Otherside Picnic Season 2 Release Date

Sorawo Kamikoshi will be assisting Toriko Nishina in their investigation of the former base for the cult that worships Satsuki Uma. When will Urasekai Picnic Season 2 be released?

Japanese animation studio LIDEN FILMS produced the first season of the anime TV Series. It is also known for recent anime like Blade of the Immortal and Hanebado! . LIDEN FILMS released Winter 2021 Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a Starter Town? and Hortensia Stories. CODE BLACK. They also produced the April 2021 Tokyo Revengers animation.

Studio Felix Films is also involved in the project. They are known for their animation assistance and 3D CGI work on many anime. They did the 3D animation of WIT Studio’s Vinland Saga and LIDEN FILMS’ Terraformars Revenge animes, Studio Hood’s Drifters movie, Studio Nut’s Saga of Tanya the Evil movie, and Studio Hood’s Drifters animes.

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It’s not yet known who the studio is and what the returning staff will be for Otherside Picnic Season 2. Takuya Satou was the director of the first season. He is most well-known for his work on Steins;Gate. Satou wrote the series composition for Fate/stay-night: Unlimited Blade Works. It shouldn’t surprise that Satou also wrote and directed the script for Otherside Picnic anime TV show.

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Otherside Picnic English dub release dates in Fall 2021

Otherside Picnic English dub release dates in Fall 2021

The first season of anime was streamed with English subtitles on FUNimation (not Netflix or Crunchyroll, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video).

In the beginning, the FUNimation Simuldub schedule only listed the first season of Simulcast. However, a dubbed version was released near the end 2021. Here’s the English dub cast.

  • Madeleine Morris is Sorawo Kamikoshi
  • Emily Neves is Toriko Nishina
  • Sarah Wiedenheft is Kozakura
  • AmaLee and Akari Seto
  • Michelle Rojas is Natsumi Ichikawa
  • Z. Charles Bolton is Will Drake
  • Christopher Guerrero is Ray Barker
  • Greg is Billy Kametz
  • Chris Wehkamp is Abarato
  • Kankandara: Katelyn Barr
  • Michelle Lee is Lady Hasshaku
Otherside Picnic English dub release dates in Fall 2021

FUNimation’s Otherside Picnic English dub was released on November 15, 2021. Each episode was released simultaneously, rather than being released weekly.

Predictions for Urasekai Picnic Season 2

Predictions for Urasekai Picnic Season 2

At the time of this update, Sony, Square Enix and LIDEN FILMS have not confirmed the Otherside Picnic Season 2 date. The production of another Otherside Picnic sequel has not been confirmed.

This article will be updated once the news has been confirmed.

It’s possible to speculate as to when or if the Urasekai Picnic Season 2 premiere will take place.

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Predictions for Urasekai Picnic Season 2

The first season received mixed reviews. The anime is enjoyed by only anime viewers, while manga/light novel readers are scathing about the TV adaptation’s lack of accuracy (see below). The total score is not as high as expected, but it’s within the average range for most anime made by LIDEN FILMS.

Blade of the Immortal and Boarding School Juliet are exceptions to this rule. Cells at Work! CODE BLACK is a recent exception to this rule. These anime were not renewed for a second series.

Studio LIDEN FILMS is known for making “one-and-done” anime that aren’t renewed. Their last major sequel was for Terra Formars and The Heroic Legend of Arslan in 2016.

Predictions for Urasekai Picnic Season 2

We’ll have to wait and see what Otherside Picnic Season 2 brings.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Based on the light novel series Otherside Picnic by Iori Miyazawa, and illustrated by shirakaba, the anime TV series is based. The book series has been published by Hayakawa’s Bunko JA imprint from February 2017 to Volume 6. As of March 17, 2021, it is at Volume 6.

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The book series has an interesting aspect: the author gives citations for the creepypasta that was used in the book.

J-Novel Club publishes the Official Otherside Picnic English Translation in North America. The English version of the Otherside Picnic English translation was available as Volume 4: Overnight on Otherside, December 2020.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

The Otherside Picnic manga series saw the original creator and manga artist Eita Mikuno team up. Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine published the Urasekai Picnic manga from February 2018 to Volume 6. (which includes Chapters 31 through 35) as of March 12, 2021.

Square Enix will start publishing the English translation of Otherside Picnic’s manga on August 31, 2021.

The anime depicted Kunekune (or Wigglewaggle) more as a staticky creature with red eyes and a gaping mouth. The manga version looked more real, and was more like a liquid distortion. It distorted reality so much that even the manga panels were affected.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

The 3D animated monsters have been criticized by anime fans. Animations with a fast moving mob monsters is almost always 3D, but visuals that distract from the horror are a problem.

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The abstract horror of Episode 4’s fat lady was, however, quite frightening because it alters the way the mind sees a human body.

