Kakegurui Season 3 : Everything You Need To Know

Kakegurui Season 3

“Kakegurui” is an animated series that follows the lives that students experience at Hyakkou Private Academy, an top school which rather than grading students on the basis of academic performance or even their the performance in sports, pushes students to improve their gambling skills. The most apathetic students suffer painful humiliations until transfer student and obsessive gambler Yumeko Jabami joins the fray. The first episode of the anime debuted in the year 2017 (it was added to Netflix in the year 2018) just four years ago. The show is currently running two seasons of twelve seasons to its credit. Season two, known as “Kakegurui xx” premiered in the year 2019that means it’s the time for a third season to premiere in 2021. Right?

People have been hoping for the renewal in the anime “Kakegurui” for quite some time, allowing for production delays due to COVID-19’s pandemic. It hasn’t been announced yet. We know this so far about a episode set for the popular shonen anime.

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Everything We Know About Kakegurui Season 3

kakegurui season 3

Kakegurui or Kakegurui The the Compulsive Gambler is a twelve-episode TV show that debuted in 2017.

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It’s an adaptation of manga. Manga was written by Kawamoto Homura, and illustrated by Naomura Tooru.

The first episode aired on July 1st and ended its debut season on the 23rd of September.

This is equivalent to one season of 2017 which will be summer 2017. This Netflix anime was written by Hayashi Yuuichirou. It was animators were Studio MAPPA.

Hayashi has provided his directorial performance in amazing shows like Dorohedoro as well as Attack On Titan Season 4.

While MAPPA is known for its animation both of these shows as well as other hit songs such as Dororo as well as Jujutsu Kaisen.

In case you’re wondering, here’s an interesting fact for you: Kakegurui is the third most popular film of MAPPA which is just after AOT as well as JJK.

Let’s look at the synopsis of the series. The story takes place in Hyakkaou Private Academy where the program isn’t typical.

Yes, they do have boring books, and every single one of them will be the opening of what is unheard.

To prepare students for the demands of navigating the world the academy has embraced “Gambling” as a component of the curriculum.

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Manipulation, trickery, risk-aversion management, deceit etc . are just a few of the lessons you can take away from Gambling.

These lessons aren’t useless. They’re the norm in the realm of the leadership of a society and its hierarchies.

In this way, keeping this in mind, students in this school are able to gamble when they have the chance and practice their abilities to improve.

The person with the most risk-averse personality will win. While someone who doesn’t will end up becoming an animal in the eyes of their peers.

The risk-taking ability of you is the deciding factor in this academy. Even though the students at this school are from wealthy families, the majority of their bets are in a way that they can’t avoid fearing for their lives.

But, this one-sided system of the winners always winning is changed as a new student arrives.

She is Yumeko Jabami. At first glance it is possible to not think of her as a clever or gambling addict.

That’s precisely what she’s. Yumeko is the one with the greatest risk appetite and also has a passion for gambling.

The sensation of being taken off from your life appears to stimulate her to the max.

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So her presence at this school is proving as a source of blessing her.

As she starts to slowly begin her new life as a gambler at this school her name gets spread and people begin to know her as a powerful opponent.

You might be thinking what riskier play can help you become a better gambler? It’s because being uncertain is among the traits required to be a successful gambler.

Sharp observation, perception of presence that you are intelligent, with a good sense of humor, and a great the ability to manage fear are all skills are required to become successful in your daily life as well as in the world of gambling.

And Yumeko is just happens to be excellent in every one of her roles. It’s possible that she appears naive initially, but when you see the cards onto the table you can get to know her more.

This is the story of this ardent gambler in the world of chance where your fate could be determined by one flip of a coin.

More games played, meeting new students while learning more about the academy is the goal that is Yumeko Jabami Hyakkaou Private Academy.

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I think that following this thorough explanation, we’ve created a strong basis on which to build our discussions.

Assuming we’re in the same boat, we can dig deeper into the news of season 3 of Kakegurui and discover what we can learn about it.

Official Announcements and The Date For Release Of the Kakegurui Season 3

Official Announcements and The Date For Release Of the Kakegurui Season 3

If an anime is going to continue for another season it is important to check whether there is any sort of official announcements or release dates set from the artists.

If it is, then we’ve won, however if it doesn’t, we’ll have to wait for this season’s.

What’s the best scenario for Kakegurui? It’s the second. As of the moment I write this, there haven’t yet been any official announcements or releases for this series.

Kakegurui is an Netflix animation produced by MAPPA but no official announcements were made by either one of these organizations.

The director has not responded to our questions or producer, either. This means we have to speculate to find out the response.

The question is whether Kakegurui will be playing an additional season or not. That’s exactly the thing we will discuss here.

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We’ll be taking look at all possible reasons for a sequel to occur or be cancelled.

The show, which was canceled earlier, isn’t completely cancelled either.

For now we will take a look at the most important aspects separately. Let’s go!

