Prey Predator mask explained (& how it differs from the original Predator movie)

Prey Predator Mask Explained (& How It's Different From The Original Predator Movie)


Prey, the new movie in The Predator series, gave life to the franchise. This movie is actually the prequel to all Predator movies. It is set 300 years after the original Predator movie. It is important to note that Prey has a different design to the Predator than The Predator’s, particularly when it comes down to its mask. So, why and how is the Predator’s mask different in Prey?

Prey seems to show the Predator using a skull of some creature as its mask or helmet. It could be an indication that the Predator is trying to show its dominance through the use of the skull a strong creature for its helmet. But it could also symbolize a different culture within Yautja’s hierarchy.

Prey’s Predator introduces us to a new way of seeing the Predators’ culture. The Predator we see in the new film has a completely different look to the one that was in the original. There are some signs that this is a creative choice by the director. However, it could also mean something deeper. That said, let’s look at why and how the Predator’s mask in Prey is different.

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Why is the Predator’s mask in Prey so different than the one in The Original Movie?

People were immediately captivated by the Predator alien monster-hunter in the 1987 Predator movie. It was part of an alien race called Yautja that loves hunting as a symbol for power and strength in their society. Although it was a terrifying alien, the Predator was one of most feared movie characters ever.

We were familiar with the fact that Predators wore metal helmets, which allowed them to benefit from their advanced technology. They were able to see in darkness and record the sounds and voices of animals and people. It is important to note that Prey, the Predator from the new movie, has a different helmet.

Prey, the latest installment of the Predator movie franchise, tells the story of a hunter from the Comanche Native American tribe who tries to stop a mysterious creature hunting her people for sport. This movie was set 300 years prior to the original Predator movie. It is therefore the very first movie in Predator’s chronological order.

However, it’s important to mention that Prey’s Predator has a slightly different appearance than its counterpart in Predator. Of course, this is because this predator wears a skull-like mask that’s different from the metallic helmet that the original Predator wore. So why is Prey’s Predator mask different from Predator’s?

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Prey Predator Mask Explained (& How It's Different From The Original Predator Movie)

The most obvious reason that the Prey Predator’s mask is different than the original Predator’s is the three-century gap between the movies. Prey was first made in 1719. This means it is almost 300 years old before the first Predator movie, and three centuries behind the more recent Predator movies.

Although the Yautja are technologically more advanced than human beings, they still had time periods when their technology was still in its early stages. The Prey skull mask could have been a prototype for the helmet the Predators wore in other movies.

There’s also the fact that the Predator is a hunter and has always been a hunter. Yautja culture values hunting for sport and it is possible that aliens used masks to show how dominant they are in comparison to other species across the galaxy. A literal predator will stalk its prey while wearing a frightening mask will cause fear in the hearts and minds of those who hunt it.

The Predator might have been intimidated by the skull of an animal it may have hunted in its past. It could also represent power and status among its people. The skull of a strong creature or animal could be used to show their dominance in hunting. It could also have been a badge of honour, to be more precise.

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It doesn’t matter what case it may be, it’s important to remember that the Prey Predator might be using a skull as its mask because of technological differences. This is similar to how our 18th-century colleagues used muskets rather than the automatic rifles we have today.

What Skull Does The Predator Wear in Prey

The Prey Predator has a mask on instead of the iconic metallic helmet. But to what animal did this skull belonged?

Because it was not mentioned or discussed during Prey, we don’t know the origin of this skull. It is possible that this skull belonged once more to a Prey Predator that hunted prey for sport. Because this creature could have been very strong and had dense bones, Prey Predator thought it would be a good idea for the skull to be used as protection.

As mentioned above, it is possible that the Predator used this skull as its mask. It was not only intimidating for hunting its prey, but it also symbolized honor and dominance within its population. It’s kind of like how people in our society are able to showcase their success by wearing designer clothes. The Predator culture should also have some way to show off their dominance in their society. It is possible to wear the skull of a powerful creature as one way.

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Prey Predator Mask Abilities

One of the first things we noticed about the Predator was its ability to use infrared from a good range. We first noticed that the Predator could use infrared at a good distance to hunt its prey. But the most important feature that the original Predator’s mask had was the fact that it could record voices and play them back. 

Prey has a Predator using a skull mask to make it look more primitive and feral than the original Predator. But the surprise part is that the skull mask also served another purpose.

Prey Predator Mask Explained (& How It's Different From The Original Predator Movie)

The Prey Predator’s skull mask also has some sort of infrared technology built into it to help the Predator stalk and hunt down its target. But the difference here is that the Prey Predator’s skull mask requires it to be close to its target for the infrared feature to work. It also featured a display that allowed Predators see the type of animal they are hunting.

As such, the Predator’s mask in Prey isn’t merely for aesthetics and protection because it actually had a purpose. Although it was capable of helping the Predator hunt, its capabilities were still quite limited in comparison to the helmets the original Predator used. It was likely that it was a prototype of the future model as we saw in the Predator movies. The Yautja may also learn from their mistakes, and they will likely improve their technology based upon the lessons learned from some of the Predators.

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