unimaginable.

It’s not absurd to suggest that Goku is among the most powerful characters from Shonen anime. In his latest ultra Instinct form, he is able to increase his power as time passes. But, even though it is true that the DBZ series and their characters may be formidable but the Isekai series’ outdo them.

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The story of TenSura, Rimuru becomes an immortal God who can create and destroy many universes. With endless magical power, the ability to travel through time and space as well as a host of other tricks that are impossible to find a single person who can compete with Rimuru, not even Goku. So Rimuru can beat easily Goku.

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1. TORI-BOT (DRAGON BALL) can beat goku with his pen


It’s as surprising as it may be to listen to, there’s an individual far stronger that Zeno from the Dragon Ball universe. In actual fact, this character is far stronger than Zeno. The Omni King who is extremely strong. This is because he invented Zeno, Goku and the entire universe that surrounds them.

This is Tori-Botthe odd character that appears every now and then throughout the Dragon Ball manga. It’s the character of Akira Toriyama himself, the creator of this enthralling story. Although it may hurt his heart to take one shot at the beloved Saiyan son, he’d make it happen in this list by the flick of an eraser, to prove his point.

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    1. Omg when you don’t know anything you keep quiet ??
      At the end of light novel Rimuru = Zeno or more strong than Zeno

      1. Bro, Rimuru is more stronger than Zeno. His 20% power =Zeno full 100% power. Even Zeno’s erasing ability won’t work to him, conceptual dmg will not beat rimuru

      2. facts they say 1 punch man can beat goku with a hard and good punch but goku fell on his head as kid very hard in a cave and still didit dieand he very durable and these people he put is cap goku has way forms in diffrent unsvires xeno goku strong gt strong and super sayian 100 is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threart he cant use another form and super sayain 100 can rip time its self

    2. Rimuru>>goku how? Well lemme tell you he is a 6th dimensional time and space controlling user as well as his ability to destroy nevers with a lift of a hand He can also erase and hes uneraseable and Immortal, his power is way beyond Goku Unless you’re talking about xeno goku if xeno goku there isn’t an outcome They both can’t die and are uneraseable so for the time being Rimuru>Goku

    3. facts they say 1 punch man can beat goku with a hard and good punch but goku fell on his head as kid very hard in a cave and still didit dieand he very durable and these people he put is cap goku has way forms in diffrent unsvires xeno goku strong gt strong and super sayian 100 is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threart he cant use another form and super sayain 100 can rip time its self

  1. This is the stupidest list ever if you want people to anime then this list will do. But defeating goku…your’re taking the piss mate

      1. I would say only The Creator, Anos, Zeno, Broly, Simon, Anti-Spiral, Kami tenchi and MAYBE Mori Jin. Everyone else is HUGE cap.

  2. Yea no I almost cracked my screen like seriously!?? One punch man might pose a threat but still loses WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU NONE OF THESE MAKE ANY SENSE IF YOUR Dumb enough to think that Mob psycho or anyone apart from zeno could defeat Goku your insane.

    1. Josh, You are just a crybaby Saitama defends Goku whether you like it or not!.
      The logic is simple Saitama is born to beat anyone no matter how powerful they are… that’s how the character was created
      Goku is created to be beaten by stronger… he is not the strongest in his universe !
      When you are smart just with the logic of the characters, that should be enough ?

          1. Funny how no plot armor was involved in these fights huh, Goku broke his limits thus allowing him to be stronger. Also Everything was explained as to how and why it happened

          2. Take Saitamas plot armor off and he would lose to above average humans. Do you really think 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 10km etc. would make you this strong without plot armor? Goku trained really hard in the time thingy (vegeta trained even more) and you can also see the Whis’ training was also VERY hard. I dont think theres much plot armor involved

    2. Buddy, Rimuru, anos, saitama, mob phycho, antispiral, and teno bot can beat goku weather you can’t accept it or Not These characters are either on his level or stronger the rimuru, anos, antispiral, and tori bot are def higher

      1. Saitama and Mob have no chance against Goku. The creator, kami tenchi, zeno, broly, anos, rimuru, simon, anti-spiral (maybe Mori Jin too?) would probably defeat Goku. Everyone else on the list wouldnt last 5 seconds

    3. goku fan zeno isnt even near the strongest anime character, anos ,rimuru, anti spiral, truth simon and the creator all solo zeno and with relative ease at that saitama beats goku b/c he was not created or intended to lose in the manga he beat the god of his universe there is literally no limit to his strength he doesn’t have to try to split the sky destroy continents its all so easy to him he could do it with a fake punch like when your pretend fighting a little kid and you know you could obliterate them but don’t bc its morally incorrect saitama hasn’t used not even a fraction of his power bc everything he fights he could beat with one punch even if its just a “pretend” or a fake punch get some

      1. Saitama still needed more than one punch for Boros? Saitama can destroy continents without trying but did you know that Goku and Beerus almost destroyed the ENTIRE Universe just because they traded some punches? They also stated that both of them weren’t serious. Plot has been carrying Saitama. Goku would terminate him with/without plot armor.

