The Real Face of Kakashi : Everything You Need To Know 

Real Face Kakashi

Must See! Must Meet! The Real Face of Kakashi Sensei! Episode #101 from the animated series Naruto. He is a versatile ninja, skilled in all ninja seal, ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjustu arts.

Synopsis Real Face of Kakashi

Synopsis Kakashi

Naruto is beginning to ask Kakashi’s mysterious mask. Sasuke and Sakura initially are against Naruto’s plan to discover the truth however they eventually join Naruto’s side. Team 7 attempts to figure out to invite him over for ramen, however their plan is blocked with the help of Ino and her crew, who suddenly appear at the scene to welcome Sasuke as well as stop the team seven to see Kakashi’s visage. It’s the Moya Brothers show up.

The group is soon assigned a mission of low rank which involved rebuilding the farm that is located inside in the Fire Country, the team departs for the farm and do not realize that they are being pursued by the Moya Brothers, who were looking for Kakashi with the intent of taking revenge for their actions since in the past the brother’s leader, Aniki, tried to defeat a woman using force however, he ended up being stopped by Kakashi and he ties him to their brother Mo as well as Ya.

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Real Face Of Kakashi

The group arrives at Okami’s restaurant, where they are invited to join the group in, but they are substituted by Aniki who has a drug in the food she provides Kakashi which will induce him to sweat violently however, Kakashi, in order to prevent being attacked by Naruto removes the food.

Brothers continue to attempt to injure Kakashi by using various tricks but they are unsuccessful in reaching their goals. In the meantime, Team 7 continues with their mission of figuring out the mystery behind Kakashi’s mask.


This time at the hot water however, they are astonished by Kakashi who is able to enter the water wearing the white mask. Sasuke and Naruto visit the locker room and discover them in the Moya Brothers’ clothing and use them in as part of their plan to uncover Kakashi’s real face. After their time in the room, Team 7 proceeds to repair the farm.

They attempt to fend off Kakashi wearing the Moya Brothers, the Moya Brothers, seeing the clothes they were wearing assumed they were other Ninja who were planning to take on Kakashi and reveal them who they are, however, during their opening speeches, Kakashi had already tied up his own team, and begins to tie them up exactly the way he had done three years before. Kakashi is tied the team he has tied up.

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When the mission is completed, the Kakashi team returns to Konoha and during the trip, Naruto and his team declare that they are exhausted, as they haven’t figured out what they were doing all day. after which, Naruto is exhausted of trying to make his point and demandsKakashi to reveal what the man behind the mask looks like and, ironically Kakashi appears to be eager to display the mask.

Then, his pupils begin thinking about what their sensei’s actual face might look like. Sakura believes that he has large lips, Sasuke thinks he has large teeth and Naruto affirms that the fact that he has a small mouth. But, Kakashi reveals that behind his mask, there is another one, and when he does the mask, he laughs as the genin are shocked.

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Curiosities Real Face of Kakashi

Curiosities Real Face of Kakashi
  • This episode is an adaptation of an original version of the manga titledNaruto in Ichiraku Ramen, and is not a filler for the manga as some people think.
  • This episode also appears into the online game Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution. In the game Kakashi takes on his student by a genjutsu, instead of teasing them.
  • The only known Ninjas of Kemurigakure appear in their debut in the episode as well as on the game video Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2.
  • After having tied them to on the farm Kakashi declares that she doesn’t recall who they were even.
  • As of now, this is the only one in which Sasuke has been comical. an odd thing about him being an unassuming guy.
  • Sakura says “Dattebayo!” in this episode as she chases off moya brothers. Moya Brothers.
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