Pacific Rim Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

pacific rim season 2

‘Pacific Rim, The Black’ was a Japanese series that debuted on March 4, 2021. Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle co-wrote the series. The anime series was created by Polygon Studio (co-produced with Legendary Television). In the past few years, the studio has collaborated closely with Netflix on series like ‘Levius’ and ‘Drifting Dragons’.

“Pacific Rim: the Black” received rave reviews for its stunning animation and spectacular action after its release. It is available on Netflix in 26 countries. It has been named one of the best original anime themes ever released on Netflix.

After binge-watching seven episodes of season one, you might be wondering if there will ever be season two for ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’.

Here’s what we know about Pacific Rim Season 2.

Is There a Second Season of Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2?

Yes. Yes, there is.

When will’ Pacific Rim: the Black’ Season 2 be released?

When will' Pacific Rim: the Black' Season 2 be released?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the release date for Pacific Rim:The Black’ Season 2. We can expect season 2 Pacific Rim: The Black’ to be released sooner than we expected, possibly in March 2022.

This is because hit anime series such as _7 SEEDS_Dino Girl Gako, and _Aggretsuko have taken over a year to release new seasons. We will update this post if we receive more information about the release date.

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What is the Plot of Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 Episode?

What is the Plot of 'Pacific Rim, The Black' Season 2 Episode?

“Pacific Rim: the Black” season 1 centers on siblings Taylor and Hayley searching for their parents, who have been missing for five year. Their parents Brina Travis and Ford Travis took Hunter Vertigo, their Jaeger and set out on a mission against the Kaiju world. The couple discovered that Ford Travis and Brina had left their Jaeger and moved to Sydney, Australia.

Hayley and Taylor discover Atlas Destroyer, an active Jaeger. After receiving training from Loa, they head to Sydney. They encounter some obstacles on their adventure. Hayley and Taylor found the Hunter Vertigo, instead of Brina or Ford Travis in the first season.

We can expect more information about their missing parents Brina Travis and Ford Travis in Pacific Rim: The Black’ season 2.

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Who is Cast in ‘Pacific Rim, The Black’ Season 2 Episodes?

The official cast list of Pacific Rim: Black season 2 has not been announced. We expect the cast from the first season to reprise their roles.

They are:

Calum Worthy as Taylor
Erica Lindbeck as Loa
Hayley as Gideon Adlon
Victoria Grace is a Mei
Kaiju Boy Ben Diskin is Ben Diskin

We expect Jason Spisak as Ford Travis to return, Andy McPhee to play Shane and Allie MacDonald to play Brian for the second season. The second season will likely see the addition of new characters.

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