Further Source Material Info About Kakegurui Season 3

As mentioned earlier, Kakegurui is adapted from manga with the same title. Manga was written by Kawamoto Homura, and illustrated by Naomura Tooru.

Tooru has been the one to create the story and art of a manga called Shitsurakuen. Homura however has been involved in projects like Isekai Tenseisha Koroshi: Cheat Slayer and Legal Egg.

The manga first began publication on the 22nd of March in 2014 and hasn’t finished as of yet. It’s being serialized by Gangan Joker and is recognized as a psychological, drama and shounen-based anime.

The manga is comprised of approximately 14 volumes and total the 86 chapters.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1July 18 17, 2017
Volume 2September 19 17
Volume 3November 21 17
Volume 4February 6 the 6th of February, 2018.
Volume 5May 8 2018, 2018
Volume 6July 24 on, 2018.
Volume 7October 30 October 30, October 30,
Volume 8January 22 January 22, 2019
Volume 9March 26 2019, 2019
Volume 10June 18, 2019
Volume 11December 31 2019, 2019
Volume 12August 18 18, 2020
Volume 13June 8, 2021
Volume 14January 18 2022

The anime was adapted from the first five volumes of the initial season, and then the 5 following volumes were adapted for the following season.

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The manga has been adapted to for 10 manga volumes, which roughly corresponds into 55 chapters.

If you’re looking reading the book it is advised to start with the beginning since the overall manga is a distinct experience.

But if you’re just looking forward to the next season, then keep this in mind as this is important information.

The problem is that we could get five episodes per season of anime to use as our basis assumption.

Also, if the third season was to occur it would take five volumes of manga to be written.

The anime adaptation has adapted to the original 10 volume, there fourteen volumes total and we only have four volumes that aren’t yet modified.

The average volume required to adapt is five, we can say that there’s not a season 3 in the works since there aren’t enough volumes available.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. It appears that Kakegurui is running out on material sources that could be used to create an adaptation.

This is fantastic! But not in this sense. Excellent however, in that, sooner or later manga volumes will be made, and consequently the anime would likely see another season.

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Although it could take some time, the manga is released on a regular basis.

But, there’s no doubt that it’s inevitable since the manga is in its second season.

So, it is possible to declare that season 2 of the show isn’t released yet as there’s not enough original material to make it.

Take a break now! We now are aware of the relation between anime and source material and anime, we can proceed and examine other crucial aspects.

Awaited Plot From Kakegurui Season 3

Awaited Plot From Kakegurui Season 3

A lot of times, anime adaptations differ from the original source material in specific ways. In these cases it’s not easy to determine how the sequel will be a continuation of either the light or manga.

The same is true for Kakegurui. One of the biggest one is that Rei Batsubami doesn’t appear in the manga.

Yes, Rei is actually an exclusive character in the anime and, as such the story is said to be a definitive end due to his.

But, it’s just speculation. But, the appearance of a unique character raises the question of ‘if the season was to be the last one ‘.

If this is the case, the next season would likely not occur. If that’s not the case, then the following season might examine more of the character and its personality.

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There’s another possibility that including a few additional unique characters that cannot be found on the comic.

In the future, using them to further the story could be a plan. However, this is less likely to occur since it’s more straightforward and beneficial to modify the manga rather than writing an entirely new story.

If the anime is based on to the Manga, we’ll be able to see the full range of Yumeko along with her gambling addiction on display.

Of course I won’t bore you with specifics, however, from a wider perspective the series will to stay true to its concept.

The fundamentals of gambling up to the next level may be anticipated in the upcoming sections in this series.

So , this is the anticipated storyline for Kakegurui season 3. Let’s take a take a look at what online users are saying about the upcoming release of Kakegurui Season 3.

If fans are content, creators will be more likely to continue the series.

The Reason We Want to See Another Season This Badly?

To solve this issue first, we must understand the way school anime will come to come to an end.

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It’s true that, for most of the time every anime with the school setting typically ends with the graduating students of high school.

If they’re at the highschool level. As in the case of Oregairu the story came to an end with the students finishing their studies.

In the case of anime such as Kakegurui, the end is only in the graduation ceremony and the future of the students.

Take it this way: in the event that we don’t find out what Yumeko and other students went through in their lives outside of this school, the story would always seem hollow.

When anime is involved it is crucial to keep the plot and the results clear, that is why the viewers of Kakegurui are eager for a new season.

However, this is only one of many reasons. Another important reason behind the popularity of Season 3 is due to the the amount of praise that the show has received.

The viewers, particularly females are absolutely in delight with the series. It is so due to the fact that the show features female characters more than male-dominated dynamics.

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Fans want these dynamics more as well as more of the games, and more of those excitement and risks.

This is the main selling feature of the series. In addition to the incredible animation and production quality the series has attracted lots of viewers with its story and narrative.

The story could grow and it contains a manga that has an ongoing storyline, readers will surely want the sequel.