The books’ overall theme is about how a lonely and miserable girl finds love while trying to avoid Eldritch’s horrors. Anime adaptations of light novels often have to leave out some details.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Sorawo’s inner monologues were missing from the action, adding emotional weight to many scenes. Although the anime’s opening scene showed Sorawo as indifferent to life after death, the books revealed that she was cynical, indifferent towards people, which better explained her motivations.

Episode 3 made up for it. This episode was an original anime story by the original author. The Big Head monsters were not very scary but the elevator girl was. This new story helped to develop the relationship between Sorawo, Toriko and Satsuki. This story also provided an original explanation of why Toriko didn’t experience any problems while traveling with Satsuki. It was a mistake in retrospect.

The main purpose of Episode 3 was to increase the episode count to 12 episodes. Other Files, which were more relevant to the Satsuki story arc, could have been used instead.

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Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Episode 6 made several odd changes. First, the episode title read Meat Train. However, the anime doesn’t clearly show that the train is populated by monkeys who are armed with knives and slaughter the passengers. Sorawo faints from horror at the sight.

Manga and the light novel developed Sorawo’s character. She was able to overcome her selfishness and return to save the Pale Horse Company marines. But, the anime moves to File 5: Operation to Save the U.S. Forces at Kisaragi Station. This meant that they literally abandoned the soldiers.

Otherside Picnic Episode 7 was adapted to File 6: Resort Night on the Beach of the End. While Otherside Picnic Episode 8, adapted to File 7: Attack of the Ninja Cats, was Otherside Picnic Episode 8. Otherside Picnic Episode 9 was then moved to File 10: Sannuki and Karateka-san from Volume 3.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Another anime original story was written by the author of Otherside Picnic Episode 10. It was a great example of Sorawo’s selflessness and provided a way for Otherside Picnic Episode 11, to adapt File 5 in order to ensure that the U.S. soldiers were not forgotten.

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This approach led to File 8: Little Bird in a Box being skipped and File 9: Yamanoke Presence being cut. The original episode 10 story revealed that Satsuki was stalking the girls to prepare for the second season. Otherside Picnic Episode 12, Sorawo, Toriko and Kankandara should end with File 5.

The anime had several significant changes in the plot from a storytelling perspective. Each chapter corresponds with a single novel chapter or story File. Episodes 5-6, which adapt the Kisaragi Station plot from File 3, then Episodes 12-12, which ended File 5, are the exceptions. There were also two original anime episodes.

Otherside Picnic manga/light novels series is compared to the anime

Rearranging the story timeline was problematic because it affected Sorawo’s character development. Sorawo was willing to go the other side of her will in the File stories. But in File 3, both girls were forced to go the other side at night, without weapons. Worse, both girls were forced to escape with trigger-happy soldiers.

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Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV spoilers. (plot summary/synopsis)

Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV spoilers. (plot summary/synopsis).

Next time we see Sorawo and Toriko, it will be a Kotoribako (a cursed box) that they are dealing with. After reading a page from Satsuki Uruma’s notes, a ghostly figure of the long-haired woman appeared and held the Kotoribako in one hand.

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The wooden box was opened by a red bird that attacked Toriko and the other birds. Youichirou Migiwa, director of DS Lab, explains that the box should be kept locked and keyed in a secure warehouse.

The cursed item can cause internal damage to children and women nearby. The girls must escape the danger even though they are in severe pain.

Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV spoilers. (plot summary/synopsis).

Sorawo, Toriko and their agricultural vehicle narrowly avoid the curse of Kotoribako. Now they are ready to explore the other side. The two men take their farm vehicle on a leisurely ride across the grassy terrain. They also stop by the house of cognitive scientist Kozakura to eat lunches.

Satsuki Uruma, their shadow, is monitoring every move. They have to deal with the Urumiluna.

However, Satsuki’s threats are not over. After being attacked by a group who worshiped Satsuki’s image, Sorawo & Toriko go to the former base of the cult–the Farm in The Mountains.

Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV spoilers. (plot summary/synopsis).

Akira Seto, a ninja cat-fighting karategirl, will also be making her return.

The anime Otherside Picnic Season 2 will see the girls face new horrors on the otherside. But it will also see Sorawo and Toriko confronting their feelings for one another. The moment is only made more interesting by Kozakura’s attempt to play cupid.

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A terrifying threat is closing in on them. The threat this time is even more terrifying because it involves something that is personal to Sorawo. Yes, this means that while psychological horror elements remain, we are diving deeper into Sorawo’s backstory.

Otherside Picnic Season 2 anime TV spoilers. (plot summary/synopsis).

Sorawo, Toriko and their team set out to survive the night on the otherside in order to explore the other world’s depths with longer expeditions. We’ll also learn more about Toriko’s daily life at university.

The adventures of the girls will include a wild love hotel party for girls, a mysterious old lady who lives in an Otherside mansion and the resurrection of Lady Hasshaku.

To see what happens next, anime fans will have until the Otherside Picnic Season 2 launch date. Keep watching!

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