        There are only very few on this list who can actually defeat Goku (Zeno, Broly, Anos, Rimuru, Simon, Anti-Spiral, Kami Tenchi, Maybe Mori Jin) and everyone else is cap. This site isn’t serious at all. Do you really think Mob or Lelouch would defeat Goku? He is around outerversal in manga now and I can prove it with feats.

  3. Dumbasses I Swear

    Bro probably has better chance of getting some bitches which would be near 0% than actually thinking. Half of these people aren’t even past the speed of sound, Saitama is fodder, none of these make sense, Like Lelouch a normal human can think of using his Geass before getting blized by somebody trillions of times faster than light?

    1. If Goku doesn’t know Lelouch’s power he will fall into the trap ?why do you want to argue about it?
      Just greetings and it’s over
      In this kind of case why are you talking about speed? ?

      1. And what lelouch can do to beat goku, even the power galaxies destroyer cant put any hurt to him??… Gun? Sword??.. hhh lmao

  4. List makes no sense. Just because they have op abilities doesn’t mean that they can beat Goku. Eri for example. Why is she there. One hit from Goku = ?. Same with half the list. Goku is durable enough to tank most of these characters. They stand no chance.

    1. ????But, It looks like you don’t even know the characters in this top.
      For Eri it is debatable but if she touches Goku just once it is over for him.
      If she is able to beat goku then she deserves to be in this ranking and seeing how her power is broken … you have your answer.
      Most of his characters destroy an entire universe so I don’t think Goku ?…

      1. Eri’s quirk needs time, and if it needs more than nanosecond to take goku into nothing, then goku can move millions galaxies away and give 1 punch and destroy her galaxy, and it happens in 0.000000….1 second

        1. lol that’s all well and good but Goku got caught by a laser from a freezer henchman in the back and got hurt by a gun in an episode of dbs. So all your argument doesn’t justify anything

  5. Goku speed is that he can move millions of galaxies under 1 second before his oppenent can think, and 1 gokus punch almost destroy the universe with trilons galaxies.. r u joking?… and dbz has dragol ball, then u listed those shit can beat goku, lol…

      1. they dont make sense at all xeno goku could destroy them but zeno goku is that strongest super sayian 100 goku can rip time and kill them easily without struggling

    1. Bruh don’t go overhyping goku he’s fast but not that fast he never got even close to destroying even one solar system the most that he did was SHAKE the void not almost destroy it

  6. facts they say 1 punch man can beat goku with a hard and good punch but goku fell on his head as kid very hard in a cave and still didit dieand he very durable and these people he put is cap goku has way forms in diffrent unsvires xeno goku strong gt strong and super sayian 100 is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threart he cant use another form and super sayain 100 can rip time its self

  7. they say 1 punch man can beat goku with a hard and good punch but goku fell on his head as kid very hard in a cave and still didit dieand he very durable and these people he put is cap goku has way forms in strong gt strong and super sayian 100 is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threart he cant use another form and super sayain 100 can rip time its self

  8. they say 1 punch man can beat goku with a hard and good punch but goku fell on his head as kid very hard in a cave and still didit diehe very durable and these people he put is cap goku has way forms in strong gt strong and super is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threat he cant use another form

  9. cap goku has way forms in strong gt strong and super is the strongest and it can rip time if xeno goku is only allwolloed to us xeno form ssj4 is because he can become a threat

  10. This list kinda sucks. If we’re setting up fights to the death Goku is taking out maybe eight people on this list. Talking behavior into account Goku won’t start at full power unless the threat demands it, his angry. There are a lot of times when Goku just shows up and blitz someone though. A few characters are maybes simply because I don’t know if they can even die so I just have to accept what is said about the characters. Ryuk can’t kill Goku, since the death note only affects humans. It also needs a first and last name. Everyone else probably could tho.

  11. If y’all forgetting that saki kusuo is literally the strongest and most powerful character, all he needs to do is remove his glasses to turn them into a rock💀💀

    1. whyareyalldumb

      why are you capping bro. We’re legit talking some multiverse controlling characters that could literally destroy universes with the snap of a finger.

  12. Ryuk wouldn’t be able to beat Goku because Goku’s real name is Kakarot so as long as Vegeta wasn’t there Goku couldn’t be killed by the death note.

  13. You’re not supposed to put Saitama here… You’re causing a war, I’m telling you. A war between two fandoms, HERE in this website.

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