It’s the thirsty guy and it’s the thirst. It’s something that is visible in a crowd of anime lovers and that’s the motivational part for us all.

The reason people are begging for an additional season is because we don’t have any definitive conclusion to date.

The story will continue to be explored, and more of the absurdity can be witnessed. We’ll wait for that for to come as long as it takes.

We now know the motivation behind the sequel, let’s take a an in-depth look at the reasons the reasons why people love Kakegurui initially.

Let’s look at Profit and sales of Kakegurui.

Revenue and Sales Details of Kakegurui Season 3.

If you’re not aware that anime isn’t created to benefit charities. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze the success of the series or else we’re done for.

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Creators will be highly inclined to make a profit if the show is successful. Let’s take a look at each factor in isolation.

Manga Sales

If the original material earns enough money , producers could come up with the possibility of a third season.

Let’s look at the figures. According the ANN, Kakegurui had over 4 million copies of its book in print in the year 2018.

This is a huge number. But, this is 2018and information on the most recent release isn’t yet available.

At the beginning of 2019, there were 5 million copies printed. That’s around that the second season aired.

Therefore, we can say that the manga content is sufficient for the creators to create the next chapter.

Blu-Ray/Dvd Sales

Blu-ray sales are yet another method to assess the financial performance of a particular series. Does Kakegurui have the necessary skills?

These numbers appear good. The Kakegurui debut was sold at around 690 Blu-rays and ranked 18 in the 10/09/2017 rankings.

This is quite good for the first time release. When compared to the manga, it’s not exceptional, but Blu-rays aren’t often purchased anyway.

The second season’s sales were around 368 copies, which helped it higher over Vinland Saga for its release.

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and Vinland Saga did end up receiving a new season. We can therefore be sure that Kakegurui was a success in results for its sequel.


The time has come for an overview of the merchandise. The merchandise from this series is never ending.

The official website contains lots of items of keys, clothing, and other things from our waifus.

We also have lots of Yumeko and Mary figurines too.

In a broad sense it is certain that the merchandise has been working really well.

In the end we can say that Kakegurui’s sales are high enough to sustain another season.

Yes, they’ve dropped from the first season to the second, but it is the reality that an anime such as Vinland Saga ended up getting another season is proof that Kakegurui is a good choice to be seen on screens.

Famous Characters To Return On Kakegurui Season 3

Let’s take a quick glance at some of the actors who are likely to make a return appearance in the upcoming episode of Kakegurui.

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

I don’t think it is necessary to explain the motive here. She’s the main selling point of the show.

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The Queen stunned the whole school with her charismatic presence. Such a powerful presence was expected in the coming season, too.

Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome From Kakegurui

She’s like a queen of the competition. Even though she’s not exactly a fan of Yumeko but her inclination to helping her in times of need gives more energy in the tale.

Additionally, she has been important to the overall story at times. If she doesn’t turn on future seasons, it will be disappointing.

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Rei Batsubami

Rei Batsubami

Many of you may think that I included Rei here. That’s since Rei has been shown to be an exclusive character in anime therefore the story may be taking more information from Rei.

It’s important to be aware of this since this information isn’t as a manga.

Suzui Ryota

Ryota is the main character of the show and is an extremely popular person.

In actuality, he’s the third most-loved character from the show just behind Yumeko Mary and Yumeko. Mary.

His performance next season is crucial.

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Kirari Momobami

Momobami Ririka

Kirari is another fantastic character that made a huge contribution to the story particularly on the show’s second episode.

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We are certain that she’ll make her return during the next season.

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Other determining factors for Kakegurui Season 3

Let’s have a look at other elements that will determine whether Kakegurui is given another season , or not.

Finalization of Kakegurui Season 2

The conclusion of Kakegurui will be vital for the start of the new season. If we are to remember the Momobami family received an unexpected gift from Rei and ended up on the wrong side of the bet as was they had hoped.

Yumeko and Rei took the gamble and Rei was a loser by a large margin, with Yumeko receiving a majority of votes.

Then, Rei was probably released from “slavery” and Yumeko gave away all the votes.

This is how the story came to an end in the last season. As you will see, there’s plenty of space for the show to continue in its sequel.

There is no need to be worried about us.

Controversy Over Kakegurui

If we are talking about controversy then , yes, Kakegurui was a part of the controversy. The focus was on the ways in which these characters had been sexualized as well as forced fan service.

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While fans of the show believed it was an emomentum, lots people criticized it and discussed the show’s Ecchi nature.

While this wasn’t a huge controversy that shaken the creators, it’s nevertheless worth mentioning.


In the end Kakegurui is an interesting scenario for a return season.

From a standpoint of production the lack of volume is the reason there’s no season to date. From a fandom point of view the ratings and reviews are the main hurdles.

As ardent fans We would always be looking for the positive aspects of things and try to hope for the most positive outcome.

This is what makes us amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read and, until the next time Sayonara!

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